The Mediterranean Deal (lesbian)

Stephanie moaned as the girl drew the washcloth back over her vagina.
The toweling material was slightly rough, and it delivered a blissful
sensation. This was clearly an invitation, and she wondered how to
convey the idea that she could be seduced without seeming at all

"I'm sorry," she said, guiltily. "It's been a long time since anyone
touched me gently down there."

"You're almost clean. I'll be finished soon," Melissa assured her.

"That's OK."

She felt Melissa's fingers spread the lips of her vagina and then the
cloth returned, wiping the more sensitive skin of the inner folds of
her labia now, and visiting her clitoris without fail on every stroke.
Stephanie closed her eyes and thrust against the cloth. She wasn't
sure where this was leading but it seemed best to respond to the
attention rather than to ignore it.

She felt Melissa lay the cloth on her thigh and then dip a finger into
her vagina and wipe it on the cloth. Stephanie tensed her muscles
against the intrusion. "Relax," Melissa said. She repeated the action
five, ten, twenty times, and it was like being fucked very slowly.
"We'll douche you later," the girl said. "This will do for now."

Then the cloth returned and Stephanie started to sigh and gasp.
Looking back, she could not tell exactly when the transition happened,
but soon she was being masturbated, the cloth circling her clitoris
again and again while two of Melissa's fingers stroked that magic
place inside.

Stephanie gasped repeatedly. One part of her focused on the wonderful
attention she was receiving but another watched the scene play out and
knew that everything was working to her advantage. She came across as
a confused, hurt girl, easily manipulated, and she fancied that this
might even win her a place on the crew before the day was out.

"I'm going to come," she warned, and Melissa redoubled her efforts.
Stephanie cried out twice, and then the fierce climax struck, leaving
her weak and trembling, gasping for breath.

Melissa carefully withdrew her fingers and wiped them on the cloth,
watching her new lover catch her breath. She took a sip of brandy from
Stephanie's glass and then offered it to her. Stephanie took a decent
gulp. She blushed. "That was wonderful," she said. "I've been fucked a
lot of times this summer," she admitted, "but there weren't many

"Go to sleep," Melissa suggested. "I'll check back on you in three
hours. How does that sound?"

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