A Story - Volunteer

We were winning. Since our new alliance we had more and better weapons.
Enemy units were defecting every day and our ranks were swelling. Huge
sections of the empire were falling into our hands, often without a fight.
Soon the vile, corrupt Emperor and his sick family would be defeated. We
were winning but we had not won yet.

Our enemies still had a few tricks left up their sleeves. They used one to
break a local code and raid my private transport. My personal bodyguard was
unable to kill me before they hit me with a dart and flung me out into a
small, heavily armed skit and I was gone. The enemy still had a few elite
units -- fewer after that raid.

Quickly I was in enemy space and my location unknown. If I was dead, so
what. Someone would take my place. Capture was the worst thing that could
have happened. I knew everything. They did not need to beat me up or torture
me. All they had to do was hook me up to the brain waster and soon I would
be an eggplant, but not before every piece of information in my mind had
been extracted. Even knowing what I knew, they still wouldn't win, but many
of my people would die.

The skit brought me to a military outpost on the dark side of a remote moon.
The foul drug they used took a couple of days to clean out of my system. My
mind had to be clear before they hooked me up to the machine.

I could see by the looks on the faces on the enemy guards they were not
happy I was there. They knew when my Hawks found out where I was, everything
and everyone on this moon would be wasted, totally.

This was some type of a minor staging base, not a prison. No cages. There
were few POWs in this war. Civil wars are always the worst. Brother kills
bother. The hatred on all sides was intense.

I was housed in a clean room with guards all around. Even if I could escape
I would suffocate outside the compound. Now that the drugs had cleared, my
appointment with the waster was not long off. They didn't want me alive
long. They knew my people would find me soon. Then there would be scores to

There was a knock at my door. The ranking officer entered my room. He was a
full Imperial Colonel, a very high rank for a jailer. I can read a man's
face and this man was tired, beaten, and worried.

"My Lord," he said. "Understand I take no pleasure in this."

I believed him. He was a soldier, not an executioner.

"Six hours. That is all you have," he said

"You know you are all dead men here," I said. "My Hawks will find this place
and kill you all. Your war is lost."

There was a time when a proud Imperial officer like this would not allow
even me to make defeatist statements in his presence. But now, even he knew
I was right. Both our times were running out.

"I don't' want more of my men to die. So many are just boys," he said.

"I made a deal," he continued.

"What kind of deal," I asked.

"One of your scouts crossed our lines with an offer. The offer was this. If
we agreed to allow you to have a last visitor before the procedure, your men
said they would forgo vendetta. They insisted that you be allowed to live
your last few hours like a man," he said.

"What? I don't want any of our women in this stinking hole!" I shouted.

"My Lord, it is all taken care of. There is no risk to the lady. I have seen
to it." he said.

Again, I believed him. I could see in his eyes he had witnessed more than
enough killing.

"She will be allowed to take what is left of you back with her. That was the
deal, my Lord." he said.

I thought about it for a minute. I really did not want to be alone. Someone
to talk to would be nice.

"Do you agree, my Lord?" the officer asked.

The lives of all his men hung on my answer.

"I accept," I said.

I could see he appreciated my answer. Not for his own life, but for the
mothers of his young troopers. They might yet get to see their sons again.

"Your visitor is here now," he said and turned back to open the door.

Through the open door a lady walked in. She was tall, with long blond hair.
Her figure was lean, and her walk elegant. She had a strong, fit body with
light brown freckles on her clean face. She looked like I had picked her out

"Six hours, that's all," the enemy officer said.

"I will leave you two, then," he said as he closed the door.

After the door closed she looked at me for a while with a nice smile.

"Do you know why I am here?" she asked.

"He told me you were a going-away present," I said.

"I guess, in a way," she said with a smile.

She walked over to me and put her hands on my shoulders.

"Not much time," she said. "Better not waste any," she said as she kissed me
firmly with very warm lips.

She reached back behind her dress and popped a single clip. The whole thing
came off and she was in front of me naked. My god, she was beautiful. Her
skin was golden and she had such lovely muscle tone. She backed away from me
a little bit and slowly turned around so I could see all of her.

"Like it?" she asked with a wonderful fresh smile.

I was surely going to be a vegetable and she was going to take my dying body
back. But right now I was still a man. I was not dead yet.

I pulled her to me and we really went after it. She gave as well as she got.
What a woman. Somebody had done a good job of finding her.

"Can't do much with your uniform on," she said grinning.

So I peeled it off. I took her over to the bed and started to lay down with

"What's the hurry," she said, "Lets play around a little first."

"I like to play rough," I said.

She looked right at me. "I know. I can take it," she said

"We'll see," I said as I put my hand on her throat and spun her around away
from the bed and over to the nearest wall.

She looked so fine up against that wall. For a minute I forgot where I was.
Somebody must have told her what I liked, because she did just as I would
want. She stuck her fine ass out and I whacked her with my hand, then I took
the belt out off my uniform and let her have a few of those. I ran my hands
all over her fine body and spent time on her wonderful warm breasts. I would
slap her, then lick her and kiss her. I would whip her and then kiss her
some more. Whatever I said she did. Sometimes I didn't have to say anything.
She seemed to know what I wanted. It was almost like we had done all this
before, in a different place, in a different time.

"Harder" and "More" was all she said.

Finally, I couldn't stand it any more. She had me so worked up I had to have
her. I led her over to the bed and she lay down and gave it all up to me.
She and I made love for a very long time. She was so open and tender. As I
held her and felt such real tenderness and affection, I was a little upset
with myself that I had whipped her. Even though she let me, and encouraged
me, she really did not seem like the type.

After I was done, I pulled off her and she curled up next to me. I could
feel a clean, fresh warmth off of her. She rolled me over and gave me a very
loving back massage. There was something between this girl and me, but there
should not have been. I wished I had more time to be with her. I didn't even
know her name.

What did it matter? My time was fast running out.

"Did you like that?" she asked.

"Yes, I did," I said as she ran her hands up and down my back.

"I have always wanted to do this," she said.

I rolled over and looked at her.

"Will you remember me?" she asked.

"What do you mean? It is you who will remember me. I won't remember
anything," I said.

She slowly lowered herself down so her face was very close to mine. She
looked at me with her eyes wide open. For a second, our souls were locked.

"But if you could, would you remember me?" she asked.

My answer seemed to be really important to her. I thought about it for a
second and then told her the truth.

"Yes, I would remember you," I said as I reached out and wiped a small tear
from the corner of her eye. A wide smile came to her face. She bent down and
gave me the sweetest kiss I can ever remember, so full of warmth. Then she
sat back up. Her expression changed.

"My Lord, you have to get out of here," she said. "There are four Hawk units
in low orbit. Once they see your signal, three will hit the compound, while
one will take you out of here." she said.

"The enemy will expect that. There are at least twenty armed guards outside
the door. They will run me to another shuttle or kill me the minute the
shooting starts." I said as I sat up.

"Not if you have a weapon," she said.

I looked at her and she looked back at me.

"But I don't have a weapon," I said.

"I do," she said.

"Where?" I asked as I jumped out of bed and went over to her clothes to see
if somehow she had snuck something past the guards.

"Where is the weapon!" I said as I held her dress.

"It is not over there," she said. "It's here," she said as she pointed to
her belly.

She could see I didn't get it, so she explained.

"Before I came over here, a modified 812 was surgically implanted in my
abdomen. It has over a hundred rounds of high explosive metal tips, more
than enough to get past the door guards and to the main gate. At least you
will have a chance, my Lord," she said.

I looked at her naked stomach. There was not a mark on her.

"That's good work," I said.

"It had to be good to fool the enemy," she said.

"How in the hell did they fit an 812 in there?" I asked. "How do we get it
out?" I asked.

"There is only one way," she said. "You have to rip it out."

Suddenly I got it. She had a weapon deep in her gut and the only way for me
to get it was to take it out of her. That meant killing her.

"I can't do it!" I said. "No way! We will just take our chances and get as
far as we can," I said.

"NO! NO!" she said as she jumped up. "You have to snap my neck then cut me
open to get the weapon and the signaler. You must survive. I am not

This woman I did not know was fully prepared to die so I could live. She
begged, she pleaded, she would not take no for an answer. I had never hurt a
woman or a child in my life. She was asking for the impossible. I had no
more time.

A decision had to be made. I made it.

A soon as I pressed the red tip of the signaler, I could hear my units
attack. The guards opened the door and were very surprised to see me holding
a weapon. The 812 is an excellent close range assault gun and the guards
were quickly killed.

The rest threw down their weapons and raised their hands. My mercy was their
only hope. My units had a reputation.

My men were in the compound in a few seconds and soon found me. They threw a
shield over me and husked me out of the room.

"Don't forget the girl!" I yelled. "Don't leave her here!"

Less than five minutes later I was on the command ship and totally safe.

A trooper threw my purple robe on me. I walked over and sat down in a large

They tried to get the 812 out of my hands, but I would not let it go. For
some reason, I wanted to keep holding it.

I motioned for my men to leave the room. As they left, Lt. General Vince, my
chief of security came in. This must have been all his doing.

"My Lord, I see you finally found the weapon I sent you," he said in his
normally stoic tone.

"We..." he started to say.

"Where is the girl?" I asked.

"We brought her body to the ship, my Lord," the general said.

I gazed out through the large observation window.

"I don't want her cast off into space." I said. "It's cold out there."

"As you wish, my Lord," he said as he moved from the door to the widow.

"Do you wish the moon destroyed?" the general asked.

I really did not feel like talking.

"Honor your arrangement," I said.

He nodded his understanding.

"We were worried the plot had been discovered. It took you longer than we
had planned. She was in there for almost five hours. What were you doing?"
he asked.

"I found this too," I said as I pulled a palm-sized metal ball out of my
pocket. It was a screamer. We called them screamers because of the sound one
made as it fully materialized into a fission bomb. A screamer this size had
a blast impact of fifteen cubic miles. If you heard it, you were dead.

"What was this for?" I asked.

"Her orders where to either get you the weapon or blow up the compound. I
knew you might hesitate, so she was to carry out your own standing orders.
Never let your mind fall into enemy hands." The general said.

"What took you so long? What were you doing?" he asked again. "We thought it
would take you ten minutes at the most. It took you over..."

"So she was dead either way?" I asked.

"Yes," he said

"Wasn't there some other way?" I asked. "Did you have to use her, and why
her? She was.. Why her?" I asked.

"My Lord, our time grew short," he said.

"Who was she," I asked as I looked at the blood on my hands.

"She was just a common soldier, a private I believe. Her serial number..."

"She was more than just a common soldier!" I said as I glared at him.

He tried to continue. "Yes, my Lord. She was assigned."

"WHAT WAS HER NAME!" I screamed and slammed my fist on the chair. "I need
to know her real name," I said.

The general was taken aback by my anger.

"My Lord, I don't know what her name was," the general said.

"She was no private." I said. "She was an officer."

"Of course, my Lord," the general said. He was starting to understand
something more had happened than what he had planned.

I stared out the window and played with the screamer in my hand. It was hard
and cold. I could not get her off my mind. I looked over at my loyal

"Why her?" I asked. "Why did you pick her?"

"She volunteered, my Lord," the general said.

The room went still and very quiet. The general could see I wanted to be
left alone, so he moved away from the window towards the door.

"Take my robe," I said.

"My Lord?," he asked.

"Wrap her gently in my robe," I said. "She is coming back home with me."

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