Chirstine anal adventure

Christine is the typical American mom. She is 33, has two
studs, a stable marriage, a good house. And quite attractive.
Her breasts are perfectly rounded and quite big. Her skin is
smooth and supple and she has a trim figure. Today, her children
have left for school, and her husband for work. She, as she
usually does, has the smallish house to herself.
The house is set on a slight rise, with the backyard extending
downhill, some 60 metres. The house itself is quite small, and
is being renovated by Christine's husband, when he is not working
at a local engineering firm.
Her daily routine is basically to see everyone off to work and
school, watch some daytime tv, do some chores, read and do yoga.
This is until everyone comes back from their day, when she looks
after them makes dinner, helps with homework and essentially
leads her family life.
This morning, however, is different. Last night, her and her
husband began taking herbal medecines to try and make their
lukewarm sex life more interesting. Noticing no immediate
change, they had regular, missionary style sex, which did not
really pleasure either of them before sleeping as they had every
This morning, Christine has an appointment with the local doctor,
a regular checkup she has once every year. To her, this is a mere
formality - it is usually boring and mundane.
She feels different today, more lively and energetic. She seems,
however to be filled with a different type of energy, which
appears to be sexually manifested. She showers, finding it
impossible not to rub her beautifully smooth labia and caress her
swollen clit. Shocked by this newfound urge to masturbate (she
hasn't felt the desire in many months), she quickly leaves the
shower and towels off. She catches a glance of herself in the
mirror. Somehow, she thinks, she looks sexier - her breasts
fuller and pubic hair more tempting.
Feeling no urge to put clothes on, she wanders around the house
nude, savouring the amazing sensation of the passing air on her
labia and clit.
She begins to slowly move her hand over her vagina, slowly
running it in time with her steps. On reaching the kitchen, she
almost unthinkingly pulls a round-handled spatula from the drawer
and begins masturbating with it. The sensations she feels are
amazing, she hasn't felt this sexually alive in years.
She squats, the sits in the floor of the kitchen, resting her
back against the cupboard doors and continues to masturbate while
holding the spatula with both hands. She thinks of actually
inserting the spatula into her vagina, but remembers she has a
doctors appointment (the sexual ecstasy has completely changed
what she thinks will occur during the appointment) and decides to
try an anal insertion instead. Reaching frantically into the
cupboard she finds a large bottle of vegetable oil. She unscrews
the cap and dips the end of the handle into the bottle. The
viscous oil clings to the handle as she draws it out, almost
licking her lips with desire. Bending over she feels around her
anus with her finger, shuddering with the sensation. Then she
takes the spatula, holding it by the wide end, back to her rear
end. She pushes eth end of the spatula against her tight
sphincter muscle and holds it there, waiting. Then she closes
her eyes and pushes, the handle slides in easily with all the
lubrication and soon she is pumping it with her left hand whilst
rubbing her clit wildly with the other. After several minutes of
pumping the dips a finger on her left hand into the oil bottle
and uses it to relubricate the spatula. Then she gets the idea
of wedging the wider end of the spatula into the cupboard door,
then pumping her ass back and forth onto it. So far, only half
the handle is in her rectum, so she lubricates the rest and
pushes that in too. The sensation quadruples and she begins
writhing with pure pleasure. She now has one hand free and uses
that to massage her large breasts as they rock back and forth.
Soon she orgasms, shuddering and dripping pussy juices onto the
tiles. Begrudgingly she removes the spatula from her ass and
washes it. Now she explores her now stretched asshole, probing
it with one, two then three fingers. When she is done she goes
back to the bathroom to clean herself off.
In the shower she soaps her breasts thoroughly, then remembering
that she has a doctors appointment today, smiles semi-wickedly.
Today is going to be a big day.

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