You Can Get Pregnant From Doing That!

"Get up! Time for school," Mom told us. I was surprised, interrupted
out of a sexy dream, almost as if I'd been caught having sex.

At first, I groaned and tried to hide in my bed. Usual thing for
Monday mornings after all.

Then I remembered. Today I was going to see Annie. And ask her
something really especially amazingly important

So I got up and got dressed fast.

Then I looked at myself, and it didn't look pretty.

My clothes were OK, but just ordinary, and this wasn't an ordinary

I also needed another bath.

At least, I felt like it, between my legs. I'd made a mess there last
night, and though I figured that Annie would be OK with that, I'd
still like to be nice and fresh for her anyway.

Grandma said, "Lordy, I guess our boy's growing up," when I said I
wanted to look nice for school. Of course, I had to give an excuse.

"We need to dress up for our singing practice."

I couldn't explain why, because there was no real reason for it.
Luckily, nobody seemed to worry about that. So I got a quick bath, and
then in my room, tried to pick out the right clothes to wear for this

But I didn't know what they should be. The school dress code meant
that we didn't have any really grungy play sorts of clothes to wear.
Of course, that all depended on the teacher. Our teacher didn't push
too hard about that. Things like Annie's pink hot pants might have
caused trouble in some other class, but not ours.

I settled on a white shirt and black slacks. But I'd spent a long time
picking them out, and was running late, so I didn't find the nice
clean underwear which Mom always told me to wear, just in case of an
accident or something.

Annie wouldn't mind that lack, I expected. But it did worry me a bit,
because while I'd pleasured myself hard last night, my dreams were
mostly of Annie, naked with me, and I hadn't taken the time to reduce
that feeling at all.

After school, that would be just fine. But I did want to avoid making
a scene in school, and a steady hard on might do that. Then again, I'd
ignored that effect several times this year already, pretending it
wasn't there, and the kids were pretty good at not teasing me anymore
about it.

I was off to school, to see Annie and my other girlfriends. I always
loved school, but seeing them there made it even better. Only thing
was, I couldn't really talk at school about what I most wanted to talk

So while we chatted a bit about it, talking around the subject and
giggling about "doing stuff" over the weekend, there was no chance to
really talk about the important things.

Except maybe between Sherry and Annie. Maybe Maureen too. All three
stayed in the girl's bathroom extra long after lunch, instead of
coming out to play with me.

But it wasn't all that long, and there were things we just didn't dare
say, or even suggest, while at school.

Finally, school was over. We really did have singing practice, and
despite the fact that I did get a hard on singing while looking down
at Annie, nothing embarrassing happened

Annie wore slacks and a blouse, which was kind of dressy for her. I
didn't ask why, but then, she wore different stuff, like those sexy
hot pants, just because she felt like it.

Like Friday, us four all walked together to Sherry's house, and talked
while holding hands. I did worry just a little about someone seeing
us, but Sherry, Maureen, and I were doing that so often for so long
that it was just a teeny worry.

I was nervous.

Annie and I were in the middle this time, with Sherry holding Annie's
hand, Maureen mine. The other two girls kept bumping us together, and
it got a little silly feeling doing that.

But it was also sexy. We stopped, and talked just a little bit about
what we did Saturday.

"Sherry already explained some, but it sounds so nice, having all day
together to `do stuff'," Annie said.

"It was wonderful."

"Wait until Jeff can tell you all about it. You know, when you're
dressed properly for it," Maureen said, giggling.

We knew what that meant. None of the girls said anything, but between
the press of their bodies and remarks like that, my response was
entirely visible. But with just my three girlfriends around to see it,
there was no embarrassment at all.

"It might be cool to do that right here," Annie said. "Remember when
we saw the girl at the window?" she asked me.

That was too daring. But the idea was exciting, and even though I was
sure we wouldn't really do it, to suggest it was...

"I'd let you do that to me," I said impulsively. The idea was
terrifyingly exciting, and the thought that Annie was thinking about
it reminded me of why I loved her so much.

It wasn't just that we had sex. Or that she had a sensuous sexy nature
which showed up at times like this.

No, the key thing was that she'd decided, back then - well, back
around Valentine's Day - that she loved me, and wanted me, and had
gone ahead and really done it with me in order to make that happen.

She had to wait, because I was with Sherry. Only after I got
everyone's humiliating attention with the valentine card for Jody did
she tell me that she liked me, and spent so much time with me. And
offered to get naked with me, just for fun.

Without her, Sherry and Maureen wouldn't have done it with me. Well,
maybe it would have happened eventually, but it was her love which
made it work for all of us.

Which is why I was nervous. That was a pretty big thing to try to
explain, and what we wanted to do about that situation was even a
bigger deal.

Annie and I were hugging each other already, so it was easy for her to
just kiss me after I didn't say anything else. The other two girls
hugged us, a kind of sandwich deal with the two girls behind both of
us, holding our hands.

Sherry got along really nice with Annie, holding hands, hugging close,
even talking a lot in the girl's bathroom. Maureen was still shy about
lots of things, and today she wasn't talking so much again.

But she was thinking.

"Annie, Jeff, you guys need to go to the woods, so you'll have lots of
time to talk."

"Talk?" Annie asked. "I want to do lots and lots of really `doing
stuff' stuff."

"Jeff has something important to explain about Saturday."

"OK. Let's go then."

"Bye!" I said. "We'll see you tomorrow."

As I left, I realized something.

I was sort of hoping that Sherry would explain the living together and
getting married idea.

Girls could talk to girls about that.

But if she'd done that, then Annie wouldn't be talking about just
`doing stuff' with me, would she?

"I want to hear more about this thing from Saturday," Annie said. "But
I was thinking about being with you, all weekend long."

"Me too," I said.

"Even when you were with the other girls?"

"Yeah. Well, some of the time at least."

"That's OK. It would be weird if you could think about me when you
were busy `doing stuff' with them."

"We did talk about you a lot."

"I kind of guessed that."

"Sherry explained about how you'd liked me for so long."

"She did? I guess, I did tell her about it when we did, well..."

"What did you do?"

"We'll need to get to the woods to talk about that too, I think."

We talked some more, and walked, not just holding hands. Arms behind
each other, though not quite to Annie's butt or mine. I wanted to hold
her like that, the way I'd seen some teens and even grown ups doing
it. But not while walking down the street where anyone might see us.

Holding hands was sort of no big deal. I mean, I'd done that for years
with Sherry and Maureen, so it wasn't going to cause too much
commotion if someone seen me do that with Annie.

But Sherry's house was on a quiet side street, and Annie's was off a
busy street. So once we got where lots of people could see us, we just
held hands lightly and walked along.

As soon as we got to the woods, Annie ran ahead of me. I had to run
quick to catch up, but even so, what she did surprised me. As we got
to the little fort in the clearing, she pulled her shirt off. Somehow,
she'd unbuttoned it while we ran.

Topless, and lovely, her nipples were very hard and she licked her
lips, looking at me.

"Get naked, I want to do it now."

She slid her pants down.

No panties appeared as her pants dropped below her hips.

"Oh! You didn't wear any underwear today!" I said, maybe more excited
by the idea that she'd done that than I was about seeing her pussy

"I didn't when I wore the hot pants either," she explained. Then she
had to sit down because her pants wouldn't slide over her shoes. She
looked funny, pants around her legs, nothing else above her ankles so
she looked deliciously naked while she struggled to reach her shoes
and untie them.

"What are you laughing at?" she asked me. Then she giggled too.
"Strip, please."

I did. I wasn't as quick as her, but at least I took my shoes off
first. Then my pants, revealing that I also had nothing under them. My
shirt. Finally, my socks. We both got those off about the same time.

We were totally naked. Not a stitch on. Like Sherry and Maureen in the
treehouse, we weren't going to be going anyplace, not with our shoes

Annie rushed into me, pressing against me, and kissed me.

I was already hard, and I was afraid that my dick was going to poke
right into her pussy again.

I needed to talk. But it wasn't the right time. Annie was too excited
to talk. I was too.

She pushed me down, gently, and I lay down, so she could lay on top of
me and kiss me.

There was no more time to be afraid of where my hard dick was aimed.
She was guiding it inside her. I felt such love for her then, such
pleasure. She rocked on top of me, then leaned back to really get into
fucking me hard.

I was just a little shocked by this. Not totally, but a little. I knew
about the foreplay deal from reading books about sex. Sherry and
Maureen took a while with me playing, kissing, licking, and so forth
before we got to actually fucking. Well, in Sherry's case, not quite
doing that even.

Annie just got naked and jumped onto me, apparently ready. Very hot,
my dick was soaking in warm pussy juice, sliding in and out of my

`Fiancee', I thought.

We didn't have that much time, and though a big part of me wanted to
just let that go and get lost in the pleasure of our loving, all
physical and beautiful, I was afraid of something.

If I didn't tell her right away, I might chicken out.

It would be really easy to just go on with her as we'd been. We only
had an hour, maybe, to talk and to make love. If we spent it fucking,
I'd put off talking.

Which was more important, telling Annie that I loved her and wanted to
marry her, or fucking her and pleasing her like she so obviously

Jimmy might just go on fucking her. While I loved him, as my best
friend, and maybe we might even become better friends than that, that
was one thing I didn't want to do. Annie was more to me than just the
girl who would let me fuck her. OK, she was more to me than the girl
who wanted to fuck me, every single day.

I was getting close to coming. But Annie wasn't, or at least, she
didn't seem to be. Then again, I wasn't really quite ready, and that
helped a lot. Because I don't think I could have done it, if I'd been
much closer to my climax.

"Stop, please Annie?"

"What?" she asked. But she did stop moving, with my dick still hard
inside her.

"We need to talk first. Really. It is really, really, truly

She pulled up, just enough to get my dick out of her vagina. Then she
lay back, pressing her pussy against my dick, sliding a little,
rocking a little, as she lay down on top of me and kissed me again.

"I really love you," I said between kisses.

"Me too," she said. That was funny, and I laughed a little.

"You're supposed to say that you love me."

"I do love, you I love, love you I do," she trilled. That was funny

I wasn't nervous now. I held her tight and kissed her again before
trying to have our real conversation.

She seemed as bothered about having to interrupt our wonderful fucking
as I was. Yet she'd done it, as I asked, and was just, well, holding
me and tolerating feeling so excited, so aroused it hurt.

Really, though part of that was from all the exercise my dick got in
the last couple of days. It was a nice kind of hurting though, almost
bursting with desire, but there was a definite limit for it. So I had
to explain things fast, before I burst for real.

Did girls feel the same thing? Annie was slipping her pussy on my
dick, slowly, wiggling her hips and tormenting us both while I tried
to speak. Maybe it wasn't bothering her the same way, but she
definitely was excited.

"We talked about our future on Saturday," I said.

That didn't explain much in itself. I wasn't sure exactly how to say

So I spent a while just saying what had happened, going briefly over
how we'd explored each other's bodies and made love. Right up to that
conversation where the really important thing came up.

"Remember when we were teased, Sherry and me?"

I had to explain the `sitting in the tree' rhyme again.

"Well, back then we thought that we'd really do that someday.
Yesterday... no, Saturday in the tree, we figured out that we still
wanted to. Only now we're more grown up, and we're doing things like
we'd do when we get married."

"Uh huh."

"So that's it. We decided that we'd get married."

"Who? You and Sherry?"

Annie didn't ask, `What about me?' I thought it. I mean, why didn't
she ask?

"All of us."

"Can you do that? I mean, marry more than one girl? OK, I mean, at the
same time?"

"I don't know. But Sherry and Maureen are together, and that is a good

"I know. They seem so nice together all the time."

Annie kissed me again. "Do you really love me?"

"I do. I mean, I thought about that a whole lot, especially yesterday
after we'd talked about it in the treehouse."

"So? What does that mean?"

"It means..." I stopped. Unlike with Sherry and Maureen, I'd had more
time to think about this question asking thing, and there was a
tradition for it.

"Stand up, and I'll show you."

Annie got off me and stood. I knelt in front of her.

We were still naked, and even wet between our legs. So what I was
looking at as I tried to think about how to say this was her wet,
naked, yummy, puffy pussy.

I wanted to just move closer and eat it, lick it, make her feel really
wonderful. The same thing when I looked at my sister, only in this
case, I knew it was more than just temptation.

But that thought helped. All I had to do was resist my body's desires
for a tiny time, and I could do that and be free of my burden. Because
I really did want to tell Annie, and know whether she was OK with our

I looked up, looked into her green eyes. She was smiling. I think she
was expecting me to do what I'd been thinking. For whatever reason,
Annie seemed to like oral sex while standing up. She did it to me too,
even though we both seemed to get off faster laying down. Not to
mention it being more comfortable.

But that was how we'd done it the very first time, so that was how we
had to still do it.

My heart was beating fast.

I tried to relax, to meditate, running through my mantra just once.

Then, I finally said it.

"Will you marry me?"

"Huh? What did you just say?" Annie asked, sounding very surprised.

Obviously, Sherry hadn't prepared her about this in the slightest.
She'd been just fine explaining to her about making love with Maureen,
girls doing girls, so I didn't have to explain all of it. I wouldn't
have minded some help for this.

"Annie, that is what I really meant to explain. The very important
thing. I love you a lot, and I think we'd be happy being together for
the rest of our lives. With Sherry and Maureen around too, if you
don't mind."

"Let me think."

I waited.

"Get up."

I did, and she kissed me.

"I don't mind. I know you loved Sherry and Maureen first. If we can be
together, you and me, that is all that matters."

"Sherry explained a lot, about how you really liked me for so long.
Not just from after Valentine's Day, remember when you told me?"

"Yeah, I was scared to say it. That seems funny, so silly now. I mean,
that is no big deal compared to getting naked and, uh, you know."

"Fucking me."

"Damn straight."

"Excuse me," I said. We didn't swear like that.

"That's what Dad says. If we're going to get married, we can talk like
grown ups."

"I guess so. So, are you, I mean, are you really OK with this idea?"

"Yes. I mean, I do. I do, I really love you and would like to always
be with you, and it is just fine that you're also with the others. I
mean, it would be like how it is now, but forever?"

She ran out of breath, she was so excited I guess she didn't remember
to inhale.

"I love you, yes, that is what I mean."

"OK. But, you know, I'd like to talk more. But I didn't wear underwear
today on purpose."

She kissed me, on the lips. On my neck. Down my chest, catching each

Down my middle, past my navel. Right up the top of my hard dick, which
she slipped right inside her sweet mouth.

I wasn't sure that I could get used to this. But I sure was glad that
Annie wanted to try to make it happen. Her tongue, her lips, even her
fingers cupping my balls, it felt so wonderful.

"You can lay down today," Annie said. "I can do it faster that way."

I did that, and let her make love to me with her mouth. I did try to
talk just a little more, telling her about our weekend. But I got lost
in how loving this felt.

"I love you so much, Annie. This is the nicest, bestest thing to do."

She murmured assent, but didn't stop. I no longer felt like talking,
and Annie's method of communicating was more than sufficient to let me
know how much she really loved me.

Into her mouth. I was still amazed at how she just did that, sucking
and licking and lapping my dick clean, sucking it until it was almost
back to its normal soft size.

Her smiling face had a bit of pearly white slick stuff on it.

"Come up here and kiss me, my love," I said.

I licked her face, a little bit, enough to clean her off. It was the
least I could do, then I kissed her for a long time.

"We don't have so much time, I'm sorry," Annie said.

"I know."

"I'd like to do it, you know, how we started today."

"Me too. But that could take a while. You know, though, I played a lot
with Sherry's pussy, and I'd like to try that bit out."


I probably could get hard again in a short time, I was very excited by
all this. Annie was OK with the getting married idea. It felt funny.
Now that I'd said it, it was like there wasn't more to say about it.
Maybe it was just so obvious that we didn't need to explain?

Annie lay on her back, spread her legs. That reminded me of what Cher
did on Sunday. Naked girl pussy, very little hair, there were
definitely similarities. But with Annie, her pussy seemed sexier.

I mean, it was a bit bigger and puffier, fuller, even without a coat
of hair.

I pressed my finger against her opening, and let it slip inside.

"Oh, that feels good," Annie said.

"I want to make you feel really good. Also, I want to take a look,
like what I did with the other girls. Even with my sister."

I hadn't said anything about that. Of course, I quickly explained

"You did this with your sister?"

"Well, not exactly the same. At least, not yesterday. But we see each
other naked lots, so this time I tried to look and pay attention more.
She touched herself, and I think she even made herself orgasm."

"That's neat. I mean, that you can play with her like that."

Annie squeezed my finger with her vagina, then squeezed her legs
closed around all of me. I loved looking at her pussy. I pushed it
open with my fingers. I didn't say anything, I just looked, touched,

Then I kissed her pussy. This was a pussy tasting day. I mean, I
wanted to kiss and touch Annie all over, but she was right. We didn't
have much time. I used my finger to rub inside her, pushing in and
out, while I gently kissed, licked, and nibbled all around.

Her clitoris wasn't as big as the other girls, maybe no bigger than my
sister Cher's. No, it was puffier, longer, and it was sticking up
some. Not quite like my dick, but definitely enough to encourage me to
try to suck on it for real. I felt funny, comparing it to Cher's. It
was as if something inside me wanted to do it with my sister, just
like this.

That feeling passed fast. I liked the feel, taste, the whole
experience of having Annie's pussy in my mouth. She was here, and I
was doing it with her, not just imagining it.

Her clit fit between my lips, and I could lick and swirl my tongue
around it.

"Faster," Annie said very softly.

I tried to do it faster. I pressed my finger deep inside her, rubbing
inside, and she purred. It wasn't like a kitty purr, because it wasn't
accidental. No, she was making a pleasure sound, and I kept on doing
it, fast, then faster.

I closed my eyes, lost in the taste and feel of making my lovely,
yummy Annie, who I was going to marry someday, feel totally wonderful.

I felt her come, and I just kept on going. Despite having done it a
few times, I wasn't sure when to stop, or even when to slow down. I
knew that sometimes, it felt really good to me to just keep on going
and going, and this weekend I'd enjoyed being pushed hard like that by
my girlfriends.

Annie was hanging onto my neck with her legs. Now, she added her
hands, grabbing my head, holding onto me. She squealed, and sighed,
and just let me go on. For a very long time, and I have no idea how
long it was. Eventually, my tongue was getting tired, so I slowed
down. Whether Annie was ready to stop, I wasn't sure, but she didn't
complain when I finally did.

I kissed her pussy, a gentle lips and tongue kiss, for a minute or so,
then stopped.

"That was really cool, Jeff," Annie said. She was panting, almost out
of breath. I was breathing hard too, as she'd sort of almost strangled
me while she was coming. It wasn't that bad, though, because I hadn't
noticed until it was over.

"I'm glad that you're my boyfriend," she said. She got up, then
pounced on me and kissed me again. Then, almost as suddenly, she moved
down to my middle and kissed and licked my dick. It hardened

"I'm sorry I can't do more. What I really want to do, you know, is to
put it back inside and finish what we were doing. But you know, well,
we have to go home. But maybe tomorrow?"

"Yeah, we can try again tomorrow. I do want to tell you all the rest
of the stuff though."

"I want to hear all about it too. It is weird, but so neat, to have us
all be together. I mean, I, well..."

"Maureen and Sherry are really OK with you being in love with me, you
know that?"

"Yeah, Sherry's told me a lot. Even shown me."

"Shown you?"

"In the bathroom. At school, silly."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, our girl bits. Since you touched both of us there, I wanted to
know more about it. So when we were in there, going, we could both get
into the same stall and just hang around while we talked. Pants down,
even without underwear like today."

"I thought you didn't want to, uh, be with girls like that."

"It wasn't having sex with her, silly. Just looking. Anyway, it is OK
that girls have sex. I mean, with each other. Isn't it?"

"Yeah. Or boys having sex with boys."

"So there, you have it, that is how it works. I love you. I think
Sherry's pussy is pretty, with real pussy fur. Do you like pussy fur,
little coats of hair on a pussy?"

"Sure. But Maureen has more of that. You'll have some soon enough too.
But it isn't important."

"I kind of guessed that. I love when you kiss me."

"On the pussy."

"On everywhere. But today, I really liked how you kissed me down

"I'll do it more if you like."


Annie got up, grabbed her socks, and pulled them on. Sort of a reverse
getting dressed. She picked up her shoes next, slid them on, and then
quickly kicked them off again.

"That was silly."

"It is hard to think, when you're thinking about love."

"Or sex. But I love you lots."

Watching her get dressed, I thought about how lovely she was. I mean,
with her pants up, it wasn't about looking at her pussy, touching it,
tasting it. I didn't wonder what that would be like, not anymore. Not
like Jimmy. Or most other boys my age.

With her blouse on, I paid attention to all of her. I loved her
breasts. Her nipples poked at it. The cloth was too thin to really
conceal them, and she was still quite excited.

"Both of us will need to touch ourselves a lot tonight," I said.

"I'll think about you when I do that. Jeff, are you sure, did you
really mean what you said?"

"About what?"


"Oh. Of course, I told you, I thought all about it yesterday. I think
we can really do it, not just pretending or practicing, but for real."

"That is good to know. Bye, I'll see you tomorrow."

Again, she left me standing naked and hard. I didn't mind. OK, I'd be
very happy once we didn't have to go home separately. But I already
had the idea that most teenagers weren't quite as lucky about having
sex every afternoon after school as we were.

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