Behind the Door

I, being the entertainment for the evening, am the first guest to arrive at my
gracious hostess's home and am shown to the party room, which ample space for
mingling and it is warm and cozy. At the far end of the room there is a
doorway leading to a second room separated by a wooden Dutch door. The bottom
half of this split door is nothing unusual or out of the ordinary but the top
half consists of two separate panels that fit together in a frame which, when
assembled, forms the complete upper half of the Dutch door. These individual
panels, in the top half of the door, each have a set of half circles cut into
them so that when joined together, the panels create neck and wrist restraints
that cannot be opened while the Dutch door is closed. In essence, the door
functions as a stock but with the added benefit that one's head and hands are
held in the first room, separate from the body which is kept in the second.

Invited to strip, my clothes are taken away and my hostess assists me into a
slightly bowing posture that enables the wood to be closed around me. I am
denied all sense except touch and cannot know what is happening or about to
happen to my naked vulnerability, held behind the door to a room filling with
strangers. Behind me, the hostess fuels the frenzy of sexual tension among the
guests by giving a short speech and formally unveiling my body. The guests are
invited to take whatever and as many liberties with my body as they wish.
Strange, faceless hands of all shapes and sizes descend to shamelessly explore,
squeeze and probe. All my privacy is gone. I am the plaything of strangers.
I do the only thing that my bondage allows; writhe in ecstasy.

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