Executive Decisions - office sluts

Girls, I'm afraid I have bad news. With the economy the way it is...well, I
don't think I can afford to keep two assistants on staff any longer.

This isn't an easy decision to make, and I've been pondering it for some
time. Kelly, you noticed that I was somewhat preoccupied while screwing you
in your car this morning in the parking garage....and certainly you knew
something was up, Laura, during our lunchtime romp on top of and under my

Not sure what to do. Both of you have exceeded my expectations, and if I
had to do it all over again, I would rehire either of you, just as I would
any woman with nice large breasts. Both of you are a D-cup, and I equally
enjoy having both sets wrapped around my cock or being a target for a load
of my cum...

Kelly is so devoted to her job duties, especially the ones which involve my
hard cock buried all the way in her throat. She doesn't even need her hands
to get me off...leaving them free for other things such as getting herself
off beneath my desk. Laura' attention to detail is meticulous when she is
using her tongue to give my shaft and my balls a thorough tongue
bath...after sitting on my lap and impaling her horny pussy on me, she's
always careful to lick up every trace of her sweet juice.

I mean it...I really have appreciated how you both have gone that extra
mile. Laura, it was so gracious of you to agree to help me out with that
football party last weekend for the new clients....and to wear that French
maid outfit I bought you while serving beer to everyone, and putting up with
the groping, the fondling....the accidental spilling of an entire pitcher of
beer on your tits, necessitating you to go topless for the entire second
half of the game.... Kelly, I can't thank you enough for coming in on your
night off last week, and entertaining our out of town business partners with
drinks, dancing followed by retiring to their hotel room for gangbang sex in
all three of your holes.

Yes, it's a very tough decision, and unfortunately it's part of my job. I
have given this a lot of thought, and could really only find one criteria to
base a decision on. Laura.... well, you've always been somewhat hesitant
when it comes to situations involving other women. Kelly, on the other
hand, is always picking up women at the mall...regaling me with tales of her
exploits....begging me to hire more sexy female account managers.
Regrettably, Laura, I have to---

You do?

You will?

Well.....um, ok. I'm sure Kelly won't mind hiking up her skirt for
you....don't worry about her panties being in the way, those were torn off
of her first thing this morning in her car...

I suppose I could put this decision off for a while, what do you ladies

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