God was that good sex

I awoke slowly, feeling Jenny's pussy contracting then releasing
my erection every few seconds. It was a slow awakening, a
delicious feeling. I opened my eyes and saw that it wasn't light
yet, but it was getting close... like me. I reached up and
caressed Jenny's breasts, and she sighed her first, "Aaaahhh!"

Jenny tugged lightly, telling me she wanted to roll on her back;
I did so, wishing she was reversed, but eager anyway. I started
stroking slowly and deeply into her; each time I'd reach the
bottom of her pussy with a push, she'd move her hips against
mine, pulling on my bottom to get me in deeper. We'd hold that
for a second, and then repeat.

Jenny reached up, starting kissing me, using her tongue to spear
into my mouth, far more passionate than our loving movements.
When she came, I was unprepared; she starting shaking and
trembling, then frantically bucking against me, twisting and
writhing in pleasure. It didn't take much of that before I came
as well.

We lay together for a couple of minutes, and then the alarm
clock went off. "Got that timed pretty well," Jenny joked.

I reached over, turned the alarm off. Outside came the slam of
a car door; I pulled out of Jenny, hotfooted it to the window in
time to see Melinda's car drive away. I grinned at the memory of
last night; I wondered if Mom had had nearly as pleasant a night
as I had?

I turned to Jenny. "Time to get up, Jenny."

She grimaced and threw off the sheet; we both went down the hall
to the bathroom and showered. It was, I thought, something I
could definitely get used to.

Mom and JR made breakfast, then I drove JR and Jenny to school;
I felt odd not having to pick up Shannon and Elizabeth. It had
only been a few days, but already I was comfortable with it, and
missed seeing them.

I ran into Janey in the hall before school and told her that the
trip to LA was off.

Her eyes lit up. "Oh cool! I was looking forward to you coming.
And coming and coming."

"Can I bring a friend?" I asked, wanting to be certain.

"Eighth grade?" Janey asked, and I confirmed. "Yeah, she's
gotta be cool, though.

"She's, like, down on guys, right? Her brother was screwing
with her, wasn't he?"

"Janey, one thing above all else: I don't talk about other
people's business. You've heard rumors about Jennifer; some are
right, some are wrong."

"Well, if the ones I hear most often are true, she sounds like
my kind of girl."

I just looked at Janey and didn't say anything at all.

"See you two then, Saturday," Janey said, losing the battle of

After school, Janey sought me out again with more information.
"Saturday, four in the afternoon we open the doors." I nodded.
"We close them at five. No latecomers. If you want to leave --
that's cool, but you can't come back."

"Rules are good," I said, nodding.

I drove over and picked up JR, Jenny and Penny; dropped Penny
off and the rest of us drove to Shannon's.

Mary and Dad were there, talking. Elizabeth was sleeping, we
were told. If I were a betting person, I'd have said that Dad
and Mary had gotten some sack time in, but they hadn't slept
much. Dad declared a 'study free' day; since none of us had any
homework due over spring break.

Shannon asked if she could talk to me in her room. I felt bad
about the day I'd gone off with Elizabeth. I was uncomfortable
with the memory, so I agreed, even though I thought it might not
be a good idea. Shannon's first words didn't help that feeling.

"I keep thinking about us," she said. "I know I must seem like a
squirrelly bitch who can't make up her mind."

"You sound like someone who's not sure what she wants," I

"I spent last night alternating between masturbating and
thinking. Frankly, getting myself off was the most productive
part of the night. I don't hate you Tom, I keep wanting to,
because you don't want to be with just me.

"I think about what you told me about how it's okay to be with
others, and I start to nod agreement; then I think about you
and..." She looked at me. "I don't know, Tom. I have a
feeling, deep, deep down inside myself that if I walk away from
this, I'll miss the most important thing in my life. You know
what today is going to be for me?"

I shook my head.

"The first Friday afternoon since I was six years old where I
didn't go to Mrs. Hesse's house and learn more about the violin.
Three thirty every Friday, like clockwork for ten years. Now
there's no money; no prospect of money, at least for the time
being, because my father is dead. Dead and gone. I keep
wondering what in the world I could have done to not make this
happen, and I can't think of a thing."

I thought for a few seconds. "Shannon, I want you to promise me
something. I'm going to tell you something, and I want you to
promise me you'll never, ever tell your mother. Not first. I
will tell her or maybe Dad will. Not very likely my mom; but one
of the three of us tells her first. It'll happen soon, but I
don't know exactly when."

Shannon was looking at me, obviously curious. "I suppose."

I shook my head. "Supposing won't do. Cross your heart, hope
to die."

"You're serious."


She shrugged. "Okay, I promise. Cross my heart and all of

"Most likely we'll tell Mary when it comes time for her to sell
your house." Shannon nodded, as I spoke. "Because it's going to
be me that buys it."

"You?" She obviously didn't believe me.

"Me. And I'd just as soon you don't tell anyone else."

"How could you buy our house?"

"In a word, actually two: it's 'trust funds.' My father's side
of the family isn't poor, but not rich. Dad's father was a civil
engineer; he built dams and bridges all over the world. It paid
really, really well. My dad is an only child. My mom's father
is so rich there aren't words to describe it. Mom and her
brother are the only heirs; Mom had a baby when she was thirteen;
grandfather has never forgiven her for that. So he gives our
Uncle Craig, JR and I gifts twice a year, but not Mom. Lots of
money; lots and lots of money." I watched her eyes. "Millions
of dollars. Eventually, tens of millions."

Shannon was silent, then looked up at me. "Oh." It was a word
she said with considerably understated feeling.

I laughed. "All my life, all that I can remember, my dad would
rant about the lottery. A big waste he said; people betting a
little on the hope of a big score. Something for nothing, he
called it. When he told me about Grandpa's plans, well, he said
I would just have to adapt to the fact that reality doesn't fit
into nice, neat little boxes. Because JR and I have won the

"And what does this have to do with Mom or my playing the
violin?" Shannon asked.

"Because I make more a day in interest than Mary will make at
work in a month," I told her. "JR does the same. My Dad does
okay too... Any of us, except Mom. You four could move in with
us, or we could just write you a check. We'd never notice it."

Shannon blinked. "Mom would have a cow," she said mildly. "It
would be just like before. Totally dependant on someone else."

I nodded. "I think Mary is wrong; there's nothing wrong with
relying on someone else if you have something to fall back on.
She wasn't ready, wasn't prepared. I think she needs to work for
a while, having to deal with everything. I think she lost a lot
of self-confidence when your dad left. She needs to get that
back. Someone dumping more money on her wouldn't do that." I
smiled at her. "As for you, Shannon Leary, you've never once
played your violin for me. Not once. You don't lack
self-confidence; you won't flip out if someone pays for your
violin lesson. Last week, your Dad, real soon now," I tapped my
chest, "me." I smirked at her, and wagged my finger at her.
"And before next week, you will play for me!"

She looked at me, her jaw literally down around her navel.
"Okay." Shannon still sounded like she was unsure.

"Shannon, would someone who owns a mile of beach be giving up
much, if he gave away a pinch of sand?" She shook her head.
"That's me." I paused, giving her a chance to think. "I really
would like to hear you play. I love music, particularly
classical music."

"Thank you, Tom." She paused. "You told me that it's just a
grain of sand to you, so I won't feel obligated, didn't you?"

"Pretty much," I replied. "Also, because it's true."

"You're not trying to buy me; you just want me to share
something you have in abundance. Just, for most people, that's
not something they have in abundance. If you're so rich, why go
to North High?"

"My mom went to an expensive private school; supposedly quite
good. Somehow in the curriculum, they didn't get around to
teaching what happens when a boy puts his penis inside a girl's
vagina and comes. Mom had no idea how she got pregnant until
Uncle Craig explained it to her. Mom decided that expensive or
not; she hadn't learned what she needed to know.

"So we go to public school, JR and I. Not, mind you, that
that's all we do. Mom has been supervising our studies since
before we first set foot in a school. We spend the summers
hitting the books, sometimes even harder than during the regular
year. She's a real tyrant when it comes to education.

"Dad says that having money isn't a simple thing. It means duty
and responsibility as well as privilege. We already have a
couple of hundred employees. I mess up, well, if Dad messes up
until I get to be 21 and take over running things, they lose
their jobs. As you know, not having an income can be pretty

Shannon nodded. "Wow!"

I agreed. "Double wow! Please, Shannon. To me, it's no big
deal. JR doesn't even begin to understand it that much. Numbers
on pieces of paper; reality is that we both have allowances and
can't spend beyond them."

"And you can afford my music lessons on your allowance?"
Shannon asked, eyes wide.

I shook my head. "Probably not, but Dad told me that I was old
enough to use my judgment. I'm going to have to tell him what I
want, why I want it, and justify it to him. I do believe I can
do that."

"I don't know what to say," she said finally.

"Play, that's what I want. I want you to play your violin."

She laughed then, shaking her head. "I keep finding reasons why
I should love you, reasons I can't hate you. Now something
else." She looked at me. "I don't think I can deal with
sharing, I really don't think I can. But if some night I'm
lonely and horny..."

"Oh yeah!" I said with feeling. Then spoke to the first thing
she'd said. "Shannon, when you told me about you and Roger, you
told me how he wanted to control every little thing about you.
That's not me. I want to share; you're right about that. I want
to share part of your life, and I want you to share part of mine.
I don't own you, don't want to. I don't want to be your entire
life, like your dad was to your mom. I don't want anyone to be
my entire life.

"Maybe it's selfish, maybe it's hormones, I don't know. I don't
think so. It's how I feel. Here." I tapped my heart.

Mary knocked on the door; I grinned when Shannon went to open it
and talk to her mother. A bigger grin when Shannon turned to me
and told me that there was a Scrabble game being organized, did I
want to play?

The seven of us played Scrabble; Dad applied some major whupass
on us, showing everyone just what it means to be a Scrabble

We were just finishing when Elizabeth woke up, and came out to
join us.

"If one more person offers to do one more simple thing for me,"
Elizabeth said firmly after Jenny offered to fetch her something
to drink, "I'm going to bop them. Wednesday was bad. Yesterday
was uncomfortable, mostly because of all the tests they ran.
Today I feel a little tired, but aside from some bruises..." She
looked at me, "I'm fine. Really."

"The doctor said you have to take it easy for a week," Mary told
her. "You will take it easy for a week."

Elizabeth nodded, then turned to me. "Tom, would you come in my
room? I want to talk to you." I nodded, unsure what she wanted;
even more unsure how Shannon would react. Still, I followed
Elizabeth into her room. "Close the door," she asked, and I

"Did you tell anyone about what I said, before it happened?" she

"I told your mom that I thought that you had the attack when
your dad was killed. That's all." I'd kind of hinted to the
police how her dad had been treated before he was killed; I was
reasonably certain they'd blown me off.

"I'm going to tell Mom about it some day. Not soon. I don't
know about Shannon." She stopped, looked at me. "Everyone says
you're cool, you don't push a girl."

"Never." Not, I added to myself, unless it's a place we both
want to go.

"I want to ask you a question about something; I don't want you
to flip out when I show it to you."

"I won't flip out." I was expecting gross; well, in a way, it

Elizabeth started lifting her flannel nightie over her head. The
first thing my eyes went to was her dainty pussy mound, with a
faint tracery of pussy hair that looked like a flower, a delicate
stem with a whorl at the top. Dark, but fine and delicate hairs.
It was, I thought, the most beautiful pussy I'd ever seen, very
much like Jenny's.

Then the nightie went above her breasts, but her breasts weren't
what caught my eye; what stopped them in their tracks were the
black and blue marks on her chest, the size of a dinner plate,
over her heart. I'd heard them talking about bruises earlier.
It's one thing to talk about something... I'd pictured in my mind
the bruise I'd gotten when I'd been hit by a baseball when I'd
played Little League; a black spot the size of a silver dollar.
This was that, cubed and then some more.

"I have bruises everywhere except my breasts," Elizabeth said
matter-of-factly. "I put my hand there, tried to do it like you
must have. My fingers almost always touched one breast or the
other. But there are no marks on my breasts."

I met her eyes. "Elizabeth, when I saw you collapse, I bent
down and started pushing on your chest. Mouth to mouth. I
honestly don't remember anything else." I paused, nearly
overcome with emotion, remembering her laying on the sidewalk.
"I just didn't want you to die." I put emphasis on each word as
I spoke. "I wasn't thinking about groping you."

She smiled slightly. "You might think that's true, but inside
here." She stepped close and tapped my head.

I was aware of two lovely breasts an inch from my chest; the
most beautiful pussy in the universe an inch further away from my
aching erection. "You were thinking about it. And didn't want
to touch me... because you were sure I didn't want you to."

I couldn't help it. "I want to touch you now," I said, my voice
a whisper.

"Go ahead," Elizabeth said, "do it." Her voice was as much a
whisper as mine.

I brought my hands up, cupping her breasts with my fingers.
After a second, I dropped my hands back down by my side.

She reached out, took one of my hands in hers, led it to her
beautiful sex, and pressed down. "I masturbate myself, Tom.
Please, finger fuck me."

My fingers caressed hair like the finest silk; the faintest,
most gentle caress in the universe. I felt dizzy, like I'd run a
million miles. "I can't." I was stunned, surprised.

She smiled, leaned close and kissed my cheek. She reached down
and took my hand in hers, then she put my hand over the bruises
on her chest. Then she placed her hand on my chest, in the same
spot. "It's because in here, you know and understand I didn't
want you to."

I met her eyes and knew the truth.

"I can't say how it is I know things, like what was happening to
my dad, how you feel, inside here." She pressed her hand down on
my chest. "But I do. I really do."

I nodded; again my jaw was down around my socks in awed wonder.

"Tom," her voice was simple, undemanding. Yet I wanted to drop
down on my knees and beg forgiveness; I had no idea what
forgiveness I needed.

"Tonight, Tom, I'm going to be with someone. And Sunday,
another. Monday, Tom. You and me. And Tuesday, Tom, Tuesday.
You will need all your strength for the two women who will share
your life for the rest of time."

She kissed me on the cheek, and then giggled. "I hope you and
Jenny have a good time this weekend." I blinked. How did she
know? Did she know? Jenny and me... Who was Elizabeth going to
be with first?

Then I knew.

"I'm not sure if it's karma or fate or what," Elizabeth said.
"One of those. Somehow, for some reason, I seem to be able to
see it. I have this feeling that maybe I can still do it now,
but I won't be able to tomorrow. Reserved for virgins."

Elizabeth was grinning at me, the whirl of my emotions had sped
up, not slowed down.

"Besides," Elizabeth went on, nodding at a computer on her desk.
"It's easy to be omniscient when you have access to the
Internet. I know a lot, Tom. A lot about a lot of things that
you haven't talked about. It'll be fine; I promise."

She stepped back, and motioned to her nightie on the floor.
"Could you pick that up for me? You wouldn't believe how much it
hurts to bend over."

My eyes went back to the bruises; yeah, well, you'd be surprised
there, I'd had a bruise or two of my own. I leaned down and got
it, handed it to her. Elizabeth shook her head, then held her
arms up like a bad guy in front of a cop, shoulder high. I
slipped it over her hands, helped her shake it into place; when
she was covered, I sighed deeply. Elizabeth giggled. "Soon,
Tom, soon."

Outside, I found that the rest were working on dinner; Mom told
me to go read a book. Dinner was pleasant, as relaxed as our
first one together; it was, of course, because that's what Mom
and Mary wanted.

It was an amusing meal, though. Mom and I were flirting, so
were Dad and Jenny. Elizabeth was very attentive to her mother;
JR and Shannon talked non-stop to each other.

When dinner finished, Dad looked at Mary, who nodded. "First
things first," Dad explained. "This weekend. Tomorrow, ten AM,
the police want to talk to Mary, Elizabeth and Shannon. They
wanted downtown; we got them to agree it would be here. You will
have the lawyer here; he'll sit with each of you; they won't let
anyone else be there. It should be short, no more than a half
hour each.

"Tomorrow afternoon, Tom and Jenny are going to a party; the
rest of us are going to a place away from here; I'll give Tom the
address and directions. I'd wanted to go to a small bed and
breakfast, but they couldn't take so many people on this short of

"So, we have reservations until next Saturday night at a suites
hotel in Scottsdale. We'll be away from things, which should
give us all a chance to unwind and relax. Of course, Ellen, Mary
and myself have to work next week. I'm sure you kids can find
something to occupy yourselves, one way or another."

"No problem," JR agreed with a smirk.

I realized that the timetable Elizabeth had spoken of, was the
one Dad was talking about. I glanced at Elizabeth, except she
was whispering something into Mary's ear; Mary looked mildly

Mom leaned close to me, "Did you like watching Melinda and I
last night?" Her voice was a whisper, her warm breath pleasant
on my ear.

I smiled and nodded, remembering. Oh yes!

"Melinda has an exhibitionist streak in her, odd in someone in
her profession," Mom's tongue traced a line along the curve of my
ear; I shivered with pleasure. "She was surprised though, that
you didn't stay longer."

"You know what?" Elizabeth suddenly spoke, a little loud. I
looked around; the room had grown quiet because Jenny was in
Dad's lap, his arms around her. JR and Shannon were lip-locked,
and Elizabeth had an arm around Mary's waist.

"I think we should get bare, like the other day," Elizabeth
announced. I mentally blinked. Considering the current pairings
and stated intentions, the orgy would be starting tonight.

"Cool," Mom said firmly, and started taking off her blouse. I
undid my jeans, slid them down, then my shirt. There was no way
to obscure my erection; I figured, why bother? Who was it going
to surprise? Dad had one too, I noticed. Moreover, he was
helping Jenny out of her clothes.

Mom turned her back to me, "Undo me, Tom." I popped the snap of
her bra, and she pulled it off. I let my fingers trail across
the marks it had left on her back; eventually the marks led
around front, and I cupped both her breasts. This wasn't earlier
with Elizabeth; I had no trouble keeping my hands there, rubbing
her nipples erect.

I leaned down and kissed her neck, and she almost purred. What
was that about an exhibitionist streak? I looked around, Jenny
was still in Dad's lap; there was no doubt in my mind where his
erection was. JR was licking Shannon's breasts, while Shannon in
turn had a hand buried in JR's pussy. Elizabeth was kissing
Mary, not a terribly passionate kiss, but I was sure that that's
where it was heading.

Mom twisted slightly to face me, her eyes also sweeping the
room. When she got to Mary, a smile appeared on Mom's face. She
leaned close to me. "You like it on top, on the bottom. Ever do
it doggy style?"

I blinked, nodded, trying hard to keep my enthusiasm from
overwhelming me. She smiled, turned back to face the other way,
sliding forward. Soon, I was presented with a wide wiggling
bottom. I got up on my knees, and Mom guided me to the place
where I was supposed to go; not the other place of forbidden

It was good, very good, and while Mom didn't have Jenny's rock
solid buns, she more than made up for the difference in
experience. It didn't take long to shoot; hearing Jenny's Oooh!
Aaaahs! didn't hurt either. Nor the sibilant sigh from Shannon
as JR hit the right spot. Then, an Ooooooooooohhhhhh!
Aaaaaahhhhhhh! from Elizabeth; I saw that Mary was fingering

There was a long moment of silence, followed by a universal
chorus of giggles. "I think," Mom said with dignity, "that it's
about time to go to bed. David, why don't we gather Jenny and
Tom and hit the road? I assume, Joanna, that you'd like to spend
the night here?"

JR looked up from where she was, sitting in front of Shannon.
"I'm just getting started," JR muttered, causing Shannon to

Mom stood up, dignified, even when nude, and started dressing.
Dad and Jenny did the same, I sat for a moment, watching
Elizabeth and Mary, and then I too got dressed.

The drive home was blessedly short. Melinda had been right, Tom
Ferguson, boy wonder, seemed to have fallen off the news charts,
the house was quiet.

Mom led me upstairs to her room; Jenny was leading Dad away at
the same time to hers.

We shared a quick shower, then kissed and cuddled for some time,
talking about small things. I started to get horny, looking at
her. Mom saw the rise in my midsection, and smiled. "When I was
your age and a little younger, Craig was very much like you are
now. He could make love for hours and hours and hours; once our
parents left on Friday night, came home Sunday afternoon. We
must have made love thirty times that weekend. It was

"And a while ago, that was wonderful, too. Dave and I... our
sex has been even better than it has been, and it's been good to
wonderful since the first time."

I'd leaned down and was suckling on her breasts, and she sighed
with pleasure.

"I mentioned earlier that Melinda was surprised you left," Mom
whispered, her face bemused. I continued my attention to her
nipples and she stroked my face. "She hinted that in a couple of
weeks she would be back and wouldn't mind if you watched

"I never really thought of this as a spectator sport," I said,
lifting her breast to better lave her nipple.

Mom laughed lightly. "You are the private one! Sometimes, Tom,
small things can be, well, let's call it erotic. Like having
someone watching, or trying different positions. Once, Shirley
and I surprised Craig, waited for him to come home from work. We
dragged him into bed and made love to him and each other," she
paused, as my free hand found the damp spot between her legs.

"Shirley does love young people; she was the first of us in the
'intergenerational' world. She made love to Lionel, Leslie's son
when he was thirteen; oh my! Lionel is drop dead handsome,
pretty enough to make you want to cry. And almost as lusty as
you are. Last summer, Lionel caught me in Craig's pool, everyone
else was too tired from the day at the beach; I wanted to see if
I could get more sand out." She grinned, ran her hands over my
cock, started pulling on it.

She giggled. "And then there's Kim. That girl has a streak of
fantasy and romance a mile wide that runs through her. She has
these pretend things..." Mom shook her head in wonder. "Once
she had me dress up like I did when I was in grade school, in my
school uniform. And she dressed up like a teacher. God was that
good sex!"

I started finger fucking her, and she put her hand on top of
mine, pressing me harder into her. "God, this is good sex!"

She pulled me down and into her, and for an eternity there was
nothing but me thrusting into her, and Mom matching every thrust
with one of her own. Around eleven thirty or so, she fell
asleep; I wasn't able to do much to keep my eyes open either.
And it was nice, really, to have my cock buried inside my lover,
then to fall asleep.

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