The Mediterranean Deal 2.

"How would I apply?"

Melissa smiled. "Well, first you'd need to convince me that you're
right for the job. Then I'd need to convince the boss that you're
right for the job. And then I guess you'd need to convince him that
you're right for the job."

"That's an awful lot of convincing."

"Isn't it just?" Melissa grinned. "The interview process is fun,

She leaned forward and kissed Stephanie, and the two of them settled
back on the bed in a warm embrace. They kissed for a long time.
Stephanie stroked her partner's back and found the clasp that secured
the top half of the bikini that she still wore. She could not reach
between the girl's legs until Melissa pulled away.

"Want me to take these off?" she asked.

"I want to taste you."

Melissa pulled down the skimpy garment and then climbed on top of
Stephanie, presenting her vagina to Stephanie's mouth and settling her
own tongue on Stephanie's clitoris. In this 69 position they began to
pleasure each other, but it was soon clear that Melissa's self control
would give way first. When Stephanie fastened her arms around
Melissa's waist, Melissa stopped licking, instead pushing her mound
onto Stephanie's eager mouth and gasping and groaning with each new
touch. Stephanie fucked her with her tongue for a while, but it was
hard to accomplish very much penetration from this angle, and it made
her tongue ache too much, so she returned her attention to the

The girl tasted wonderful, and it was exciting to hold someone who,
just for this brief few moments, had lost control. Stephanie sensed
that Melissa's orgasm was just around the corner. Her strangled gasps
became shorter and farther apart, and Stephanie did her best to hasten
the climax, knowing there would be time for more subtle lovemaking
later. She flicked the girl's clitoris from side to side like a
switch, seeking the best way to stimulate. She strengthened her bear
hug on the girl's waist too, for the restraint seemed to make her more

At last, slightly unexpectedly, there was a squirt of fluid that
signaled the moment of release. Melissa wailed in relief, and went
through the longest orgasm that Stephanie could ever remember seeing.
The contractions went on and on, and it was clear that the first
orgasm had segued seamlessly into another. Stephanie continued to
lick, slightly more gently now, helping her partner to find more and
more release until Melissa finally pulled away, crying and begging
Stephanie to stop.

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