Pain she asked for

Now thinking back, everything started at a rainy day. I met the girl I'm
having as visitor to my house, my doungen for wild S&M sessions at that
rainy day. I was checking out a local fetish board (+18) and I saw her
profile. It was total coincidence that I clicked it. Well, it was an
accident actually. I was gonna click someone else's profile but I clicked
hers. It was a profile with full of information about her but no pictures.
I made no assumptions about lack of a profile picture. It was common for
people to not put a picture on their profile to keep it only online. Her
profile was complete of how much she enjoyed pain. In one part, she gave
details of how she masturbates using a leather strap to whip herself. In
other part, she claimed she would enjoy anything as long as it involved
pain, lots of it. And she said she is freshwoman at local private
university without giving her age. I was sadist guy, but her total
obsession of pain scared me a bit. She may be a psycho with face profile to
lure people and then kill them. It was Internet in the end and it was age
of /b/. Possibilities were endless. But I sent her a message, a short one
in that as well:

"Hello there, I saw your profile and I found it interesting. I wonder if
you ever tried canes next to leather straps"ť.

That was it and I moved on to check out other profiles. I didn't really
expect a answer at all. So I forgot about it until she answered two days
later. She said she didn't tried canes so far because caning herself was
hard and She always went private and alone sessions in security of her room
behind a locked door. She said she would try caning herself again tonight.
Later that night she sent a massage again with quick question if I knew a
household object that may work as cane. I said she should have looked for a
thin wood or wood-like product and I added There were parts of flooring
used at door sills which has similar qualities as canes. She said she'd
have checked out the house.

For a week, I didn't get a message from her and because I didn't want to
annoy her with lots of messages I didn't as well. I have decided to wait a
week and send a message then. At the seventh day, I opened my old friend
FireFox and I log in to the site. And at that moment, she sent a message. I
opened and saw that she sent her MSN address to me and with a note saying
she liked to chat with me ir real time. I looked MSN address which
obviously created for this kind of chats. I had a special MSN address for
this kind of chats as well. I added the address to my that kind of chats
account. She was online but she did not send a message right away. I sent
the inital message to identify myself. She sent several smiles and said she
wanted to know the best places to strap on her pussy. First I sent a big
smiles back and then I messaged to her saying clit was always good place to
strap on and she sent a big smiley and went AFK. I guessed she's gonna try
it out. After a several minutes, She went online again and sent a message
saying she tried straping her clit and found it "quite enjoyable"ť. She
further noted it was rather hard to strap her own clit. I commented that
was expected. She sent a big smiley and went offline.

I haven't seen her for a while and then she pop up out of nowhere while I
was watching Secretary again. I paused and checked out her message. She was
asking if there were really painful acts of sex. I sent her a message
saying Yes there is. And she asked names. I messaged her Anal sex could be
quiet painful depending on who people doing it. She said She tried sticking
somethings up her ass and It did give her a nice pain but she said it was
not too high. I messaged her It can be really painful and Act one can never
forget nor compare its pain to anything else. Experience was speaking.
years ago I had a wife who was into a robes and canes. She loved pain as
well and she always asked harder and longer whippings, canings etc. One day
she said she wanted to get fucked up the ass dry. I said no but she begged
me for a mouth so I gave up and fucked her ass dry. She was gagged so I
didn't hear her screams but she cried a lot. She didn't use the safety
escape I put it in place and creamed her ass. She later said it was most
painful thing she ever Experience and she climaxed so much she lost count.
But I never fucked her ass again. She left me for a much sadist guy than
me. Last time I saw them they were really happy togetter. I told her the
story about my ex-wife and she said she'd want to try that one day.

At that moment, She asked to know if my tool is long and thick. It was not
longest dick on the planet but It was long and for some reason, it was
quiet thick. I said It was long but ridiculously thick. She said she want
to see it and I opened my cam and unzipped my parts. She didn't send a
message for a while and then She said she want to give her anal virginity
to me. It was a quiet a shock to me. I waited thinking what to say for a
minute without moving. My mind was filled with scenes of tight holes and
such. Finally I sent a message saying I'd love to pop her anal cherry. She
sent a big smiley.

Then She open her cam. I never asked to open her cam nor I was going to. I
knew she was young, much younger than this middle aged sadist guy but That
didn't ready me for what I'd see in seconds. She was young but She was
younger than eighteen. She was might be even younger, younger than sixteen.
I said nothing and she showed her cute little butt to me. Then she sent a
kiss via a cam and closed it. She sent a message saying she'd contact me
later and now She had to go now. She went offline.

I was in shock partly she wanted me to pop her anal cherry and partly she
was so young. I thought for a second I decided to block her account but
didn't do it. I just sat there thinking. I really wanted to fuck that cute
little butt. I really wanted to do that. Instead of blocking her, I put on
her account extra notifications and waited.

I had to wait for a week for her to come up online again. She went online
and said she wants to meet me Friday. I said okay where would we meet and
she sent near a park close by to my house and she gave ma the address to
the park. She gave me her cell phone number and I gave her mine. She sent "
Call me afternoon and She again went off-line and I sat there thinking of
calling the number but I didn't.

At Friday I could hardly waited for noon and I called her cell. She
answered, "Hi"ť with a soft voice. My baritone tone was just reverse of it.
I said, "Hi, It's me. Are we gonna meet today?"ť. A light giggle reached via
the phone and she said, "Sure, I'm near the park. Come and pick me up"ť. I
said "I'll be there under a thirty minutes"ť. She said "See you there"ť and
hang up the phone. I quickly graped my car keys and went out side. I was so
nervous I was shaking. I got in the car and got a deep breath. I started
the car while exhaling it and drove to the park.

Park was close by to me as well. It was not used much by anyone for no
apparent reason and most of the time It was deserted. I parked the car next
at side of the round and looked over the park. I was now half expecting a
police ambush or something. I even thought of using entrapment as defence.
I didn't see anyone on the park but I couldn't see all parts of the park. I
called her cell phone and I said I was in a old grey sedan. She said She'd
find me right away.

Then I saw her. She was wearing her school uniform; a short pleated skirt
with pattern similar to Scottish kilts. She had a loose white shirt. It was
so loose that I guessed it was somebody else's shirt. She was not wearing
any tie or similar effect over her thin delicate neck. Her collar was open
and she was wearing white socks up to her knees. Her hair was short,
something I didn't really notice over the cam and she was short and tiny,
something I noticed over the cam.

She looked over the street and saw my grey sedan. With small but fast
steps, she walked over to my car and she stood at the front calling someone
on her phone. My phone ringed, she was calling. I opened my phone and said,
"You look cute"ť looking into her eyes. She didn't said anything closed her
phone and got into the car, took on seat belt right away. Her gaze moved
over to me and said, "Let's go"ť with a bright smile.

While driving the car, I went thought the things that happened so far.
She's much lounger than I initially though. She coundn't be younger than
fourteen and that means shit. However I just coundn't keep my urge to fuck
her cute little butt hard and wild. Even thinking of her thight hole gave
me an arousing.

I drove the car towards my small but sound proofed for my S&M sessions with
other people. I parked the car inside the park of the apartment and said,
"We'll here"ť. My hearth was racing but I kept my face cool and relaxed. She
smiled at me and steps out of the car and run to hold my hand. Keeping her
little hand in my hand gently and walked her to my small apartment.

After entering, she started to check around the house without saying
anything nor asking for permission. I didn't say anything and she found my
room for S&M with extra sound proofing She entered the room and started to
walk over my limiled tools of trade. I followed her and watched her
touching my whip and cuffs over the walls. then she caresses the table with
the cuffs at the legs. She asks, "What is it for?"ť. I smiled and steped
next to her. Placing my hand on her skinny shoulder I explained that I used
it for securely cuffing a woman while bendt over. Her eyes lighted up with
the explanation and she saios, "Tie me and fuck my ass on the table"ť.

I looked into her eyes thinking and said, "Okay hop on, I want to fuck you
while you wearing your uniform"ť She hoped on right away and bended over
eagerly. I tied her hands first; one little cuff over her right wrist, one
little cuff over her left wrist. I thighened the cuffs and her arms got
stretched. It would hurt some but she was just smiling. I got at her behind
and put on a little cuff over her cute left ankle covered with white socks
and then her right ankle. I thighened the cuffs over her legs as well and
her got stretched a lot. I gave a quick glance over the little girl she
just smiles and pants Her face showed her excitement. I said while touching
her butt with finger tips, "I'll stop if you say safe word"ť and she said
fast, "Please, don't stop till you fill my ass with your cum. Please"ť with
a begging eyes.

Now that was something different. That was the reason my wife left me for
somebody else. I always wanted keep it safe and low on pain. But she wanted
pain at extream side and dangerous things. I looked at her eyes for a
second and said, "Okay, I'll have your ass, dry without stopping till I cum"ť
. her face got covered witt a big smile right away. I pulled up her skirt
and gave her some important information, "You can scream as much as you
want to. This room and this house is sound proof"ť. She noded showing her
understanding and I take out hard as rock cock out. I slipt down her white
panties and rubed my cockhead over her tight hole.

It was so tight that I didn't think that I would be able to slip my thick
cock in. my cock head looked like a big fist next to the tight hole. I
decideed to first go for direct entry. I leaned my cockhead over the hole
and pushed it really hard. But It did not enter her at all. She's just too
tight. I hold on to the table and try pushing it again. Tip almost enters
and first scream arises from the girl. Of course I was used to the scream
while sex so It did not distract nor stop me. I forceed my cock into her
thigh backhole and tip slipt in. I keep pushing it in while she bited her
lips hard. Her eyes had tears and her face was full of pain. But I kept
pushing it in. Then the head entered. My fist like head entered her really
tight hole. I hold on to her loins and forceed my cock up her ass in one
go. She screamed like she was getting cut open while rising her head up. I
waited for a while while my cock buried up her ass and then I pulled it out
fast and then I pushed it in with a fast and harsh thrust. She screamed
with teary eyes but she did not say stop nor beg me to stop.

Seeing her screaming little body made me so aroused and lustful that I
started to fastens my thrusts into her tight warm hole. As I thrusted into
her butt, she screamed with pain and pleasure. I could see that She was
actually enjoying every painful thrust. And unlike the time with my wife, I
enjoyed it so much that I wanted to do it again, soon.

I kept my thrusts into her backdoor and I felt that I was near my climax.
That came fast thanks to the ultra tight hole of her. I changed my thrusts
into long and hard thrusts with one fast thrust in and then one fast thrust
out. I kept holding her loins while I leakerd pre-cum into her tight hole,
tons of it. And then I cumed into her ass. I buried my cock fully into her
tight hole and keep shooting my hot seeds into her bowels. I creamed her
ass while I moaning loudly and she crying soundly.

I leaned over her little body while my cock shot last of my seeds into her
bowels. I placed a small kiss on her cheek and she turned her head towards
my face. With teary red eyes, She kissed my lips passionately. I kissed
back after I overcome the initial surprise of her kiss. We kissed long and
passionately while my cock up her ass.

I slowly stant up and taked out my cock of her butt. I glanced at her
gaping hole. It looked so wide now. But still my cock would have problem
while entering it. Some of the cum leaked out onto the floor and I slowly
uncuffed her and took her on my lap to carry her to the living room.

I lied her on the couch there and I sat next to her. We didn't speak for a
while and then I asked, "Did you enjoy it?"ť. She did not answer me right
away. She just looked at the ceiling. After several minutes, She said,
"Yes, I did. I lost count of time I came"ť. Now that was similar to what
ex-wife said. It might be true, she indeed enjoyed the wild sex we just had
and she might indeed have come so many times that she lost count. I
woundn't say anything about that.

I slowly helped her to clean and carried her to my car. She said I should
drop her at different part and I followed her directions and droped her at
a small park far away from my house. She smlied at me and got off the car.
With small carefull steps, She walked away. I watched her walk lame away
and started the car.

After I got home, I didn't went online right away and just watcher TV
thinking of what I had done. While watching a stupid sit-com I decided that
I'd go further with her but unless she wanted to go further and She did.

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