Blackmailed Miss Stanton

It was early Sunday Morning and Caleb waited until the street was quite
before walking up Miss Stanton's driveway; she had a small neat house that
she lived in by herself. The garden was over brimming with flowers and
well-trimmed shrubs, Caleb stooped to pick up the newspaper as he walked up
to the porch and knocked loudly on the door.

After a few moments, Miss Stanton appeared in the doorway dressed in a robe,
her hair disheveled and she rubbed her eyes sleepily as she focused on Caleb
lounging against the doorframe. Her eyes widened and she let out his name
in a gasp "Caleb? What are you doing here?"

"Caleb smiled, just came to clean your car like I promised Miss, hope you
don't mind me dropping around unannounced being such a lovely day" he
grinned at her as he held out her paper. "I just need the keys and I'll
park it on the lawn, don't worry it won't take long" he promised as she took
the paper and handed him her car keys from the hook next to the door as if
she was in a daze.

"Sure, thanks Caleb, the cleaning gear is in the garage on the shelf in
front of the car, I'll just go get dressed" she muttered as she retreated
back inside and closed the door. She watched the broad muscular back of the
football captain walk down her porch through the window in the door until he
was out of sight. Turning she slowly walked away from the door, she took a
quick shower and dressed casually in a short summer dress, tying her rusty
brown curls up behind her head.

When she finally reappeared in the doorway, Caleb was sweating in the hot
sun; he had removed his shirt and the muscles of his teenage torso rippled
as he worked. Miss Stanton let out a shaky sigh as she watched him; her
loins burning with the memory of he and the football team had done to her
during the return journey from their game.

She had never dreamed teenage boys could be so sexually satisfying until
Caleb had practically blackmailed her into letting the whole team fuck her
like a trophy slut on the back seat of the bus. She knew exactly why he had
turned up today to 'clean her car' as he said, he wanted to clean her up
again as well and she recognised with a shiver that it wouldn't be wise to
turn him down.

Caleb finished buffing her car and turned to her with a boyish grin "just
finished Miss, but I sure could do with a shower and a cool drink, that is
if you don't mind?" he called back as he packed up. Miss Stanton watched
him drive her car back into the garage, then motioned for him to follow her
inside, "there's lemonade in the refrigerator, help yourself and the shower
is down the hall, I'll bring you a towel" she disappeared down the hall
leaving him in the kitchen.

When Miss Stanton knocked on the door of the bathroom Caleb was already in
the shower, she quietly opened the door and hung the towel on the rack when
his arm snaked out of the steam and caught her by the wrist.

"OH!" Miss Stanton cried as he dragged her fully clothed into the hot
streaming shower with him, her clothes and hair plastered to her skin
instantly as he pressed her slight figure to his chest, his mouth closing in
a deep probing kiss over hers. His hands moved over her body lifting the
light material over her head, she wore no bra and he sucked her excitedly
pointed nipples into his mouth making her moan "Oh Caleb" and lean back
against the wall of the shower.

His hands moved lower pulling down her waterlogged panties, she stepped out
of them holding onto his broad shoulders for support. Caleb spread the lips
of her pussy apart and slit his tongue as far as he could along the bright
pink sensitive skin, sucking and lapping at her clitoris while Miss Stanton
gasped and squirmed with heated delight. His fingers moved in and out of
her stretching her, pleasuring her, fucking her like he wanted to fuck her
with his long hard cock.

Miss Stanton was in heaven, the teenage boy ate her pussy like a
professional and her clitoris was throbbing with the need to explode; she
was so horny her hips were rocking back and forth on the rapidly moving
fingers inside her. "Oh God, Oh God!" she cried as her pussy contracted
tightly inside, the exquisitely pleasing rippling feeling flowing from the
tip of her clitoris right up into her womb.

Caleb sucked greedily at the slippery excretions that pooled within her
pussy lips, he had fucked a few teenage girls but Miss Stanton was a real
woman and he wanted to satisfy her like a man. Standing in front of his
English teacher Caleb scooped her up in his arms, still dripping with water
he carried her to her bedroom and laid her on the unmade bed. His mouth
making instant contact with her pussy again as he held her legs apart,
sucking the delicious love juice from her quivering pussy lips.

He loved the way she moaned when he sucked her and wanted to make her cum
again before he fucked her. Miss Stanton's hips were jerking back and forth
as Caleb ate her pussy and she was making sweet little mewing sounds. Three
fingers slid in and out of her while he feasted upon her clitoris, strumming
it and sucking it until he felt her start to tense again, "Mmmm" he moaned
as the fluids started to run from her contracting hole again.

"OH, OH, OH!" she cried as her back arched, lifting her hips high and Caleb
buried his mouth into her pussy, rubbing her juices all over his face as he
sucked at her climaxing pussy. His English teacher was so hot; he could
feel the cool drips of pre-cum as they gathered at the tip of his rock hard

"Suck me Miss Stanton, please suck my cock," he pleaded as he held it out
for her, offering her the thick dark pink meat of his manhood. Miss Stanton
found she couldn't refuse even if she had wanted to; she wanted to eat his
beautiful young cock and drink his hot creamy cum. She laid him back and
sucked his cock deep into her throat, relishing the sweet young taste of his
teenage pre-cum filling her mouth as she did so.

It didn't take long for Caleb to fill Miss Stanton's throat with throbbing
bursts of sperm, he was so turned on by the pretty teacher he totally lost
control when she sucked him. Miss Stanton drank the succulent juice from
his pumping cock, never spilling a drop, his cock remaining rock hard even
when she had finished licking him clean.

Caleb moaned with the need to be inside her and rolled her onto her hands
and knees, moving in behind her he slid his cock right up to the hilt inside
her slippery wet hole. Miss Stanton moaned and arched back against him, the
thick length of his cock driving deep within her and making her whole body
shudder. He began fucking her, thrusting and bashing against her buttocks
as he did so, "faster, harder, oh yes Caleb, fuck me, FUCK ME!!" she cried
out over and over.

Caleb had never fucked so hard in his life, the girls he had fucked before
her had been virgins or close to it, pleading for him to be gentle, but Miss
Stanton was going wild over his cock. His muscular body arched and pumped;
thrusting the hard length of his cock deep inside the horny English teacher
with such power he nearly lifted her off the mattress with each stroke.

With each ramming thrust Miss Stanton came closer and closer to climax, her
insides tightening around the young rampant cock inside her until she could
hear Caleb gasping with pleasure, then she came, gripping his shaft within
her she felt her body shudder and jerk uncontrolably beneath him. When the
contractions finally passed, she loosened around him, her pussy dripping
with orgasmic juice.

Caleb watched her buttocks tighten and quiver through her climax, the tiny
hole of her ass winking invitingly while her insides contracted around his
cock. When she had finished cumming he withdrew his cock completely from
her dripping cunt and holding his cock and her rump tightly drove himself
deep into the tight little hole of her ass.

"AAAAAhhhhnnnggg!! Oh God, oh Caleb, oooohhh yes, yes fuck my ass, fuck it!"
she cried as the thick pole of his shaft pushed it's way deep into the
depths of her bowels. Caleb was a little surprised by Miss Stanton's
reaction, he wasn't sure what he was expecting but he continued fucking the
tight little orifice anyway. Miss Stanton was turning out to be a real
little root rat; he had never guessed she would be so hot and horny.

It drove him wild to know how much she loved being fucked, fucked up her
cunt, fucked in her mouth and fucked up her ass. He imagined what it would
have been like if more of the guys had been here with him today, his cock
becoming more rigid and his balls tightening as he did so. Something inside
him cracked and he blew his load deep inside Miss Stanton's ass, for some
reason right at that moment he decided that no one else was going to share
his English teacher with him again.

Driving himself deep inside her ass, he humped against her rigid form as the
last spurts of semen shot up inside her. "You like that Miss Stanton? You
like my cock inside your horny little cunt and your tight little ass? I
like it and I want to have you whenever I want, ok? If you let me have you
when ever and where ever I want I promise no one will ever find out about
the bus or me ok?" he whispered as he laid on top of her collapsed body his
cock still deep inside her bottom.

Miss Stanton was still trembling from the thorough fucking she had received
from her young studly student, but she nodded her head "yes, yes Caleb,
whenever and wherever, I promise, oh god forgive me, I promise" she replied
quietly. Caleb got up and left the room, but she lay there wondering what
exactly she had gotten herself into, her pussy was still swollen and horny
for more fucking.

When he didn't return straight away, Miss Stanton rolled over onto her back,
sliding her fingers down between her pussy lips she began to masturbate her
erect clitoris. Her eyes closed and her knees fell wide apart, he lips
parted in a silent moan. Caleb walked in to find her there fingers fucking
in and out of her wet horny cunt, he groaned as his freshly cleaned cock
pumped into a full erection within seconds.

"Fuck you look so horny doing that," he groaned as he climbed back between
her legs, his cock nudging her hand away and sliding into the throbbing
recess of her hot little cunt. This time Caleb watched his English teacher'
s face as he fucked her, the sweet expression of sexual satisfaction
transforming her as he drilled her deeply.

"Oooohhhhh, oooohhhhh!" Miss Stanton kept crying out, her insides feeling
like they were under massive pressure, she felt as if she wanted to pee, the
hot young cock inside her urging her on towards a massive orgasm. His mouth
was hot upon her nipples and then he would kiss her driving his tongue in
deep between her lips as if it were another cock fucking her mouth.

Caleb pushed Miss Stanton's legs up as far as they would go until her knees
were either side of her head; he pumped her folded body hard, slapping
against her each time he drove deep. When she started shuddering he groaned
with the sudden contracting of her insides, they gripped his cock tightly he
cried, "Oh Miss, Miss lets cum together, oh yeah!" His cock started to throb
in answer to her clutching cunt, and his balls throbbed ominously.

Miss Stanton cried out as she came, the climax like a massive explosion
inside her, she could feel Caleb's cock throbbing against the contractions
inside her, their hot cum mixing together during the mutual orgasm they
experienced. Caleb grunted with each of the last thrusts into his beautiful
teacher, he never wanted to leave her again, he wanted to fuck her every
day, make her cum and cry out his name as she orgasmed. He wanted to fill
her womb with his seed every day until he gave her a child and then she
would be his forever.

When he rolled off her he had a small smile on his face, he knew he could
have her when ever he wanted now, she was his little secret fuck and he was
going to make her live up to her promise. Miss Stanton lay there trying to
catch her breath, the sweat dripping from her slender body, her pussy
feeling as if it were on fire. She noted Caleb's smile and wondered what he
was planning for her in the future, at least she could be sure that what
ever he had in store for her it definitely wouldn't be boring and it
definitely would involve more sex.

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