Put it back, NOW.

I awoke slowly wondering about a sound. Thwack! There it was again.
Getting out of bed I went to the window of my room in the basement.
Thwack! Leaning out I could hear the sounds coming from across the street
in front of our house, but because of bushes couldn't really see anything.
Regardless I grabbed my camera and leaning out again started to shoot some
video with sound in the direction of the noise. Thwack! A better angle
was needed, so grabbing a tripod I snuck upstairs, it was 2 AM, and set up
the camera between the curtains and front window. There was a streetlight
directly over Mrs. Beauchamp's front yard across the street and I could
see someone standing in her garden. It was a girl. Suddenly she raised a
stick and swung it down at the ground. Thwack! Something that looked like
leaves went flying and the girl walked around looking at the ground for
more targets. Leaving the camera running I returned to my room and grabbed
a still camera, then climbed out of my window and crossed the street.

Approaching Mrs. Beauchamp's yard I recognized the girl, it was Amy
Peebles, who lived a couple of blocks away. At fourteen, two years older
than me, she was a goddess, just over five feet tall, with long raven black
hair and a great figure. She hadn't noticed my presence so I took some
pictures without flash identifying her and her actions. Once I had enough
photos I cleared my throat.

Turning abruptly looking scared she recognized me, calmed down and said
"Oh, it's only you." As we had never talked I was surprised that she knew
who I was. "You are lucky that Mrs. Beauchamp's bedroom is at the back of
the house where she can't hear you. What're you up to?" "A couple of weeks
ago I was riding my bike around and this bitch called the cops because I
wasn't wearing a helmet." (Helmets were mandatory for kids in our town.)
"When the cop arrived she insisted that I be taken home, she followed, and
then insisted in front of my dad that I be charged. That cost me two
allowances and a grounding." Taking another swipe at one of the few
remaining flowers in the yard Amy said "Revenge is sweet."

"I'll be back in a minute." I said and ran across to my house and put my
camera back in my room. Upon my return I asked "Aren't you afraid that
Mrs, Beauchamp will come after you again?" "That's why I waited two weeks."

"You realize that Mrs. Beauchamp has it in for all the kids around here
don't you? As soon as she sees this she will come to see my dad and accuse
me, and I know that he will blame me whether there is proof or not."

"I guess that is too bad for you then, but that is not my problem and
you had better not try to make it my problem or you will be in a world of

"I guess that I could just leave a photo of you whacking her flowers on
her doorstep, and then she wouldn't even bother me." "I'll be gone before
you could get your camera." "I have the pictures already. I just went back
home to hide my camera."

Suddenly looking more scared than before Amy said "You wouldn't do that
would you? You wouldn't leave a picture would you? My dad would kill me
if he found out." "Why should I be the one in shit, I didn't do anything
and it is likely that I will be paddled and grounded and lose my allowance
forever." "Please don't tell on me," Amy begged, please just let it go."

"Why should I let it go? I didn't do anything. In fact Mrs. Beauchamp
would probably be nicer to me if I turned you in." "Look I will give you my
allowance or anything, just don't tell." Amy implored. "It would take a
lot more than an allowance to make this right. An allowance is nothing."
"Please, really I'll do anything." Amy begged.

"If I have to go through all this shit, getting whipped, grounded and
losing my allowance, I better get something back. I'm not doing this for
nothing. Pausing for a moment I added "How about if you are my girlfriend,
that might be worth it." "What do you mean your girlfriend? I'm two years
older than you. There's no way you are hanging out with me and my friends
as my boyfriend." "I would probably be bored with your boring friends;
anyway, I think that I would only want to hang out with you. But that's
okay if you don't want to do it. I'll see you; I need to get some sleep."

As I turned Amy asked, "Wait Bob, wait please, do you mean that you only
want me to be your private, your secret girlfriend? That we would get
together, but we wouldn't go out?"

"Sure, that's all I'm asking, but you would have to be a real girlfriend
when we were together. We would do girl and boyfriend stuff and you would
at least try to see if you could like me." Amy appeared back in control as
she stated, "Oh Bob I like you okay. I can be your secret girlfriend.
Just don't tell on me." "I wouldn't tell on my girlfriend. Tomorrow is
busy, but I want to see you Monday after school," "Usually I just hang out
after school, but we could get together then, if you want." "Sounds good, I
will meet you after the last class out front and try to be prompt." Amy
assured me that she would and I left for home. As I entered my yard I
glanced back and saw Amy walking off down the street.

The next morning, after a night of preparing a cd of the stills and the
upstairs video, I went across to Mrs. Beauchamp's house just as she came
outside. She was looking around at the devastation and crying. When she
saw me she was suddenly angry, but before she could say anything I said
that I had woken up around two o'clock and had heard something. "What did
you hear?" she demanded. "I wasn't sure, but I got my camera out and tried
to video it. There was a bush in the way so I couldn't see much." Looking
angry again she asked why I didn't go out to get proper photos. "I was
scared and at 2 AM I was tired so I just fell asleep. If you want to you
could stop by after church and I will show you what I got." Her demeanour
softened and she agreed to see me later.

As soon as we got home from church I went downstairs to look at the
first video clip that I had taken. Soon enough my dad called me to let me
know that Mrs. Beauchamp had arrived. I went upstairs with the clip and
loaded it into a computer and pulled it up for her. "As you can see, the
audio is good, but the bush blocks the action." My dad asked what this was
about and after telling him what I had told Mrs. Beauchamp he said that he
guessed that the video wouldn't catch the culprit.

"There is one thing, watch when I slow the playback." I slowed it down
and at one point paused the playback. "See that white line, watch as I
continue." Going back to Play you could see the white streak circle over
the bush. "It might be a golf club." I opined. "Possibly," my dad said.
"At least that's something." blurted Mrs. Beauchamp. "I guess I'll go
home now. I don't think that I will have time to clean up before next
Saturday." she said with a small sob. "I would like to help you with the
cleanup if I could" "That's very generous of you, Bob, I would like that."
As she was leaving, I said "Just before I went to sleep I thought that I
heard a car start up and drive off." She thanked me and after she left my
father congratulated me on my offer and life went on.


After the last class I got my stuff and hurried out front. She wasn't
there. I leaned against the wall and waited. About 5 minutes later Amy
came strolling out with one of her friends. She spotted me and started to
redden. I walked up to her and handed her a copy of the cd with the photos
and video. "Hi Amy, here you are, I guess I should get home and print some
of these photos for Mrs. Beauchamp." At that I started walking, noticing
panic erupting all over Amy's face. "I gotta go," she said to her friend
Teresa, and started running to catch up to me.

"Bob, I'm sorry, please don't tell on me," she begged. I stopped and
with anger in my eyes said very quietly, "Why not, I get whipped and lose
my allowance and who knows what else. Other kids on my block get blamed as
well and we all suffer for what you did while you just hang out with your
friends like nothing has changed." I then started walking again. Amy
grabbed my arm saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, forgive me. I'll really be
your girlfriend." I looked her straight in the eye and said "Then kiss me
right now." Amy stopped dead and pulled back from me. She looked over her
shoulder where Teresa was still standing looking at us and hesitated. I
shrugged and started walking. I made it about one step when she grabbed me
again and pulled me into her arms and kissed me straight on my lips. I
opened my lips, pushing my tongue between hers and into her mouth. She
didn't stop me and even tentatively touched her tongue to mine. I turned
her slightly to give Theresa a good view and brought my hand up to cover
her breast. I could see her panic increasing, but she did nothing to back
off. She had decided to hold the kiss until I broke it off in case I took
offence. Seeing my advantage I released her breast, lowered my hand to
give her ass a squeeze and then moved my hand up under her top to again
fill my hand with her now almost naked breast.

I held our kiss and her breast long enough for her to understand who was
now in the position of power and then took her other hand and placed it on
my butt. She understood quickly and gave it a squeeze. At that I broke
off the kiss and said, loud enough for Teresa to hear, "Let's go
sweetheart, I'm so hot for you I can't wait." I linked arms with her and
started walking towards The Commons.

I could see a gamut of emotions crossing her face and it took a couple
of minutes before she could respond. Sputtering she said "What were you
doing I was supposed to be your secret girlfriend, and what's with feeling
me up?" I turned and looking again right into her eyes said "Tread lightly
I am still very angry. You were supposed to meet me promptly after your
last class and you are my girlfriend." In a small voice Amy replied, "But
you don't get to go all that way on our first date." "WHAT! I almost
shouted. You aren't a potential girlfriend that I have to win over. You
ARE my girlfriend, full stop. Come on we have places to go."

I led Amy to a secluded grove within The Commons and again pulled her to
me. We kissed and then I let her go and pulled a small blanket out of my
backpack. Spreading it on the ground I took her hand and invited her to
sit down. Again I saw a panicked look cross her face so I again started to
display anger and all emotion seemed to suddenly flee from her whole body
as she sank to her knees. I came down beside her and took her into my
arms, kissing her while covering her breast with my hand and covering her
upper body with my own. Once on the blanket my hand left her breast and
stroked down her side and onto her thigh. Moving up under her dress I
grabbed her panty covered butt and gave a squeeze, then bringing my hand
around, as emotion again started to cloud her face, I plunged my hand
between the tops of her thighs stroking her panty covered mound. Her legs
stiffened and drew together to deny me further access. "What is this," I
shouted. Looking frightened Amy spoke very timidly saying "It's too soon."
Looking fierce I said "Again playing coy, it's not too soon for me and
right now I set the pace. Now open up!"

The fight seemed to go out of Amy at this point and her legs relaxed a
bit. I pushed my hand between them running my middle finger along her
slit. There remained some tension in her legs which were tight on my hands
so I moved over to cover one of her legs with my torso while pushing the
other away. I returned my hand to her slit and inserting my fingertips
under her panties I started stroking and exploring all around her slit.
She started to look slightly ill and I grabbed her labia, squeezed and
yelled "Straighten out." I then went back to my stroking as emotion again
vanished from her face. I whispered in her ear "Take your hand and get to
work." Her hand moved down and opened my fly. "The belt as well," I said,
she opened the belt and the top of my pants and reached in to grasp my
cock. I let her play with me a while as I got some of her moisture on my
thumb and started to move it in circles across her clit.

After some minutes emotions were flitting across her face again and I
was losing control myself. I got up on my knees and putting both hands on
the top of her panties started to draw them down. She stiffened and drew
her hand away from my cock and said "No, please." Allowing my anger to rise
I replied "Put it back, NOW." This she did in a hurry and I continued to
draw her panties down and then completely off.

I knelt between her legs while she played with my cock and then reached
up pushing her top and her bra above her tits. Her tits were almost peach
size and just as soft while firm. Pushing my jeans and briefs down to my
knees I leaned forward to lick and then suckle first one tit, then the
other. Her hand left my cock in the heat of the moment and reaching down I
grabbed Amy's legs and pushed them up and wide. Then I rammed home. She
was tight, but not impossible and once the head was in it didn't take too
long for the rest to follow. I realized that I was likely not the first
here and her earlier reluctance pissed me off. So I went to town ramming
as hard as I could, while nipping her tits or thrusting my tongue down her
throat. I doubt that Amy had ever been fucked so aggressively and at first
she seemed to resist, but soon was humping for all she was worth.

We both seemed to explode together. A few minutes later when we had
caught our breath Amy said "Shit, Jesus, I hope I'm not pregnant." "Too
soon to tell and anyway it's your problem, I heard that if you tell your
doctor that you are getting bad cramps during your period he will put you
on the pill, but you better check it out online to be convincing." At that
I pulled out and taking a cloth out of my backpack cleaned myself off
before handing the cloth to Amy to do the same. She cleaned herself while
I pulled up my pants and threw the cloth away when she handed it back.
Then Amy put her clothes in order while I folded the blanket and returned
it to my backpack. I finished first and told her that I would see her
tomorrow promptly after her last class in front of the school and to not
keep me waiting. I then just walked away.

That night I visited a friend, Tim, who lived a couple of doors away
gave him my video camera fully charged and with a clear memory. Together
we worked out a plan for Tuesday with his reward coming on Wednesday.

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