The Massage Parlour - sex for cash

David sat quietly sipping his drink. He was a little more comfortable
now, but still feeling decidedly out of place. It wasn't too late, he
could still get up and leave, walk back out the door he came in and
simply return home.

It was about 8pm and David was sitting in the lounge of the 'Paradise
Massage Parlour.' He had walked past many times before, but tonight was
different, instead of passing by as he normally did he suddenly found
himself turning left, down the small side street next to the building,
and walking up the stairs to the 'discrete rear entrance' (a phrase
that had often made him chuckle). He knew why he had entered, and it
wasn't for a massage (although he did have an ache in his lower back).

Now sitting alone and feeling what he imagined was the 'butterflies in
the stomach' that people described, he wondered what do to next. The
room was laid out nicely, like he imagined the bar at an exclusive
businessman's club might be, only the room wasn't filled with stuffy
old doctors, accountants and lawyers, but rather a few guys (who could
be any of those things) and about 15 good looking young women. He
didn't quite know what he should be doing. In a real bar he would be
with friends, and not too concerned about others, especially women, but
here it was different.

Caught up in his thoughts David didn't notice the young woman
approaching him from his right. In fact until she sat down next to him
on the soft leather booth seat he hadn't even seen her in the room.
"Hi," she said.
"Uh, hello," replied David. The words almost didn't make it past his
lips. He took a swig of his bourbon and Coke.
"You seemed a little lost over here," the girl replied. David found
himself surprised by the way she sounded - normal, like any woman he
might meet in the 'real world', he wasn't sure what he had expected,
but somehow this wasn't quite it. It was better, definitely better.
"Oh, I, well," David stuttered. "I have never been to anywhere like
this before."
"Of course, I'm sure it can be a little intimidating. Maybe you'll feel
better if you know someone. My name is Sky."
David felt himself relax a little, he did feel better. "Hello Sky, I
am," he paused, should he use his real name? "I am David." Why not,
it's not like he would ever see her again.

Sky wasn't what David expected in a... A what? What was she? A hooker?
A call girl? A prostitute? All of the names were somewhat right, but
sudden all seemed very crude and insulting when applied to the girl
sitting next to him. The girl with her hand reassuringly resting on his
knee. She had beautiful dark brown shoulder-length straight hair. He
eyes were a deep hazel. She wasn't tall, but not short either - 5'5"
maybe? He couldn't be sure, he hadn't even seen her until she sat next
to him. She was curvy, but not chubby, and had what seemed like quite
large breasts. Were they natural he wondered. What he noticed most was
her beautiful warm smile - she seemed happy, not as he'd imagined.

"So, um, what do we do next, you know, if I, uh, we..."
"I like you David, you seem nice," Sky interrupted. "If you'd like to
spend some time with me in a more private setting you just need to go
over there the office, and ask for a room for us," she said, as she
moved her hand up David's thigh, stopping just short of his groin.
David felt his cock twitch.
"I think I would like that"

"Okay, that's $80 for the room, and you need to have at least $120 for
the girl, more if you want extras," said the office lady very in a very
matter-of-fact way. "I need the $80 now, and I need to see the $120 to
make sure you have it for the lady."
"Oh, I don't have that amount of cash on me, do you take Visa?"
"Of course honey," said the woman, he guessed she was the 'madam', "but
there's a 10% convenience fee".
"That's okay I guess," his cock was really doing the thinking now,
there was no backing down. "Oh, what will show up on the bill?"
"It'll say 'Acme Trading', so that will be the full $200, plus 10%?
That's $220."
"Sure no problem," he said sliding his card across the desk.

"Come on David," Sky was leading him down the hall by his hand, she
seemed almost excited. They reached a door marked '9' and she knocked
then opened the door. "Great, this is my favourite room." She closed
the door behind them and David took a moment to look around. The room
was much bigger than he had expected, but he was getting used to being
surprised here. It was about the size of the studio apartment he'd had
a few years earlier, not large, but well designed, and it had no
kitchen to worry about. On the far wall was a shower, with a long glass
side, three shower heads, and room for at least three. Along the wall
to his right was a king size bed with plush bedding, and more pillows
than seemed reasonable. The left wall was home to a long bench seat,
and a strange little nook with an unusual sloped seat. But by far the
most unexpected feature was the large spa bath in the centre of the
room. It was already full and covered full of bubbles.

"Would you like a shower, David? I always feel at my best after a nice
shower," Sky said, as she slipped out of her attractive one-piece
dress. David watched the dress fall to the floor, and was not entirely
surprised to see Sky was wearing no underwear. Looking her over he was
delighted with the woman before him. Her large breasts looked firm and
natural, with pert nipples pointing ever-so-slightly upward. His glance
moved down her body, past her delicate abdomen, to her inviting pussy.
It was smooth and hairless, except for a small 'landing strip' above
her tight moist lips.
"A shower? Yes, of course."
"Well, you should probably take off your clothes then," giggled Sky,
leaning forward and deftly unclasping David's belt. Before he knew what
happened his Levis were around his ankles, and he was instinctively
raising his arms as Sky lifted his t-shirt over he head. With his view
blocked by a rising t-shirt, David was suddenly surprised to feel warm
kisses landing on his chest. As the shirt came off his head and the
room flooded back into view the warm lips met his own and a probing
tongue found its way into his mouth. For a moment he was shocked - pros
didn't kiss did they? But the concern was short-lived, as the sweet
flavour of Sky's mouth mingled with his own, and his tongue met hers.
He was excited now, he knew that for sure, his cock was harder now than
he thought possible. And suddenly it was free as Sky slipped his boxers
over his ample erection and dropped them to the floor with his jeans.

Sky walked slowly to the shower and turned on all three of the shower
heads. For a moment David felt paralysed, standing naked near the door
with a raging hard-on. "Are you going to join me David?" Almost as if
he had floated David found himself entering the shower with Sky who had
begun soaping herself up. As he entered she grabbed his hand and turned
her back while pulling him in close. His hard cock was now pressed hard
against her lower back, warm water washing over both of them. She took
his hands and guided them over her naked soapy body, up around her
breasts and then down, circling her navel before continuing to her
beautiful pussy. He gently massaged her mound, as she moaned slightly.
Feeling a little brave, he softly slipped the middle finger of his
right hand between her moist lips, the warmth was incredible, and she
was wet, much more than just the shower. Sky's moans continued, and her
hand found their way behind her back to his cock, and she massaged it
until David was almost sure he would cum right there, in the shower
within minutes of his time with Sky, but then as swiftly as she had
begun, she withdrew her hands and turned around, tightly locking lips
with David, "I don't want you to finish just yet, how about a massage?"
David had simply imagined the massage to beeuphemistic, never actually
expected one. "Sure," he gasped, on the edge of orgasm.

Lying naked on the bed, with a towel beneath him, David no longer
feared losing control at any moment, but was still very much on edge.
"Okay," said Sky, "I want you to just close your eyes and enjoy this."
David did as he was told, as Sky's warm oily hands began to work their
way over his back with skill - it was not just a massage, it was a good

After what seemed like 20 minutes of fantastic massage David was
relaxed, but still horny. Suddenly the hands were removed from his
back. He wasn't sure what was happening - was the massage over? Then
there was a new sensation, warm, oily, but larger, not hands... It was
her breasts... Sky was pushing her oiled breasts hard against his back
and sliding up and down him. His cock instantly sprang back to life as
hard as before. "Roll over, time to do your front." David complied
immediately. As he rolled over he saw Sky for the first time since they
stepped out of the shower, she was completely oiled up. She smiled at
him, "legs together please," she said as she moved toward his feet. As
he put his legs together his cock sat right up. Sky grinned, and
lowered herself onto his legs, sliding her breasts over his legs. As
she approached his hard dick, she opened her mouth, and quickly took it
into her mouth, running her tongue over the head, then continued her
upward journey, her slick breasts passing either side of his cock,
causing David a sharp intake of breath as they did. As her head came in
line with his she again pressed her lips against his. This whole oily
slide continued for what seemed like an age, and again David felt as
though he were about to explode, when again she stopped.

"What do you like to do then David?" Asked Sky rolling off him and
lying next to him.
"Well, I, uh, like I said before, I haven't really done this before."
"Haha, no not specifically in this situation - what do you like to do,
you know, sexually?"
"Oh, well I really like oral sex."
"Of course, what guy doesn't," she began to bend toward his groin.
"No, not that - I mean, I like that too, but I meant... giving."
"Ooooh, I see that's a little more exciting I suppose," said Sky moving
on the bed. Sudden she straddled David's head, a leg either side of his
shoulders. "Well I'd never turn down a good pussy licking," she said,
lowering herself onto his mouth.

After a slow start (he was still a little surprised) David settled into
a rhythm, tickling and licking at Sky juicy cunt. "Mmmmmmmmmm ahhh
yeah", groaned Sky as she started to grind her mound into David's
mouth. "Oh fuck, yes! Fuck! Yes, fuck me with your tongue." Sky was now
beginning to shake as she practically bounced on David's face. Picking
up the pace of his frantic licking, David pushed his tongue into her
tight slit, and worked a finger between his face and Sky's hot sex,
applying a little friction to herclit as she ground into him. "FUCK!
YES OH FUCK!" David felt Sky's pussy tense up and she shuddered to an
explosive orgasm, he was hit by a small rush of juice from her pussy.
She came, she actually came on his face.

"Oh my god," whispered Sky lying beside David, "no one has ever done
that to me before... Not like that." She was absent-mindedly playing
with his rock-hard cock.
"I'm glad I could be of service," grinned David.
"Well, I'll make you pleased you did," she smiled. Suddenly Sky lept up
and impaled herself on his hard dick.
"Oh fuck. Shit. Oh," she was tight, and oh-so-wet. "What about a
condom," David's logical mind spoke out, although it would take wild
horses to drag him away from that hot pussy right now.
"Don't worry, I promise I am clean, and I'm on the pill," said Sky as
she began to bounce up and down on his cock. She leaned forward and
passionately kissed David again, this time with force and passion he
had never felt before. She kissed and fucked him for just minutes
before a familiar feeling began to rise from within him. He was on the
edge again, he knew for sure he would blow his load deep into her hot
cunt. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then suddenly the
fucking stopped. He opened his eyes to see Sky kneeling above him
again, her hot pussy dripping. "Come with me," she beckoned, heading
toward the corner.

They approached the strangely angled seat, and Sky lifted herself onto
it, lifting her ass into the air, and presenting David with an
incredible view of her pussy and ass. "Fuck me David. From behind. Fuck
me hard." David didn't need to be told again, he knelt up on the seat
behind her and slid his cock into her pussy. It was still amazing -
tight, hot and it seemed to almost tug on his dick. "FUCK ME," screamed
Sky as David began to pound her tight hole. He varied his pace,
starting with a frantic jackhammering, then slowing, pulling the full
length of his cock out of her, until only the tip was inside before
pushing hard into her again. Sky began to moan again, and matched he
pace pushing back as much as she could to meet his strokes. "Cum...
in... me... David..." she gasped, and this time David knew he was going
to cum for sure. He could feel it coming on, as he pulled out for one
last long stroke - his cock coming all the way out, and then he rammed
it back in, "OH FUCK" cried Sky shuddering powerfully as another orgasm
moved through her. David's own orgasm came moments later as he felt his
cock explode jets of his hot semen deep into her. He collapsed on top
of her, sweating, and kissing the back of her neck.

Minutes had passed they were lying next to one another again on the
bed, spooning, his almost limp cock pressed lightly into her ass. The
intercom by the door sudden sprang to life, "room nine, ten minutes
left," called the voice of the office lady. Sky spoke lightly, "We
should shower David." And she got up and moved toward the shower. David
followed her into the shower once again. "One more thing Sky," said
David, dropping to her knees in front of her. He pressed his lips
against her still wet pussy, and explored her cunt with his tongue,
lapping up as much of their sweet mixed juices as he could find. "Oh
wow, David! Jesus!" David added a finger to his exploration and again
worked herclit with skill. Within moments she was again shuddering in
ecstasy. "Ohhhhh ," Sky leaned back against the glass wall of the
shower as her third orgasm took her over. She slid slowly down the
glass, as David withdrew from her and kissed her gently on the lips.
"Thank you, you made this experience very nice for me."

Stepping out of the shower David offered a large fluffy towel to Sky
before taking one himself. "So, it's $120 for you?" he asked.
"Oh David, I can't take your money, that was hardly work," said Sky,
towel wrapped around her naked body.
"Sky, don't be silly, you gave me an amazing time, you deserve it."
"Okay, but I want to give you something too."
David smiled and took his wallet from his pants on the floor by the
door, removing $120 he handed it over to Sky, "what did you want to
give me?" Sky smiled, and took his hand, and with a pen she had
retrieved from her small purse wrote her phone number on his bicep.
"Call me, the next time is on the house," she smiled before kissing him
lightly on the lips.

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