Teen with a D-cup

Ella was not the prettiest of her school friends, she had hazel brown
hair to her shoulders nothing special, she did though have nice sweet
cheeks but a nose which was a little too long to make her truely
beautiful. She was tall for a girl of 18 at 5'10" and had well
developed breasts, a D cup. Most of her height came from her legs,
which were both tall but also powerful, not fat but certainly not
skinny, this came from her sporty nature. At school she was both
successful in class and at sports but with boys it was different, a few
boys looked at her but none ever asked her out.

Ella was certainly special though, her father worked as detective in
the metropoliton police and it was for this reason that today was
going to the scariest day of Ella's life. 2 years previously her father
had played a major role in the capturing of a man suspected of trying
to tempt young girls to his home, he had been imprsoned for 6 months
and placed under surveillence. The interesting thing about him was that
he was particularly prone to selecting the daughters of the social
elite. Ella's father was all too careful following the trial to protect
her but as the man preferred girls around 11, he had become much more
relaxed now Ella had grown up.

This day Ella was wearing her usual school uniform; white blouse, blue
and yellow tie, black tights, black skirt, square heeled shoes and
white cotton knickers and bra. As usual at the end of her school day
she took the U16 home, her school being a private institution meant
that the bus took over 1 hour to reach her stop, which was the last and
she always had the 10minute final leg after her friends got off. Today
she felt strange getting on the bus, the driver was new, a little older
and had strange piercing eyes that chilled her as she boarded. He wore
a scarf around his face and a flat cap, strange considering it was the
middle of summer she thought. Anyway she though nothing of it until the
last of her friends got off. As the bus pulled away she noticed the
driver looking at her and she began to feel very uncomfortable. he
decided to avoid his looks by reading her teen magazine but the bus
then took an unexpected turn into the woods instead of towards her
village. Ella began to panic, sweat poured from her skin and drops ran
down her back. Her chest became irritated and red and she could not
feel comfortable in her cotton bra no more. Albeit scared she thought
it better to ask the driver why he had taken a wrong turn and she was
settled that he told her the road ahead was blocked so they must take
the long way round. This calmed her for a little cooling her body, her
sweat formed colder drops now and her blouse clung to her skin. After
five minutes they were deep inside the wood, she noticed there were
very few cars and wondered why if the road had been blocked. Suddenly
any traffic there had been dissappeared and the coach slowed and turned
up a small side track into the thick wood. Now she was terrified, what
was he going to do to her?

The coach stopped and there was silence for a minute, Ella sat there
terrified, frozen to her seat. Then the man got up, he got off the
coach and locked the door, two minutes later he returned, with some
wire and clippers. Ella was now so scared it forced her to animate and
she got up and cowered back down the coach, then she realised there was
an emergency door at the back. She ran. She was quick but once at the
door she was too weak to open the door with any swiftness and the man
grabbed her in time. His grip was rough, hurting her wrist and bruising
her for sure. She struggled and he told her if she continued he'd hit
her, she continued. Smack. The man slapped her leg leaving it burning
red. Ella began to cry and gave up the struggle as the man tied her
wrists behind her with the wire. Then he tied her legs together at the
ankles, not too tight but even now as she moved without struggling the
wire cut into her skin. The man lifted her over his shoulder and
carried her down the bus and outside to his car where her placed her in
the boot and closed it. Only a little light manage to escape into the
compartment. Ella stopped crying and remained as still as possible. The
car started and just from the roar of the engine the vibrations caused
her wrists to be cut as the car moved off the bumps continue to cause
cuts in her wrists and ankles. After what seemed like an hour to Ella
she passed out, what must have been a few hours later she was awoken by
a sound, the compartment was now pitch black, then a flicker of light
came through thte small gaps and she heard the key of the boot unlock
and the door open. The man stood over her in what she thought must be
his garage. He lifted her out and carried her to his kitchen. He placed
her on a chair and passed a plate of chips and a beer to her, she had
never druck beer but was so thirsty she ate the food and drank the beer
in quick succession. Once finished he told her it was time she saw her
new home. He carried her one again through the door to the garage,
inside which was a small hatch and stairs into a cellar. He trod
carefully avoiding any falls until he reached the botoom and then he
flicked the switch to light the room. It was damp but quite warm, the
man placed Ella on a matress in the middle of the room. Around the
cellar were what appeared varrious tool shelves and cupboards. The man
approached one and opened it to retrive a glass of liquid and some
tablets. He returned to Ella in order to give her the tablet but Ella
had recovered her resolve and refused to open her mouth. The man tried
to prise open her mouth but Ella responded by biting hard on his
finger. This didnt go down well and the man struck her on the face.
Ella flew backwards from the force and her face stung from the pain,
the man approached calmly and Ella obeyed talking the tablet and water.
The man explained it was for her sleep so he could prepare her. He was
right, only a few minutes later she drifted into a deep sleep....

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