A new direction Part (M/m F/m bdsm,ws,crossdressing)

Ken keeps a neat home, so cleaning involved a few dishes, and
some pots and pans. I completed the task as ordered, and reported
back to him. He checked my chastity device again to make sure my
cock was dry in there. He then told me what to make for dinner
for him and his wife. He told me his wife would be home around
6:30 from work and would probably be in need of a foot rub. I
went start dinner (Chicken Parmesan) and he turned on the TV.

His wife Shamika came in right on time and her and Ken came into
the kitchen. He introduced us and showed her my chastity device.
She commented my uniform looked cute on me and that she expected
me to serve her a fine meal and pamper her afterwards. I replied
it waould be an honor to serve her. They left the kitchen and I
resumed cooking.

Dinner was ready around forty five minutes later. I served Ken
and Shamika and then ate myself. I then reported to Ken for my
next assignment. He told me it was time to pamper Shamika. She
ordered me to rub her feet and I did so as they watched a movie.
She then told me to run her a bath. I ran a bath and kneeled down
beside the tub. She ordered to take off my uniform and get in the
tub with her. She was a large woman, and it was hard to bathe
her. I did as she ordered, including shaving her armpits, legs,
ass, and vagina. My cock was straining for release but that was
not to be. We got out of the tub and I dried her thoroughly. She
told me to stay naked and called in Ken. Shamika then told Ken
she would love to see him dominate me thoroughly. Ken laughed and
agreed. I hepled Shamika put on a corset and some thigh high
boots. For someone who was not supposed to be into BDSM, she sure
dressed the part. At this point, we headed to the playspace.

Ken secured me to a cross while his Wife made herself comfortable
in a chair. He gagged and began to slap the inside of my thighs
with a slapper. I began to cry out of coures, which just served
to turn him on more. He began to see i was struggling to keep up
and decided to try something else. he got some nipple clamps and
applied them. I began to wail into the gag. He just smiled and
his wife said she was getting turned on watching Ken torture me.
At this point he got out a violet wand. He put on an attachment
and decide to blindfold me. He told me that the he was just
warming up.

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