Down by the Creek - interracial sex

Josh Walker awoke from the best nights sleep he had ever had. He
had often had nights of heavy sleep. Running his father's farm at the
age of 14 often left him exhausted at the end of the day. But last
night was different. Last night was restful, filled with the wonderful
memories of the past two days.
As he dressed, he thought about the new games that he played with
his 12-yr-old sister Sam, and 13-yr-old Bobby, the farmhand. The
images of Sam's hands stroking each of their cocks, and of Bobby's face
buried in Sam's pussy were overwhelmng.
This was all new to him. The Walker children had not been taught
about sex. They had not been taught about anything. Their father
believed learning was bad. Learning meant leaving the farm, and leaving
the farm was unforgivable and would ot be toerated.
Bobby's only sex education came from the somewhat unbelievable
bragging of his older brothers. Bobby was the youngest male of the
black family that lived and worked on the farm.
As Josh turned to head down to breakfast, he was met at his door by
Sam. She pushed him back into his room and planted a deep kiss on his
lips. Josh did not resist. Kissing her had been his favorite part of
yesterday's events. Her mouth was so hot and moist against his. He
felt her hand rub over the crotch of his overalls where hi dick was
beginning to harden.

"Mom says you're late for breakfast,"

This abrupt interruption came from their 10-yr-old sister, Becky.,
who was standing in the doorway, staring at them. Josh and Sam did not
know how long she had been standing there, but they knew she had seen
what they were doing. They weren't ashamed in any way. They had no
real concept that there might be anything wrong with these new games
they played. It was just that what they had shared was so special and
so private, they weren't sure they wanted the whole family knowing about
The three children went downstairs. Josh and Sam couldn't help
smiling at each other over breakfast. Afterwards they stepped out into
the morning darkness and headed for the barn.
Bobby was already there and working. Josh assumed that he was
trying to make up for his irresponsible behavior yesterday, but in
reality, Bobby started early so they could have more time in the
afternoon for their daily swim in the creek. Josh was quite pleased
with Bobby's new energy. He had been afraid that anticipation of their
new creek activities would continue to hinder their work, as it had the
day before.
The trio got most of the work done by lunch time. What was left
would only take about an hour, rather than the normal three hours.
Then with the mandatory head nod from Josh, they were off to the creek.
Sam, who usually left the 2 boys in the dust, held back so that all
three of them arrived at the creek together. Josh stripped as fast as
he could. He had never beaten Sam in to the water. He leapt in,
feeling a sense of victory as his warm body was engulfed by the cold
He surfaced and turned to boast the others, but was surprised by
yet another change in the daily routine. Sam and Bobby had skipped
over the swimming part of the afternoon and were already lying on the
shore. The two were kissing each other pasionately. Bobby had one
hand on Sam's tiny breastand the other buried in between her cunt lips.
Sam's hand was furiously stroking his big black cock.
Josh was then very surprised when, without a word, and quite
eagerly, Sam broke the kiss and put her mouth around the head of Bobby's
cock. After her inital disgust at the suggestion, Josh thought that
Bobby would have to beg for a week before Sam would put it in her mouth.
Things were changing fast.
Josh continued to float in the water, his eyes fixed on his sister
and Bobby. Josh was fascinated as Sam's mouth bobbed up and down the
swollen cock, each time taking more of it in, until she was able to take
it all.
Bobby began to moan loudly as Sam's head moved like lightning. Josh
loved the sight of their two bodies in motion. He loved the contrast of
their skin color. Bobby began to shake. His hips began bucking
wildly, harder than they had before. Josh knew that the white stuff was
coming out, and going right into Sam's mouth. 2 days ago she thought
the stuff was gross, and couldn't wash it off fast enough. Yesterday
she licked some off her hand. Now she was swallowing it right out of
Bobby's cock. Bobby was calming down. He tried to catch his
breath, but Sam wasn't done. His cock was softening in her mouth. Sam
let it pop out of her mouth and began stroking it really fast. Bobby's
cock began to quickly harden again.
Josh suddenly realized that a second go round was starting and he
was sitting in the creek like an idiot, missing out on the fun. Sam
began to suck Bobby's cock again. This was not the time for Josh to
complain. Then Sam shifted position, getting up on her knees. Josh
could see her young mound, and watched her stick her fingers inside.
His thought returned to the day before when Bobby had licked her
down there. Sam took he fingers out of her pussy. They were wet with
her juices. Josh wondered why she had stopped when he realized that she
was making the 'C'mere' gesture. Sam wanted him to do to her what Bobby
had done.
Josh was hesistant. He got out of the water and got behind Sam.
He didn't know what to do, so he stuck his fingers in like she had them.
He moved them in and out the way she had. Sam moaned while Bobby's cock
was still in her mouth. This caused Bobby to moan loudly.
Josh moved his face closer to her mound. He had never seen it
close up, before. It was beautiful. As he examned it, Josh noticed
something at the top of her lips that looked like a tiny hard cock. He
wondered if sucking it would have the same effect on er as it did on
Josh got down on his back so he could still keep his fingers in
her. He touched his tongue to her clit. Her body tensed and warm
liquid flowed over his hand. He heard Sam say 'Oh, Shit!' It was all
mumbled, as her mouth was full of dick, but she definately said it.
Josh figured if Sam was willing to swallow their cum, he could eat
hers. He took out his fingers and began to lick her slit. Sam began
bucking her hips as she sucked faster on Bobby's dick. Bobby culd not
stand it any longer and came for a second time in Sam's willing mouth.
As his cock softened, Sam sat up. Josh laid his head back as Sam's
butt lowered onto his face. He reaized that in eating her cum he had
commited himself. Sam loved the feel of hr brother's tongue inside her.
She ground her hips into him, wnting more.
Bobby, having caught his breath, began kissing Sam through her
moans. He caressed her nipples in hus hands. He kissed her on her
face, then her ear, then her neck, and finally her nipples. This drove
Sam over the edge and she flooded Josh with a second wave of her juice.
Josh, being a responsible fellow, obediantly ate as much of it as he
could. Sam collapsed on top of Bobby, freeing Josh from between her
legs. The three took a few minutes to catch their breath, then they
all leaapt into the cold refreshng water.
They splashed and played as they had daily for so many years. Only
now it had new meaning. It was more special and more intimate.

"C'mon, sis," Josh whispered to Sam. "It's my turn!"

"What do you mean?" Sam replied.

"You know what I mean."

Sam wanted nothing more than to suck her brther off, but she
decided to tease him a little first.

"C'mon, Sam. I'm hard as a rock." pleaded Josh.

Sam smiled and winked and sunk down into the water. Josh got very
excited. He had never thought about what it would feel like in the
water. He waited for the feel of her lips on his dick, but instead she
splashed up right near the shore, and climbed out.

"Maybe tomorrow, Josh," Sam said, laughing. She began to run off.

"No way!" shouted Josh.

He swam toward shore, climbed out , and ran after her. Josh knew
Sam was teasing. She could easily outrun him, yet had not gotten far,
and she had not gotten dressed. Josh quickly caught up to her, grabbed
her by the waist, and wrestled her to the ground.
It was his turn to torture her, so he started to tickle her. Sam
laughed uncontrollably. She tried to get away, but he was directly on
top of her. and she could only twist around beneath hiim. She rolled
onto her back and Josh grabbed her shoulders, pinning her down. He
would let her calm down then tickle her again.
As they calmed down, the siblings became aware of Josh's hard cock
resting on Sam's belly. Josh took a long look at his sister. She was
so beautiful. He leaned down to kiss her. She kissed back. He moved
his hands from her shoulders to her breasts. As his body shifted, his
cock slipped off of her belly. Its head rested on top of her mound.
They broke the kiss and stared into each others eyes. Neither
understood what was about to happen, but it just seemed to make sense.
Josh shifted again, and his cockhead parted her lips. The two continued
to stare into each others eyes. Sam nodded slightly, letting Josh know
she wanted him to continue.
Josh pushed forward. Sam grimaced. Her pussy was real tight
around the head of his cock, but her wetness seemed to help. When she
relaxed, she nodded again. Josh pushed in more. It was hurting her. so
he pulled back.

"No" Sam protested, grabbing his ass.

"Are you sure?"

He hadn't waited for her to answer. He loved his sister and didn't
want to hurt her, but his cock felt great in her hot, wet pussy, and he
wanted more. And it was clear that Sam wanted it as well.
Josh pushed in more, and felt something. Sam cried a litle. he
must of gone all the way in, but it didn't feel right. He pulled out a
little an pushed back in. Sam cried again as he hit the barrier. Josh
was confused. It felt like it should go further in. Somewhere in his
subconscious, Josh remembered how sore Sam got when she first started
lfiting hay bales, and how that passed. Maybe this was similar.
Josh looked deeply into his sisters eyes and silently warned her.
She nodded one last time, and josh pulled out almost all the way. and
quickly thrust back in. Sam cried in pain as her hymen gave way.
Josh's cock went in al the way. It felt great. He waited for Sam to
relax, then began to move back and forth, in and out.
Josh could not believe how wonderful his cock felt in his sister's
pussy. He just wished that she could enjoy it, as well. He slowly
thrust his cock in and out of her, each time felt better than the last.
He looked at Sam and kissed her. She was beginning to react like she
had earlier. The pain seemed to be forgotten.
Sam smiled, and Josh began to move quicker. His balls began to
slap against her butt. Neither said a word the just moaned and grunted.
Their breathing became short. Sam humped wildly and could feel his
balls tighten. He thrust into her deep and hard as he shot his cum into
his sister's hot pussy. Sam loved the feel of his white stuff inside
of her. She wanted to keep going until her own juice came out, but
Josh's dick was softening and he clearly could not continue.
Josh collapsed on top of her, panting wildly. Sam lifted his head
and gently kissed him. He began to kiss her back.

"Shit!... Can I do that?"

Josh and Sam had forgotten about Bobby. He was on his knees,
stroking his cock. His eyes glaze over.

"Give me a minute." Sam said as Josh climbed off her.

Bobby stopped stroking. He had already cum twice and wanted to be
able to do it again inside Sam. Sam got up and hugged Josh. They
walked to the creek and jumped in, with Bobby following like a puppy.
They all washed each other off. Sam grabbed Bobby's cock under the
water and began to stroke it. She kissed him deeply.

"I'm sorry, Bobby" Sam said. "I'm kinda sore right now. You're
going to have to wait."

Bobby was dissappointed but understood. He shot his third load
under the water, then climbed out and got dressed. Josh and Sam soon

That night as bedtme arrived, Sam entered Josh's room without
knocking. She sat on the edge of his bed, and kissed him.

"Are you okay, Sam?" asked Josh with great concern.

"Yeah, its still a little sore but I'm glad it happened. I hope I
didn't hurt Bobby's feelings."

"There's always tomorrow."

Sam smiled and kissed him. She climbed in bed next to him, and the
two drifted blissfully off to sleep.

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