The strip club fuck club

This took place some years back when my wife and I were married for about 3

We had went to a strip bar with a buddy of mine to wach the dancers and
play some pool. my wife had never been to a strip bar. we had a few
pitchers and were really buzzed. as the beer hit my wife she started to
dance around the pool table leaning over to give me a nice view of her

She was watching the dancers and was making coments about her dancing as
well as them . I new she was getting turned on so I told her to show us or
shut up. The next thing I knew she was up on the stage dancing around .
The next song she took off her top. Shit I didn't think she had it in her.
The third song she was dancing around naked as a jay bird. She layed on
her back and was rubbing her now soaking pussy. My dick was as hard as it
had ever been. My friend Robert was suportting a boner also.

She finnished up and rejoined us. She asked if she did alright . We
both were speachless. We nodded and she laughed. We went to drop Robert
off and she said she wasn't finisheed partying yet . So we stopped and
bought some beer on the way home.

When we arived at home she asked if we minded if she danced somemore .
Hell who were we to deprive her of that? She went to put on a sexy nighty
and joined us. She was hot... we both took a seat on the couch where she
began to give us a up close and pearsonal dance .I slid my hand down her
pantys . Her pussy was dripping wet and was so hot it could have started a
fire. Robert looked at me as to ask if I was ok with this . I said Robert
you have always wanted to fuck martha so now is your chance. With that he
took out his dick and she started to suck it hard . I took my dick out and
buried it as deep as I could in her wet tight pussy.She screamed fuck
me!fuck me!make me your lil slut tonight.We fucked all night . the next
day after Robert left she asked if i enjoyed it . I told her hell how
could I have not.

We now go to diffrent bars about every 2 weeks and she dances and I talk
to diffrent guys ,and we take them to a motel . Maby we might see you
there one night.

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