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Terry did not say a thing, but turned and looked at Meg, and then at
me to see if what was happening was real or if he was indeed dead and
his Penthouse Letters Fantasy was coming real.

Meg did not say anything more to him but moved her hand up and lightly
outlined his hardening cock with her hand, sliding it back down to his
thigh whenever someone came by our isle.

I took Terry's hand and moved it to my bare thigh, moving it higher
and higher until I knew he could feel the heat from my excited sex on
his fingers... I did not let him touch me there yet, but I could tell
that he wanted to more then he wanted to draw his next breath. I let
him lightly caress the inside of my excited thigh while the plane
finished boarding.

As the plane started to taxi to the runway I felt the jolt of Meg
turning my hidden toy on. The vibrations hit my G-spot like a train
and closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations of this strangers
fingers running up and down my spread leg, and the vibrations on my

After we took off the Stewart stopped at our seats and asked if he
could get us anything.

"A couple of blankets would get great," I answered, "I am a little
chilled, I forgot how cold planes can be."

He said he would be right back and went a few isles forward, opened a
compartment and retrieved us a couple of blankets.

Handing them to Meg and I he asked, "Is there anything else I can
possibly do for you ladies?" Completely ignoring that Terry was
sitting there too.

While a smile Meg answered, "I think we will have our hands full for
the next little bit. But can you check back in little bit and you
might be able to help us with something."

I knew from all of the times that Meg and I have flown together than
she really gets turned on on planes. So I knew what she had in mind
for Matt our helpful Stewart.

As Matt walked away Meg and I layed the blankets that Matt and
provided across the three of us. We both knew from experience that
they would not provide much cover, from someone who was watching us
intently but they would at least provide Terry some Privacy while Meg
slid his zipper down and slid her hand inside of his pants.

As Meg's hand clasp Terry's hard cock through his underwear he finally
slid his hand up my thigh and made contact with my en-flamed sex. As
he moved his fingers around getting the lay of the land so to speak
his finger ran across my engorged clit which thankfully was all I
needed, thanks to the buzzing toy hidden deep in my pussy, to cum for
the third time in a couple of hours. Closing my legs around his hand
he got the hint and continued to finger my clit while the waves of
pleasure rolled through my body.

When the last wave of I think two orgasms that rolled into each other
ended I opened my eyes and legs releasing Terry's captured hand.

Terry removed his hand from my lap, as my hand made it's way up his
thigh, to find that Meg had undone his trousers and released his about
7" cock. She was running her hand up and down the length of his cock,
so I cupped his balls in my hand and gently pulled on them.

It was then that the "ding" of the fasten seat-belts light went off
allowing people to move about the cabin. Meg quickly turned off my
vibrating toy, and undid her seat-belt, kneeling sideways in the isle
(note to plane designers if you keep making the distance between the
rows so small so it is going to be impossible to go down on anyone)
She disappeared under the blanket.

Knowing that her head in Terry's lap would not be that easy to hide I
sat up fully releasing his balls and looked around the cabin to make
sure all was well.
As it turns out we got lucky, and no one was really stirring at the
back of the plane, Matt was up front dealing with a disabled person,
and the other passengers where watching the in flight movie in the
backs of their seats.

Figuring we had a couple of minutes before we had to worry about
anyone noticing us. I slid my hand back under the blanket to explore
what was happening.
I quickly found Meg's face as she was moving her head back up to the
tip is Terry's engorged cock.

I don't know what Meg was doing completely but I know the affects it
was having on Terry. His eyes where closed and I could tell by his
quick breathing that he did not have a long time left if she did not
stop what is was that she was doing.

Thirty seconds later I felt Terry shutter and thrust up, no doubt
shooting his cocks juices deep into Meg's mouth.

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