Horizons Bespoken

All day Friday was like a dream. After one year one month and
sixteen days, my Master was finally coming to meet and be with me
for our first weekend together. First weekend? Actually our first
face-to-face meeting together, ever. Wow.

When he first contact me by answering an ad I had placed, I had
made it very clear I wanted to go slow. Actually after the first
few emails I wanted things to accelerate much faster, but my
Master being the perfect gentleman that he is insisted that we
let things develop as they will. From tons of emails to tons of
phone calls and now finally, a knock-knock at my door.

"Just a minute!" I yelled as my hands busily finish the last
little bit straightening the couch cushions. Let my Master be for
real as I've come to know him over the past year, please let him
be as for real.

He raps the door again, this time a little harder. Not that he's
impatient, not but very little, but yes he is insistent, he knows
what he wants, always.

"Linda, you home?"

"Yes Master, I'm coming, just a moment!"

The door opens to the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my
life. Beautiful because he is mine, -my- Master.

I have to admit that at first I was a little hesitant because of
our age difference, that did give me pause the first couple of
emails he sent me. Being age 22 then to his 45, it was natural of
me to wonder about, well, his energy level, his overall health,
what it might like to grow old with him. As our communications
increased, so did my realization the he wasn't 45 going on 46,
more like he was 25 going on 26, at least from all aspects save
the purely chronological.

He has a bouquet of dozen roses in one hand and a bottle of
Couviosier brandy in the other, his suitcase at his feet. That
smile, that smile of his which melted my heart the first time he
sent me the first photo of himself. That smile, that hair, those
eyes. Our lips meet. His arms surround me. Our eyes meet as our
tongues exchange pleasantries. The thorns of love from the roses
press into my back through my thin blouse as he
not-so-un-deliberately grinds them into me as he pulls me tighter
to him.

"Linda, God, how I've waited, how long I have waited for today
to happen; I love you so much, dearest pet! My dearest slave."

"I love you to, my Master."

Our kiss resumes and holds its space within the boundaries of
the front doorway. His hand finds my bottom, squeezes it, then
without warning scoops down a little more as my tall (six five)
and strong Master picks me up off the floor, my arms wrapping
tighter around his neck, and carries me over the threshold. I
didn't expect that.

"I have to carry my new bride over the threshold of our new
home" my obviously pleased but puzzled look at him eliciting his

"But, Master, we're not married yet."

"No, Pet, we're not, but we will be, when I decide it's time, so
as far as I'm concerned, we are husband and wife, Master and
slave, as of today."

"You are my Master" words dreamily float from my lips.

From Day One he had told me that I would fall in love with him,
that we would be together, and we would eventually get married.
This despite the fact he was already married then. Married, and
happily, more or less so, to a wife and slave he lived with in a
24/7/365 BDSM lifestyle marriage and who loved him almost as
unconditionally as I do but who was sickly having major health
problems and who didn't have long to live. She gave her blessings
to his search for someone who could make him happy after she was
gone, and most fortunate for me Master picked me. I was still
concerned that she having died just a month prior that he wasn't
through grieving for her, but if he wasn't I couldn't tell.

He gently slid me down on the couch and scooted atop me before
going back to retrieve his suitcase from the landing outside the
front door, closing and locking it before coming back to me. My
wetness from sheer anticipation was making my panties damp.
Pulling me up and to his lap, our kissing resumed in earnest,
sweet murmurings of love and commitments now and to come purring
from our lips. His previous wife had searched for her one true
Master since she was my age originally, taking twenty-some years
to find my Master and marry him only to have her health fail and
leave him prematurely. Master's family members lived a long long
time typically, so I knew that our life together would be long
and healthy and happy.

"I have something to give you, Linda" a ring box coming from his
pants pocket.

"Yes; yes!" I cried before he even opened the box.

"Well, I'm glad you like it, dear-y, it's just a little
something I found at an estate sale" a beautiful but non-diamond
non-engagement ring of white gold and turquoise gleaming back at
me. What the? Master does have a wicked sense of humor, I have
learned that over the past months.

"Let me go get a vase to put the flowers in" I bark back worming
my way from him on the couch, trying to hide my disappointment.

"Is everything okay?"

"Sure, Harold" my calling him by his familiar meant as a tiny
slam and he knew it "everything's fine".

His grin was ear-to-ear when I came back roses a-vased. He was a
terrible liar, even as a joke. He was definitely up to something.
What I knew not, but something.

"C'mere, silly slave, kiss me some more."

I pretended to fight his advances a little just to get his
passion up.

"I said kiss me, now, slave!" as he pulled me into him once
again and started ripping at my clothes as he suckfaced me as
hard as he could.

"Yes Master"

I didn't know or care what he had planned for me this weekend.
This was our crux weekend. A weekend where after having invested
the past year of our lives to each other, we would see if
everything was still exactly what we both wanted. If it wasn't,
if the chemistry wasn't right on Sunday night, we would never
again be friends, lovers, or no-limits power exchange partners.

"Let's go to the bedroom, now, slave" a button pulled loose from
my blouse hitting the floor as he again swept me off my feet and
headed towards the back of my apartment.

"No, Master, not this room, it's for storage, down and to the
right" I couldn't help but giggle a little at him as he made his
way down the hall cradling me in his arms.

He plopped me on the edge of the bed and simultaneously plopped
his cock out. It was fully erect already and even bigger looking
than it was in the photos he had sent me over time. God, he
wasn't kidding. It had to be at least eight inches long. My
vagina was relatively shallow. I knew it was going to be like
fucking a large dog or small horse. I knew he was going to
mercilessly pound my cervix until I cried out for him to stop
because it hurt so bad, and knew he wouldn't, not until he was
finished pleasing himself. I couldn't wait.

"Suck it, slave."

His cock tasted lightly of germicidal soap. He had taken a bath
before driving up. What a wonderfully considerate Master!
His hands held my head and began pushing and pulling on it as my
suck of him became a mouthfuck. My eyes looked up to meet his.
Fires of passion and lust and pure Mastery swirled inside them.

"Stand up, slave, and strip!" I didn't need any encouragement. I
was his to do with as he willed.

What was left of my blouse was torn off, then my jeans and
now-soaked from my cyprinnal liquid lust panties hit the floor as
well. My mind raced with a thousand things he might do me next. A
good hard over-the-knee spanking? Or a wicked caning? Or
something edgy, like IV needles through my nipples or even taking
a scalpel I knew was in his suitcase and cutting on my willing
flesh his mark? Nothing of the kind.

Instead, we eased on the bed together, his much larger frame
pressing down on mine as I lay under him, his cock sliding almost
too easily inside me, my wetness providing an excess of
lubrication. Then a slow, rocking forward rocking back fuck of me
began. His arms slipped under my shoulders. Our faces millimeters
apart. Our eyes locking gazes. Our lips kissing. And that cock of
his filling my slavespace inside me, totally.

And filled me. And filled me. And filled me. An hour passed and
he didn't break rhythm a single time. After two solid hours of
him being on top I whispered to him that I needed to shift my
legs a little and he let me, which also had the unintended
consequence of letting him deeper insider me to where the
occasional poking of my cervix by his member happened now on
every single stroke, his cockhead ramming into it feeling like a
hard poke in the eye at first then just plain pain. Wonderful.
Simply wonderful. Something I had waited all my life for, and now
it was my reality. Then three hours. Geez! Master had told me he
was hypersexual and what it meant, and not that I didn't believe
him, but since I had never had a man last for thirty minutes let
alone three hours, I really didn't know he meant, what it would
feel like.

"Linda, did you make the reservations I asked you to make?"

"Yes Master" I whispered back to him as he continued his grind
atop me and the clock read seven-o-eight.

"Good, let's get up and go; eight-o-clock reservations,

"Yes Master."

I navigated him through the back streets of Richmond from my
garden apartment downtown and then out of the downtown loop a
little to Richard's Steakhouse over on Greene Street.

"I'm starved, Linda, hope you're hungry too."

"Yes, Harold, I'm very hungry.; even more now, after that
wonderful time you gave me as a welcoming gift."

"Uh-hu" was all he replied, or needed to.

He ordered for me, an au jus ribeye just like his, just like I
had recommended he order, having eaten at Richard's several times
before. We snuggled close to each other in our booth in the dark
back corner near the door to the private dining room. We kissed
between bites of steak and each other.

"You are even more beautiful in person than any of the photos
you sent me, Pet."

"Thank you, Master."

"Harold" he quickly corrected as our waiter stopped for a second
to refill our tea glasses before moving on "always remember to
call me my given name when in public; discretion is always a must
in our lifestlye, my pet."

"Yes, M'm'm, yes Harold."

"Very good, slave, very good" his wicked grin flashing at me.

I thought he was going to make me give him a blowjob under the
table after our desserts for his nice final dessert, which I
would have, I am his slave and would and will do anything he
tells me to do, but no such luck.

Back at our, yes, it was quickly becoming "our" as opposed to
"my" apartment, he opened the bottle of brandy he had brought as
such a thoughtful gift and we snuggled back down on the couch
once again, trading sips from each other's snifters.

"I am sssooo very much in love with you, Linda."

"And I am so in love with you, my Master." both of us just
giggling a little under our breaths.

"Take my bag to your bedroom."

"Shall I unpack it for you, Master?"

"No thank you, slave, just place it on your rocking chair near
the chest-of-drawers; I'll be in shortly."

I heard him make a quick call from the cordless in the kitchen,
then heard his feet pattering down the hall towards to the
bedroom. Coming up from behind me as finished making the bed, he
pulled me close to him once again with a "Linda, you do make me
so very happy" lightly in my ear.

"You make me so happy to, Master."

"Good; I'm glad I do; now strip, and let's go to bed for the

He eased beside me and placed my hands on his cock as we
snuggled under the covers.

"Make me hard, now."

I gently masturbated him until he was almost fully hard, he
stopping me with a "now you lay on your back and masturbate for
me, legs open, I want to watch you."

"Yes Master."

Tossing the covers to one side, I spread my legs as wide as I
could for him as my hand found my clit and a couple of fingers
began a slow frig of my still-sopping-wet cunt. Anything for my
love. He kneeled beside me and slowly jacked off near my face,
teasing me, not letting me suck it despite me turning towards him
to do so.

"Now lubricate a finger with your saliva, slave, and shove it in
your ass, finger-fuck your asshole" my heading nodding

Scooting around me to be between my legs, he forced his cock
inside my pussy while my digit probed my own asshole. God, how
wonderful. Then he pulled my hand away and adding a little of his
own spittal lubrication to his cock to combine with my vaginal
juices, moved my hand away and rammed it up my asshole. God, how
totally fucking wonderful. He wasn't holding back. He didn't need
to. Pushing my legs over and towards my head, he exposed even a
better angle for penetrating it and rammed it all the way in, all
eight inches, something he couldn't do with my relatively shallow
vaginal tunnel. He wasn't holding back. I could see him tensing
up. My second ever assfuck and he was assfucking me to no end.
God, it hurt so bad, so wonderfully, what an exquisite mix of
pain and pleasure. His eyes got a wild look about them. No three
hour assfucking session for Master. Lunging forward to hold me
tighter to him as I lay under him, his cock pumped its seed deep
into my ass, its flesh literally throbbing inside me.

"God, Linda, you were wonderful, you really are a no-limits

"I'm -your- no-limits slave, Master."

"Yes, you are; go get a warm washcloth and clean me up."

I lovingly cleaned my Master up as he lay back already almost
half-asleep on my, our, bed. His cock still was half hard. I
wanted him so badly again right then. Finishing drying him off
after washing and rinsing, he cracked one eye open enough to make
eye contact with me, with a "yes, slave, good slave, you may suck
me off now until I fall asleep."

My Master purring then snoring beside me as his three-quarters
hard filled my mouth pleasantly, I wiggled up beside me and he
sleepily threw his arms around me, pulling me close to him.


"Hey slave, whatcha gonna' fix for breakfast?"

I felt like reflexively snapping back "whatever McDonald's has
on the menu for you, asshole!", a learned response from a time or
two in the past when I've heard a similar comment at a similar
time, but I didn't say it. I just smiled my sweetest smile at my
sweetest of Masters.

"Whatever my Master wishes."

"Hey, Linda, my love, I was just kidding; want to go to
McDonald's for breakfast?"

"Sure, Master! Actually, Rosie's Cafe over on 7th, just three
blocks away, is where I normally get breakfast on weekdays before
going to work."

"Sounds good, let's go there; remember, heavy BDSM play can
cause hard physical reactions, so eat enough but not too much,
don't want you throwing up on me later, okay?"

"Absolutely not, Master."

George, who actually owns Rosie's and whom I've come to know as
an acquaintance, saw me come in and waited on me himself.

"And who's this, Linda, your long-lost brother?" he kidded as he
fished the order book from his back pocket.

"No, actually, George, this is Harold, my fiancé'."

"Good to meet you, Harold."

"You too, George."

"This is one special lady you have here, Harold; she eats two
thousand calories per day here, and never gains a pound, you take
care of her, 'here?"

"I will George, I will, promise" Master laughed.

As easy as our conversation had been at Rosie's, we talking
about all the things we had talked about over and over again in
email about family and love and future and everything but which
seemed all new because we were together in the real world not the
cyber or phone one, not a single word was spoken during the five
minute ride back to my, our, apartment. Master smiled me when I
would steal a glance at him, but he didn't speak, and as his
slave it's not my place to initiate conversation unless something
really needs to be said, which nothing right then did.

"Is everything ready for four o'clock?" he asked as the odor of
a pretty bad male bowel movement trailed behind him as he came
out of the master bath adjacent from our master bedroom.

"Yes Master, she'll be here as promised."

"And she knows all the details?"

"Yes, Harold" shooting a mild bit of irritation my love's way
"she knows and is eager, she'll be here, she can hardly wait."

"Good girl; now, let's begin our play session in earnest;
ready?" me nodding "yes".

Throwing his suitcase on the bed, he started just pulling stuff
out and letting it land on the bed where it may.

"Linda, I'm going to test your thresholds now; first, strip"

He fiddled with some ropes and stuff as my top and slacks came
off and I stood before him for a full two or three minutes before
he noticed me again.

"Now you first lesson is obedience; go stand in the corner for
the next few minutes; I'll let you know when your punishment is
over; when I say strip, I mean strip, just as when I say anything
you are to comply fully; do you know why you're being punished,

"Because I didn't remove my panties, Master, and so I'm not
naked enough for you?"

"Yes, and your shoes, you didn't remove your shoes either; now
go stand in the corner."

I stood in the corner for a full minute before feeling the sting
of his bare hand on my bottom, which actually felt good. I am
such a painslut, and I know it, Master knows it too. He was just
getting my attention. Three or four more hard assslaps before he
roughly shoved me harder into the corner, squishing me as hedid.

"The corner, dammit slave, I told you to stand -in- the corner,
not near it!"

"Yes Master."

I contemplated my disappointing him. I really didn't mean to,
but I was new at all this real life Master-slave stuff and he was
much more experienced than me. He could cut me some more slack if
he wanted to. I didn't hear him leave, but did hear the TV in the
living room come on after a few minutes. And I stood. I stood for
what seemed like an hour in the corner, my nose close to the
walls. My feet were getting tired, so I shifted my weight a
little and inched backwards just six inches or so, then from
nowhere felt the sting of whip across my back. Master obviously
was not still in the living room watching TV.

"Dammit, Linda, I told you from the moment one of our
relationship that this wasn't a game for me and if you weren't as
serious as I was, if it wasn't a game for you, then we could call
the whole thing off; you wanna call the whole thing off right

"No Master; I love you, you are my one true Master, I live to
serve only you, I love only you."

"Then, dammit it all Linda, start acting like my slave, obey me,
dammit dammit dammit!"

"Yes Master, I promise to do better, promise."

"Well, okay. Now on your knees and crawl over here."

When I made the fifteen feet of distance between the corner and
where he was sitting on the edge of the bed, he was now as naked
as I was but his cock was limp. He was still obviously mad with
me. Bending down a little he kissed me lightly on the lips. No
tongue action.

"How do you feel?"

"Scared, Master."

"Scared? Scared of what? Scared of all the pain you'll be
receiving shortly?"

"No Master, scared of not pleasing you, scared of not being your
perfect slave."

"Correct answer, slave. Now, stand up, it's time to begin."

First he clipped lots of clothespins on my 34C young and perky
breasts which I am so proud of and which are for my Master's
pleasure as is the rest of me body and soul. Then some on my
labia as he spread my legs apart enough to get to my vaginal
lips. They didn't hurt. He seemed a little disappointed that they
didn't. But they really didn't.

Next he clamped each breast in some sort of homemade wooden vice
consisting of two pieces of wood with nuts and bolts on either
end to apply compression. I had seen such devices pictured in
usenet group photos before. A little uncomfortable, but again not
really hurting, even when he screwed them as tightly as he could.
That seemed to irritate him even more.

"They don't hurt?"

"No Master, they really don't."


He broke out four or five sterile IV-type needles from their
packs. Taking one, he slid it in from one side of my left nipple
to the other, just under the skin. I definitely felt that. I felt
it even more when he put two more in me, creating a star pattern
of needles underneath my nipple, and playfully twisted and
slapped at my breast. My adrenaline rose with the pain.

"Does that hurt, slave?"

"Yes Master, they hurt."

"Good hurt or bad hurt?"

"Feel for yourself, dammit" my uppity-slave side of me which he
claimed to love coming to the surface for the first time. Time to
see if he was for real as he claimed to be. Shoving his hand in
my cunt, it came out wet, he licking it to taste my arousal.

"Hhmmm, nice, good hurt then."

"Yes, good hurt; I am a painslut, I am your painslut, Master."

"Yes you are, yes you are."

Removing the needles from my breast, he handcuffed my wrists and
took me over to the closet door where he hung some sort of hook
that fit over top of the door and using a length of rope strung
me up like a cow carcass on a slaughterhouse line waiting to be
processed. He was as experience as he claimed to be, yes indeed.

My arms strung high, the next hour or more was an series of pain
accouterments too numerous to count. I know he used at least a
cat o'nine tails, a bullwhip, a leather paddle, a razor strap,
and a short rattan cane on me front and back from knees to neck,
all the while ordering me to tell him what I was thinking as he
without pity or much passion, this was an exploration of me for
his own benefit more than mine I think, worked my body over and
over with all kinds of pain-giving instruments until my knees
became weak and my stomach weaker and my bladder weaker still and
I wet myself a little, a trickle of stale urine running down my
leg. I was worried that this would make him angry but it didn't.

"It's okay Linda, I pushed you very hard for over an hour, it's
okay, why dont' you go get a quick shower?"

The hot water felt great, washing the grime of spent lust from
my body, telling me exactly where every bruise and mark on me was
in the bargain. My perfect, perfect Master. The shower door
opened and in stepped in guess who.

"Feel good, slave, the shower making you feel better?"

"Yes Master, thank you, it does."

"Good, turn around."

Not knowing what to expect but not caring either, no limits
means no limits, I felt a trickle of stinging salty urine hit my
asscheeks and make alive the feeling of pain anew where the
rattan had lightly cut just barely the top layer of flesh on
them. Yikes, that did hurt, and not one hundred percent good
hurt, either. My master, my master.

"Thank you, Master" I cooed as he finished pissing his scent on
my cuts.

"You are welcome, slave."

Finishing toweling off, Master was waiting for me on the bed as
I made my way back in. He patted the bed next to him. I sat down
close to him and we talked some more, mainly about what he had
just to me, picking my brain about all the emotions now swirling
inside me.

"Are you sure you are happy, Linda, that this is what you've
always wanted?"

"Yes Master, this is exactly what I've always wanted; I couldn't
be happier."

"Good. Now, suck my cock."

My master, my perfect master. As he stretched out to get
comfortable, I slowly sucked him off once more. Hopefully a
thousand, ten thousand more times sucking him off to come as the
arc of our lives were lived together as husband and wife and
Master and slave. A short buggy whip flicked my back and very
tender behind as my sucking of him continued, his control of the
speed and power and angle of the whip being as perfect as I knew
it would be, causing immense pain but very little physical

"Master?" I gurgled out between deepthroat sucks.

"Yes, slave?"

"When are you going to give me my piercings and my cuttings?"

"Probably not until later tonight or tomorrow."

"But Master, we only have today and tomorrow together for
another month or more; can't I have them now?"

"No slave, not now. Tell you what, it's almost lunch, finish
sucking me off then go fix us some lunch, and let me think about
it. Maybe this afternoon, maybe when Kay comes over."

"Thank you Master, thanks for indulging your uppity slave" he
just smiling back at me as his legs stiffened and my mouth was
filled with lunch's appetizer.

Master wolfed down the ham and turkey club sandwiches I fixed for
him as he focused on some college basketball game on the tube,
paying little attention to me as I served him. Served him well,
will try to serve him well forever.

Two hours later a fart not from me was let as we snuggled close
together naked on the couch and his stomach rumbled and he nudged
me aside to get up to go to the bathroom, a trail of
peppy-le-peui once again following behind him as he came back to
the living room. Two-thirty. Kay would be over soon around four.
I wanted to play some more before she got here, but knew better
than to be -that- uppity and ask. Or should I?


"Yes Linda?"

"Can we play some more before Kay comes over? Is it wrong for me
to ask of you this?"

"No, slave, it's not. You have fulfilled every command so far as
a good no-limits slave should, so sure, we can play some before
she gets here. Let's go back to the bedroom."

Back in the bedroom he borrowed my small hand mirror off the
dressed and had me examine my labia in detail, made me look at
every little fold and dimple on them, every freckle and pimple
and all. Why, I have no clue. Then he tied my hands behind back,
blindfolded me, gagged me and pushed me back on the bed.

Without warning, I felt one of the IV needles stick my labia.
Then another stick then another and another and another, each
time the needle going so deep inside through my flesh to where I
thought Master was doing permanent damage to me. But it was oh-so
delicious I didn't want it to stop. But it did, but only for a
moment. Then a rapid-fire succession not needle pricks but needle
piercings into my labia, so many, so very many that I passed out
for a moment, regaining consciousness only when Master removed
my blindfold and gag.

Handing me the hand mirror with a "take a look at your cunt,
now, slave" I expected to see what would amount to raw hamburger
hanging between my legs where my once intact vaginal lips had
been. But there was nothing. At least there was no obvious
damage. No blood, and only a four or five of very faint needle
marks when I knew he had to have shoved the needle into my
cuntlips at least a couple of hundred or more times. My jaw
slackened with disbelief. Making eye contact with Master, he just
grinned a very self-satisfied "see, I am as good as this as I
told you I am!" look back at me.

"Thank you Master, for that wonderful experience!"

He just smiled back at me as he pulled me close to him and we
lay on the bed together once more, hugging each other close,
smooching once more. A for real Master that loves to innocently
smooch. A slave couldn't ask for more.

Then a distant light knock on the front door.

"It's Kay, darling, I'll get it." calling my darling darling for
the first time ever as I threw a towel around me and hurried to
the door.

Kay had been my best friend since I moved to Richmond when I was
eighteen. Unlike my tall (5'8") and blond and busty self, Kay was
short-ish (5'2") and brunette and 32A or less flat chested. Being
four years older than me she had legal ID back then to get us
into clubs and buy alcohol which along with my fake ID which
never was questioned because of my looks, I should say my tits,
which I then used as bait to help get us both the best looking
guys available

We had kissed a couple of times in bars just to tease some guys
off but never had done anything close to a full blown lesbian
scene. When Harold came into my life she knew about him two hours
after I did, and had been very supportive and non-judgmental
about my wanting and needing a Master who could fulfill all my
needs not just some of them. When I told Master about this one
fantasy scenario I had always had buried deep inside me, he
encouraged me to try to find someone to help fulfill it, if/when
he and I ever got close to meeting in real life.

A few weeks ago, when it was apparent that we were going to meet
and play in real life, I told him about Kay, and he agreed that
it would be worth a shot to at least ask her, considering she
sounded almost as "wild" as I was. He also admonished me not to
risk our, hers and mine, friendship by asking her, unless I was
100% certain she could go for it. I was, so I asked, and she said

Master came out from the bedroom with a pair of hiking shorts he
wore as loungeware and an old navy blue golf shirt.

"Harold; Master, this is Kay, Kay this is Harold, my Master."

"Good to meet you!"

"Good to meet you too!" as Master pulled Kay close to him,
holding her hands in his as he kissed her sisterly on the cheek,
they just standing there close in front of each other gazing into
each other's eyes, silent for a long moment before he spoke once

"Kay, are you sure you want to go through with this, this is
what you want?"

"Yes, Harold, it is. Linda's my best friend, and if I can help
her fantasy come true, then yes, this is what I want."

"Shall we get started then? Let's all go to the bedroom."

Kay grinned when she saw all the toys and pain implements
scattered on the bed. She took the razor strap and playfully
lightly popped her open palm with it. Master equally playfully
took it from her, stripped the towel from my body, had me turn
around and grab my knees, then popped my rear with it several
times as Kay giggled with delight as she stood next to him.

"Turn around, slave" I complying immediately "so, you two have
never seen each other naked, hhhmmm?"

"That's right, Harold, this is the first time. I have to admit
I've been wanting to see those perfect breasts of hers ever since
we met."

"Not only can you see them, Kay, they're right here for you to
see all you want, but you may play with them, suck them, bite
them, hit them with any of my play toys, do anything you wish
with them; not just them, but your friend's body as well; Linda
is yours to do with as you wish."

Cum almost started dripping down my leg as Kay approached me.
Master's first wife before his second now-deceased wife had been
bi and he was experienced in having two women at once but being
touched by another woman let alone my best friend Kay was
something new to me altogether.

Kay's mouth found my right nipple and sucked it sweetly. Sweetly
for a moment, then lightly bit it, grinding my nipple between her
teeth. Master smiled. He knew what she was doing. Her lips then
found mine and we kissed. God, I had waited for this for so long!
My best friend in the whole world save Master now kissing me.

Her hand went between my legs, a finger poking inside my very
sore pussy having been needled to death just earlier. Cum
drenched her hand as she frigged me and we continued to kiss.
Turning to look at Master for a moment, he simply nodded "yes"
silently. She took my hand and lead me to the bed.

She lay me on the bed as she and Master now kissed standing
beside me as I lay.

"You are much prettier than the photo Linda sent me of you."

"Thank you; thank you, Master" she correctly replied.

"You know the rules now, Linda and you have talked a lot about
this; ready?"

"Yes, I know the rules; you still promise, no real extreme pain,
just hard domination, no permanent marks or scars?"

"Yes, Kay, subbie slave, yes."

I scooted up on the bed resting up on the pillows as Master
started giving Kay her own fantasy fulfillment that she had
always wanted but never thought she would have, always afraid to
ask for it from past boyfriends because she was afraid that they
wouldn't have the self-control and respect for her as a person
that my Master has. If I hadn't had the courage to approach Kay
about helping me fulfill my fantasy that Master agreed to help
with, then I could have never been the friend I should have been
and help Kay find the most perfect of men to help fulfill hers.
Win, win, win.

Master slowly unbuttoned her blouse, pulling it free from her
short pants. Turning her around, he slowly unhooked her bra from
behind as they faced me, his hands cupping her breasts from
behind, his gentle massagings at first becoming harder and
harder, his fingers pinching her flat-tish breasts as best he
could as he grabbed and twisted her smallish buds of nipples. Her
mouth opened and moans of passion came forth. He dry humped her a
bit through her shorts.

He turned her around and they began kissing once more. I wasn't
jealous at all. Master was the most honorable and fidelitous man
I had ever met. After we were married, I never would have to be
worried at all that he would ever cheat on me. If I hadn't told
him of my fantasy and asked him to help fulfill it, asked him to
do this scene with Kay for me, I knew him well enough to know
that he would never to do anything with Kay or any other woman
behind my back. Not my Master.

They kissed some more. Master shed what clothes he had on.
Pushing Kay down to end of the bed, he shoved his cock in front
of her face, but before shoving in her mouth, began slapping her
face, hard, again and again. Master's unusual from what I can
gather in the fact unlike a lot of other masters, he doesn't hate
women, isn't misogynistic at all, and doesn't like to abuse
women, just play hard consensual S&M games with the woman he
loves. He considers face slapping to be closer to real abuse than
any of the extreme sadistic stuff that he and I both enjoy, and
it took some real convincing, more than one phone call when Kay
was around for Kay to convince him that this was part of what she
really wanted as part of her personal fantasy fulfillment.

Slap, SLAP, and slap again. Master continued slapping Kay's face
as he would alternate and fist-punch her tits and slap them as
well. His cock was only half-hard as he stood before her and
continued slapping her until he felt she had enough. Then he sat
down and drug her over his knee as he pulled her pants to her
ankles and began a spanking from hell. No warm up, no nothing,
just hard-ass spanking. This was also exactly what Kay wanted.
Real tears flowed down her cheeks as she began bawling like a
baby. Master wasn't stopping, not until he felt she had gotten
what she needed and has asked for. Slap, and slap and SLAP again
his bearpaw of a hand went to her asscheeks, his handprints
becoming more clearly visible. She cried and cried until tears
could flow no more, then he stopped. He pulled her up and around
sat her in his lap as they kissed once again.

He nudged his head to one side looking at me. I scooted up to
join them and we three kissed and kissed and kissed for the
longest time.

"Thank you, Linda, for sharing your Master with me, he is
perfect, perfect for you, me, us."

"You are welcome, my best-est friend in the whole world, you're
welcome" I cooed as we kissed in earnest once more.

"Ready for your fantasy fulfillment, my Linda love?"

"Yes Master, if you and Kay are."

Using some sort of clips to the corners of the mattress, Master
tied ropes from each corner to my wrists and ankles as I lay
face-down on the bed. Gagging me with a ball gag, he had Linda
come over and begin playing with breasts and pussy as she wished
to as he started his caning of me with the rattan cane, urging
Kay to pay attention to how he was using wrist motion to inflict
pain more than actual tissue damage.

Then it was her turn. Her strokes did more skin damage than
pain, but I was in heaven. My woman lover and temporary mistress
was caning me with my Master's cane. Then Master took over for a
few last strokes before stopping to untie me and flip me over.

Re-tying my wrists and ankles to each corner of the bed, Master
now flogged my front side, my breasts and belly and top of my
thighs, with the cat o'nine tails, his perfect technique flicking
the ends barely to my flesh but making the hits shoot me off the
pain scale. Again, Kay did her time with the cat before handing
it back over to Master to finish me for the moment.

We three lay together for a moment before Master once again

"Ready for the finale, dear?" me nodding yes.

All of us standing up together, Master handed Kay one black
leather riding crop as he took another and with her on my
backside initially and he in the front, they slowly started
circling me, hitting me from top to bottom as they wish with the
crops. Kay seemed to be enjoying things almost too much, but that
was okay. They circled me three or four times before my knees got
very weak and I started visibly shaking and Master told Kay to

As Master laid me back down on the bed, kissing me sweetly and
telling me how much he loved me, he had Kay got up on all fours
beside me, her tail not too far from my face, a great view of her
openly splayed pussy, a white string hanging from it. Time for
the finale of my own fantasy.

Master started working Kay's rear end over with his crop as I
watched just inches away. Her pussy shook and erotically quivered
with each blow as he made her count up to twenty, then gave her
three more for good luck. Kay was coming again and again as
Master worked her butt with his crop. Her knees got very weak
even as she kneeled before us on all fours.

Getting on the bed with us, he pulled Kay around and to my open
pussy, as he lightly open-palm spanked her some more, imploring
her with a "eat Linda's pussy you comeslut, eat that pussy like
you mean it, dammit!" as for the first time a woman my best-est
friend to boot gave me some female-to-female head. I reached for
and played with her breasts as best I could as her tongue lapped
at my cunt, making me come a nice time or two more.

Then Master told her to stop and rise to her knees before me. As
I also rose to my knees before my friend and Master to one side
of us, we kissed as he reached for Kay's cunt, pulled her tampon
out, and with it started rubbing it all over my breasts and body,
body painting me with her menstrual fluid, the ultimate end to my
ultimate fantasy. I don't know why I've always wanted this
fantasy to actually happen, to be painted with a woman lover's
period blood, but I had, and now Master was making this all come
true. God, how I love that man of mine!

Master turned me around to face him more directly as he painted
what little blood was left on the cotton plug on my breasts
before shoving his hand up Kay's cunt to get a little more
coloration and smear even more of it on me.

"Kay, lick you blood off your best freind's body, now!" Master
barked, she complying.

Closing her eyes as she leaned into me, her tongue cat-cleaned
the welts from the canings and whippings now smeared with her
salty hemoglobin and stinging like a motherfucker as she licked
and licked and licked her crimson feminine essence from my body.
Holding her close to me, her mouth found mine and she shared her
most precious of gifts with me.

"Linda, slave, now get between Kay's legs and give her head
until she says stop."

Her flow wasn't that much. I knew she had started four days ago
and would stop probably tomorrow. Her hands grabbed handfuls of
my hair and ground my face into her boiling cauldron of a cunt as
Master beyond erect entered me from behind, his thrusts making my
face bump even harder into Kay's cunt. He shoved his thumb up my
ass while pounding away and Kay yelled "harder, bitch, faster,
slut, eat me dammit, eat me!!!"

Even for Master as experienced as I knew he was the lust of the
moment caught up with him, he shooting his load so deep into me
it felt like it was squirting through my cervix into my uterus
causing it to cramp up. His passioned come made Kay respond even
more as she had one then two then another two quick but hugely
spasm'ing orgasms, driving my face into her open pussy by
grabbing and pulling my hair so hard I thought she was going to
simultaneously pull a handful of hair out while also knocking a
front tooth or two loose in the process. If she had, that would
have been fine, I was so lost in my own lust of the moment.

"Gaaaaa...GAAAA!!!" was all I could manage to verbalize when I
could get up enough memory to remember even how to fucking

Master was lying besides us almost passed out from his passion
spent. Kay having come so much until she actually did make me
bust my lip a little on the inside by mashing my mouth so hard to
her cunt, a little slug of menstrual blood also gushing to my
mouth when she did. Ambrosia. Perfection. Fantasy beyond
fulfilled. I scooted up to my Kay's face, offering a dollop of
liquid ferric on the end of my tongue to my lover, she taking it
from me with her own tongue as we kissed like I never thought
possible save with my Master.

Closing my eyes just for a moment, I was awakened by Kay's
gentle snoring as she lay underneath me, my arms wrapped around
her as my Master often does with me, and Master's cutting of one
pretty raunchy fart as he roused lightly but smelly from his own

"God, what happened, Linda, did I miss something?"

"No Master, you didn't miss much of anything."

"The last thing I remember was coming like a banshee inside you
as you ate Kay out, then flopping to one side to watch you two

"Yes, and I finished making Kay come as hard as you did, and
shared her blood with her after I made her almost come out of her
skin from pure lust. My fantasy is now fulfilled, Master."

"Good slave; I'm glad I helped make it a reality."

"I owe you everything now Master, everything."

"All I've ever wanted is your total love and obedience, Linda."

"You've always had it, silly Master!"

~ The Beginning ~

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