PrincessNinaTV - The Early Years

What Is This?

I moved away from the stripper (yes, it was that sad). As a lingerie
lover moving from her required not parting with some lingerie and
stuff I had been using (see part 4). I had them; it helped me cope
with my mothers poor collection of bras, panties and assorted hot
lingerie. She had none.

One day, like, enlightenment. I realized something. What the fuck!! I
was at friend's houses often (see part 1). They had sisters; some of
them had bras and panties in the bathroom. What a blow! I could've
been taking advantage of this about 3-4 years prior. I was a friend
(in particular) whom was in a family of disorganized people. They had
random and never picked up nor moved bras and panties were about here
n there, even in the bathroom. About a year later started to wrap his
sisters (he had 3) panties around my cock and masturbate sometimes. I
eventually got bold though, I'd bring them home overnight and sleep in
them knowing they hadn't moved for so long. Never got caught. I had a
huge crush on one, I used to peek in her window hoping to see her
naked, never got that. I still masturbated though in the dark near her
window. No way I could be caught. Boy I did wished someone would at
times. Watch me jack off.

I got pretty bold as a young male, getting naked in wooden paths
except for bra and panties I may or may not stole from my friends'
sister and masturbate looking at people I saw through windows. I
wasn't gay, nor am I now. However I seemed to enjoy getting off in the
view of old men who didn't know I was there. This created a habit that
I endure today. Even as a young male who loved females I got off
thinking an old man would love to cum on me given the offer.

My old friend really did enable my crossdressing and pervert actions
with all his sisters. Especially since I had near relationships with
two of them but we didn't because of him (regret).

Masturbating has always been an obsession of mine; I got a trench coat

I went to video stores and whipped out my penis and masturbated, on
videos in the softcore sections, like bra/panty clad covers. Even did
it while renting w/ my big brother once (that "big bro" your parents
force on you).

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