Cum in throat

After the bikers had left, I went into the torture and snuff room,
where the surviving 9 slaves were still restrained.

They were all thin to very thin, which seems to be one of the two
options for biker's women. I looked them over, while holding the
paperwork I had on them. "As I call out your former name, indicated
your self. I do want to warn you that the only thing keeping you from
be put on the spitting machine is me. If you give me the smallest
amount of problems you will be snuffed on the spot."

"Anita Brady" Anita is a dish water blond, with what appears to be a B
cup tits. She has a tattoo of a butterfly between her belly button and
her shaved cunt. She has a F&S score of O80/A40/V50/56

"Maryellen Combs" Maryellen is a tall, very thin pale blond with next
to no tits. She is also shaved, but I don't see any tattoos. Her F&S
score is O90/A50/V50/63, with a note that she has no gag reflex.

"Nadine Wiley" Nadine is a dyed blond, with long darkish roots. She
has the largest tits of the group, being some where between a C and D
cup. Her F&S score is 070/A80/V30/60. She has nipple rings and a
devil tattoo her left hip.

"Eleanor Benton" Eleanor has black hair, B cup sized tits, with no
visible tattoos or piercing. Her F&S score is 050/A50/V50/50.

"Diane Koch" Diane is a hard looking women, with dark brown hair, and
B cup sized tits. She has several tattoos on both arms and on her legs.
She has a scar of some sort on her stomach. Her F&S score is
O70/A50/V70/63, with a note "likes it rough"

"Kelsey Whitfield" Kelsey is the opposite of Diane, in that she looks
very soft and round. Nice well shaped C cup tits, and what appears to
be naturally blond hair. Her F&S score is O60/A20/V20/33. Of all the
slaves, she is the only one who is showing a lot of emotion, as she is

"Lucy Salas" Lucy has jet black hair and is what you would expect a
biker bitch to look like. B cup tits, hair tied back and in a tight
single braid. Shaved cunt and an eagle tattoo on her left shoulder.
Her scores are O85/A55/V70/70 making her the highest overall rated slut
in the group.

"May Perkins" May has blond hair with green and blue streaks. She
looks more like a club/rave chick than a biker bitch.B, maybe C cup
tits, and nipple rings. Her F&S scores are O70/A60/V70/66. She was
fingering her self as I did my inspection of the the slaves.

"Jaclyn Mason" Jaclyn was a dyed platinum blond, and would be the one
to give Nadine a run for her money in the largest tit contest, with
very well formed C sized rack. Her rating were 060/A30/V20/36, note
that it would be more fun to tit fuck her than normal fucking.

After looking them over, I decide to move them to the retail stock
storage rooms in the new house. I hook up their collars and have
Ingrid take them to their new home.

I go back down to my office, and start looking over the papers that
Lilly had sent me about the properties I had just fallen into. Seems
that those 5 women that tricked them selves into being enslaved (and
one spitted) had a total assets of just under $700,000, with a couple
of possible problems due to the fact that 3 of the 5 were married. I'd
worry about that later. While I checking the accounts of the two that
were mine free and clear, the phone rings. Caller Id says "J.
Whitfield". Oh, this is going to be fun.

"Spellbook Slaves, can I help you?"

Long pause. A woman's voice "Did you say slaves?"

"Yes, I did, and how can I help you today?"

"I don't understand. That horrible man my daughter is seeing told me
that if I ever wanted to see her again, I need to call this number. He
implied it was a kidnapping."

"No, Mrs. Whitfield, it's not a kidnapping. You daughter, Kelsey, I
assume, was enslaved this afternoon, by a person of personal contact."

"Well, that's not acceptable. You are going to have to free her at

"I'm sorry, I really can't just do that."

I hear her raise her voice, calling for a "Jonathon" to "talk to this
horrid little man". That's going to cost her.

After a few seconds, I hear a deep male voice "This is Jonathon
Whitfield. What seems to be the problem here?"

I reply "There is no problem. Your daughter, Kelsey, was enslaved this
morning, by a person of personal contact, and it appears that, as a
joke, he contacted your wife about this."

I hear him clear his throat. "That's step daughter, by the way. I
assume you have all the required proofs and that the taxes have been
paid at this time."

"That would be the case."

"I see. Well, our, no, my lawyer will be in contact with you later."
With that the line went dead.

I wonder why he changed it from "our" to "my" there? Not that it
matters, it was a clean no issues enslavement, and there really wasn't
any thing they could do. Of course I expected them to buy her back,
and process a manumission tax, but that's not the big of a deal.

About an hour later, the phone rings. Caller ID says "DHB". I have no
clue. I pick up "Spellbook Slaves, can I help you?"

"This is Leo Clifton, I represent Jonathon Whitfield. I'm calling
regarding the resale of his step-daughter."

Odd that they aren't trying to challenge the enslavement. I expected
that. "Her resale value, based on her sex skills tests scores would be
around a grand, plus tax and the manumission tax."

"So we are talking $1,250 then?"

"No, more like $1,750, 1,000 resale, 250 slave tax, 500 manumission

"Who said any thing about freeing the slave?"

OK, this is going to be fun.

"Well, I had assumed that from Mrs. Whitfield's remarks to me."

"I do not represent Mrs. Whitfield in this matter. I am Mr.
Whitfield's counselor."

The penny drops. "I see."

Leo goes on "You said she has a sex skills rating. May I ask what her
oral skills rating was, and the testing agency?"

I check the papers "Her oral rating was 60, and F&S testing was the

I hear some keyboarding. "That is 'Fuck and Suck Testing' correct?"

"Yeah, that would be them."

"Thank you for your time, Mr. West, I will be back in contact with you
after I speak with my client."

About an hour later, he calls back. "I have spoken with my client.
What he purposes is that he pays for the slave to be sent to an oral
training center, of your choosing, for a week. She is to be retested
after that time. If her F&S O rating is 80% or higher, he will
purchase her as a personal slave. If it is not, he wants her to be
converted to meat status, and will buy her with the intent of having
her roasted alive. He has set an upper limit of $1,500 for the oral
training school. Is this acceptable to you at this time?"

I inform Mr. Clifton that this is acceptable, and that I will be in
contact with him after the training and testing is over. I don't even
think about why a step father would want his step-daughter to be
trained to a level better than most porn stars in cock sucking. I
suspect that Mrs. Whitfield doesn't know about this. I make a few
phone calls, and later that after noon "Altus Gutter Gallus Suco, Inc."
came by to pick Kelsey up. Before they took her away, I took her aside
and told her that her step father had asked for this training.

She looked blankly at me.

I told her that she was going to spend the next week improving her cock
sucking skills, and that if she didn't score at least an 80 on her next
F&S oral skills test, that she would be roasted alive, not spitted like
Terrie, but kept alive over the coals for a long as possible.
She blinked up at me "Jonathon wants me to suck his cock?"
"It appears that way".
.And if I don't do it good enough he wants to eat me?"
"That also appears to be the case."
"Then I better learn how then."
"Only if you don't want to roast".

With that touching exchange over, she got into the van.

2 days latter, I get a call from AGGS saying that Kelsey has asked to
be tested ahead of the 1 week, and she was willing to risk the roasting
pit. I tell them that I will ask the buyer if that is acceptable, and
if it is, I'll have F&S come by to test her.

A call to Mr. Clifton later reveals that his client has no objections
to Kelsey being tested early. I make the call to F&S.

That afternoon, F&S delivers Kelsey back to me, with a sealed
evaluation. I call Mr. Clifton, who tells me to not open the
evaluation, but to wait until his client is present. They arrive with
in the hour.

Once Mr. Whitfield had settled into the easy chair in my larger office,
I called Ingrid and instructed her to bring Kelsey to the room.
Kelsey arrived, totally nude, with her hands restrained behind her
back. She, with out being told, sank to her knees in front of her step
father. She looked up at him "Sir, I am willing to serve you with my
mouth, or to feed you with my flesh, which ever way pleases you."

Why do the odd families end up in my shop?

Mr. Whitfield motions to me, "Please, read the report". I open the
report. "It seems that Kelsey has a oral sex rating of 85 on this
retest." Upon hearing that, Mr. Whitfield unzips his pants and pulls
his semi-hard cock out. "Prove it slut." he says flatly. She had
already started to rise up to take his cock into her mouth as he said
that. She took him into her mouth and began to alternately apply lip
and tongue action to his hardening cock. Once his cock was hard she
started to take him deeper and deeper into her throat, finally taking
him all the way in. Once she had reached that level she kept her head
down and we could see her swallowing repeatedly, massaging her step
fathers cock with her throat muscles. After 15-30 seconds of this, she
slowly raised her self up, then lowered her self back down on to his
cock, repeating the swallowing once she had him fully in her throat.
After the 3rd or 4th cycle, he grabbed he head and held it as he came
into her throat. Once he had finished, he pulled his member from her
mouth, then pushed her back down, so that she was sitting on her knees
again. "Leo will take you to you new residence. I will visit you
several times a week. On some visits I may bring business guests. You
will service them as well. He stands, adjusts and zips his pants, then
reaches into his jacket, removing a check which he hands to me. It's
for $2,750. "I believe this was the agreed amount for the slave and
the training?" I agree, and take the check. He turns to his lawyer
"Leo, make the arrangements for monitoring and the other issues we
brought up." With that he leaves the room. Leo turns to me "We are
going to need a slave monitoring system set up, for up to 4 slaves."

"I think I can do that. I've just gained access to a town house just
out side of down town. How about $500.00 per month for the monitoring,
with an additional fee of 200 per slave for food and basic utilities?"

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