Black Boys and Baggy Clothing

As I was walking to the library I found myself following a black male,
probably about 18 or 19 years old. His loose, baggy clothing was
hanging off of his body, but his pants were bunched up just below his
knees and his shirt sleeves hung low enough to cover his elbows, but
not his forearms.

His brown caramel colored skin reflected sunlight. His skin was smooth
and muscular. By the parts of his body that were exposed - his firm,
solid calves and his solid forearms - the boy exuded strength,
vitality and sexuality. One can only imagine what a wonder his solid
body must be in the bed.

It occurred to me that the African American's baggy clothing is - in a
counter-intuitive fashion - the exact opposite of modesty. While white
boys on campus wore pants and shirts with a tighter fit - clothing
that left nothing to the imagination - black boys conceal their body
in a mass of loose-fitting clothes that seem to be falling off of
their bodies as they walk.

It is the very image of these clothes nearly sliding off of those
black boys' muscular physiques that adds to the erotic appeal of the
boy. One can imagine the boy naked - and because one only sees a
little bit for flesh - on his smooth, brown and muscular calves and
forearms - on can conjure up an image of the boy naked - an image that
may be far more erotic than the boy's actual body would be if he wore
tighter fitting clothes.

In contrast, the white boys' tight clothing exposed pale and hairy
arms and legs without much muscle definition or form.

The black boys' clothes, however, shifted as the boy walked it drew
the viewer in; hoping one might actually witness his shirt falling off
of his shoulders to reveal his naked chest and back; or his pants
sliding off of his ass to reveal his muscular naked butt cheeks and

The black boy turned his head to watch for cars as he darted across
the street. His thick nigger dick-sucking lips hung open, demanding to
be put to proper use. His bright red t-shirt contrasted with his black
baseball cap turned backward, but slightly to the side in defiance of
all social norms.

He appeared to me as a modern day pirate, with his black do-rag under
his cap; and do-rag neatly tied in the back of his head. He was cocky,
he was confident, he was sexy.

His very walk and image exuded sensuality - one only wonders whether
or not he was aware of it; and aware of whom his sensuality might
appeal to.

The Way of the Samurai and Ancient Greek Warriors

I have always been fascinated by the radically different perspective
on human sexuality that people had in ancient times, as contrasted
against our notion of sexuality in the Western World today. Out of
learned ignorance we assume that our notion of sexuality is "natural"
and inevitable. We argue about the so-called scientific basis of
sexuality and we use genetic deterministic arguments to support our
sexual proclivities. Where once we conceded that sexual attractions
were probably the result of "nurturing" (socialization) and nature
(genetics) we seem now to have slid over to mind-numbing simplicity by
privileging genetic determinism without giving much attention to
socialization and culture at all.

Even the Pope seems to accept biological determinism implicitly - and
he, of all people, should know better! He has decreed that homosexuals
cannot be ordained into the priesthood, whether they practice
abstinence or not. But the Church has historically believed that there
is no such thing as a person who is inherently homosexual. The
Church's historic argument is that homosexuality is a behavior, not a
state of being - therefore, if one no longer practices homosexuality
one is no longer a homosexual, except to the extent that one thinks
about homosexuality and longs for a homosexual encounter - this would
be akin to what Jimmy Carter once called "lusting in my heart."

Nevertheless, the ancients had a different take on homosexuality. In
Greece, while heterosexual relations were the norm, if a person was
wealthy and had leisure time and sufficient resources he could indulge
in a homosexual "opportunity" with a younger boy - especially if he
had something he could teach to the boy.

In the military of some Greek City-States (I think this was especially
true among the Spartans) buggering a teenaged boy was considered more
manly that fucking a woman. For a man to shove his cock in a boy's
smooth ass showed that the man was attracted to masculine strength and
power - only a real wuss would want something soft and flabby, like a
woman. Real men prefer the hard, lean bodies of teenaged boys -
coupled with their tender, gentle faces and androgynous youthful

This was the same thing that attracted the Samurai to teenaged boys in
Japan. A code of honor among the Samurai included rejection of
"decadent" sex with soft and mushy female bodies - a real man prefers
holding the muscular frame of a boy's young body close to one's own.
This would be a manly thing to do.

In both cultures, however, there was the notion of a disgraced man -
this would be someone akin to the way that homophobic heterosexuals
think of gay men today - or what teenagers mean when they say, "That's
so gay."

The disgraced man is a fellow who does not so much like to bugger
teenaged boys, but prefers that they bugger him instead. He takes
pleasure in having a young lad pushing up inside of him, working out
his teenaged anxieties and spilling his seed in the grown man's
bowels. I don't know about you, but I think I could get into being one
of those "disgraced" men. Give the kid a chance - let him get his
freak on. Let the boy get off in your ass.

Capturing Young Princes and Conquering Foreign Lands

There are stories about practices in ancient and distant lands. When
countries would go to war if a side could be so fortunate as to not
only conquer its opponent, but to capture its bright young princes
then they might be able to secure for themselves a generation of peace
and prosperity. This is how it would work:

They would hold the young princes captive. The victorious general
would bring the boys to his chamber and abuse them in every way
imaginable. He would bugger their young princely asses and choke them
with his throbbing military cock. When he tired of the young boys he
would send them to a cell in a dark and damp dungeon. There, in the
cell, the boys were awakened in the middle of the night. They were
forced to service the other prisons - often common criminals from the
victorious land.

When the other prisoners were not using the boys, the very prison
guards themselves - products of ordinary families of modest means
(poor white trash, as we might call them today) would abuse the young
princes - depositing their commoner cum inside of the boys.

There was method to this madness. The hope that the victors held out
was that the boys would grow up to be too docile and emasculated to
ever wage war again. When they ascended to the throne they would lack
the manly confidence and will to fight; they would rather cede large
portions of their kingdom to the "enemy". Thus, for the victor, there
would be an era of peace and prosperity. For the vanquished it meant
hardship, poverty, and subjugation.

Sadly, there have been recorded instances where this strategy
backfired with tragic results. The boys grew up to hate their captors
for using their bodies in such degrading ways and filling them with
their victory cum. Once the boys came of age to rule the land they
would launch wars of revenge, even though they lacked the means to
emerge victorious. The objective was not to win the war, but rather to
sow widespread chaos. This was the revenge they sought on a world they
hated - a world that had robbed them of their manhood.

The outcome was a level of death of destruction, on all sides, the
likes of which the world has rarely known. This death and destruction
was followed by significant cultural deterioration - as collected
books and works of art were destroyed in the widespread devastation -
therefore leading to the loss of knowledge for many generations to

The period was also followed by widespread famine, as conditions for
even rudimentary hygiene broke down, leading to widespread infectious
disease. These wars also resulted in genocide.

Happily, this miscalculated response to depriving the young princes of
their manhood was rare. More often, they developed a covert taste for
servicing the enemy's hard cock and a deep and abiding appreciation of
the enemy's manhood. The best and the brightest captured young men
were thereby conditioned so that when they assumed positions of
leadership and power amongst their people they would subtly but
assuredly deliver their own people into servitude and perpetuate the
victory of the enemy for three or more generations.

It all comes down to the subjugation and humiliation of the princes of
the land - the best and brightest. From there, everything falls into
place almost like clockwork.

The Education of the Finest Negro Boys During the 1920s

Imagine a group of boys -- all talented young black recent high school
graduates back in the 1920s -- from the most cultured African American
families in Boston and New York -- going to school in a black Southern
university and being forced, by the president of that university (who
has to please his good white benefactors and members of the board of
trustees) to entertain a room full of white Southern men in the grimy
basement of a building in the city in the middle of the night. The
college president puts those well-bred nigger boys to work, serving at
massah's amusement, to keep the college in the good graces of the
Southern white establishment. The message to Southern white men is
clear: give this school barely enough to keep it functioning and we'll
provide you with a steady stream of young black boys, who come from
the leading families of their race, to serve you in the most
humiliating and degrading ways! What great use and training for black

Consider a passage from a speech given by W.E.B. DuBois, an African
American intellectual and social leader, at Fisk University (a
historically black college) in 1924.

The situation was that Fisk, like many African American institutions
of higher education at the time, had gone through a period of serious
financial difficulty from the period of 1908-1925. Although it is
unconfirmed, there appears to have been a bargain that was made in
which, in order for institutions like Fisk to survive financially, its
administration had to agree to turn over control of the institution to
the wealthy white Southern establishment, which had been insisting all
along that such institutions were not to promote college work of an
academic nature but rather, were to furnish servants for white people
learning manual labor and domestic services.

DuBois commented that such domestic service was "that branch of human
activity which is, as the world knows, the chief source of
prostitution and degradation of human independence."

Whether or not such a deal had been struck - and the evidence seems to
suggest that it was, although (as at Hampton and Tuskegee) it
ultimately failed - certain titillating activities under the
circumstances can be documented. One is reflected in the following
passage, which I quote at length:

As a note to the reader the original document refers to "girls"
instead of "boys," but I am switching the genders and have take great
liberties with the use and definition of the term "entertainment" for
the erotic purposes of this web site.

Mr. DuBois commented, "I am told that the President of Fisk University
took fifteen or twenty young boys from the Glee Club, boys from some
of the best Negro families in the United States, carried them downtown
at night to a white men's club, took them down an alley and admitted
them through the servants' entrance and had them [entertain the
Southern white men] in the basement, while these men smoked and
laughed and talked."

Upon reading this my imagination raced ahead. Imagine what all those
young black boys did to "entertain" those white Southern men in the
basement of that club at night in order to raise money for the
university. I find it particularly titillating that they came "from
some of the best Negro families." And here they were led through back
alleys at night - these highly cultured and well-educated Negroes,
presumably from families of means - reduced to entertaining white men
in dingy clubs at night. Imagine the insult to their black pride and

The promising future of African American manhood - bright young men -
down on their knees servicing these white Southern men to raise money
for their school. The best and the brightest of young black manhood -
brought to Fisk from all across the country - reduced to servicing
white cock in a basement in the middle of the night.

How must these boys have reacted to being reduced to such a
humiliating role that they had not be accustomed to in the North and
other parts of the country that they were from? Remember, these were
elite black boys who only went to school in Negro Southern colleges
because there were quotas or outright bans barring them from Northern
colleges that they were otherwise academically qualified for.

What did these boys look like, sucking all of that white cock? Did
white Southern men use these boys as spittoons also? What were the
boys thinking as they underwent this ordeal? Apparently the president
of the University hadn't prepared them for what they were about to
experience - can you imagine the transformation they were forced to
undergo in order to adjust to the situation that was suddenly facing

This was a long way from cultured Boston and New York, wasn't it? Can
you imagine the lesson they learned, over a very short span of time,
about their actual role and status in white American society? How did
they adjust to this humiliation? What did they have to suppress inside
of themselves that cried out to resist this? How did they endure this
act of betrayal on the part of the President of the University?

What a great way to support higher education for young Negroes!
Remember: A mind is a terrible thing to waste - and so are thick lips
and a tight black ass!

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