Blondes on planet-x

Walking through the woods one day, I heard her call
my name. Who? Did I glimpse a slender young blonde
girl running naked through the trees?

Then the tarnished modernistic metal structure came
into view as I walked up the hill. The skeleton of a
dome, consisting of 3-inch wide brass poles radiating
from the shiny golden ball at the peak. Rounded, not
in a perfect circular arc, but stylized as petals of
a flower. Like a giant old-fashioned birdcage.

It glistened with a futuristic sheen, other-worldly.
In the middle of the forest clearing, it was
surrounded by bodaciously green trees bursting forth
wih the bright new leaves and birdsongs of spring,
the flowers and blossoms.

In the middle, underneath the golden orb, was a
cabin, reddish metal with gold trim; or maybe it was
a vehicle of some sort, with windows and a door;

And she goes running by -- hardly more than eight or
nine years old, completely naked. She calls to me
again, beckoning me inside the cabin, then she
disappears into the doorway.

Stepping inside to follow her, I encounter a trio of
young naked girls, two of them young (the blond I had
just seen and her brown-haired friend) and a third, a
blonde in her mid teens, whose forearms were sheathed
in long silver armbands. The last was sitting
jauntily at a control console of some sort, on which
she pulled a lever as I stepped into the room.

This gesture led to a mysterious harmonic humming
from the machinery, and whirring from the spokes
around and over us, as if some sort of etherial music
were playing momentarily, then stopped. As it did,
the scenery outside blurred and faded, finally
settling on a forest scene, though this time the
foliage and the setting are totally unfamiliar.

The blonde in silver armbands turned to me. "You'll
want to remove your clothing before we meet the

Try as I might, I could not help staring at her tiny,
beautiful round prepubescent breasts, and the nearly
invisible gentle silky curls forming around her moist
lower lips.

She laughed. "Oh yes, we have some explaining to do.
Welcome to planet X."

"Planet X," I repeated numbly, as the two young girls
stepped over to help me out of my clothing. The air
was warm and balmy, the ideal temperature.

"We exist in a parallel dimension to yours," she
said. "I am the princess here. My name is Aria. Our
dilemma is that no men are ever born on our planet,
so we must borrow them from parallel dimensions. Oh,
and we can return you to exactly where you came from
at any time you choose."

The girls had helped me off with my shirt, and now
were pulling down my outer pants, meticulously
folding as they went. They smiled at me and each
other, obviously enjoying their work.

"It will take some getting used to," continued Aria.
"We don't have a lot of the silly rules that you are
familiar with. For example, girls can have sex at any
age they like. We often get together in groups to
enjoy various forms of erotic pleasure."

The two young girls were taking off my boxers, one on
each side. They smiled at each other as my penis
revealed itself, gently springing into a semi-aroused

"I've never seen one before," explained the blonde,
on my right. She leaned over and gently licked. She
gazed at her friend. "We could squeeze it between us,
while he squirts on our stomach," she said. Her young
friend nodded vigorously, fingering absently her
tiny, moist reddish fold. with her other hand, she
reached under my balls and caressed gently.

Aria smiled. "I want to watch. Let's go to the


The brunette took my hand and led me out the door,
down a forest path that led up a hill. "Won't someone
see us?" I asked.

They all laughed. "Everyone walks around naked here,
or practically naked," said the young blonde.

"We're all girls, anyway. Well, except for you that
is. So what does it matter?" chimed in Aria. Much
giggling. As we came around a bend, there was an
enormous lush soft green meadow, stretching over
hills as far as the eye could see. Here and there
were trees to provide shade from the warm sun above.

Somehow, a soft blanket appeared, and the girls
spread it out for us to lay on.

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