With a flick of her hair

She was wearing a black pencil skirt. I was wearing a black pencil skirt too, and I couldn’t help commenting. That’s how it started. That kind of innocuous comment you give to a friend of a friend. Her pale blue eyes shone in the lights of the club as I complemented her. Unlike me, she was heavily made up and dressed all in black. Her low-cut top left a decent view of her C cup breasts. She had these incredible lashes that brought out her blue eyes even more. I had lost my friends in the club and now I was by myself.

“We have the same skirt”, I said. “One of us will have to go home and change”.

“What?” The music was too loud. It was a lame joke and she didn’t even hear it.

“What’s your name?” she asked. “I’m Lucy. And you’re…”

“Annabelle.” I never asked her what she was doing there, or who she was with at the club. I had come with a few friends, but as soon as I started talking to Lucy they faded into the background along with the rest of the club. I was transfixed by her. Her skin was milky white but her hair was a glossy black and flowed past her shoulders. She had high and sharp cheekbones, red lipstick and fingernails painted jet-black. Her cheeks were adorned with rouge. I was bewitched by her eyelashes and the way they fluttered.

I nervously stuttered, “y-your eyelashes. I can’t take my eyes off them.”

She responded with a very deliberate flutter of her long, arching lashes.

“Anyone can get them”, she said. “It’s easier than you think.”

“Maybe you can show me sometime”, I said.

“Maybe I can show you right now”, she responded.

She firmly took my hand and led me towards the women’s bathroom. As we walked together towards the graffiti-stained mirror on the wall, I noticed there was no-one else there. “Stand still”, she said. She stood behind me and took out some eyeliner. She took the makeup to my eyes and squeezed my shoulder with her other hand. She was so close I could feel her hot breath on the side of my neck. Her breath and the smell of her perfume had an intoxicating effect on me, and I was so nervous that I trembled slightly. “That’s it”, she said. “Hold still. Wow, you look great.” I smiled nervously. I felt an uncontrollable attraction to her. I had never felt this way about a woman and I was confused and conflicted but infinitely curious. Suddenly and without a word, she grazed her teeth along my neck. She bit the side of my neck softly, enough to send a shiver down my spine. I felt her start to press against my back as she took a hand and placed it over my left breast, feeling me up. I moaned softly. A small part of my brain wanted to offer resistance because this was all so new and unexpected, but that part of the brain was quickly forgotten as my pussy started to rapidly get wet. I pulled away slightly and leaned over to kiss her, but she grabbed my hand and spun me round instead.

She took my hand and led me into a cubicle. She sat me down on the toilet seat forcefully. Her hands started to undo the zipper on my skirt. The skirt dropped to my ankles, and then she grabbed at my panties, pulling them down to rest on my ankles as well. Her right hand spread my knees apart. I used to shave my pussy for my last boyfriend, but that was a long time ago – I had grown quite a bit of bush. Her hand ran over my cunt hairs. By this time, the wetness was uncontrollable - my pussy was glistening with juice. Her eyes focused on my pussy, as she looked at it like a cat toying with its prey. Her index finger started to slowly rub my quite prominent clit. She moved her finger in circles around my button, and then hit it more directly. I let out a gasp. Then, she took her index and middle fingers and ran them down my pussy. Suddenly, she took those two fingers and pumped them inside me. She continued to massage my clit with her thumb. I couldn’t believe it. My head was starting to spin. Her blue eyes devoured me as I stared into her face, which had broken out in a devilish grin as she witnessed the effect she was having on me. And then it started. It only took a minute. That shudder of oblivion, or whatever it is you feel when you orgasm. Suddenly, I felt another sensation. I was squirting. I started to gush all over her hand. I was embarrassed – this was only the second time this had happened to me. She was standing up, pumping my pussy and looking surprised and gleeful. I came all over her black stockings. More girl cum gushed onto the floor. She let out an electric shriek of self-satisfied laughter as she pulled her fingers out of my pussy. She took some toilet paper and dried her wet stockings. She was enjoying herself. She took her right hand and put all five fingers into my mouth, stretching my mouth wide open. I felt the taste of my own pussy juices on my tongue.

“Good girl. Let’s go somewhere more private”, she whispered. She took me by her right hand, which was still wet and glistening with my pussy juice. We walked hand in hand to the exit of the club.

“S-so, what do you want to do now?” I squeaked timidly.

“Your place”, she said. “How far away is it?”

“Ten minutes in an Uber”, I mumbled.

“So order one”, she instructed me. She really was no-nonsense. She knew exactly what she wanted. I knew I had friends in the club who were probably wondering where I was. That didn’t matter anymore. I was in Lucy’s world that night, and she called the shots.

The cab ride was tame. She made small talk with the driver.

I led Lucy up the steps to my apartment. I was so nervous I was stumbling in my heels, which I kicked off as I entered the front door. We walked into the kitchen, and Lucy pushed me against the fridge and started kissing me. I went to put my right hand on her back, but she took my hand and pushed it against the fridge. I had only been with three boys in my life, and they had been so tentative. Lucy wasn’t like that. She stayed in control.

“Bedroom?” she said.

“This way”, I replied, and led her down the corridor and into the bedroom.

I’m not gay, but I had always wondered what it would be like to taste pussy. Entering the bedroom, I stuttered and told her I told her I had always thought of myself as straight. “Taste my cunt and I bet you’ll like it, straight girl”, she said. She rapidly took all her clothes off and lay down. This was the first time I had seen her look almost vulnerable. This time, it was my turn to make her lose herself in pleasure, and I could see that as badly as she wanted me, the idea made her a bit apprehensive. I started by sucking on her tits, kneading each breast like putty in my hands. She had quite small, pink nipples, but I could tell by the way she growled that they were very sensitive. Even the way she vocalised made her seem dominant – she growled and purred almost aggressively, a big departure from my girly, high-pitched moans. Then, I started to kiss her body, moving south from her breasts. I stuck my tongue in her navel. My curiosity was boundless and I wanted to devour every inch of her body. Finally, my lips tasted her pubic hair. Her cunt hair was shorter than mine – it was trimmed to about half an inch in length. I planned to tease her just a little and take things slowly, but again she took control. She grabbed my hair and pushed my head towards her clit. She had quite a big clit. I felt the prickles of her trimmed hair as I ran my tongue down her pubic mound. I was still so nervous. I had never tasted pussy before. How hard could it be? I thought to myself. I knew my own body well, and I was confident I could make her feel good. She was just such a mysterious, otherworldly creature for me. I knew nothing about her – besides her first name – and I couldn’t imagine ever being good enough for her, and that included being able to satisfy her sexually. Still, she was extremely wet and her pussy glistened like a pearl, which was a good sign. I started tentatively, moving my tongue in slow circles around her clit while occasionally making a long sweeping motion down her pussy lips with my tongue. “Harder”, she whispered, and I changed my tune. I wrapped my mouth tightly around her pussy and went all-out on her clit with my tongue. My hot breath was running over her pussy. I spat on the fingers of my right hand and then rubbed them over her nipples, kneading her breasts. A sole bead of sweat ran down her body from her face to her belly button. I carefully traced it with my finger and then licked off her salty sweat. Then I went back to working her clit. As I continued to lap away I looked up to her face like a student eager for her teacher’s attention. Her eyes were closed in pleasure, and I again noticed her incredible, butterfly-like lashes. Her teeth were gritted, and she was letting out a soft purring sound. As I kept going I felt the muscles in her thighs tensing up. I knew she was getting close.

“Uuuh.” She let out a throaty moan. Suddenly, she closed her legs shut around either side of my head. My tongue was numb and tired but I kept going furiously. My face was sweating from the effort, and beads of sweat flowed into my mouth and mingled with Lucy’s pussy juices. All of a sudden, Lucy gasped wordlessly and her mouth opened wide as a shudder went through her torso. She pushed my head away from her pussy forcefully and then slumped against the bed, exhausted. I leaned back, prepared to give her some time to recover, but she took my hand and pulled me towards her, kissing me passionately. My tongue was still numb and she did all the work, making circles with her tongue around my limp tongue. Her pussy juice mingled with our saliva as she caressed the back of my neck, while I felt my cheeks still wet with her juices.

I knew it was her turn now, and she didn’t disappoint. As I knelt on the bed, she pulled my top over my shoulders and tugged it off. Once again, she undid the zipper on my pencil skirt and pulled it off. I kicked off my boots and socks. She was an intensely aggressive lover, and she furiously kissed my body all over. I went to kiss her, but she put her hand around my neck and started to softly choke me instead while her kisses moved down towards my pussy. She pushed me onto my back as her mouth moved down to my cunt. She grazed her teeth along my clit and kissed it hungrily with her lips. Without warning she put a finger in my pussy and bent it upwards towards my clit in a “come-hither” motion. Then she put a second finger in, and I was in heaven. She pumped both of them in and out for about five minutes as I continued to moan. Suddenly, she pulled her fingers out of my pussy, and spat on her little finger. With the finger lubed up with saliva she began to trace down the path from my pussy lips to my anus. It was something I loved, but I found a lot of boys were wimps about – there’s nothing that makes an orgasm more intense than anal stimulation, but so many guys were afraid to go there. Often, I would masturbate without even touching my clit, with the feeling of penetrating my ass with a finger being enough to bring me to orgasm. It’s as if she knew this. Not having shaved in a while, I had hairs all over my ass that had grown to about an inch in length. She began to tease my hairy ass, running her little finger around my hole. Then, she started pressing on my asshole. Her finger slipped in easily to the first joint. She pushed it in deeper and soon, her whole little finger was fucking my hole. She wiggled her finger inside me as she explored my ass. She continued to fuck my pussy with her tongue. Her strategy was messier than I thought it would be. She was using a lot of spit and using her lips, tongue and teeth.

She came up from going down on me and her blue eyes shone in the half-light. She wiped the juices off her cheek and then flipped me onto my stomach. She asked me if I owned a vibrator. It’s so awkward. I giggled girlishly and reached into my drawer. I showed it off to her. It’s a fairly big one with a clit tickler – I wanted the best, and it set me back a fair bit of money. She turned the vibrator on and started languorously sucking on it. She spat on the vibrator and pushed me onto my stomach. I was looking forwards to that buzzing feeling along my pussy lips. I felt her hand running over my ass cheeks and was surprised - she went right past my pussy and started to tease my ass with the vibrator. She spread my legs right apart and rubbed the vibrator against my quivering asshole. Slowly, she edged it in. At first, it was just the head, but then it went deeper. Lucy spread me right apart and began fucking my ass with the vibrator. It was an incredible feeling. The vibrator eased deeper and I felt my ass opening up. I felt totally submissive and the buzzing continued inside me through the wall of tissue to my pussy, stimulating my G-spot. I loved the feeling of being fucked in the ass – it made me feel completely passive. I surrendered to the crescendos of pleasure that she gave me as the vibrator went in and out. I came with the vibrator in my ass, and while I let out a cry of pleasure Lucy put her hand around my neck and started to choke me hard. It made the orgasm a lot more intense. Then she took my vibrator, straight out of my ass, and stuck the still-vibrating member in my mouth.

“Suck it clean. Good girl”, I heard her growl.

Then, Lucy got behind me and started fingering my cunt with her right hand. She hastily took off her black stockings and pulled them around my neck. She pulled the stockings tighter as she bit my ears. Lucy got her black panties which were lying on the side of the bed. She took her panties and jammed them in my mouth. I moaned. She pushed her hand over my mouth. “Shh”, she whispered. I breathed in Lucy’s musk through my mouth and nose as I bit down on her panties. I could barely breathe but the feeling was incredible. Her panties were in my mouth and her stockings were pulled tightly round my neck. With her left hand, she pressed against my mouth and stuffed the panties back in whenever she thought they might come out. With her right hand, she furiously fingered my cunt with two fingers. She was grinding against my back and her tits were pressing into my back while her pussy rubbed against my ass cheeks. I felt myself building to another crescendo of pleasure. “I want you to be silent this time”, she said. “That’s not a request, it’s a command.” I couldn’t think of anything more difficult and I wanted nothing more than to scream in delight. As she fucked my cunt furiously, I felt the familiar sensation of impending orgasm. “Silent”, she said. I couldn’t help but moan, which made her pull the stockings even tighter around my neck as the pleasure intensified. I felt my knees shake uncontrollably. The stockings were so tight around my neck that I nearly passed out, but instead I experienced the most incredible orgasm that I had ever felt. As I came I noticed that once again, I was squirting all over the bed, my pussy making squelching noises as her fingers continued to pound me. Then, she suddenly pulled her fingers and let go of the stockings. My body fell limp onto the bed, completely sated.

We were both spent as we lay on the bed next to each other I shuffled towards Lucy. “Let me fall asleep in your arms, lover”, I cooed to her. Lucy tensed up.

“I sleep better when I have a bit of space”, she said, and pulled the blanket away as she moved to the other side of the bed. “Good night.”

Slowly, I woke up and rubbed my eyes. The morning sun was just starting to cast its rays into the room. Lucy got up in the half-light. I saw her putting her clothes on.

“Come stay with me for a while… I can make you breakfast”, I said.

"Oh, I’ve got an Uber waiting”, she shot back.

“I’ll add you on Facebook”, I replied.

“I don’t have Facebook”, she said. Bullshit. Everyone has Facebook. With a flick of her hair, she was gone. I’ve never seen her again. She’s come up as a recommended friend on Facebook but why add her? She’s perfect as I remember her. My sex life has never been the same. I still haven’t been with another woman, but every time I get fucked, every time I feel a tongue on my pussy or a cock pounding me, and every time I orgasm, I can’t help but think of her and whisper her name. “Luuuucy”, I moan, and I think of the time she took me to heaven and then left suddenly, leaving me with nothing but orgasmic memories to mull over.

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