Bella, Bella, Bella.

I was taken with her the moment she walked into the HR office
for the interview. She was just nineteen and luscious, at
least to my eyes she was. She got the job. She was good,
that's why she got the job. No other reason at all, but having
such an attractive girl working for me was hardly

Bella is now twenty-four and has left the company. She worked
for me until about a year ago and during that time she seemed
to look on me as some kind of mentor.

Our relationship was never more than that of being friendly,
although sometimes we would flirt mildly. Even though it was
obvious from her comments that she was no virgin, I came to
the conclusion that she was not very experienced sexually.
She would however, eventually, give me cause to rethink.

She is dark haired and has a pretty, oval face with lovely
green eyes. She has a particularly smooth neck, beautiful
shoulders, and above all, fantastic boobs. Unfortunately,
however, she usually seemed rather self-conscious about them,
and almost always wore loose-fitting blouses or sweaters,
presumably to disguised them.

After she left and started working for another company we
retained our friendship and fairly frequently we would meet
up, have a few drinks or go out to dinner. We were and
improbable mix, and it was a slightly unlikely friendship as I
as I am a lot older than she is. What with office politics,
problems about sexual harassment, there was never any question
of me making advances to her, and anyway, at the time, she had
a serious boyfriend.

I was never sure if she realised that I was strongly attracted
to her or if she thought that I merely looked upon her semi-
paternally. Either way she kept any thoughts to herself,
whilst often my own libido ran riot simply thinking about what
lay under those loose blouses. The only hint of their
magnificence came on the rare occasions when she stretched.
Their exact proportions were then vaguely outlined and showed
that they were certainly a good size and as far as I could
make out, a perfect shape, round and very firm. Many of my
fantasies at that time focussed around those fabulous twin

On this particular evening she was due to come over to my
place as we were going to the local theatre to see some
Spanish dancing, something that particularly interested her.
We had a quick meal in a local restaurant beforehand, and then
after the show we had a couple of beers at a local pub before
returning to my house where we had arranged she should stay
over, something she did from time to time. I was really
looking forward to it as it would give us plenty of time to
chat. Other than a quick cheek kiss there was never any
physical contact and there was never any question of her
spending the night anywhere but in the guestroom - alone.

We got stuck into a few strong German lagers, and soon both of
us were feeling pretty content. We were never at a loss
regarding what to talk about, gossiping on as usual about the
goings-on in the office, and from time to time returning to
our favourite subject - sex!

She would often go into the most intimate detail of her own
love life, which I have to admit I found a great turn-on. She
was that delightful ingenuous mixture, young, part earthy and
streetwise, part naive. It was an appealing and even heady

One aspect of our relationship was that she would often
question me on various aspects of sex and lovemaking. For
instance, she had once asked me to describe, in minute detail,
how she should give a good blowjob. At the time, we were
sitting in a restaurant with other diners around, which only
seemed to heighten my latent excitement with the possibility
that we might be overheard. Needless to say that when we
stood up to leave, I wondered if the physiological
manifestation of the inevitable rise in my blood pressure
would be evident to any of the other diners, in other words,
would they notice my hard-on when we stood up to leave.

There were similar occasions - for example, had I ever done
anal intercourse? What was it like? Would I describe it, did
it hurt and so on. In spite of all our erotic chat, the
relationship was and always had been entirely asexual.

On this particular evening the subject somehow got round to
masturbation. Like most women on the subject, she started
with, "Well, all men do it, don't they."

Noncommittally I answered that probably most did, but then so
did many women. Not surprisingly, being the inquisitive soul
she was, she was not going to be satisfied with that sort of

"Do you do it?" she wanted to know. Slightly taken off guard,
I admitted that I did. "How often," she pressed.

"Well," I said, "it varies."

"Yes, but on average, how often?"

I didn't know what to say to her. Being, from her point of
view at least, somewhat long in the tooth, I guess my sex
drive was hardly that of an eighteen-year-old, but nonetheless
I still considered myself pretty hot-blooded.

In the end I decided to answer truthfully, "Sometimes not for
a week or so, very occasionally twice or very rarely three
times in one night, but on average maybe two or three times a
week. Then she wanted to know where and when I did it.
"Mostly on or in the bed, usually at night." I omitted to
tell her about doing it in front of my home PC.

She pondered this for a while and then said, "I have never
really seen a man wank."

I wondered where the conversation would go from there, and
taking advantage of the pause, I went and got another couple
of beers.

When I got back to the sofa, we sipped our beers in silence
and then she leant against me, and provocatively cocking her
head slightly, said, "Pee J, if I asked you, would you do
something for me?"

Unwittingly, I responded that I probably would if I could.
Pressing closer to me she asked, "Would you let me watch you
wank yourself off?"

I was absolutely flabbergasted and couldn't reply immediately.

She turned towards me and nuzzled her face into my neck, her
hot breath making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up
and making it impossible for me to ignore the feeling of one
of those fabulous breasts being pressed into my arm.

She had never done anything like this before, and then her
hand touched my knee and then moved up the inside of my thigh.
I knew that with my gathering excitement, increasing in exact
tandem with my erection, that at that moment I doubted that I
would have been able to refuse her even the theft of the Crown

She continued to nuzzle me and her hand moved in slow circles
on the inside of my thigh, but keeping well clear of my

"Please, Pee J, you will won't you - please?" I think I must
have nodded weakly. "You'll go all the way, won't you? I
want to see you cum."

There was no question about it, I was in a complete daze, no
doubt the beers helped and coupled with all those unfulfilled
fantasies, both she and I knew I would end up agreeing. Then
to give me some encouragement she started to undo my belt.

"I think you'd be more comfortable in the bedroom."

I nodded again weakly, and taking my hand she pulled me to my
feet and led me on wobbly knees to the bedroom. As we got
there, she faced me, glanced down, undid the top button of my
jeans and taking my zip between her thumb and forefinger,
pulled it down. As she did, her fingers just brushed my
mounting erection sending waves of hot pleasure coursing
through me. As my trousers fell to the floor, she unbuttoned
my shirt and slipped it off. Placing her hand on my chest she
gently pushed me backwards onto the bed.

As I lay on my back, the bulge of my hardening cock was making
a pyramid of my briefs.

"Go on, go on," she urged.

I tentatively slid my hand over my briefs, pressing my palm
hard down on my cock, slowly rotating it.

"Get it out and let me see it," she insisted.

It was almost as though I was in an advanced state of euphoria
or hypnosis with all my natural inhibitions and reluctance
rapidly vanishing into clouds of a totally whisked away

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my briefs and raising
my hips, began to slide them down. My cock sprang free, rock
hard and pointing upwards at over ninety degrees. I could
hear Bella's breathing becoming harder. I kicked off the
briefs, and almost in a trance, my right hand returned to my

My fingers closed round the shaft and I began to massage it,
mainly just using the pressure of my thumb and forefinger. I
began pulling the foreskin in an upward direction, but only
slightly drawing it back down. I often use this technique as
I find it extends the pleasure as it avoids stretching the
opening ring of the foreskin over the swollen knob.

Gradually I increased the length of the stroke, exposing more
of the purple head, revelling in the sensation of the tip of
the foreskin being stretched. Bit by bit I pulled back that
foreskin more and more. The slit-eye in the centre glistened
and let out a large droplet of precum which, with each stroke
spread over the exposed knob, smoothly increasing the

I pulled back the foreskin further and further each time until
I had the exquisite sensation of feeling the ultimate friction
as it was stretched to its maximum, and at last fully
exposing the glans. Through half-closed eyes, I stole a
glance at Bella. Her eyes met mine and then quickly returned
to my prick. My hand movements increased in tempo. The
feeling in my prick was fantastic. I was in an amazing state
of arousal; this was one of the most sexually charged
experiences I could remember. By now, not only had I lost any
lingering inhibitions, I was being indescribably turned-on
knowing that I was being watched.

Through half-closed eyes I heard Bella whisper, "Go on, go on,
cum for me."

I prised my eyes open. What I saw hit me like a sexual
thunderbolt. The flies of her jeans were open, revealing her
white panties, and in the exposed triangle below her belly
button, I now saw, through the thin cotton, the outline of her
hand working furiously. The sight of her masturbating herself
was altogether too much for me. This image proved to be the
catalyst to trigger the crisis somewhere in the deep centre of
my being. It began almost in slow motion, and then from the
depth of my loins, gathered momentum and sped with increasing
and uncontrollable speed all through the length of my cock and
finally erupted from the purple head. As it did I let out a
scream of infinite pleasure at what was one of the most vivid
climaxes of my life. The viscous, white fluid fountained
inches into the air, and fell back onto my stomach whilst my
cock continued to pump and jerk as the last drops spurted out.

Opening my eyes I saw that Bella was in the final stages of
her own paroxysm, and closing her eyes, throwing back her head
and with heaving breasts, she too let out a long, muffled cry,
followed by a series of sobs, gently subsiding as her fingers
slowed their movements under her panties, now revealing a
increasing patch of dampness.

"That was fantastic," she said, and taking her hand out of her
panties she held out her fingers, gleaming in the dim light
with her juices. She looked up at me, and then down at her
hand again. She said no words; her deep green eyes said

I sat upright, leaned forward and took her fingers in my mouth
closing my lips around them. There was a taste vaguely
familiar, certainly erotic, of her own unique nectar. As I
sucked and licked, she slowly pushed her fingers deeper into
my mouth, then slightly pulling them back, repeated the
motion. There was no mistaking the symbolism of her actions.

She stood beside the bed as I rested slightly raised on my
elbows. Her hands went to the buttons of her blouse and undid
them one a time. I knew what she was doing and I waited in
feverish anticipation. Was I really going to see those
fabulous breasts? Those mounds that I had lusted after for so
long? She slid the blouse from her shoulders and let it drop
to the floor.

There they were, the beautiful hemispheres which for so long I
craved for. Encased as they were at that moment in a white
lacy, low-cut bra, hardly seemed to matter. I could easily
discern the outline of her hardened nipples - and all this was
something I had only ever dreamed of. The superb curve from
her shoulders down to the swell of her breasts once more set
my pulse racing.

She reached behind her back and unhooked the bra, and
shrugging her shoulders forward, let the bra shuffle down her
arms and fall to the floor. For a second my eyes followed the
trail the bra was taking until, with a start, I realised that
she had now revealed herself for my benefit. I was not
disappointed with what I was seeing. Surely those boobs were
the ultimate in shape and size. There could not be any more
perfect examples. Her slightly olive skin created nuances of
soft shadow, producing a roundness and perfection of form,
that even the models for Canova's sculptures would have
envied. Then, in a darker tone than the rest of her skin,
situated plumb in the middle of each orb were the areolas,
quite large and surmounted by even darker, pert, acorn-size

This was my nirvana, my portal to visual heaven. I'd waited
quite a few years for this moment, one that I never, ever
expected to arrive. My eyes were riveted to them. From the
periphery of my vision, I could make out a slight smile on her
lips. She knew the effect she was having on me, and I somehow
think she had known all along just how much I lusted after her

She pushed me back on the bed, scooped the jizz from my belly,
and proceeded to rub it into one of her nipples. She now
reached over and taking my cock between her thumb and
forefinger, squeezed out the remaining cum and applied it to
the other nipple. Then, leaning over me until a breast was
immediately above my face she said, "I bet you want to have a
taste of these."

To say I didn't need a second invitation was the mother of all
understatements. I couldn't wait to get at them. One pressed
onto my mouth, I gobbled it, raked it, sucked it, flicked the
tip with my tongue, pulled it, scraped my teeth along the
hardened nub and revelled in its delight. My other hand
reached up and clasped the other. What joy, what bliss, what
pleasure! They felt as good as they looked. The wetness of
my cum on her nipples provided superb lubrication for my
fingers to circle and rub those protrusions, and judging from
the sounds she was making, I had no doubt that she was
enjoying all these sensations almost as much as I was.

Her jeans had slipped down to her thighs, and kicking them
off, she dropped them to the floor. At the crotch of her
panties, the distinctly wet patch around the gusset was by now
slightly transparent, and I could even make out the dark hairs
of her bush. I could feel that I was definitely stirring
again. My desire was once more increasing. She offered me
her other breast and I swapped my mouth and hands over.

She knelt on the bed and pressing my arms into my side,
straddled me, one leg on each side of my body. Leaning back
on her heels, her thighs parted wide showing her bikini
panties stretched tightly across her crotch. My eyes were
glued to that spot. I could feel her bottom pressing against
my rising cock. She arched her back, pulled herself to an
upright position making the fabric taut across her pubes,
which by now were only a foot or so from my face. She
shuffled slightly nearer then leant forward resting her arms
on the headboard. By now the gusset of her panties was just
above my face. She lowered herself to a position that was
just a fraction above my nose. I breathed in the discrete
aroma of female arousal. I raised my face to make contact,
and my nose brushed the wet material. I rubbed my nose along
the cotton, and my actions were met with soft moaning and
increasing pressure on my face. I ran my tongue along the
taut cloth between her thighs. Saliva from my tongue further
soaked the gusset of her panties.

She then seemed to come to a decision. Her desire evidently
overcame any inhibitions she might still have had. She stood
up on the bed, her feet still on either side of me, and with
one hand holding on to the headboard she used the other to
pull down her panties. She raised one foot, released one leg
then the other, and now she was towering over me, totally
naked, legs parted providing me with an unhindered view of her
entire flushed and engorged labia.

"Now let's see if you're just all talk or if you really know
how to do it."

She returned to her former position, giving me the perfect
close-up of her moist love-nest as it hovered just above me,
the swollen crimson lips wet from love juices. I knew that I
was going to savour every second, and that I was expected to
give a virtuoso performance.

Still straddling me, she dropped to her knees again and this
time those nether lips met my mouth and her juices mingled
with my saliva. My tongue first thrust inside, penetrating
her dark tunnel, then with my nose pressed against her pubes,
I found her love bud and let my tongue flick, lick, caress,
and finally suck at it. As I did so, she leaned forward and
by looking down and occasionally raising herself slightly, she
could see my tongue and mouth at work on her.

All the while my cock had been gathering strength and rising
slowly. The realisation that she was getting a real thrill
from watching herself being eaten out, finally bounced my cock
back to its full, hard, throbbing self.

Bella's breathing became faster and then, first crushing
herself onto my mouth, then going rigid, she let out a
strangled cry and I knew my tongue had achieved what she - and
I - had hoped for.

After a some moments she lifted herself off, and turning the
other way round, she laid her cheek on my thigh and looked
directly at my very erect cock, just inches away. She slipped
her hand around it and caressed it gently. I clenched my
muscles and it kicked slightly. The caressing became firmer
and more insistent. She retracted the foreskin - it did not
return. She directed my cock towards her face. She extended
her tongue and flicked its end. She ran it around the fully
exposed glans. Her fingers worked on the base of the shaft,
squeezing, massaging and gently pumping. She leaned closer
and closed her lips round the head. Her tongue raced round
the knob. She was doing everything I had ever previously
suggested to her.

I felt her apply suction, just as I had said she should. She
took me deeper into her mouth. Her lips closed tightly round
the shaft. She began moving her head up and down, mouth
fucking me. Seeing her lovely face doing that to me filled me
with wonder, and then the sensations started to take control
and began to overwhelm me. Her hand was rubbing me quicker;
her head was bobbing faster. My pulse was racing and my prick
felt so big that I knew it was about to explode. I knew my
big moment was beginning. It started coursing through my
whole being. I thrust frantically in time with her head

"I'm going to come," I screamed, "I'm going to come," I

She didn't falter; her head kept going up and down as fast as
she could. My climax exploded into her mouth. The feeling
was ecstatic, wonderful, fantastic.

Her head movements gradually slowed. Her tongue gently
circled my highly sensitive glans. My prick began to wilt and
she looked up at me smiling. She twisted round towards me. I
reached out to feel those fabulous breasts again. She placed
her mouth on mine, and as our tongues intertwined, I savoured
the texture and the slightly spicy taste of my own cum.

This naive young woman had proved beyond all doubt that she
had finally lost her innocence! Or maybe her innocence was
just in my imagination all the time.

Over the course of time we've had several other lustful
experiences, which maybe I will relate on another occasion.

I'll leave it to your imagination where my nocturnal fantasies
centred over the next few weeks!

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