Exploitus Interruptus (mmm/g, bullying)

It was at the beginning of my final year of junior high when I changed
towns and schools. My father had lost his job, but found a new one in this
town. In the schoolyard that morning I noticed many of the boys looking
closely at me. In the last year my tits had blossomed and I was somewhat
self-conscious at how big they were. During the second period that day
there was an assembly called, but when our class arrived we were told that
there would be a delay and that we would have to wait outside until called
back. Our teacher warned us not to skip the assembly and that attendance
would be taken.

Being new to the school I wandered alone exploring around the field. As
I approached a jog in the fence somewhat out of view of the main school
buildings I noticed several groups of boys moving towards me. I was
getting concerned when they all suddenly stopped, turned and moved back
towards the main buildings. I looked around and saw three boys as big as
haystacks approaching. Later I learned that they were the Bruin brothers
from a higher grade than mine and generally feared. They had been scouted
for the school football front line, but had been dropped due to their lack
of dedication in getting in shape as well as their inability to avoid
penalties and broken plays due to their stupidity. They cornered me and
without saying anything pushed me around the jog against the fence and
completely out of site of the main building. One got right in my face
while the others backed off, looking around the jog. The one in my face
pointed at my chest and said, "Okay, let's see what you've got." "What are
you talking about?" `You're a new girl so you have to show me what you've
got." He said this while poking my tit with his finger. "Forget it, get
away from me!" As I said this one of his brothers came over pulling some
sort of cosh from his back pocket. "Is she giving you trouble?" he said
and hit the metal fence post with the cosh. He looked suddenly frightened
as the pole rang from the hit and looked around before reaching to muffle
the sound though it had already disappeared. This frightened me enough so
I started to sob while again the boy poked his finger into my breast and
said "Show us what you got." Openly crying now I lifted the left side of my
tee shirt above my breast and bra. "That off too." He said poking my bra.
I lifted my bra exposing my tit completely holding both shirt and bra
against my neck. "Smile" he said and when I did, sort of, he pulled out a
cell phone and took my picture. "The other one too." he said pointing at
my other tit and when both were fully exposed he again said to smile and
took my picture of my smiling face and exposed tits with tears streaming
down my face. At this the third brother came over and all three started
mauling my tits and because there were three of them and only two tits they
fought for possession resulting in extensive bruising and pain for me.
Suddenly the loudspeaker called us back to the assembly and while looking
at my skirt the biggest brother said that I had to come right to this spot
after school or there would be big trouble. He then showed me the pictures
he had taken. "But," I started only to be cut off with a "No Buts! Be
here right after school." The big one said again staring at my skirt while
they all walked away towards the school.

At the end of the day I was again next to the fence around the jog when
all three boys again approached. I had been frightened to meet them, but
more frightened about what would happen if I didn't. "Take off your tee
shirt" the biggest one said as all three surrounded me. Lifting my tee
shirt and bra to my neck again fully exposing my tits "I can't," I said.
"Take off your tee shirt" the biggest one said again. "I can't, my little
brother is on the school bus and if I don't get on right away the driver is
going to come looking for me." "Shit, fuck," said the biggest while all
three were again mauling my tits. "We can't take a chance that he will see
us." "What about when you get home, can you go outside? Where do you
live?" "I have to do my homework when I get home or my dad will ask
questions." "What about after your supper?" the big one was again looking
at my skirt while his brothers played with me. "Tell your parents that you
want to go running in the evening to get in shape." "Okay, I said" backing
away, "I got to go or the bus driver will find us."

All three backed away while I fixed my clothes and ran for the bus.
That night I penned and mailed an anonymous letter to the local school
board suggesting that they monitor that area of my school where I was
molested. I gave them no details, but only suggested monitoring. The next
morning the big bully grabbed my arm as I entered the school. He then
reached around and grabbed my ass. "Teacher coming" I said quietly and he
quickly let go of me completely. "Are you going running tonight?" "When I
told my mother she thought it was a great idea and is going to run with me
every night." "Shit, fuck," he said, thinking hard. "Lunch, what about at
lunch? "My teacher picked me to be in the school play and we practice
every lunch." "Shit, fuck" he said again all the time looking at my skirt
and wandered off shaking his head. Suddenly he turned, "The weekend?" "We
go out of town every weekend." Now he was holding his head as he turned and
walked off.

Because the Bruin brothers had gotten to me first the other groups of
boys left me alone for the rest of the year. Some months later another
group of three boys were suddenly pulled out of school and not seen again.
Each week some boys would disappear. In one week three groups disappeared.
Sometimes a boy would return with his parents, but after a short visit with
the principal they would leave and not come back. One day two policemen
visited the principal and a few days later the Bruin brothers were taken
away in a patrol car. By this time almost all of the bullies were gone and
after the Bruins left there was no more bullying to speak of.

I went over to the jog and looked around and thought I saw something
like a camera on a building facing the jog, but couldn't be sure. It was
gone a year later, probably because of budget cuts, but it was no longer
needed. The rest of my school career was certainly eventful, but only in a
good way.

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