Breasts to Impress

It was the end of the school day and I was going to the hangers to get
my jacket when I saw Julie. She was a vision, long shiny black hair,
entrancing almond eyes and a willow thin body. Coming closer I saw that
her eyes were red. "What's wrong Julie?" "Nothing!" "Why are your eyes all
red?" "We just had swimming." "Your eyes are way too red just for
swimming." Looking down Julie replied "Some girls were making fun of me."
By this time we had both gotten our stuff and were leaving the school.
Julie lived near me and we often walked together. "Why were they making
fun of you? What did they say?" "I don't want to talk about it." Julie
said with a sob. "Why not, we talk about lots of stuff. I won't laugh."
"It's embarrassing." "What's embarrassing?" I probed. "They said my tits
were tiny, okay!" Julie clenched her fists and looked me straight in the
eye. "Is that true, I can't tell." I answered with a neutral voice. "I
don't know, I guess so." "Let me see them and I will tell you if they are
really small." "What, here? Forget it." "Well around the corner then, just
over here behind this fence." "I don't think so. I shouldn't be showing my
breasts to boys." "I thought that I was more than just a boy. I thought
that we were friends. I was just trying to help, but if you just think of
me as just another boy that's okay. I just was trying to help." "Jamie you
are my friend, but I don't know." "Look if my opinion isn't important to
you, I understand." "Look okay, but just for a minute. You won't tell
anyone, right." "Of course not, just over here. No one can see." We moved
part way into an alley where a fence and a low hanging tree shielded us
from the street.

"Go ahead, its safe here." Julie looked around and then slowly grasping
her tee shirt at the bottom, pulled it up to her neck. There displayed for
my extreme pleasure were her two naked tits. It is true that they were
small, but to me they were just right, almost a handful with only a slight
change in color near the center and with nipples that looked hard indeed.
"You don't wear a bra yet?" "No, some of the other girls do and I think
that is why they made fun of me. I don't even have a bra and my Mom said
that we can't afford them now and anyway I don't need one yet." Julie was
sobbing again. "I think your breasts are just right for you now and that
you will need a bra if they get a little bigger. Maybe I can swipe one of
my sister's bras for you when you get bigger." "You sister is younger than
me. My breasts are tiny. You think so too." "No I don't. My sister is
fat, that's why she has bigger breasts. You are not fat at all." "I wish I
was fat, and then my breasts would get bigger." `Fat girls are ugly. There
are better ways to get bigger breasts than getting fat. Do you ever play
with them or do exercises to make them bigger?" "Exercises! What exercises
make them bigger?"

Gently I reached forward and fully covered each breast with a hand.
Julie recoiled, but I was ready and my hands followed her breasts backward
and then gently started to rub them all over. "You're touching me!" Julie
said, a gamut of emotions from shock to despair crossing her features.
"This is one of the exercises." I said gently pulling my fingers over each
breast towards the cone and catching each nipple to pull it slightly
forward. Julie didn't stop me, her face a mass of confusion, and I
continued to gently pull on her breasts. Then I would alternate by
pressing her nipple into her breast ballooning the body of her breast out
and causing Julie initially to jump a bit and then to whimper. I continued
this for a while when Julie said that we needed to stop and she had to get
home. "This exercise needs to be done more than just once. I will bring a
measuring tape tomorrow so we can keep track of your progress."
Regretfully, I let go of her breasts and she lowered her tee shirt. I gave
her a quick peck on the cheek, for the first time, and put my arm around
her as we walked out from behind the fence and out of the alley. "I've got
to go," she suddenly said and ran off down the street.

That night I visited an erotic story site I knew and did some text
searching for breast enlargement, tits and anything else I could think of.
It was a very satisfying night. The next day I brought my mother's cloth
measuring tape and a soft blanket. When I saw Julie, she looked away and
didn't seem to want to look at me or talk to me at all. At lunch I finally
caught up with her sitting alone out in the playground. "Julie, what's
wrong?" Speaking in a low, but aggressive voice Julie replied "I let you
see and feel up my tits!" "But I was there to help you. Do you think it
worked at all? Did you notice if they were bigger at all?" "I couldn't
tell, but they were really sensitive. You didn't tell anybody, did you?"
"Of course not, and I'm not going to tell anyone. I think we need to
measure them so we can know for sure that the exercises are working."
"Now?" "Sure the fence is just over here," I said starting to walk with her
off of school property. "I don't know, I don't think that we should be
doing this." "I thought that you wanted bigger tits so the girls wouldn't
laugh at you. I looked it up last night and I found some other exercises
that will help as well, but we need to get a baseline so that we can
measure which exercise works best and fastest. Come on just in here, this
is where we can measure."

I had steered her behind another fence with shrubs all around. "Take
your tee shirt right off this time so I can measure properly." "I don't
know if this is right." "Do you want the girls to stop laughing and to like
you?" "Oh yes." "This is how. Take off your tee shirt." Hesitatingly Julie
lifted and then pulled her tee shirt over her head. I had her place her
hands on top of her head with elbows out and then proceeded to measure her
chest and breasts individually and together in every possible way that I
could think of. With each measurement I would make a notation in my
notebook describing how the measurement was taken and the result. Of
course my hands seemed to be in almost constant contact with Julie's
breasts and her nipples got very hard and Julie seemed to have trouble
catching her breath. After some discussion Julie even allowed me to take
some pictures of my procedures so that I could reproduce the measurement
and also to allow before and after comparisons.

We just made it back to school in time. I got Julie's promise to meet
me after school so that I could tell her about my research into ways to
make breasts larger. I could hardly wait.

I had a somewhat uncomfortable afternoon and when I left after school I
had to run to catch up with Julie. As I caught up with her Julie turned
and in a harsh whisper said, "My breasts are all sensitive and sore and
feel all bloated." "That means its working. They just need to get used to
the change and then they will feel normal again. I hope they stay bigger.
We should measure again to be sure," "Again? Already? I don't know."
"Sure, then I can show you another exercise. You know where that treehouse
is down by the stream? Let's go there." With that I took her hand and
started in that direction. She resisted so I let go and continued to walk
towards the treehouse. After a moment Julie caught up with me and took my

The treehouse was certainly abandoned and had seen better days, but was
mostly intact. Someone had thrown the knotted rope up onto the deck, but
it only took me a couple of minutes to climb up and toss the rope down. As
Julie climbed up I got the blanket out of my backpack and spread it over
the boards. Julie sat down on the blanket and I got her to remove her tee
shirt. When I started to measure Julie asked me to be gentle as her tits
were really sensitive and a little sore. I asked her to see if this helped
and leaned over and started to lick her tits. I started near the base of
one and went around and around as I approached the top of her cone. Then I
took the nipple into my mouth and gently sucked on it. As I was doing this
alternatively to each tit Julie started whimpering and soon lay down
putting a hand behind my head to draw me down with her. Then she started
to moan and move her legs around. After a while she stiffened and suddenly
relaxed and started laughing. "That felt so good" "I'm glad you liked it.
Now that you are not so sensitive can I show you the new exercise?" "Sure"
"It involves waking up your body and getting your hormone levels up so that
your body knows that it is time to make bigger breasts." "How do you do
that?" "Exercising your breasts only mechanically make your breasts seem
bigger. For them to really become bigger they need more inside and only by
turning on your hormones does your body know to make more inside your
breasts. This can't be done directly with the breasts. We need to do some
work down below." As I mentioned "down below" Julie's legs snapped together
and pulled up away from me. "What do you mean down below?" "Down between
your legs." "No, No, No, No, you are not going to fuck me!" "That would
certainly get your hormones going, but there is another way where we fool
your body into making hormones." "How do you do that?" "I would have to
show you."

As Julie's face reddened she said, "Do you mean playing with me down
there? If that's what you mean I know how to do it and can do it myself at
home in my bed and you don't need to be there." "Are you sure that you are
doing it right to make hormones? Did anyone ever show you the best way to
do it?" "It's my body and I know what feels good and why would you know any
better, you're a boy." "It may feel good, but does it make your breasts
larger? I have studied up on this with the experts and know the best way."
"What if I tell you what I do and you tell me if it is right?" "I need to
see what you do so that I can show you if there is a better way." "But then
I would have to pull down my pants. Can't we just squeeze my breasts to
make them bigger?" "We need more to work with and that means hormones and
that means pants off." "Right off?" "That's the only way I can see what you
are doing and show you if you are doing it wrong. Do you want me to help
you?" As I said this I reached down and started to undo Julie's belt.
Julie started to reach up to her belt, but then sighed and relaxed. I
undid her belt and snap and then lowered her zipper. "Lift up a bit" I
asked and then pulled down both her jeans and panties as she straightened
her legs. Slowly lowering Julie's clothing I marvelled at the delicate
look of her features, her vulnerability displayed by a sparseness of pussy
hair and that this part of her body had never tanned. As she dropped her
bottom back to the blanket and hesitantly raised her legs they spread
slightly allowing me a glimpse of a rougher and slightly darker skin
promising treasures to come.

Setting Julie's clothing aside I lay my hand on her ankle and slowly
drew it up along the outside of her thigh and her hip. Julie visibly
shivered and seemed to retreat into herself. Keeping my hand in place I
laid down using my other hand to support my head. Slowly I stroked her
hip. Julie continued to shiver. "It's okay, relax" I cooed. "I'm here for
you. You need to be strong. Together we can get what you want." "I don't
know if I should be doing this. Somehow it seems wrong." "You trust me
don't you? You know I am here to help you, right? You are perfectly safe,
you can relax, together we can do this." "I guess so. What do you need me
to do?" Julie was still visibly nervous, but not shivering. I reached
around and took her into my arms. I gave her a squeeze then held her in a
relaxed manner for some time. "Okay now?" "I guess so."

Putting my backpack behind her I had Julie lean back against it.
Initially she crossed her legs giving me a splendid view of her red gash,
but taking her ankles in hand I spread her knees wide and bent them placing
her feet wider still. Then moving closer and further spreading her knees I
asked her to show me how she got off. Before starting Julie explained "I
don't get much chance because my sister bunks and showers with me and my
mother is in the next room." Steeling herself Julie reached around and
started rubbing her outer labia near her vagina. "Is that where you
usually start?" "Sometimes I start with my breasts first, but that is where
I am sensitive down there."

"Lean back a bit and let me show you something." Saying this I watched
her lean back against the backpack. At the same time I lifted both of her
feet and gestured for her to hold her thighs high and wide. Crouching down
next to her I ran my finger along the crease formed where her torso met her
leg. Julie again shivered. Wetting a finger and then reaching across to
near the top of her slit I said "See how this feels" I insinuated my finger
between her labia and slowly stroking slightly up and down the flesh
loosened and opened. I could see where the parts of Julie's inner labia
met and concentrated on making this accessible. Touching there Julie
jumped then pulled her legs wider. Reaching in I continued to flick this
nexus until both a finger and thumb could easily enter. At this point I
pushed a finger into her vaginal area and was rewarded with hot nectar.
Moving back up and using my thumb and forefinger I gently took her inner
labia between them rubbing back and forth. "What are you doing?" Julie
panted, her butt squirming on the blanket. "I guess that you have never
explored here. What you were doing before is done at the end, not the
beginning. Just wait, it gets better." As I said this I drew her labia
further apart revealing her clitoral hood. Lifting this gently gave me the
access I craved. Dipping down with my tongue I briefly lapped across the
whole region eliciting a sudden bounce from Julie. Dipping again I
concentrated with the tip of my tongue on her sensitive nub running my
tongue around and over the top again and again. Then while doing this I
reached in with thumb and forefinger to rub the nexus of her inner labia
and finally reached with two fingers to plunge into the depths of her
vagina. It was so hot. The moment my fingers plunged home Julie's butt
raised up seemingly in defiance of gravity, she let go of her legs and her
feet crashed onto the deck. With her feet and hands now supporting her,
Julie's butt went into overdrive pushing back on my plunging fingers.

In short order Julie was shaking and yelling almost unable to catch her
breath. This went on and on without break until worn out Julie seemed to
collapse and go totally limp. It seemed that she wanted to and tried to
laugh, but lacked the strength even for this. Removing my tongue and
fingers I moved her legs together and crawled up to lay next to Julie
gathering her body in my arms.

My plan had been to wait one further day before broaching the next
exercise, but nature was having none of it and though I had been careful
and insured that nothing rubbed up against my crotch I still had a raging
hardon and I was sure that friction or not I was about to come. Taking
deep breaths and thinking about other stuff might buy me some time, but
would not forestall the inevitable. Julie was curled up against me and
seemed about to go to sleep. I didn't really want to disturb her bliss,
but had no recourse. "Julie" "Yes Jamie" "In my reading there was one
other exercise that seemed to be everywhere in the stories. I don't know
if I believe it, but it was a common theme." "What was that" Julie asked
while stretching, cat like and again curling up as if to sleep. "You know
when a boy comes that the stuff that comes out is full of hormones. Well
the stories say to rub this stuff on your breasts and it will make them

"Oh Jamie, I'm sorry, I didn't think. You must be in bad shape." As she
said this Julie rolled over to face me and then reached down to open my
pants. Reaching in to my briefs she grasped my cock, I could barely
contain myself, and pushing down my briefs with her other hand freed it.
Working with both hands she started to rub both the body and the head and
in no time had her hands covered in jism. She continued playing with my
cock particularly running her fingers around the head and pulling on it to
stretch it further. Coming a first time had not affected its hardness and
in short order I was ready again. Julie continued her manipulation and
again I came. With this release Julie let go of me and brought her hands
to her tits generously rubbing jism across and around and back and forth
across her tits.

"I heard the same thing. One of the girls said I had to do it or my
tits would always be small, but I don't know if I believe it either." "I
don't see how rubbing hormones on the outside that they could get inside,
but maybe it's true. A lot of stories talk about it. For me if you wanted
to increase the available hormones for your body to work with you would
have to eat the stuff." "I suppose so, but I would need to think about it.
You know Jamie that was the best orgasm I have ever had. My mother told me
to leave that whole area alone and I only played down there when I really
had to so I had no idea it could feel so good." "I read that it is okay
when you do it yourself, but much better if someone else does it for you
and absolutely best when they use their tongue." "It certainly was
awesome." "Do you want to try again?" "Not today. I feel too relaxed. I
just want to curl up in a warm comforter with a nice hot chocolate and
dream of fantastic things. Would you mind if I went home now?" So saying
Julie stood up and started dressing. I got myself back together and went
down the rope to the ground. Julie seemed to have little strength as she
climbed down the rope and I reached up to support her lest she fall. We
headed to our homes together and promised as we parted to see each other
the next day.

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