First time with another man

I work in a large factory with a lot of co-workers. Its shift work so each shift always starts and ends at the same time. Less than a mile from work there is a gym and often a bunch of us go to the gym to work out and Jacuzzi then shower after a long day at the factory. I only say this because there is something about standing naked in a gym shower with a bunch of friends that tears down the modesty and personal privacy of a friendship.

On a winter morning I found one of these co-workers asleep in his car in the parking lot trying to stay warm with a single blanket. As it turned out his girlfriend kicked him out and he had no place to stay. I offered my guest room for a few days and he accepted.

Now Victor is quite a bit younger than me. I go to the gym mostly for the eye candy but he is one that actually works out. He is 6 foot tall and about 180 pounds of muscle. There were times we wound up in the gym shower together and I must say that I thought his package was impressive. His large cut cock would swing back and forth hanging below a large hairy sack filled with two gorgeous sperm factories, all nestled in a bed of curly black hair. He was proud of his cock, as well he should be. Even flaccid in the shower it was easy to see he would be longer and in fact thicker than most of the other guys we showered with.

He always took special care to soap his genital area and lather it up well almost stroking his cock until it became half hard. Then he would turn around with his back to the shower and slowly rinse off showing everyone else just what God had given him at birth.

Victor was covered with hair from his short curly crew cut and the beard on his face, down his chest and stomach as well as on his muscular legs and arms. For me it was quite a turn on and there were times at the gym I had to turn the shower too cold in order to keep my 7 incher in control. I especially loved the way the soap suds ran down his back and formed bubbles on the hair on his ass and in his ass crack.

The first night at my house I got Victor settled into my guest room and he pretty much kept to himself. I didn’t want to pry but did find out that his girlfriend had kicked him out because he was a bit of what I would call a sex hound and she thought a relationship should be built on more than sex. When he pushed the issue one night, she pushed him out the door and told him to cool off, and not to come back until he could control himself.

When we arrived home the second day, Victor went back out and didn’t know when he would return. It was getting late and I decided to hop into my hot tub before bed. Now there is nothing like floating in a hot tub all natural, allowing your manhood a chance to breath after being cooped up all day and to be stimulated and tantalized by the hot water and bubbling jets.

While I was in the hot tub, sure enough Victor returned and came into the sunroom. He told me the hot tub looked inviting and did I mind if he joined me. I told him sure and to toss me my trunks as I didn’t have anything on. He laughed and said don’t worry about it. He had seen me naked in the shower at the gym on numerous occasions so it was no big deal.

Victor stripped down and started to climb into the hot tub. As he did he was above where I was sitting and his beautiful cock hung down right before me like an apple begging to be picked and eaten. I had to make sure the jets were on high as my own apple was turning into a banana right before my eyes and I hoped he didn’t notice.

We sat in the hot tub and Victor noticed my big screen on the wall and asked if we could turn a movie on. He then laughed and said it would be perfect to watch porn on while in the hot tub and so I took the opportunity to say, “I know, you want to?”

Victor gave a nervous laugh and said, “well I meant alone but I guess it’s ok if you want.” I said ok and hopped out of the hot tub and put some porn into the DVD player and turned it on, grabbed some beer for us, then climbed back in to the hot tub.

We watched it quietly as Victor chugged a few beers down and began to loosen up. Before long he said, “This is what I mean. See, this gal is all over her man, groping and licking and sucking. I can’t even get my girl to give me a descent hand job let alone a blow job. All she wants is to kiss and to do the missionary style thing. I want some variety sometimes, you know? I get bored with doing the same old thing every time.”

I took my chance; it was my house, my turf so to speak and what else could he do; get up and leave? I reached over and quite accidently rubbed my hand across his cock which was hard as a rock from watching the porn.

He visibly jerked back for a second and then relaxed, his eyes glued to the TV intentionally not looking at me. He slowly raised both hands and placed them behind his head as he watched the movie. This caused him to slowly float upward and expose his beautiful thick eight inch cock. I reached over again and this time I gently reached around his cock and closed my fingers into a fist encapsulating his throbbing rod of blood and flesh. I placed my thumb on top of his piss slit and rubbed it in circles, testing for pre-cum. I then began to slowly massage his member with long steady strokes up and down.

I could see he was tense and this was new territory for him. I asked if he wanted me to stop and when he said no I told him to just relax and watch the movie. It took very little time before he was enjoying himself and so I went for broke. I turned sideways and placed a knee under his firm supple ass and gently lifted his cock to the surface supporting his weight with my knee. I swear it looked like Atlantis rising from the sea in a glorious entrance from where it had been hidden for who knows how long.

The bubbling jets of the hot tub re-enforced my fantasy as I watched the droplets of water run down his hard white shaft. Large veins protruded along the length of his tool just below the surface, hot and steaming with lust. His mushroomed head was large and perfectly shaped with a deep grove along his piss hole longing to spew forth his man seed.

Before I could stop myself I leaned in and licked the tip of his cock with my tongue and heard him moan, “What the F***?” I was snapped back to reality and I pulled back and asked if he wanted me to stop. He hesitantly said, “No, but I’ve never done anything like this and I had no idea that you had. You can do it again but be ready to stop if I think it’s getting to weird or chicken out.”

I went down on him and slid his cock deep into my mouth. He arched his hips upward and moaned again as I took his entire shaft down my throat. The next thing I felt was his hand on the back of my head as he guided my head up and down slowly. “Oh God” he groaned with pleasure. “Why can’t I get my girlfriend to do this?” He moaned again as he rocked his hips slowly up and down. “You should give her lessons!”

It only took minutes for Victor to tighten up his abdomen, take a breath, arch his hips up and fill my mouth with wave after wave of hot steamy spunk. As he did he kept saying, “I’m sorry I’m sorry I can’t stop! Oh God, that feels so good!”

I swallowed all that he had to offer and waited as his cock began to become flaccid once more. We laid back and silently watched the porn without saying a word. A few minutes later again without looking at me, victor asked quietly while pointing to the TV. "Can you do that?"

I looked at the TV and the guy was pounding his girl in the ass with long slow strokes. I reached over and once again grabbed his cock which to my delight was already semi-hard. I stroked it until it was ready for round two. I stood up and leaned over the edge of the hot tub. I spread my legs and steadied myself for what was to come. I placed my finger in my mouth as Victor stood and positioned himself behind me. I lubed my finger with my own saliva and placed it into my tight hole. Victor eased forward and stood close behind me splitting my legs apart even farther, and spitting onto my ass crack. I felt his cock sliding up and down the crack of my ass smearing his spit over my tight hole. He hesitated as if he was undecided if it was what he wanted to do. It was driving me crazy as my own balls were hanging just in the water above one of the jets that were bubbling away as if someone was gargling with my nut sack in their mouth.

I slowly leaned back against his trembling cock, letting him know it was alright to continue. Then I felt him press the head of his cock against my quivering hole. As he pushed forward I pushed back and like a bottle of champagne being opened at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, his firm slick head popped inside. I grunted as his cock was thick and I hadn’t properly lubed. I was about to tell Victor to wait so I could get some lube when his primal instincts took over. This time Victor didn’t care who he was with. His cock was burning with lust and wanted to be satisfied by being buried deep within my anal cavity. He knew what he wanted and had gotten over the social stigma of guy with guy sex. Now it was down to sensual, feel good, got to have it, lust!

I grunted again as he forced himself deep inside of me. His entire shaft disappeared probing deeper and deeper until his balls slapped against my ass crack as it was stretched to accommodate his girth and length. He paused for a second to feel the new and wonderful sensation of warmth and tightness, taking it in and allowing it to cause his entire frame to tingle with sexual pleasure.

He tightly grabbed my hips and held me still and then began to slide his glory pole in and out of my throbbing ass. At first he was unsure and testing this new and exciting experience. As he became comfortable he took my hips pulling them toward him as he forced himself in and out harder and harder. My prostate was on fire with the burning and stirring, calling my sperm and man juice to rise from my swinging balls and prepare to erupt as he pumped away.

“Oh God” I moaned, “I’m gonna explode!”

“Not without me!” Victor grunted as he changed his speed and began slowly withdrawing his tool until the tip was just inside my ass ring and then with power slamming himself deep inside until his balls slapped against my ass. Again and again he pummeled my red hot hole. His fingers tightened and dug into my hips as he moaned, “NOW, do it NOW you bitch! Cum with me I know it’s what you want! Let’s do this!” and he thrust in an out with a manly force I had never felt before. I bucked back against every thrust forcing him in as deep as he could possible go. Suddenly we were both shuddering and grunting as we discharged our man juice in wave after wave.

It took a while to calm our breathing down and relax. Victor got out of the hot tub and dried himself off and looked at me with instant shame and horror! Without saying another word, and went to his room. In the morning when we were getting ready for work he said, I can’t believe you tricked me like that. You’d better not say a word to anyone.” There was anger in his voice as well as embarrassment. He went to work and I fully expected him to move out that very day.

When I got home Victor’s car was already in the driveway. I assumed he was gathering his things. I walked into the hallway and called his name. From the sunroom I heard, “I’m in here.” I walked into the sunroom not knowing what to expect.

Victor was naked, sitting on the edge of the hot tub fully erect. There was an unopened bottle of lube sitting on the edge of the hot tub with him. “Sorry about this morning, guess I over reacted.” Pointing to the bottle of lube he added. “I picked this up on the way home from work…………. I mean……… just in case.” He grinned and winked and then said, “Do you have any other good movies we can watch tonight?”

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