Lady in a Meadow

The ravened haired lady and her maid-in-waiting, twirled around the meadow.
The wind swirling the newly fallen leaves as they cavoted in the warmth of the
sun. Their gowns flowing around them as the the young page watched. His
grip on on the horses and preoccupation with the young women enjoying the fall
sun, kept him from noticing the approaching men till they were upon the
scene of revillery. As he turned a stave smacked across the side of his head and
down into the crispy leaves he fell. For brief seconds the women continued
their frolic until they noticed the half circle of men starings at them, and
little Willie the page lying on the ground.
Quickly the eight men and five large mastiff hunting dogs closed the distance
on the women. As they turned to flee the dogs howled with a death curling
yell that froze the ladies in their tracks. The men by their looks were
barbarians, a scouting party or poaching party. They were unshaven and disheveled
and theiry clothing rough cloth, dirty and ripped.
Crossing the meadow, the girls riveted with fear, the men gibbered in their
tongue, and laid rough hands on the girls, quickily binding their hands behind
them. Another rope around their ankles to keep their strides short and a lead
rope around thier necks. The page was lifted and tied to the saddle of one
of the horses. Quickly they formed a ragged line and started through the
forest leading the girl and the horses. Little sound emitted from this oddly
assorted party. The girls had no time to talk as the pace kept them out of
breath. For hours they quickly walked the forest path, till finally the red ball of
sun could be seen low on the horizon.
Stopping in a clearing near a stream, they proceeded set up camp. The
girls stood in place as the dogs surrounded them and the horses. The page Willie
was moaning and grunted loudly as the rope securing him to the horse was cut
and he dropped to the ground. The girls tears streaking their cheeks stood
bewildered. Their gown ripped and torn and stained by the long tiring trek
through the woods. As they stood speechless, the camp took form. Piles of wood
for cooking fires and water were secured and placed in readiness for the
nights respite. One at a time with dogs as escorts they were taken to the woods to
relieve themselves. The two times that the girls started to talk they wer
smartly struck with a birch rod. Tears rolled down their cheeks from the
stinging strokes.
As they watched a hitching post for the horse and dogs was constructed. Odd
was this, as it was lower then you would expect, just a little over two feet
off the ground they horitzontal piece of log was mounted on the x crossed
braces. Thick logs were used for this hitching post. Small pegs were secured on
either side to hobble the legs of the animals. The horse and dogs would not
pull free from them.
Scraps of meat were thrown to the girls as they crouched near the fires. A
crust of bread and tin of water completed their meal. Again they were taken to
relieve themselves in the woods under close watch.
As the maid Stephanie was lead back from the bushes, she was lead over to
the hitching post and pushed to her knees. Kneeling in front of the cross log,
she was bent at the waist and her hands were secured to pegs on the other side
of the log. Her legs were then pulled apart and secured to pegs. Her neck
lease was tied to the log. Next the ravenhaired lady Charlene was secured
facing in the opposited direction as her maid. And then the page Willie was also
tied down for the night in the same manner.
The horses were tied to the other half of the twenty foot hitching post.
The dogs were worrying over scraps of food from the meal. A wine skin pasted
around the fire as the barbarians sang songs and laughed. The flames roared
and shadows danced on the ground.
As the second skin of wine, pasted around the circles, one of the barbarians
walked into the bushes and when he came back out, he was shaking his penis of
the drips of pee. Walking over to the maid Stephanie, he knelt down behind
her and pulling her gown, wiped himself on her clothing. Then he took the hem
of her skirt and pushed it over her waist and taking his knife cut her
undergarments away. Roughly his fingers probed her lips, causing her to cry out and
then he pushed his hard cock into her pussy. Holding onto her hips with one
hand, he slapped her ass cheek with the other as he fucked her dry pussy hole.
Screams broke from her lips at the pain and humilation. The more she screamed
the harder he pushed at her lips. The other men gathered around, cheering
and llaughing. Then one of them knelt behing the page and cut his pants off and
spitting on his hand, lubricated his cock and stuck it at the entrance to the
young boys ass cheeks. Shoving the cock penetrated and pain and agony of the
lad broke the air, dronwing out the crying of Stephanie. The men started
pushing and shoving, forming a line, and then two of them climbed over the post
and one knelt behind the ravenhaired lady.
Pulling his clothing open, a hard red cock pushed at the back of her gown.
Grabbing her skirt with his hands, he ripped the material parting it to the
sides and then ripped her undergarments from her loins. Rough fingers pushed at
her lips, spreading them and poking into her dry pussy. A scream of pain
rips the night air, as another finger pushes deep into her body. Sawing in and
out 4 or 5 times, the fingers pull out and the head of his cock pushes slowly
into her lips and then sinks into her pussy. The walls of her vagina finally
yield some lubircation, as his cock slams into her body and pulls back out
and then in again. His hands are ripping at her gown and then have torn it
from bottom to top. Her whole back lies exposed to the the fire and moon light.
Not very romantic. Just pain and tears. Finally he jerks in her body, once
and then twice and her body lies over hers, his mouth biting at her back.
Roughly he is pulled off and falls to the side as another, shoves his cock
deep into her soaking pussy. The pain is not intense now; but the utter disgust
and humilation is deeper then the physical abuse. Long minutes and then the
second one jreks and empties into her body. Quickly another one has taken
his place and this one is bigger then the others and fills her pussy with hard
meat. Qucikly he discharges his fluid.
These men are drunk with lust and each one has emptied a load of sperm into
the girls and the boy. Lady Charlene has taken four men and then the fifth
shoves his cock into the opening of her ass. New pain splits her body, as the
cock slowly gains entrance. The man is rubbing cum on it as it slowly sinks
into her crack. Pulling back it pops out and quickly he shoves it in again.
His strokes are long and slow. His hands massages her breasts, as they are
pressed to the log. The red fog in her mind registers as her hair is yanked and
her head is pulled up. As her eyes start to focus, a cock is shoved in her
mouth and she starts to choke; but her head is held tight as the cock works in
and out of her mouth. In reflex, her teeth start to bite down; but a slap to
the face loosens her jaw. Slackly her mouth forms around the cock and feels
the cum shooting into her mouth. Gagging as it is pulled out, her ass still
being reamed. The slap of flesh of flesh the only sound nearby, except for soft
crying on eith side.
Finally after three hard strokes, the cum flows in her ass and the sweaty
flesh parts from hers. Laying across the log, fluid dripping from his ass and
pussy, her mouth trying to spit the sperm out, she feels a cold wetness on her
ass and then pussy. Trying to look around, she sees the vague outline of a dog
and then the smell of its breath. A tongue licks at her pussy and the nose
sniffs again. A heavy body falls on her back as the dogs stands on two legs
between her thighs. The paws are scratching on her back as she tries to elude
the thrusting cock. Finally it pushes at her lips and then into her pussy.
Deeply it sinks, and then a fevered thrussting against her thighs. Saliva
drips on her back and shoulders and into her hair. The thrust of the the giant
hound is fast and deep. Continuing on for long minutes, and then finally the
expansion of the balloon head and the feelling of liquid expelling.
The dog is pulling, trying to exit her pussy, but the swollen head has him
locked for long minutes, and then he finally pulls free.
A tongue again licks at her swollen, bruised and sloppy lips. No tears of
moisture leave her eyes as she cries in wracking heaves. Her eyes barely see as
the dogs now mount her companions and again moans and screams fill the air.
Another dog mounts her and again the fevered fucking ends in a locking of
organs. Three dogs have fucked her as she fades to unconsciousness.
Waking up the dawn in her eyes, and a cock buried deep in her cunt. When one
finishes, another takes his place. The fourth cock of the morning, pushes
deep into her pussy, as the mans lays on her back. The sticky liquid flows down
her back and sides, and then the weight of the man is lifted and the cock
pulls free from her pussy. A cload covers her body as men leap from the woods.
The dogs growl in anger; but are quickly filled with arrows as are the
remaining barbarians.
A knife cuts the ropes on Lady Charlene's hand and neck and legs. Strong,
but gentle arms lift her up wrap the cloak tightly around her. Pulling her to
the warm body of her Lord. She does not look at him; but his hand reaches
down and lifts her head and gently kisses her soft lips. And then he kisses
the tears in her eyes and soothes the trembling of her body. Leading her to his
charger, he lifts her up and rides to another clearing and then lifting her
down, he sits at the base of a giant oak tree and holds her to his body.
"My love", he says, "sleep and I will keep watch over you and protect you
from all danger."

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