The Gym Beast

Aside from playing rugby as a guy at school, I was never really that active. At 6'2", video gaming and takeout had me on the slightly heavier side. I was never ashamed of my body, but I had decided it was time to make a change, get more active and hopefully get in shape. That is how I ended up at the gym on late evening, hoping to avoid any busy period and not look like a clueless idiot. I had no idea how to use most of the equipment but there was the added bonus of a number of people around to help get you started. I wont lie and say I did alot that first day, 5 minutes on a few pieces of equipment and I thought it was going to die. It was getting late so I decided to head to the showers before I went home. As I walked into the shower room, shyly hoping for nobody else to be present, I was glad to see it was empty. The room was a large square room with six separated stalls with a shower in each and a wooden bench running along the middle. I walked to the furtherst back shower on the right and removed my clothes, stepping in and starting to clean myself off. After a moment I heard the door open. This was kind of my worst nightmare as I have never been confident of being topless around other people so I hoped the person would stay at the other end. I heard a noise at the stall behind me and turned around slightly to see if the person was able to see me. It was then I saw him. The guy was massive, his shoulders almost gorilla like, arms as thick as my legs. He had a chizzled, rough looking face with a short, brown beard. Not one part of this guys body wasn't muscle covered, clearly he spent most of his time here. I tried to subtly watch as he pulled off his vest and placed it next to my pile of clothes. His chest was like that of adonis, pecs bulging the same tanned colour as the rest of his muscled body. As I lowered my gaze, I saw his abs, each defined as perfectly as the rest of his body. At this point I was rock hard but I'd never thought going to the gym would turn into this great a show so I kept watching as he pulled down his shorts. As he pulled them over his tree trunk like legs I almost gasped as his genitals came into view. His dick was long and thick, easily 6 inches long while flaccid. His balls were hanging behind, easily a handful in their own right. My mind was already racing with the fantasy of doing anything with a man like this. He threw his shorts onto the bench and walked into his cubicle directly infront of mine as I turned to face the wall, attempting to look like less of weirdo staring at this magnificent man. I heard his shower turn on as I continued to fake washing myself, just for the opportunity to see more. Turning slightly, I was once again treated with a view of his perfectly defined ass, tounded like two melons. Even it appeared to be pure muscle. At this point I noticed his whole body was the same shade of tanned skin with no visible tan lines. From his pecs to his dick to his thick muscular back, the whole body was a deep dark tanned colour. He must sun bed I thought, something I knew professional body builders did. As he started to wash himself, the water and soap ran over his rippling muscles adding a whole new sensuality to the show. All I could think was I wanted to be the one washing this magnificent man. In my daze however I hadn't noticed he had turned to look back and suddenly my gaze met his eyes. I immediately turned back to face the wall and prayed he hadn't noticed me almost salivating over him showering. That was when I heard his voice, deep and masculine with an Irish accent. "Enjoy the show" he said as he laughed. In my panic I merely laughed and continued to face the wall. Then I heard the foot steps behind me. Racing through my head was the thought of being beaten up for looking at this guy. Then I felt his hand on my shoulder and had almost no control as his strength spun me around, my dick still rock hard. There he was, standing right infront of me, his body even more defined up close. It really was like having the hulk standing infront of you. He looked down at my erect dick and laughed "yeah someone really was enjoying the show huh?" as he winked at me. I had no idea how to react. This man was everything I could have ever fantasised about, all I wanted was to be pinned down and brutally fucked by the beast that he was. "Think its time you paid for your viewing he said", as he raised his other hand to my shoulder. As he stood there, both hands on my shoulders, I was almost hypnotised gazing into his deep blue eyes. As I lowered my gaze across his rippling, muscled chest I gasped as I saw his dick was as hard as mine, easily twice the length and girth of my own. He pushed down on my shoulders, obviously wanting me on my knees before him. I happily obliged, as I lowered myself, my face now directly infront of his magnificent cock, water still dripping off the end of it. He reached down and grabbed it with one hand, rubbing the head down the side of my face as I looked up to him above me, smiling down at me in an almost beastial manner. I opened my mouth, ready to take him in and he clearly wanted the same, rubbing the tip of his dick across my lips. As he slowly pushed into my mouth, I was surprised as it somehow managed to fill almost all of my mouth. I wrapped my lips around the soft head and began to suck him off. He moaned gently as he began to thrust deeper and deeper into my mouth. As his full length pushed into my mouth I felt it hit the bag of my throat and instinctively gagged, trying to pull back. He clearly wanted more though as he grabbed my head with both hands and began fucking my face, thrusting as deep as he could each time. My face kept hitting his lower abs and I felt his trimmed, bristley pubes on my nose. With each thrust I could feel his balls rolling across my chin. I reached down and began to jerk myself off as this beast of a man used my mouth, trying as hard as I could not to gag every time his dick rammed to the back of my throat. Everytime I did however, he seemed to get more and more into it, clearly enjoying me struggling to take his full length dick inside my throat. He continued to thrust quicker and harder, holding my head firmly in place like some sex toy for him to use as he please. He started to grunt as he did so, face fucking me mercilessly as I gagged. Being treated like this was all I've ever wanted and before I knew it I was ready to cum. My moans were stiffled by his dick as I began to shoot my load across the shower floor while he continued to slam his dick into my mouth. He must have heard as he looked down, our eyes meeting, and grinned, almost grunting out "you really enjoy being my bitch huh?" After a minute more of sliding the full length of his soft, girthy dick inside my mouth as I happily sacked away, wrapping my tongue around at any chance I got, he pull out. Grabbing his dick and jerking himself off while looking down at me, mouth wide open ready to swallow his load. He began to moan intensely as he neared completion, playing the head of his dick just passed my lips. He suddenly grunted as he began to shoot his load straight to the back of my throat, thick warm streams of cum coating my tongue. He grabbed my head again and slammed his cock to the back of my mouth as he finished. £ happily swalled every last bit. Once he had finished he started to slowly pull out, letting go of my head as he did. I reached up and grabbed his dick, holding him in place as I sacked him dry, I wanted every last bit. His head now sensitive, his body shuddered as he moaned gently. Once I was satisfied, I let him go and looked up at him, smiling down at me he sighed in relief, clearly satisfied. "I think you and I are going to have a lot of fun" he said, winking at me. The idea of doing more with this man already had me rock hard again which he must have noticed, glancing between me and my dick before saying "ready for round two then?"

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