Making My Wife A Slut

I will never forget that first time my wife let me watch
her fuck another man and thus become a real honest to
goodness slut. Not only a slut but she now loves all
kinds of sex. Kinky or not. She loves sucking and
fucking a cock, having a cock in her mouth cunt and

We were laying in bed, a few months after we were
married and I began telling her how I enjoyed watching
women being fucked. How I enjoyed watching them
take a big cock down her throat and up into their

She couldn't believe what I was saying.

"You mean you like to watch women being fucked?
You mean that you would like to watch me being
fucked too? You want to watch me fucking other men?
She ask almost gasping.

I grinned at her and told her I thought she would look
beautiful with another man's big cock in her mouth
and down her throat and another man's big cock
slipping in and out of her tight pussy and even tighter
ass spewing its hot fertile sperm into her.

"Oh I could never do that." She gasp.

"Yes, you could," I told her. I know that you would
like and enjoy it too. Just think of the feeling of having
another man's cock sliding down your throat, spewing
it's hot sperm into your mouth letting you taste it before
you swallowed in. Just think of the feeling of another
man or men's big cocks slipping in and out of your tight
pussy, until they fill you with hot fertile sperm. Hot
fertile sperm that may even be giving you a baby. Just
think of the feeling of having another man's big cock
slipping in and out of your tight ass, to fill your bowels
with it's hot sperm.

She just stared at me like I was crazy. The thing was,
I actually wanted to watch her suck and fuck another
cock, watch her taking another cock up into her cunt
and her tight ass, watching them fill her with their
hot cum.

Yes, I wanted my wife of just a few months to let me
watch her fucking other men, even maybe getting
pregnant by them.

Almost every night I would tell her how beautiful
she would be with another man's cock buried deep
inside of mouth, her cunt and her ass.

Every night I would tell her I actually wanted to see
her being fucked in all of her holes.

Every night I would tell her I was going to bring
another man so I could watch her suck and fuck him
letting him cum in her unprotected cunt.

She even quit telling me she could never do anything
like that.

Then one night I actually came in with a friend. Yes
a friend with a big stiff cock that wanted to fuck my

We all had several drinks and were feeling it. I began
hugging and kissing her, and even squeezing her
breasts. She would push my hand away. I told her that
he would be spending the night with us. She said she
would make the couch out for him.

I told her that she wouldn't have to make the bed out
because he would be sleeping with us. She just stared
at me. I looked at her and told her that tonight was the
night that I was going to watch her sucking and fucking
another man, that I was going to watch her take another
mans hot fertile sperm up into her cunt her womb. And
that from this time on I would be bringing other men
home so that I could watch her suck and fuck them.
Sometimes two and three at a time. She just stared at
me not believing what I was telling her.

She hardly resisted when I took her hand and led her
into the bedroom. She hardly resisted when I slipped
her clothes off leaving her naked and laying her on the
bed, spreading her legs wide.

Her hairless pussy, which I had her shave her hair from
was fully exposed to my friends eyes. This was going
to be exciting.

He and I both stripped and lay one on each side of her.
We both began fondling and playing with her firm
breasts. I kissed her and told her I was going to love
seeing her with his cock in her mouth cunt and ass.

Then we both sucked on one of her tits and nipples. I
watched as his hand slipped down and was soon buried
inside of my wife' tight hot cunt. She was wiggling
and squirming and crying "No, no, no, please no."

We ignored her. I watched him move between her
legs lean down and began licking and sucking and
tongue fucking my brides tight hot wet cunt. She
was wiggling and squirming. I knew how she loved
having her hot pussy licked and sucked, how hot she
always got when she had a tongue licking her clit and
slipping in and out of her tight hole.

It didn't take long and she was soon in the theros of
one hell of an intense orgasm. As her body orgasmed
I leaned down and sucked and bit her tits hard as he
sent thrills of passion through her with his tongue.

I finally told him to do it. He quickly moved up and
in one quick motion he buried his big thick cock in
my new brides tight hot throbbing cunt. He didn't
hesitate, he began fucking her hard and fast. He took
his time but he fucked and fucked her.

At first she just lay there as his cock plunged in and
out of her. Then her body began to react to his plunging

She was soon moving in time with his driving cock.
She finally wrapped her legs around his waist and began
fucking her own cunt back at the strange cock driving
into her.

I sat there and watch my friend fucking my wife for I
don't know how long. He fucked her through three
orgasms before he plunged his cock all of the way up
inside of her and yelled out that he was cumming in her.
Another man was filling my wife's hot cunt with his hot
fertile sperm. Would she or wouldn't she get pregnant?
I didn't know and didn't ask her if she was fertile. I
didn't really care. I just wanted to watch her fuck and
suck another man.

They lay there with his cock buried deep inside of her
cum filled cunt. Then he pulled it out and moved to
her head. She just seemed to automatically open her
mouth when his stiff wet cock, wet from her own
juices and his sperm, touched her lips. She sucked his
wet cock into her mouth and soon had it worked all of
the way down her throat. It was great, her mouth
stretched wide and full of his cock as it slipped in and
out of her throat.

He soon grabbed her head and pulled it to him slipping
his entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. I
knew he was spraying her throat with his second load
of cum of the night. She swallowed all of it.

Finally he pulled his cock out of her mouth and I leaned
down and kissed and licked her cum coated lips and
tongue. It was great.

Then we flipped her over onto her elbows and knees.
He moved behind her, his still stiff cock in his hand
and guided it to her tight rectum. He pushed his cock
head against it then pushed hard plunging it's entire
length all of the way up into her bowels

She screamed out with pain when his thick stiff cock
stretched her anal opening wide and plunged up inside
of her. He still didn't hesitate and began fucking his
stiff cock in and out of her hard and fast. Her tight
ass adjusted fast and she was soon pushing her ass
back at his plunging cock every time he plunged it
up into her.

Being fucked in the ass by a strange cock set her off.
She was quickly even having an orgasm from his cock
driving in and out of her bowels hard and fast. When
she did, he drove his cock up into her bowels and filled
her with another load of sperm.

Finally they both lay there exhausted. His cock still
buried deep in her bowels.

Well it worked. for the rest of the night, I watched
my wife suck his cock, and fuck him with her cunt
and her ass, taking the rest of his sperm into her cunt
and womb.

He didn't want to leave the next morning but he knew
that he had too. He fucked her one more time then he

After he left I took her into my own arm and praised
her for the way she sucked and fucked him and the
way she took his sperm into her cunt. She said
nothing but I could tell she had now changed.

Three days later I brought another friend home and
she sucked and fucked him all night without any
resistance at all. Infact she seemed to really enjoy
having his cock down her throat, in her cunt and in
her ass. The next morning she fucked him one last
time as I watched the he left. It was a week later
that I brought two of my friends home and watched her
fuck and suck both of them at the same time. She had
a cock in her cunt and in her ass at the same time as I

Then she sucked both of them clean at the same time
when they pulled out of her. All night she fucked both
of them. She took every load of sperm they could
muster up into her cunt and womb. Like the one before
the next morning she fucked both of them one last time
before they left.

After they left, she looked at me and ask me when I was
going to bring home three or more of my friends so that
I could watch her suck and fuck all three of them at the
same time, one in each of her holes. She told me she
would be waiting for me to bring home three or more of
my friends at one time so that she could fuck them all
at one time and one right after the other.

Oh yes my young bride of just a few months was now
looking forward too and even asking me to bring other
men home so she could suck and fuck them. I knew
that I would be accommodating her.

But I also knew that I would be surprising her with
something new. I waited for a month then I did bring
three friends home and watched my wife take on three
of them on at the same time.

She had a cock in her mouth, her cunt and her ass all
at the same time. Oh yes I really enjoyed the way she
tried to fuck all three cocks at the same time.
She did manage to fuck them to the point that they
cum in her one right after the other.

She had each one of those three men fuck each one of
her holes through the night. By morning she had had
all three cocks in all three holes and had sperm from
each of them in each of her openings.

I was a bit surprised a couple of days later when she
went out with a friend and when she came back she
had her friend and her friends husband with her.

She told me that we were going to swap with them so
that I could fuck his wife while he fucked her. Then
she whispered in my ear that her friend was fertile and
wanted my hot fertile sperm in her. She wanted her
husband to watch her fucking an other man and getting
pregnant by him. She told me that her husband wanted
to watch her being fucked so she was going to do it
for him, but she was also going to show him how things
will sometimes go wrong and that he had watched her
fuck and other man and get pregnant.

Well that was exactly what happened. I spent the night
fucking my wife's friend. She was one hell of a good
fuck, tight and active. She let him watch her fuck my
cock like she loved having another man's cock inside of
her and would even want to fuck another man at times
so she could feel other men's hot fertile sperm inside of
her. That was what she told him after he watched me
fuck her tight cunt and fill it full of my sperm at least
four times and watched her clean my cock of her own
fluids and my sperm all four times. She even made him
watch me fuck her in her virgin ass, something she had
never let him do. She had give me her virgin ass
instead of her own husband.

The next morning he had to watch me fuck her one last
time and leave one last load of hot fertile sperm in her
fertile cunt. Of course he did not know she was fertile,
she had not told him.

As they left she gave me a passionate hug and kiss and
whispered into my ear. "thanks for the baby." Then she
and he left for home with her cunt still full of my

After they left, my wife kind of giggled and told me that
it had been exciting watching me fuck her friend
knowing that I was going to breed her and get her
pregnant with her husband watching.

Then my wife hugged me and told me that it was
exciting to know and having watched me fuck another
man's wife that was fertile and would be giving her
my baby while her husband watch.

That was when my wife told me that from then on she
might fuck other men, with me watching but it would
also be with married men and with her watching me
fuck their wives and maybe even their daughters. She
giggled and told me it would be exciting watching me
fuck the mother and then fuck the daughter especially
if she was a very young daughter. One that was very
young but having her period so that she could get

She told me that she already knew someone who she
knew she could bring over and let him fuck her and
me fuck his wife and young daughter who was having
her period. She told me that the never used any
protection they did not believe in it. She said she would
learn when the girl was fertile then she would talk to the
woman and talk her into coming over for the pleasure
of watching her husband fuck her, my wife and he
could watch his wife and daughter being fucked by me.
She said she was pretty sure that the girl would not
realize that she was fertile until she found she was
pregnant. The girl she said was eleven years old and
had already had one period and was about to have her
second. She told me that if and when I fucked the girl
I would be fucking a young virgin which she would like
to watch. She also told me that she would try to find
out when the mother fertile time was so that I could
possibly get the mother pregnant also.

It was about two weeks later that my wife came to
me and told me she wanted to fuck several men at the
same time, one right after the other. She told me she
wanted to experience several men at the same time,
all of them strangers. She said that she wanted to
experience fucking complete strangers, to be gang
banged by them. "Honey, being fucked by a lot of
complete strangers will be so exciting. I just have to
do it at least once so that I know what it is like.

I leaned over and kissed her and told her great that I
would arrange it. I ask her if she wanted to do it
somewhere else or in our own bed. She said she
wanted to do it in our bed so she could remember
being gangbanged by strangers when we were laying
there together.

She giggled then told me that maybe she would
arrange for me to be fucked by several women one
right after the other, completely strange women who
I had never met before but who were not prostitutes.

Yes, since I arranged to have my wife fucked all
night by my friend, who's wife by the way, I also
got to fuck, she has become a real slut and loves having
a cock in her mouth cunt and ass, no matter who's cock
it is. To her fucking several complete strangers she
has never met before and doesn't know anything about,
is exciting and possibly the ultimate.

Now me I am wondering when my own wife is going
to all of a sudden spring it on me that she is pregnant
and has no idea who the father is because she was
fucking many men during her fertile time.

She knows that that thought excites me. However one
thing at a time and right then I was in the mood for
fucking my own wife in all of her now well used
entrances. She was more than willing to that night
enjoy only her husband. We had one hell of a night of
sex. Satisfying to both of us. Yes, just the two of us,
a husband and wife, still in love we proved it to each
other that night. Even though I was letting and having
my wife fuck many other men and she was now
arranging for me to fuck other wives and even get them
pregnant she and I still loved each other. Our other sex
just added to the excitement we were having during
our married life.

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