Dress : Casual Stockings and bra for you

I want you to slowly crawl your way up the bed licking my cock as you work your
way up to my mouth. With your tongue deep in my mouth, I start to caress your
sides and ass, feeling the warmth of your pussy on my cock.
I push you down, you take my dick into your mouth. AHHHHH, I love the feel of
your mouth with your tongue swirling around the head. Licking the pre-cum off,
then sucking me down, long hard and deep. You keep one hand on my shaft.
Sucking in one of my swollen nuts and then the the other. I lift one leg and
then the other as you dive your tongue into my ass. With your tongue buried
deep and my legs up in the air I lay back stroking my dick, thinking about how
I am going to fuck you. Should I tie you up? A nice long slow screw perhaps ?
Or should I just rip what little clothes you are wearing off and fuck you?
Oh my....
I can't take it any more. I pull you up and slam you back onto the bed. I need
to cool down cause I am not ready to end yet. Remove the stockings and I spread
your legs and get between them. I remove your bra and let you tits hang free. I
lower my mouth onto one tit while my hand caresses the other. With your nipple
in my mouth I run my tongue in lazy circles. Then I suck in deep and pull your
tit into my mouth. Then I switch and give your other tit the same loving
attention. All this time my dick is rubbing against your pussy back and forth,
sliding up and down. Now I take both your tits and put both nipples into my
mouth. Doing figure 8s with my tongue around both nipples.
Enough torture ?
I work my way down, stopping to bite, nibble and lick your tummy, the crease
of your thighs, and the sides of your pussy. As I gaze upon your cunt, I can
see little streams of your come. I lick those up first, then one BIG lick up
your gash. I want your clit in my mouth first. As my tongue gets to the top, I
use my hands to open you up and pop your clit out. And there it sits, a little
pearl in pool of cum. I pop it into my mouth sucking off the cum, in exchange
for saliva and you whimper.
I Have just begun.
Same as your nipples, with your clit in my mouth I begin to run my tongue in
circles around it, while I work one finger into your box. Now I start to pump
your clit in and out of my mouth while my finger dances in your pussy. Wet
enough for two fingers now, as my mouth continues to fuck your clit. Now I take
my middle finger and slide that one into your ass and begin stroking. You HAVE
to cum. One finger in your pussy, one in your ass and sucking on your clit. Oh
and you do. Gripping my head in your thighs I feel like I am going to be
crushed as you buck your way to your orgasim.
Short session tonight, I want to FUCK YOU.
As I pull myself up, I bring your knees up with me. With you legs up in the
air, I set my cock against your pussy and run it up and down your slit coating
the head of my cock with your juice, I begin to slowly enter. I watch as inch
by inch my cock begins to disapear inside you. Now it is in to the hilt. I lay
on top off you with your knees by my head and start to grind my hips into
yours, feeling my dick explore. I pull out slowly until just the head is
seperating your lips and then back in. Over and over enjoying the velvety touch
of your pussy. How much more of this can I take ? I feel your pussy milking my
cock everytime I pull back. It has become too much. No longer going slow I
begin to increase my pounding. As you start to buck underneath me, I hold your
head still so I can look deep into your eyes. " Cum for me, I want you to cum".
The look in your eyes is unbelievable as you are swept away in an other
NOW I am ready.
I move up to my knees and start POUNDING into your pussy. Your legs are locked
behind my head and are arms are clasped so that you can pull me in for each
thrust. I look down and see your tits bouncing around, as out of control as I
am right now. My God I HAVE TO CUM !!!!!!!!
I drop down limply on top of you. Kisses long and deep follow. I nuzzle your
neck and caress your breasts. As I grow soft inside you. I decide that one
final gift is yours. I slide out of your warm pussy and work my way down. I lap
at your cum spattered pussy. First the outside where it is yours, then diving
into your hole where, the taste of mingled cum runs free. Gripping your ass
cheeks, I lift you up as I drink from your cup and drain you dry, cept for one
last orgasim for you.

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