Nasty college girls

It was my senior year and I was called upon to play a leadership role
in my sorority. Specifically, I was asked to plan an initiation
activity that would give the new members pause. Something other than
the formal initiation that would catch them off guard.

I must have a dark side, because after a little thought I began to
relish the role. I planned our little joke for the first night our new
members would spend in the house. I got my boyfriend's cooperation and
laid out my plans with the officers and got their enthusiastic support.
We filled in all the returning members ahead of time.

The day the new sisters arrived, they were greeted by the officers as
usual and shown to their rooms. I had gotten the officers and a few of
the taller and stronger sisters to dress a bit severely, act like they
owned the place, and order the rest of us around just a little. That
was all for the first day, but that night I sprung our trap.

In the middle of the night after everyone had settled down, the same
group of "leaders" went around like drill-sargents, waking everybody
up. They carried around pots and cooking spoons to create a racket. We
all herded down to the basement, following their commands, more or less
dragging our new sisters with us. The leaders had us stand at attention
in formation. There we were, all in our nightgows. We whispered to any
of the new sisters that expressed curiosity not to worry, that this was
all normal. Then one of the leaders came in, and chose three of us. She
did a good job of making it seem random and making it seem like she was
seriously considering choosing one of the new sisters. But really, who
would be chosen had been decided beforehand. She led us into a side
room in the basement, leaving the door open. There, out of view of the
rest of the sisters were our boyfriends. We each got our hands cuffed
behind us, and knelt in front of our boyfriends and pretended to be
sucking their cocks!

Then all the other sisters went back upstairs, passing the doorway so
they could clearly see us "servicing" the men! Imagine what the new
sisters were thinking! As soon as they were all gone, we broke up in

But that wasn't enough. Later that night, after we gave everyone a
chance to go back to sleep (or lay awake worrying) the leaders got us
up again, and again we headed down to stand at attention in the
basement in our nightgowns. This was to be the piece-de- resistance.
The leaders ordered us up against the wall, with our hands against the
wall as if we were being arrested. In the mean time, they pulled out
these huge bull whips I managed to get my hands on, and were slinging
them around, testing them. We arranged it in advance that the newer
sisters would be separated from each other--each one between two of the
senior sisters, who would be following the orders to the letter. The
new sister to be next to me, whose name was Karen, had her hands
covering her mouth in shock and couldn't make herself move to the wall.
I told her this was all normal and not to worry. She seemed to come out
of it and asked me if it hurt very much. "What do you think?" I told
her in a scared voice. I loved this! Finally, she meekly followed
orders, putting her hands against the wall. Then she floored me: she
asked me if I ever got turned on by it. I began to wonder about her,
but I didn't have too long to wonder. The "leaders" came up behind us,
made sure we were all looking at the wall, and started snapping the
whips making it seem like some of us were being whipped. On cue after
the first snap, all of us senior sisters screamed as loud as we could!
The place broke up in pandemonium. Soon all us senior sisters were
laughing hysterically as the new sisters stood there in panic, not
knowing what to do! We actually had a hard time convincing some of them
that it was all a joke!

Well, I got a lot of compliments on my little plan, and heard
references to that night my whole senior year. The only other
interesting thing to come out of it was my memory of what Karen had
said. I went away thinking she might LIKE to be whipped. I must admit
that on occasion I found myself wondering what it would be like to whip
her, sometimes when I saw her walking by. She was an attractive little
thing. And she seemed to have a sly smile for me all the time, as if
she knew what I was thinking, or she had thoughts in that direction
herself. She gave me the chance several times that year to visit her
alone in her room, and when I did, I had this feeling that she was
ready to submit if I only asked her to. Sometimes I wish I had given it
a shot.

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