Getting Ronnie pregnant

It was just a couple weeks later when we got caught.

"Hey." Ronnie whispered, peeking into my dark bedroom and I
shushed him anyway.

"Shhh...Come here!" I crooked at finger at the man, feeling my heart
going faster the way it always did when he snuck in and I shivered.

Ron closed the door slowly and practically tip-toed across the
room and the reason we were being so quiet was right across the hall.

"Dana's sleeping?" I asked Ronnie softly, holding up the sheets so
he could get in bed with me.

"I hope so." He whispered, facing me on his side now and taking me
in his arms. "I spent half the night playing scrabble with her."

"I know." I giggled and I was naked, waiting for this, and my hard
cock pressed against Ron's stomach, just like my swollen nipples were
rubbing his chest.

"You wouldn't believe the words she was spelling, either." Ron
laughed and I kissed him hard just to shut him up.

"Like what?" I breathed a moment later, reaching down to push his
briefs off and get him naked too. "Love? Boyfriend?"

"More like fucking, sucking..." Ron chuckled, getting his arm under
me so I could snuggle up close. "...cock, pussy...Jesus. That girl needs a

"She wants you." I sighed, sliding my fingers down Ronnie's hard

"She'd be seriously disappointed." Ron gave a small jerk as my
hand found his sex, his softly furred pussy already growing hot and
moist for me.

"No." I shook my head. "Just a little mad at first probably."

"Yeah." Ron licked my lips. "Like I did it on purpose...Oh!"

He spread his legs for me, nodding slowly as I slipped a finger
between his labia, finding the man's pussy nice and wet inside. He'd
been playing with himself a little, I thought, just like I had. We'd
been fucking every night since that morning in the hay loft.

"God! I love your cunt." I sighed, wanting to sound vulgar. "I
love fucking it."

"My pussy loves your cock." Ronnie grinned in the dim light. "She
can't get enough of it."

"She?" I smiled, just playing with his pussy while Ron played with
my tits. He loved those. "You think your pussy's a girl?"

"Isn't it?" Ron shrugged.

"My dick's a girl." I decided on the spot. "Just like the rest of

"Oh yeah?" Ron thought about that and it was kind of a serious
thing for us. "A big, strong girl though." He smiled. "My pussy could
be a boy, but he's a total fag if he is."

"No way." I laughed, probably too loudly and I pulled the blanket
up over our heads.

"Just like me." Ron sighed and that's what totally bothered him.

"You're not gay if my cock's a girl." I said. "I'm a girl, right?"

"Yeah, but..."

"You never had sex with a boy, did you?"

"No, but..."

"Then you're not a fag." I said. "I mean it. You're a man. That's

"I sucked your cock." He sighed.

"Oh, thanks a lot." I frowned, but he couldn't see it. "I licked
your pussy too, remember?"

"No, I don't mean like that." He said. "I just mean...I sucked a

"No." I shook my head. "You can't separate me from my dick, come
on. I'm a package deal, Ron."

"I know."

"I know you like fucking." I giggled, wanting to cheer him up.

"Yeah, I like it."

"So what's the difference?" I asked him. "Making love to me with
your mouth or your pussy, it's all you. It's all me."

I didn't know if I was even making sense to him, really. Ronnie
was all kinda hard to figure out and he could go from happy to sad in
a heartbeat, which was pretty frustrating. We didn't say anything for
a few minutes, we just touched a lot and I knew I wasn't a lesbian,
but I loved playing with Ron's pussy a lot, and I really did think of
it as a male thing. It wasn't a girl I was fingering, it was Ron and
he was a boy.

"I ran away before." Ron said finally. "A couple times, I mean,
not like hiding in the hayloft either."

"You did?"

"Yeah, like running away." He told me. "One time, when I was
sixteen, the first time I did it, I was hitchhiking. Just bumming a
ride and this guy stopped."


"And, uh, he thought I was a boy and..."

"You are a boy." I kissed him.

"Yeah, anyway, he tried to...Touch me and stuff."

"Oh." I frowned.

"He wanted to touch my dick, see? And I don't have one and I was
trying to make him stop, but I didn't want to say anything."


"He, I don't know. He got his hand inside my jeans and touched
me." Ron cleared his throat. "And so he knew, but he thought I was a
girl. So he called me a dyke bitch and stuff like that and he hit me.
He hit me a lot and..."

"I'm sorry, Ron." I held him close and he was crying softly.

"...And, yeah. Then I didn't know, see? Maybe I'm a girl." He was
shaking and I kissed his wet cheeks. "Maybe I'm not a boy; I'm a
lesbian or something. You think?"

"No." I told him. "You're a boy, you just gotta believe it, that's
all. You're special, like me."

"Nobody ever told me I was special." Ron laughed unhappily. "They
took me back and locked me up, just taking blood and putting wires on
me all the time. Nobody ever did that to you, huh?"

"My mom." I smiled. "She...God! Like every day for my whole life
she'd measure me or yeah, take blood. I had to pee in cups and take
drugs and all that."

"But at least you had a mom."

"Yeah." I sighed. "You're here now though. With me, so it's okay.
It's not like that anymore."

"They're gonna take me back." Ron said drawing a deep breath.
"It's coming, I can feel it."

"No, Mr. Fox brought you here so you could stay with me." I said.
"Probably they just don't need you anymore."


"Like Dana." I giggled.

"What about Dana?" Ron asked.

"She's just here to be my friend." I said. "I mean it's obvious.
She was adopted, you know."

"Dana was?" Ron sounded surprised.

"Yeah, like just before I got here, less than a year." I shrugged.
"She's not Karl's and Renee's kid. They got her just so I'd have like
a little sister or something, I dunno."

"So you think they knew your parents were gonna die?" Ron asked
and I blinked at that cause I hadn't thought it through that far.

"No." I decided cause that idea hurt a lot. "Probably they were
gonna bring me here anyway."


"Because I need to go to school, a real one." I said, "I wasn't
learning anything at my other schools."

"What about your parents?" Ron asked and he sounded pretty
suspicious, but I guess I would be too if I'd been used like him.

"They'd probably come too." I shrugged. "Lots of room here

"Yeah, that's true." Ron said slowly. "What if they didn't

"My mom and dad?" I giggled. "They wouldn't send me off by myself.
No way."

"Wanna know something weird?"


"I don't even have a last name." He laughed.

"No way!" I giggled.

"Yeah, seriously." He said. "If I do, nobody ever told it to me."

"What about your birth certificate?"

"What birth certificate?" Ron asked sarcastically. "You probably
think I got a library card too, huh? A driver's license?"

"You don't?"

"How am I gonna get any of that stuff?" He asked. "You think I'm
lying, but I'm not."

"I don't think you're lying."

"I was like locked up." He said. "That sucks so bad."

"Well, you're not locked up now." I said. "You're with me, so..."

I kissed him gently. Then I kissed Ron harder, deciding we'd
talked long enough and all he really needed was to have a friend. A
close, personal friend he could trust. My cock hadn't gone soft hardly
at all either, and Ron was touching my tits again, thumbing my nipples
while our tongues played in the air between us. It was fun and sweet
and getting us hotter, so we pushed the sheet back down and I could
see him again.

"Do you want me to kiss you?" I asked him. "Down there?"

"If...You want to." Ron said softly and I knew he did, he loved
getting his pussy licked, but he was so sensitive about anything but

"Will you kiss me too?" I wondered.

"Yeah." He answered. "I will."

"You don't have to." I shrugged.

"No, it's okay." He bit his lip. "As long as it's a girl."

"I named her Becky." I giggled. "What's your pussy's name?"

"Heh." He laughed at that.

"Come on." I stroked his humid sex lightly, dragging my fingers
over Ron's hard little clit so that his hips jerked a little. "Becky
wants to know who she's fucking."

"Um...Sam." Ron rolled his eyes.

"Oh, I like that name." I giggled, looking down at the dim outline
of my penis. "Becky, meet Sam. Sam, Becky."

"You're crazy." Ron smiled.

"I'm gonna kiss Sam later." I decided. "Becky wants to say hello

"Oh, she does, huh?" Ron breathed. "On top?"

"Ummm...Like a doggy." I stuck out my tongue. "That was pretty fun
when we did it."

"Yeah." Ron nodded. "Cept you go pretty deep that way."

"Does it hurt?" I asked.

"A little." Ron told me. "I like it though."

"Good! Me too."

A minute later, Ron was on his hands and knees, smiling at me over
his shoulder as I knelt behind him on my spongy mattress. I did love
fucking him like that and I held my aching cock in my hand, rubbing it
up and down the boy's slit slowly, mixing up his juices with my
precum. Ronnie was so hot too, like he was on fire and it was always
like that. I loved his fever and he was wriggling his ass impatiently
as I teased him.

"Yeah, Becky wants to give Sam a kiss..." I sighed, pushing forward
slowly as the blunt head of my cock split Ron's pussy lips and found
the soft tight channel of his cunt.

"Ummm...Slow, okay?" Ron sighed and it took him a few minutes to get
really used to it. He'd been a virgin until just a few weeks ago and
his pussy was seriously tight.

"God! I love your cunt, Ronnie." I closed my eyes, smiling and
holding his narrow, manly hips as I pushed and pulled, working my
turgid prick in and out of him gently.

"Harder...Ummm, fuck this is nice...Yeah..." Ron was nodding, smiling
and his cunt squeezed my dick hard everytime I went deep, like trying
to hold me inside him.

"Rub your clit." I breathed, "I wanna feel you cum on my dick."

"Uh-huh..." Ron lowered his head to the mattress, keeping his ass
high and he was reaching back to rub his hard little clitty while I
fucked him.

That was always good, when Ron got himself off. It made his pussy
go crazy, like quivering and all of a sudden full of hot butter. I was
doing him nicely now too, real long slow strokes, pulling back until
the head of my dick was just inside him, and then sliding all the way
in until I felt the very bottom of his cunt. My balls slapped his
fingers and he gasped everytime, and then moaned softly, making sexy
little whimpering noises that set my heart racing.

"Oh...Oh oh oh...Fuck..." Ronnie blew out a long breath and his whole
body shuddered, his ass dropping suddenly so my dick popped out,
sliding in between his butt cheeks and pointing straight up.

"Hey!" I giggled breathlessly, and I grabbed my greasy cock and
pushed it back into the man's cumming cunt quickly, driving it all the
way inside and making him yelp.

Ronnie was cumming good and his cunt felt like a mouth, gumming my
dick eagerly, sucking on it, I swear. When his pussy had an orgasm it
was the best feeling in the world for my cock, even better than my own
orgasms, I thought. He moved a lot too! Which was way cool, cause I'd
just hold him tight and ride his pussy until he was giggling like a
little boy, high and happy and wanting to cum again.

"What are you guys doing?" Dana's sleepy voice suddenly
interrupted us, or at least got our attention. We didn't stop fucking
until she turned on the lights.

"Dana." I said, kinda dumbly and then I was about blinded.

"You assholes!" She pretty much yelled because all of a sudden the
fourteen year old knew exactly what we were doing.

"You won't fuck me! But you'll fuck him?" Dana was staring at me.

"Shhh..." I blinked at her and I pulled my cock out, sorta trying to
cover myself up. Ron was dong the same.

"And I thought you were my boyfriend!" She was looking at Ron.
"You fag! I hate you!"

"Oh God." I frowned and we could hear Karl up now, wondering what
was going on, but he didn't come into my room at least.

"Shit." Ron agreed and we were both pretty unhappy.


"Hey Karl." I sat down at the breakfast table and he was cooking,
which was weird.

"Morning." He said, a little brusquely maybe and he probably had a
right to be unhappy.

"Where's, uh, Renee? And...Dana?" I asked gingerly.

"Hi." Ronnie was coming into the kitchen, looking pretty sheepish.

"Ronald." Karl nodded at the young man and then looked at me.
"Renee took Dana on a little...Trip."

"Oh." I nodded.

Ron looked at me as he sat down and I just shrugged.

"They'll be back in a week or two." Karl said. "How do you want
your eggs, Ronald? Scrambled or scrambled?"

"Uh, Scrambled." Ron almost smiled.

"Good choice." Karl almost frowned. "That lock on your bedroom
door broken, Jennifer?"

"Uh..." I swallowed hard.

"Maybe I oughta go check it." He didn't give me time to answer;
Karl just put our plates in front of us and walked out.

"Oops." I frowned and Ronnie nodded. Neither one of us were very

Later I had a visit from Mr. Fox and that just about made my
morning complete, I thought.

"Good morning, Jennifer." He was wearing a suit and tie and all
that. Even a hat on his head and I wondered why he didn't carry a
cane, or an umbrella, that would be real spiffy.

"Hi." I was sitting on the front porch, on a large swing bench,
studying for school like always. Mr. Fox probably thought I was
waiting for him and I regretted sitting outside.

"I was just driving past and I thought, oh! I wonder how my lovely
girl is doing in her studies." Mr. Fox chuckled and sat down beside
me, making the wooden bench rock back slightly.

"Where are you going?" I asked him.

"Langley." He sighed. "A very ho-hum place, believe me. How are
your studies?"

"Don't you get my grades?" I looked at him.

"Hmph." He smiled. "I do indeed. But that only tells me that
you're passing with flying colors. I want to know what you think of

"It's too easy." I shrugged. "Some of the professors don't like

"I see." He nodded. "Genius frightens people."

"Does it frighten you?" I asked.

"Occasionally." Mr. Fox said. "If I don't know what it's up to.
Genius, like stupidity, revels in mischief and mayhem."

"Oh." I rolled my eyes.

"Mediocrity is the only thing you can trust, Jennifer." He smiled.
"In all else, be wary."

"Did you have my parents killed?" I stared at him and Mr. Fox had
grey blue eyes and probably nobody liked looking into them very much,
but I did.

"I see." He frowned.

"See what?" I frowned too.

"I was wondering what sort influence Ronald would be." Mr. Fox's
fingers were tapping and I wondered what that meant.

"Did you?"

"No." Mr. Fox shook his head. "You're valuable, my dear..."

He leaned close, tilting his head up so he could look down his
nose as if scrutinizing me and I didn't like it. I shifted

"...But you're not worth the both of them." Mr. Fox continued a
moment later. "It reminds me though..."

He looked out at his car, a black sedan today, and there was a man
standing next to it. Mr. Fox always had a driver. At a gesture from
the old man beside me, the driver opened the car and popped the trunk,
moving to retrieve something.

"I thought you might want to have this." Mr. Fox said softly as
the driver pulled out a teddy bear, the one my father had brought back
from Germany so many years before.

"Oh." I blinked at it and I did want it, enough so that I stood up
without realizing it.

"Go on." Mr. Fox was smiling. "Go get it."

"I want something else too." I said, not moving.


"My mother's notes." I said, turning to look at the man. "All of
them. I want access to her lab too, the one she used on the computer."

"I understand." Mr. Fox was standing as well.

"Can I have them?" I asked, watching the driver bring me my bear.

"I'll see what I can do." Mr. Fox said and I thought he'd been
expecting this. "Some of the material may be...Unsuitable for you right

"Why?" I asked and my teddy bear was in my arms, the driver
handing it to me with a pleasant smile.

"Because you're so young, Jennifer." The old man stroked my golden
hair gently and his smile was warm, but I didn't trust him. "And I'm
very fond of you."

The old man spoke with Ron that morning as well, but I didn't ask
what they talked about and Ron didn't tell me anything.


"Mmmm...I like this..." I sighed, looking up at Ronnie as he straddled
my hips, riding my hard cock slowly.

"Me too." He breathed, and his hands were on my tits while he
rolled his hips, fucking me good.

I'd been away for three days, up at Johns Hopkins for school. I'd
blown away two lab practicals and aced three written exams. My orals
had been tough, but only because the professors had gone out of their
way to try and humiliate me, grilling me on subjects that were remote
and obscure at best. I'd still done okay on it and one of them, Doctor
Stancil, who actually liked me, had told me afterwards that I'd been
impressive. It was high praise coming from a Nobel laureate and I'd
been walking on air for the last day and a half.

Now I was unwinding in the best way possible, holding Ronnie by
the hips and driving my throbbing cock as deep into his cunt as I
could. He'd cum once, right away as soon as I'd entered him almost,
and now we were relaxing and wanting to make it last. His juices were
spilling down the shaft of my dick and my balls were wet with the
stuff, it was even making a little wet spot under my ass. Ronnie
always got so wet and hot and oh, yeah, he was fucking me good now.
His cunt seemed to squeeze my dick, pulling at it when he'd lift
himself up, and then sucking at my turgid prick hard when he went back

"Lean back..." I giggled. "...I wanna see it."

"Like this?" Ronnie laughed lightly and put his hands behind him,
thrusting forward with his pelvis so that I could see my cock sliding
in and out of his splayed sex.

"God yeah!" I nodded. "Where's it going?"

Ronnie grinned at me and touched his stomach, up by his belly

"About this far." He said. "Fuck! I'm full of cock, you know?"

"You're tight too." I licked my lips. "When's your period anyway?"


"Your menstruation?" I asked. "We've been fucking for like a
month, you didn't get your period yet?"

"No..." He shrugged, pushing his cunt down to my balls and rolling
his ass in a sweet little circle. "...Ummm...Oh!...I don't think I'm
getting one."

"What?" I giggled. "Why?" And I was just being stupid, I know.

"Why do you think?" Ronnie laughed. "I'm ten days late right now."

"But...You mean?" I stopped moving and stared at him. "You're

"Yeah." He grinned. "I think so."

"Oh fuck." I said and I didn't know how to feel about that. I was
just fifteen years old. Ronnie was a boy. This wasn't right.

"What?" He smiled. "It's weird, yeah, but..."

He moved harder, still leaning back and lifting up so that my long
thick shaft emerged slowly, ruddy and wet with our juices.

"What are we gonna do?" I asked him. "How are you gonna have a
baby? You...You're not made for it!"

"I must be if I'm pregnant." He laughed. "I was worried, I mean,
it freaked me out. But I was thinking about it and I like it."

"No...Your pelvis is...Too small." I swallowed hard. "I mean. You're a

"Yeah." He nodded. "I don't know why I like it."

I stared at him and we were like talking about two different
things. Or a different language or something. How could Ronnie like
being pregnant anyway? He hated his pussy, or at least he hated not
being a total boy everywhere. Being pregnant should have freaked him
out. It was freaking me out. I was gonna be a mom? I didn't want a
baby! What were we gonna do? And Ron might have had a pussy and
ovaries and a uterus, but his hips and pelvis, all that, he was a

Well, he'd get a Caesarian, I supposed. They could do that easy.
But he didn't have breasts, or he did, but they were male, but he had
to take testosterone. He took pills and shots like me, but he needed
the male hormones, so if he stopped and then his female hormones would
be kicking into high gear and he'd produce milk, that wasn't a
problem. He could have a baby. I could stop taking all my pills and
I'd make milk too and then...

"We can't have a baby!" I said.

"Yeah we can." Ronnie smiled.

"Did you stop taking your medicine?" I asked him.

"Yeah, soon as I was a day late." He laughed. "I feel better now.
I swear, I do. Maybe the medicine was what was wrong with me."

"Ronnie, that...Your body is changing." I was trying to think,
trying to sort it all out. What would be happening inside the man and
how it would affect him.


"What?" I blinked at him.

"Stop worrying." Ronnie leaned forward again and then all the way
down, pressing his warm body to mine and kissing my face.

"This wasn't supposed to happen." I said. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Ron said. "See? Now they have to let me stay. They
can't take me away from you now. Not if we're having a baby, right? I
love you, Jennifer."

"Ronnie...I..." I didn't love him. Not like that.

"I love you so much." He was kissing my mouth, forcing his tongue
inside me and his chest rubbed my tits and his pussy squeezed my still
hard cock.

I loved Josh, that's what I was thinking about. That's what was
making me so crazy. I'd made a baby with someone, with another man.
I'd promised Josh that I was his, that I would come back to him. I'd
meant it too. I still did, but if Ronnie was pregnant with my baby? I
felt guilty. For the first time ever probably, I felt bad about
something, about myself. I was ashamed of myself and I knew Josh would
understand if I had a boyfriend, just like I honestly hoped he had a
girlfriend, but I didn't want to know about her if he did. I didn't
want Josh to tell me he was having a baby with her.

"I hope we have a girl." Ronnie whispered and I was holding him
like I had to, but my thoughts were a million miles away.

"What am I gonna tell my boyfriend?" I whispered.

"Shhh...He's not here." Ronnie chuckled softly. "He's with someone

"What?" I stared at him. "Don't say that!"

"I'm sorry." Ronnie kissed me and I was a little pissed. "I'll
make it good, just relax, okay?"

"I don't want it good." I said. "Get off me!"

"Jen...I'm sorry, okay?" Ronnie wasn't moving, except to fuck my
stupid cock and it wasn't going soft either.

"No, just...I don't want to do it anymore." I told him.

"Yeah you do." Ronnie sighed and he was stronger than me, on top
of me, and I didn't want to fight him anyway.

"Please...Just stop." I blinked at him.

"No." Ronnie shook his head, kissing me again even though I tried
to jerk my face away from him. He just followed me, kissing me and
trying to get his tongue in my mouth.

"Ron! Stop it!" I felt my eyes getting wet and he was still
fucking me, still moving his hips and ass, keeping his chest against
my tits, holding me down and I slapped his back.

"You want it." He told me. "Just let it feel good, Jen."

"It doesn't feel good!" I closed my eyes and I wasn't fighting. I
couldn't for some reason, not anymore than I already had, I just lay
there crying.

"That other guy doesn't love you anyway." Ronnie was whispering.
"Not like I do. He can't fuck Becky like Sam can."

"Ronnie..." I moaned.

"You made a baby in me." He was kissing my eyes, my tears. "Can
that other guy do that?"

"Don't talk." I swallowed hard. "Just...Stop...Please."

"I love you." He said, ignoring me. "I love the way you love me.
We were made for each other. Meant for each other."

"I hate you." I whispered.

"No you don't." Ronnie sighed, working his pussy up and down
faster, breathing harder and he was gonna cum.

"Just hurry up." I turned my head and I just wanted it to be over.

Ronnie raped me then, that's what he was doing. Fucking me after
I'd told him not to. It wasn't my fault my cock wouldn't stop being
hard. I didn't want it to be and I was thinking lots of bad things,
not about sex or love at all, but his pussy was wrapped around me, hot
and wet, working my cock up and down. It was just the stimulation,
that and being fifteen and my hormones didn't know any better. The
male ones I took and the female ones I tried to manipulate, loading my
body with pills and shots. They didn't know or even care. I was being
fucked that's all my body knew and instinct can betray you just as
easy as anybody else, even a friend.

After I came inside him, Ronnie stayed on top of me until my cock
softened and slipped out of his pussy. The remains of our orgasms came
out with it, some of it anyway, thick and warm and sticky. He kissed
me tenderly on the cheek.

"I love you, Jenny." He said. "You love me too. I know you do."

I didn't say anything and after Ronnie was gone I just stayed in
bed for a long time, crying and then sleeping maybe, all curled up and
feeling sick. When I woke up all I wanted to do was take a bath and
wash Ronnie off my skin. I avoided him after that, calling for my
driver the next morning and going up to Johns Hopkins and I stayed
there over the weekend.

Sunday night I almost didn't call Josh. I wasn't going to because
I felt so bad. He'd hate me, I was sure. He'd never forgive me for
getting Ronnie pregnant and I hadn't even told Josh about Ronnie, not
everything. I hadn't told Josh that Ronnie had a pussy, or that I had
sex with the man. I'd lied by omission. If I told him now, Josh would
hate me. If I called him...I'd have to tell him. I couldn't call. But I
missed him so much that I had to.

Life sucked.

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