Acme and Ecstasy - An Office FemDom Novel

"Joe, while you're here..." her voice trailed off. She planted her
left foot firmly on the arm of my chair. I hardened at the sight of
its unyielding authority in all its high-heeled grandeur.

Its commanding pose made viewing compulsory.

The brutal elegance of her tapering ankle yielded to the demanding
firmness of her shapely calf. Her snug skirt shifted hither as her
knee rose above her tight, trim waistline; revealing her supple,
sensuous thigh. The dark textured band of her sheer stockings pressed
against her exposed smoothness. Accenting the deep tone of her lean,
muscular flesh.

Her succulent glistening slit beckoned to be licked. Its scintillating
scent cast fragrant waves bound for the core of me, kindling my
submissive nature, rousing my need to bow down before its supreme

"It's been hectic." She said. "Relieve some tension for me, will you,

This was a question in form only.

She released me to my calling as a hound to the hunt.

"Kneel, get on your knees, Joe. That's right. DOWN. Kneel down. Yes.
There, that's better. Oh, yes. Lick me, bitch. That's it. There,
bitch, there. Ahh."

She held my face tight against her steaming love seam, slowly driving
the sweet crease into me as I licked at her wet folds.

Sucking the loose lips into my mouth I held them lightly between my
teeth. She drew them out with an agile upturn of her lean athletic
ass, still holding my face close.

I slid down through her wetness till my forehead pressed her mons.
Cupping the lovely firmness of her ass in my hands I, gently but
surely, drove upward cleaving her womanhood as the bridge of my nose
sank lazily into her.

Her lovely clit slid along this traversing rail. Helped on by the
slick juices of her sweet sex. My nostrils partook of this same
sweetness as they reached their depth breathing deep the piquant
perfumed substance.

This essence of Ella quickly filled my sinuses flowing out into the
back of my throat rejoining the mainstream of her consuming nectar.

My mind teetered on the brink of ruin as this most cherished potion
felt its way through my innermost sanctum irrigating my mind in
unutterable ablution.

My senses overflowed their bounds as I entered sensual oblivion.

With the instinct of a newborn child my pursed lips sought the
anchoring comfort that gives identity to the suckling.

The lips of her newborn bitch found their mark, "Oh, that's good. Yes,
kiss my clit. Yes, bitch, yes. Suck it between your teeth. Gently!
There that's better. You're learning. I'll make a first class bitch of
you yet, Joe."

Just then Barb walked in. She immediately turned to leave.

"Barb," Ella said. "When you know Joe is in here don't barge in unless
- (keep licking, Joe) - unless it's important or you're prepared to
see him behaving like a bitch. (Oh, that feels good.) I'd let you have
him too but he's my bitch. (Oh, that's so good.) Perhaps-"

Barb turned and left.

I was humiliated and excited at the same time. I was caught eating the
boss like a cheap slut. That excited me. I was not allowed to stop.
That excited me. I did as I was told -- isn't that what a bitch does?
-- and that excited me.

I knew now what it meant to be a bitch and it excited me.

Over and above the pleasure of going down on Ella's palatable goodness
I was excited by her instructions for me to continue when common
decency dictated I stop and display my shame.

My humiliation served to honor Ella.

I licked with renewed vigor.

Her pussy tasted better now then it had just a moment before.

I saw myself through Barb's eyes: I was a groveling whore of a bitch.

My cock throbbed.

I was a kneeling peon, too servile to risk his taskmaster's ire to get
up and stand like a man. Yeah, right. As if I would rather play at
saving my dignity than having my face buried in my exacting
temptress's excellent bush.

It was no contest. Why pretend? I was hers. I was her Bitch, plain and
simple. I would be used when and how she wanted without pretense.

I buried my face and reveled in the wonder of Ella's total control
over me as she mashed her hips into my face in the bucking throes of

Her final violent thrust seemed to heave every last lick of cum from
her body.

"Ahhh, ohh, umm." She sighed as she climbed on my shoulders to settle
into my face as I remained kneeling. She grabbed the back of my head
and leaned into me, I held her up by her ass cheeks as she slid down
into my mouth and let me have at her drippings.

After I finished licking Ella's sublime excess she dismounted and
wiped herself on my shirtsleeve and sat down. I slumped forward
against the desk, my face sticky with her thick love-honey, steeped in
the sweet stink of her genteel secretions.

"Get up, Joe. You've wasted enough time, bitch. Wipe yourself off with
your other sleeve and get your bitch-ass back on the phones."


"You had better get used to the smell of me. Think of it as your new
cologne. You are comfortable with that, aren't you, bitch?"

I looked up at her from where I lingered, kneeling, and realized I was
perfectly fine with that.

"Yes." I answered.

After all why shouldn't I be? I was her bitch wasn't I?

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