Dee is explored in the rainforest

Dee had been with her husband on this trip and they’d taken the long trip to Brazil to do a little exploration of the rainforest. Dee and her husband John were in their late 30s and this was to be a trip of a lifetime. They’d always talked about visiting the rainforest and now their dream had come true.

They’d arrived at their hotel after a long flight and transfer and after some acclimatisation they were ready to make the short trip to the forest from the nearest town on the outskirts of the forest proper.

They had taken a short bus ride to the river and to meet a pre-arranged guide who would take them upriver venturing further into the jungle. They met Pablo at the river and after exchanging pleasantries he explained the route they were to take for the day. It would be an arduous but within their capabilities. The heat, however, and the humidity were something she had factored in and wore sensible trek pants, a sleeved shirt and was smothered in insect repellent, though she was sure it wouldn’t be enough.

The boat ride had been uneventful and after several hours the river narrowed with dense vegetation and trees right up to the river’s edge. That’s when it happened.

All hell broke loose as several arrows whizzed through the air, Pablo and John were hit and the boat, in their panic, capsized and it all went black.

Dee was scared beyond measure about what was to happen to her. Dragged from the riverbank by these fierce looking tribesmen she had no idea what fate awaited her. Where were the others, god knows what had happened to them?

Confused by what was being said to her in a language she didn’t understand only compounded her sense of dread. Clearly her arrival, forced or not, had thrown the village into a state of uproar. The villagers themselves were unsure of what to do with her and looked on her as a threat of other white people to come?

That was what was going through her mind as she stood blinking in the intense heat and sun in the middle of what looked like very primitive huts in a clearing in the jungle.

She was then led by two men holding either of her wrists into the biggest of the huts she could see, which led her to think this must be the tribal leaders’ hut, but she couldn’t be sure.

Even in her state of confusion she had a chance to look at her captors. They were a smaller people than Europeans, dark skinned and incredibly toned and muscled, even the women.

Generally, they were naked with just a small string for the men that somehow they had managed to hook over the foreskin of their penis to keep it in place, but it didn’t leave anything to the imagination and their balls were on display. The women were equally exposed as a small thong that went around their waist also went between their legs accentuating their labia.

Inside the gloomy hut, which was just barely high enough to stand in, she was confronted by an old man, dressed as the others but with several colourful feathers attached to his head clearly denoting his high status. He exchanged words with her ‘guards’, at times animated as he pointed at her but largely he seemed measured and controlled.

He was clearly appraising Dee as she stood in front of him. What he saw was a blonde woman in her late thirties. She has kept herself largely in shape, not by being a gym bunny but with a sensible diet and exercise. She stood at 5”1’, weighed around 120lb with a curvy figure and perky 34b breasts, though she said so herself. She started to say something to the chief, but he held his hand up telling her to be quiet.

With a clap of his hands several women appeared, and the guards melted into the background. The chief spoke quietly with authority to the women and they nodded signalling their agreement.

Before Dee could comprehend what was happening, her hands had been tied behind her back with some sort of vines, so tightly it made it impossible to move them.

“please don’t do this” she pleaded but realising they didn’t understand, and her protestations would be in vain.

They marched her out of the hut taking her to a stake in the middle of the village that she didn't remember being there before and tied her firmly to it with her hands behind her back and the stake holding her firm. They then left her there.

It was getting dark and most of the people had disappeared too. One woman reappeared and offered her some liquid to drink, which she hoped was water, and being parched she eagerly gulped down. Whilst it did quench her thirst it also had a soporific effect on her, and her anxieties seemed to slip away.

It had gone dark and the women reappeared indicating to Dee to stand up. This she did, struggling seemed a waste of energy and futile anyhow. Besides she still felt very mellow from whatever it was they had given her to drink.

She was untied and led back into the chief’s hut and taken to two parallel stakes that she also didn’t see before. The women stood either side of her and started to undress her. Their nimble fingers quickly understanding how buttons worked. Dee didn’t object, she was still a little woozy from the, what would later turn out to be, aphrodisiac.

They had soon removed every vestige of her clothing and Dee stood there naked, her nipples erect from the chill in the air. Buckets of water were bought out and they began to wash Dee from the dust and grim of her ordeal to date. It felt both refreshing and arousing at the same time as the women's hands and fingers lingered on her breasts and nipples. In truth the women were fascinated by this white woman, the first they had ever seen. They soon moved their attention to between her legs. Dee gasped as they parted her cunt, spreading her lips wide apart and they dropped to their knees to look inside her now sopping hole.

Dee was horrified yet incredibly aroused as their fingers probed deeper inside her, the contrast of their dark fingers darting inside her encouraged more of her lubrication – she was hugely turned on.

A sharp pull forwards and she was doubled over with her palms flat on the ground and her ass high in the air, she knew what was coming and the women didn’t disappoint. One by one they took turns fingering her ass sliding their fingers in her asshole deeper and deeper. Dee was moaning loudly as they delighted in making her shudder with delight, she could feel an orgasm building. Then just as she was about to go past the point of no return the fingers were removed.

Dee felt cheated but relieved in equal measures, she didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of making her cum. If she thought they had finished she was soon proved wrong as she saw two of the women dragging a large wooden statue, roughly carved into the shape of a man with a huge phallus.

It has clearly seen lots of use as the phallus was worn smooth and the large bulbous head seemed to leer at Dee as it knew what was in store for her.

The women half-dragged Dee to the statue and motioned her to sit on it. Dee hesitated; she knew what was expected but that looked so big. They positioned her over the phallus and pushed her down as inch by inch it penetrated her until the tip was pushing against her cervix. She hated to admit it, but it felt good, it was filling her cunt completely and slowly she started to ride it. Faster and faster she fucked herself on this wooden dildo as the women were whooping with delight. Dee wasn’t going to be denied this time and she pushed on as her climax grew and she gave a cry and shuddered down on the phallus completely spent.

Dee wasn’t allowed time to rest and the women took her from the satisfying phallus and led her back to the stakes. This time they tied her ankles to the stakes which spread her legs wide and had the same effect on her cunt lips which spread open too. A small table was placed behind her and she was forced back to lie on the table with her legs and her cunt open wide. The chief appeared and once again appraised the now naked Dee. He too was aroused by the sight of this white woman with her sex on display and his to do with as he pleased.

His cock had been released and was hardening as he looked at her.

Dee cried out to him

“Please don’t hurt me, please I’m begging you...”

The chief clearly didn’t understand what she was saying and approached Dee until he was between her legs, his erection touching her cunt lips. Oh god he’s going to fuck me, thought Dee, please make it quick and then leave me alone.

The chief had other ideas, he was going to make use of this woman for the rest of the night and slowly he slid his hard cock inside her.

Dee gasped, not so much at the size of the cock, but how horny the whole scenario had made her. She should be repulsed and horrified by the situation but strangely she was longing for him to fuck her and this forced bondage had made her drip with excitement.

The chief started slowly at first, he was fascinated by seeing his cock gripped by the skin of this white woman’s sex and how she was lubricating his shaft so that it glistened in the half light of the hut’s fire. He then started to pump harder and was encouraged by Dee’s moan of satisfaction as she felt his rock-hard cock fucking her.

She knew she was going to orgasm and was amazed how good this felt, this old man skilfully fucking her into a mind-blowing climax.

“Oh god don’t stop, keep fucking me you brute, give me your sperm...”

Dee continued with a stream of obscenities as her orgasm built to a shattering conclusion and whether by luck or judgement on his part, a stream of sperm hit her cervix with surprising force as the chief loudly proclaimed his orgasm too.

“Oooh fuck oh fuck” moaned Dee as the chief withdrew his cock from her.

Almost immediately his fingers were prising her cunt lips open to see his sperm seep from her sopping wet hole. Her cream mixed with his. A woman was beckoned to take the chief’s place and she soon had her mouth latched onto Dee’s dripping cunt and greedily lapped up this creamy mixture. The lapping of the tongue had the effect of bringing on another orgasm which felt as good if not as intense as the first.

This continued for the rest of the night with the chief fucking her and shooting his load inside her and a different woman assigned to mouth duties. She did marvel at his staying power that would put many younger men to shame.

Every time that he had her, she enjoyed it more. She would lie on her back on a straw mat and open her legs for him and gasped as his cock slid deep inside her very wet cunt.

Contented she finally fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 2 – Next day

She was awoken by one of the women who was thrusting some drink and food to her. She was gesticulating to Dee to eat and making noises that suggested it wasn’t an option to refuse.

She had no idea was she was eating or drinking but she was so hungry and thirsty that she figured whatever it was she should try and nourish herself. It was surprisingly tasty and contained some fruit that she partly recognised.

She also realised that nudity was her only option too, her clothes having long gone and besides it seemed de rigeur for the natives themselves. If she thought she was to be left alone after her night of exertions then she was mistaken. The woman, who she realised must be the chief’s wife, motioned for her to get up and to follow her. Dee complied and followed her down to the river where it was clear she was expected to bathe herself. The water was cold and yet invigorating and revitalised her nicely. Bathing done, the woman, who had been joined by other tribal women, firmly took Dee by the arm and pulled her along with her to a long bench that was outside the hut where she had been fucked solidly.

She was motioned to lie on the bench on her back and no sooner had she done so than her arms and legs were pulled out and to the side and fastened to some wooden supports with some vine. Dee started to protest but again she realised it would be futile.

Dee has always kept her pussy trimmed but it seemed these women, who were devoid of any body hair, felt that she should be too. With some liquid, akin to a soap, she was lathered between her legs and with what she assumed to be some sort of flint stone they started to shave her.

It wasn’t unpleasant and the stone was surprisingly sharp as her short pubic hair came away easily, her mound bald in no time. The woman then deftly took one of Dee’s pussy lips and extended it so that she could remove any hair from there too. This was repeated until the woman was satisfied there was no vestige of hair left. Dee felt really naked now, especially when the woman parted her lips wide to inspect her handiwork, feeling the need to slide a couple of fingers into Dee’s cunt for a long inspection. Dee moaned as the old woman, tentative at first, soon increased her speed and was soon finger fucking her, clearly determined to bring her to orgasm. Dee moaned loudly and then shuddered to a climax on the woman’s fingers. The woman looked at Dee and smiled and spoke to the other women who were watching.

They ushered Dee from the bench and motioned her to follow them back into the hut. The chief was waiting for them and beckoned Dee towards him. He made a spreading motion with his hands which made his intentions clear and Dee complied and spread her legs. He was clearly horny for her and his fingers parted her now clean-shaven cunt lips and slid a finger inside her. Dee moaned and prepared to submit herself to an exploration of her body.

She reached down and took his cock in her hand, I‘m going to enjoy rather than endure this she thought. He looked strangely at her then let her fondle his stiff manhood which was now leaking pre-cum profusely. This allowed her to oil his cock and stimulate the head of his cock with her thumb and forefingers. He clearly hadn’t had this done to him before and he was enjoying the sensation of this white woman paying this amount of sexual attention to him. As she fondled him his hands went to her breasts and tweaked her nipples, pulling and rolling them between his fingers.

Dee was caught up in the moment and didn’t object when he pushed her onto the floor and on her back. Instinctively she opened her legs exposing her wet cunt to him, her lips were open with excitement and anticipation. Unlike his previous energetic and rushed fucking before, this time he was going to take his time.

As her legs were open and up, he positioned himself on his knees between her his cock ramrod hard and pushing at her open lips. Dee surprised herself by reaching around, clasping his buttocks and pulling him into her. She sighed deeply as he entered her and slowly they started to move in time with each other, each thrust causing her to moan with pleasure.

Chapter 3 - The surprise

Dee’s life had changed immeasurably in such a short space of time. It wasn’t that her hi-tech life in the city was forgotten, but rather through necessity she had adapted to this simple pace of life. Her nudity was ‘just how it is' the simple pleasures of daily existence was the challenge now. Surprisingly the biggest change was feeling constantly horny. Whatever it was she was eating and drinking had fired her previously sleepy libido into a raging torrent. Often her first daily thoughts would be when she was going to get fucked and how she had embraced a longing for the chief’s cock inside her. She would eagerly lie on her back, legs apart with her cunt wet and ready for him. The chief himself had acquired a liking for a good long blowjob and now often finished himself down Dee's throat with his fingers buried in her cunt.

He had also encouraged Dee riding the wooden statue as a sort of foreplay, he enjoyed how wantonly she impaled herself in front of him. He had started to dream up new ideas for satiating this impressive white woman.

Today was going to be just such a day...

It had started like most days, a daily bathe with the village women in the river. Many had grown used to the sight of the naked white woman, but the elder woman still enjoyed some close contact with Dee though a little more surreptitious of late. Her fingers would probe between Dees legs under water and usually ended with her fingers knuckle deep in her cunt. Dee enjoyed this too so did nothing to discourage her, besides it was a lovely warm up to the main event of the day.

After her bathing the women started talking excitedly amongst themselves and kept glancing at Dee and giggling, clearly there was something about to happen. They beckoned Dee to follow them and they walked into the jungle away from the village until they came to another small clearing that Dee hadn’t seen before.

In the centre of the clearing was a pen that contained a wild pig and when she looked again Dee saw that it was a male with big balls between its legs.

Oh no, thought Dee, they going to make me watch them slaughter it. Dee couldn’t abide animal cruelty of any sort and the thought of what was going to happen filled her with disgust.

Two of the women went into the pen and insisted that Dee follow them. Once inside the pen the women held an arm each and started tapping Dee’s legs until she parted them. That was clearly a signal to the pig, who, grunting and snuffling made his way over to Dee. Before she realised what was going on, the pig had his snout between her legs and was snuffling at her cunt.

He was smelling her musk and deciding whether it liked what it smelt. Clearly it id as its snuffling became more intense and Dee could feel his snout pushing and probing her lips and she realised she was wet and her cunt was parting.

Oh god what is happening to me, she thought to herself. Not only have I been enjoying this super sexual lifestyle, but now I’m getting turned on by a pig. She moaned quietly at the attention her cunt was enjoying, when some men arrived with a small table on legs and they put it in the middle of the pen. She also noticed that the chief himself was there too, but he stood outside the pen and just watched.

When the table was placed the men came and restrained the pig and the women insisted that Dee get under the table on all fours – it did take one of the women to demonstrate before Dee understood. She complied and then the men let the pig go. It made a bee line for Dee or more importantly the place where this delicious sex musk was coming from and briefly continued nuzzling her wet cunt lips again.

One of the women then picked up the pigs’ front legs and put them on the table, so it supported its weight. The Dee felt a prodding at her backside and realised it was the pigs cock looking for an opening. The woman felt under the pig and took its cock in her hand and guided it into Dee’s by now sopping wet cunt. Then she felt it….it wasn’t a battering ram but rather a corkscrew effect. The cock screwing around and back as it delved further into her cunt. She had never felt anything like it but oh god it felt wonderful. The pig was enjoying it too as he grunted ever louder in what seemed like grunts of pleasure and satisfaction.

The surprise didn’t stop there though. As she felt the pig pump copious amounts of cum inside her, she could feel her cervix being probed energetically and then its cock pushed inside it and gushed what seemed like pints of cum in her womb.

She let out a scream of pain and pleasure, pain at the hook effect of the pig cock opening her cervix, but pleasure at the feeling of this warm cum spurting deeper inside her than she’d ever experienced in her life.

The pig then stopped the probing of her cervix and Dee could feel it slide out of her little by little. She was sorry to think it was over it had been an experience she didn’t think she would enjoy but oh was she wrong. She had the most intense sexual experience of her life to date and that was saying something considering these last few weeks.

After the pig withdrew from her hole, she realised she was incredibly full of pig cum and she could feel it erupt from her cunt with some force. The onlookers had been whooping with joy as they had watched her, and the chief had been proud of his white woman and incredibly turned on to watch her get fucked by the pig.

He couldn’t contain himself any longer and as Dee was still on all fours, he knelt behind her and thrust his rock hard cock into her. Dee moaned as she was being used again but she had grown to love being his fuck slave and his cock worked its magic on her again as she started to orgasm all over again.

Where was her life going and what was instore for her?

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