Their slave - two more (cuckold femdom)

The day after I had been `lent out' to Lynn and her three friends
I had to go back to the salon in order to have my tongue pierced.
When I entered Lynn greeted me with a big grin on her face. Mrs
Hayes, the owner of the salon told me that it would be her who
would do the piercing. She told me she had heard much about me
from her two girls and told me she wanted to see me nude so that
she could inspect the girl's work. Obediently I stripped off and
let her examine me. She told me to get on the couch and lift my
legs so that she could check the hair removal around my anus.
She spent some time examining me then she told me she was ready
to pierce my tongue.

The piercing didn't take long and was far less painful than I
expected. Mrs Hayes made two piercing in down the centre of my
tongue and inserted a stainless steel stud in each. I had been
told that my tongue would swell up so she had to put in longer
studs than I would finish up with. I had booked the next day and
the following Monday off work. It was as well I had because my
tongue was still quite swollen and I had some difficulty talking.
By the following Tuesday, however, the swelling had gone down
and I visited Mrs Hayes to have the shorter studs fitted. She
told me that I should still be careful and definitely not perform
oral sex for another week.

On the Wednesday before the next scheduled party I went back to
the salon to be waxed. It was Lynn, the seventeen-year-old
junior, who carried out the procedure this time though she didn't
let me cum after she had applied the oil.

On the night of the party Susan said that we had to arrive early.
When we got to Carol's house (we all took it in turns to hold
the parties) Carol took me upstairs. She told me to undress then
proceeded to dress me. First she put on a lacy ivory coloured
basque with suspenders to which she attached black stockings. I
had never worn women's clothes before and found the feel of the
nylon stockings very erotic. Next Carol pulled on a pair of
matching ivory French knickers. To finish off Carol put a black
dress and white apron. She then told me to put on a pair of
black two-inch healed pumps. When she was happy Carol let me
look in a mirror at my self. The image that looked back at me
surprised me no end. The dress came only down to the middle of
my thighs and my legs looked quite good as the heals changed the
shape of my calves.

By the time Carol lead me back down stairs the other four couples
had arrived. I was greeted with cheers and wolf whistles by the
others and Susan came up to me and stroked my stocking covered
legs. I was told I would spend the evening as a maid serving
drinks etc and would be expected to perform all of my usual
duties. I was making sure every one had a drink when the
doorbell rang. Carol told me that it would be Danny and Jane two
more who were coming to the party and that I should go and let
them in. Meekly, and feeling somewhat embarrassed at having to
answer the door dressed as a woman I did as I was told. When I
opened the door my embarrassment increased as instead of there
being a man and a woman I saw two young females. They introduced
themselves as Dannie and Jane and told me they had been invited
to Carol's party. They went in and joined the others. I quickly
got them a drink then Susan explained that Dannie and Jane were
both sixteen and had just started work as office juniors.

The party progressed with me serving drinks and being felt up by
all the quests. After about half an hour Carol announced that
she couldn't wait any longer to try out my piercings. I was
ordered to lie on the floor and Carol simply lowered herself over
me. I could now see that she had no knickers on and was ready
for me to bring her off with my tongue. I was told I had ninety
seconds. I did my best to bring Carol to orgasm with my tongue
and the two studs placed in it. When Carol came she remained
sitting on my face for a while. Once she got up I was told I had
taken seventy seconds too long and that I would get seven strokes
with the paddle and the seven with the cane.

The two newcomers didn't quite know what to make of the
proceedings. Susan took them to one side and began talking to
them. Karen meanwhile had told me to remove my panties and bend
over ready for punishment. I did as instructed and waited for
the first lick of the strap. As I waited Ian, the guy who had
buggered me at the first party came up behind me and began to rub
my exposed buttocks. He told me to spread my legs wider apart
and began to stroke my anus. I thought he was going to take me
stood up.

Susan returned with Dannie and Jane and told the others that they
now really believed what they had been telling them at work and
were ready to join in. Karen gave Dannie the strap and invited
her to use it on my arse. Karen took up position by my side and
flopped the strap down. I hardly felt it. Karen told her that
she should hit much harder as I deserved it, as my prick was so
small I couldn't give my wife, Susan, any pleasure. Dannie
lifted the strap and brought it down again. This time I felt the
sting. Karen complemented Dannie and assured her she could be
even firmer if she wanted to. Spurred on by Karen's comments the
young sixteen year old whipped the strap down six more times,
each one seemed harder than the previous one. By the time she
had finished my backside was quite warm.

Jane seemed impressed at her friends work and, when she was given
the cane, needed no encouragement to use it on my upturned arse.
She whipped it in seven times spreading the strokes out from the
top of my buttocks to the top of my thighs.

After my first punishment I had to refresh every body's drinks,
the Angela said that she wanted to have the pleasure of my
tongue. She pulled down her knickers, sat in a chair and opened
her leg. I meekly got down on my knees and started to perform.
I felt the strap land twice on my backside before Angela
shuddered to her climax.

When I lifted my head from between Angela's thighs I could see
Simon, Angela's husband undressing Susan. I was told to turn
over and lay on my back by a low chair. Once Susan was naked
she sat on the edge of the chair and laid back. Her arse was
about six inches above my head. Simon had quickly removed his
clothes and he plunged his prick into Susan's eager pussy. Susan
lifted her legs and wrapped them round Simon's arse pulling him
in as far as she could. From my position on the floor I could
see his hairy balls banging against my wife's arse and her pussy
lips stretched around his prick. I heard Susan cum then saw
Simon pull his prick out of her pussy. He knelt over my chest
and asked Angela to finish him off by hand. Angela happily
obliged and quickly brought him off spurting his cum in my face.

For the next two hours or so I was kept busy either serving
drinks or servicing the women. At some point my apron and my
dress were removed leaving me just in the basque and stockings.
Susan remained naked and all the other men, apart from Ian had
her one way or the other. Dannie and Jane remained dressed but
watched with obvious interest and took active parts in my

Ian began to remove his clothes in the centre of the room. He
said he wanted to feel the effect of my new studs. I had to
kneel in front of him and lick his prick. After a while he
turned round, opened his legs and bent over. I felt a hand on
the back of my head and my face was pushed towards Ian's open
buttocks. I knew what I had to do and started to lick his anus.
Ian obviously enjoyed my actions but put a halt to it. He asked
Susan to grease my arse hole. She put some jell on her finger
and began to work it around my opening, then she squeezed more
jell onto her finger and inserted it up my arse. Ian knelt
behind me and I felt Susan's hand guiding his prick into me. Ian
buggered me hard and soon came.

By now every on in the room except the Dannie, Jane and myself
had cum at least once. Karen asked the two girls if they wanted
to join in. They said they were too shy to do anything in
public. Karen then offered to let them take me to a bedroom
where they could blindfold me and have some private fun. The two
girls accepted Karen's offer.

The two young females took me up stairs and led me to a bedroom.
They tripped down to their bras and knickers before the strapped
me. They both had beautiful bodies without an ounce of fat.
Their young tits seemed to hold their bras rather that the other
way around. They then blindfolded me. One of them guided me to
the bed and pushed my head down. I expected to meet a fanny but
instead I felt my face against a warm firm tit. It didn't take
me long to find the nipple and I began to suck and lick it.
Almost at once I was rewarded with a reaction as the nipple
became erect. I put my hand out to feel the partner to this
luscious mammary. I had only just got my hand on it when I felt
a sharp sting on my backside. I was told to take my hand away
and put both hand behind my back. Quickly my wrists were tied
together. My head was moved to the other tit and I gave it the
same treatment. I could hear whichever one of the girls I was
kissing was getting much pleasure. Eventually she decided she
wanted more and pushed my head down her body. I took the hint
and licked down over her firm tummy to her pubic mound. Her legs
separated and my mouth found her eager wet pussy. It only took a
few licks of her clitty before she came trapping my head hard
between her thighs.

Once the girl had recovered I was pushed onto my back on the bed.
I felt a tit being rubbed against my mouth and quickly began to
suck and lick it. This girl obviously didn't want too much
foreplay as she soon moved her body down mine so that her pussy
was over my face. Like her friend she was very wet and my tongue
soon had her cuming.

The two girls lead me down stairs still blindfolded and with my
hands tied behind my back. I was made to remain like that while
the girls described to the others what had happened up stairs.

When they removed my blindfold I could see the girls had dressed
themselves. I could also see Susan kneeling above Len with his
thick prick up her well-used cunt. Her arse was up in the air
and it didn't take Mark long to decide her open arse hole was too
tempting a target. He reached for some jell and slid his long
thin prick right up. With the new invasion Susan came she then
began rocking backwards and forwards on the two pricks. Even
though both man had cum already that night it didn't take them
long to finish and pump their cream into my wife's holes.

As the three of them disentangled themselves I was forced onto my
back. Susan got up and squatted over my face. I could see her
two open holes and the cum dripping out. It fell onto my face
and I was made to lick it from eager fingers that pushed it
towards my mouth.

I was then stood up and had my hands untied so that I could serve
every one with more drinks as they found and put on their
clothes. The evening was nearly over but I still hadn't cum. I
was sure they would find some way to remedy this, and I was

I was told to lie on my back and to bring my legs up over my
head. A large stool was placed against my back to keep me in
position. Carol then produced a vibrator which she slowly
greased with the jell. She sat on the stool and began to run the
throbbing toy over my anus before plunging it in. Karen
organised our two new guests to stand either side of me and armed
them both with straps. I was told to start wanking and the girls
told to start strapping. Where they were stood I could see up
their skirts. I was drawn between wanting to extend the length
of time I could spend looking at their lovely slim thighs and the
desire to cum and stop the strapping. As I was about to cum
carol withdrew the vibrator from my arse and guided Dannie to
strap me right down the centre of my arse. That hit on my very
sensitive area pushed me over the top and I shot wads of cum onto
my own face.

I was given my dress and told to put it on and go home.

I've no idea what the group will come up with next.

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