A Man and Muse Story

"Happy anniversary, love" I settled on the several times recovered
hide-a-bed on our porch and grabbed Mahika's hand. We intertwined our
fingers and I lifted our hands to my lips. I studied the face I'd come to
know so well, then kissed the back of her hand lightly.

She slowly smiled and touched my face. While her fingertips spoke volumes
about what we shared, her words were soft and simple: "Indeed, it is."

The next move was mine, as usual, and I touched the sides of her neck with my
free fingertips. "Cuddle?" She shifted and was quickly settled on my lap.
That led to a rearranging of the parts until we had our arms around each

She squeezed gently while my own arms pulled us together firmly. My head
bent down and my lips pressed against her neck She moaned a bit and I knew
things were going well My next move was obvious and I made it. I left my
lips in place, opened them... And then my tongue slid out to barely touch a
special spot I'd come to know well...

The moan chopped off as she jerked in response to the jolt of pleasure.

I kept up the contact, lightly stroking my tongue across the spot I'd
discovered on one intensely satisfying night together.

I waited patiently until... "Enough!"

Chuckling, I relented. "Good."

I leaned back, satisfied that I'd 'won' the opening round.

"Doesn't seem like it's been that long since I introduced you to the rest of
the world, yet it seems like forever, too." My hands shifted, randomly
exploring, reminding us of what we shared, and promising that we'd create new
memories together. "Six years, love. Six amazing years."

Noses touched and we smiled at each other. Fingertips touched lips in a
shared agreement--and promise.

Then, again, in a routine we shared so easily, we wrapped each other in a
shared cuddle that left us gazing at nothing special, yet seeing everything
that was special to us both. Joy, accidental pain, reconciliation...

And the one thing that no longer needed to be said, but was the most
important thing of all.

We knew that no matter what, we'd share the future in the same way we shared
this anniversary.

We'd see it together.

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