Is it really him ??

I came home work early today just to surprise you. I walk into the bedroom and
there you taking a nap. As I watch you sleep you take my breath away. Laying on
your stomach covers thrown off, wearing only an oversized T-shirt. From here I
can see the crack of your ass and a peek of your pussy.
Silently I glide over to our toy box and remove some things. I cross back over
to the bed and straddle you. Before you have a chance to wake up I slip the
blindfold over your eyes and whisper into your ear " Shhhh ". Then I take your
hands and slip the velcro cuffs over each wrist and lock them together. Rolling
you over I quickly fasten the cuffs to the headboard. Taking the other two
straps I fasten them to opposite sides of the bed posts.
Hmmm Are you wondering if it REALLY is me. Did you leave the door unlocked?
Who else COULD it be? I can feel your heart pounding just a bit, but you stay
Taking a pair of scissors I cross back over to you and make small cuts to your
shirt, here, there, up here, and of course an other there. You gasp as I slowly
rip your shirt down the middle. The sound of cloth tearing is almost deafening
in the silent room as I expose your tits and pussy to view. Finally you lay
bound and naked before me and I can see chills running across your skin.
I sit on the bed next to you and begin to run my fingers across your body.
Starting with your bound wrists, down your arms across your chest and belly,
along the inside of your thighs and down to your feet. Now I travel back up,
brushing your pussy with one hand, running slow circles around your tits, up to
your neck to softly frame your face and back up your arms. Down again, using
more of my hands in a stroking move. Rubbing your nipples, massaging your
stomach once again brushing your pussy, down inside your thights, across calves
now taut. Back up again, briefly cupping your pussy, massaging your tits and
gripping your arms. Down again, sliding my hands down your arms, taking a tit
in each hand, running my hands around them, grasping at the nipples, pulling so
gently and watching them expand. down again along your sides gripping as I go
down, crossing to your open pussy as you arch to accept my hands..... and
crossing to your thighs and down again. Coming back up, I rest on hand on your
pussy, palm flat and fingers down as my other hand continues up to your neck.
With my thumb against your chin, my fingers grab hold of the back of your hair.

My palm begins a lazy circle against you clit. As you get more and more
excited, you strain to push harder against my hand, I see the tie around your
hands snap taut as you try to get your feet up underneath you, but you can't
move. I move my hand up and use the pussy juice now on my fingers to slick your
clit up and begin a faster rythem.
I catch your clit between two fingers and start to move my hand faster, always
in a circle. As you start to thrash even harder, my grip on your hair gets
stronger holding your head to the mattress. Just as you are ready to cum......

I stop....
I let go of you and walk away from the bed. I stand there watching you pant,
the sweat shining on your body and your legs twitching in unrelieved tension. I
take pleasue in watching you look around, not knowing if I am in the room or
not, wondering where I have gone or what I am doing. Finally, I cross to the
bed once more. I begin removing my clothing slowly, imagining you picturing
what I am taking off next.
Once I am standing next to you with my cock pointing straight up. I run a
finger around the head collecting the pre cum that has come out and place it
into your mouth. As you suck my finger clean another idea comes to me. Quickly,
I untie your legs, then remove you from the headboard and stand you up. You
look so sexy standing there blindfolded with your hands bound in front of you,
with cum running down your thighs.
I force you down onto your knees and guide my cock into your mouth. As you
close your mouth around it and bring your bound hands up to fondle my nuts. I
hear the thought running across your mind, " Is this REALLY him " As you move
your hands to jack the shaft your tongue runs across my slit and around the
head, making me grasp your head ever tighter. You suck my cock down deep and I
groan in pleasure as I look down into your eyes that can't see.
Finally ready to burst I pull you back up and disconnect your hands from in
front of you. Thinking you are free at last your stretch and reach for the
blindfold, but I spin you around and clasp your arms behind you and reconnect
them. Your hands fastened securely behind you, I push you towards the bed and
you land gently face first.
Lifting your hips to me, I plunge my rock hard cock into your pussy as you gasp
aloud again. As I sit deep inside you I begin to rock my hips exploring every
inch of your pussy as you moan and try to push back against me. I stop moving
just to enjoy the feeling of your pussy clenching and unclenching my shaft.
Reaching my hand around you I once again find your clit with my fingers and
begin to furiously finger you to an orgasm. As you begin to cum your cunt
spasms around my cock.
Unable to take anymore I begin to pound into your cunt, each blow slamming you
back into the bed. I grip the center of the cuffs and use this to pull you
towards me as I slam into you. You are completly at my mercy now as plow into
you like a man possesed. Finally unable to last another moment I cum deep into
your pussy in one last desperate heave.
Unable to hold myself up I sag against you and undo your arms, raise them above
your head and massage them. We lay half on the bed and half off, with me
strecthed out on top of you as my cock soaks in your so wet pussy. Removing the
blindfold you look up at me and we kiss. I can still taste my cum on your
tongue. As the kiss ends you say " So it WAS you "

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