Pushing The Limits

The key to proper discipline is love.

My niece Wilma was visiting with us for the holidays, and the 14 year
old juvenile delinquent was pushing that advice past what I could cope
with. My wife Maggie and I had figured out a solution for her


We didn't do that to our own four year old boy. Then again, Wilma's
spankings were more about love than discipline. In a very kinky way.
It wasn't sex, not for us adults, but giving the girl an orgasm via
spanking just didn't seem right. Safe. Normal. Maybe not even sane.

Why had we done it?

Short answer, it worked. I didn't think that my sister did it the
same way, recognizing it as sexual and directing the spanks to please
the girl. I could be wrong - it wasn't something we ever talked
about. Maggie and I played with spanking, and other rough play in our
sex lives, but we were adults. We hadn't talked about it either,
though we also hadn't done it for a couple of years - until Wilma
showed up and reminded us.

That was part of it. Letting the sexy teen strip in front of us, then
watching her pose for her spanking, stark naked -- and not just on her
behind - was irresistibly arousing. For both of us.

"We need to do something about this situation," I told Maggie, the
next morning - we'd made love hard, thinking about what we'd done to
that girl, and how much she obviously enjoyed it.

"I don't know what to do," Maggie answered.

We were both still naked. I was hard and ready, and the only reason I
hadn't just jumped on her and started something was because this
bothered me. She was my niece. And a young teenager. I was pretty
sure that even though spanking a naked girl didn't count as having
sex, it was too close for comfort to incest, and worse.

Maggie usually had some good ideas. I was probably as smart as her,
but she was quick to figure out ideas about raising our kid. I'd
hoped that she had a solution for the problem of Wilma.

I said, trying to think of something useful, "I don't know either.
Spanking her the next time she does something wrong..."

"If my idea worked, she won't do that. She only got spanked for the

"Maggie, we didn't just give her attention. Damn, I had my hand on
her pussy, remember?"

"OK, it was hot attention. You know what I mean, though?"

"How about we see if she really behaves? I really don't want to do
that again with Brandon in the room. He's too young to see it."

"Kind of too late. But I didn't think of that either, last night."

I reached across my wife's chest, rubbed her breasts gently. "One
thing for sure, darling. I need to fuck you this morning. I'm not
going to face that girl popping out naked in front of me if I'm still
as hot for you as I am now."

"Good idea," she answered, grasping my hard dick with her hand.

"I have an idea," I said, knowing that my brain was about to lose any
rational processing power soon. "Let's tell Wilma that she must be
good all day, because we don't do any spankings until nighttime. After
Brandon goes to bed. That way, if it is about the attention - or
sexual - and she's really not being bad just to be trouble, we'll find

"Sensible," Maggie answered. "It will give us time to talk with
Brandon about this too. I think he thinks it was just punishment, but
I need to clear things up." She stroked my hard dick, and asked, "Do
you want to spank me this morning, like last night?"

"It's tempting," I answered. I grabbed her breasts hard, one hand on
each, squeezing hard, pinching them, right up to her nipples.

"Ooh, that hurts. Don't stop though."

Handling my wife hard turned me on, and obviously she was enjoying it
too. But we weren't alone in the house. So despite my desire for a
long play session, we had to `take care of business' instead. Pleasant
enough a duty, but not when I wanted more. I said, "I'd rather just
do it. The kids will be up soon, you know?"

"Yeah, and we'll have to make breakfast. Plus, I guess you don't want
Wilma coming out stark naked in the kitchen, do you?"

"Well, part of me wouldn't mind it at all. But not with Brandon

I felt funny, talking while holding Maggie's nipples between my
fingers, and with her squeezing and stroking my dick.

As soon as I thought that, I grabbed Maggie hard again, then kissed
her on the lips. A soft kiss, while I played with her nipples.

"Just fuck me," Maggie said, right in the middle of our kisses.


"You know. On top, I'm ready."

So I did that. Just slid over her, I was already on my side to reach
her, and my dick just went in. Pretty easy, she was hot and wet. In
and out, up and down, with her holding me tight with her arms and

The rhythm of our love, like a nice dance, was easy to get into. A
brief vision of Wilma's naked body, on the floor as I spanked her,
looking up at her pussy and breasts, and sweet face, filled my mind.
It didn't stay - it turned me on, but I couldn't handle imagining her
in my wife's position. No way, no way at all that I'd fuck the girl.
Virgin, my niece, a teenager, the thought alone almost cost me my

Spanking her, on the other hand...

I rarely thought much about other women, let alone teenagers, when I
made love with Maggie. Before sex, those thoughts were nice to kick
me into the right mood, but usually I couldn't think of anything else
while actually doing it

Disciplining my niece was a wonderful aphrodisiac,' I thought. `I
guess it isn't a bad thing, if it makes her behave. She obviously has
no shame about being naked in front of us, or even having an orgasm in
front of us. I just have to get things under control, before she gets
other ideas.'

I'd have asked Maggie about it, but her eyes were closed, her smiling
face let me know that she was deep into our fucking. Or into thought
- I'd had my eyes closed while thinking about Wilma's gorgeous naked

If I was 14 again, and of course, not related to Wilma, I think that I
would be the boy who'd be willing to fuck her. I wondered about that
- I'd have to ask why she hadn't found a boy who'd do that. Most
would be totally willing if a girl asked. Sometimes, I was sure that
I didn't understand girls, no matter how long I'd been around them.

Or inside them.

Coming inside them. Like with Maggie.

Before her. I felt a glowing, lovely intense pleasure myself,
thinking about fucking a girl. A girl like my niece, a teenager.


She was into it too. Maggie hadn't got off, and that wasn't fair.

Wilma naked. I thought about that. I couldn't help myself.

In our room.

Here with me. What if she was in here, with us? Or alone with me?

I'd spank her here. That way, not like in the living room, we could
maybe do more. I could touch her, and we could talk. I knew that she
knew that we knew that spanking turned her on. We'd deliberately got
her off, Maggie and I.

The thought of that got me hard. Or perhaps, just let me keep my
hard-on. The vision of Wilma's sweet body, the feel of her wet pussy
as I spanked and rubbed her to orgasm, filled my head.

Maggie would forgive me for thinking of that. It had been a while
since I'd gone on fucking her after my orgasm. I'd tell her why, of
course. I loved her, and trusted her. Besides, there was no way that
I'd dare let our spanking "discipline" game go on without her support.

The nice thing about the "second wind" hard on is that it lasts a
while. Maggie did the "Fuck me, fuck me," song, saying that over and
over as she got close to coming. Like when we were kids. We'd got
used to just doing it, no words needed. Comfortable with each other,
so no guidance was needed.

Maggie came, her pussy crunching my dick hard inside her.

"That was nice. Good to have your niece around, I think," she said,
after we were done.

"Yeah, it is."

We separated. I got off her, rolled over. I needed a break. We'd
been at it a while. I was surprised that neither kid had bothered us
yet. "We'll need to get up and dressed, you know? Before the kids
get up."

"Sorry, Bill, but I've got to do something about that," Maggie said,
pointing at my hard on.

The wetness on it drying, or something, stopped it from drooping after
our hard fuck. It wasn't demanding, not like when I woke up, but she
was right - I hadn't got off, and imaging Wilma naked for breakfast -
or as breakfast (another scary thought which almost turned me off, but
somehow, it didn't work like that - fucking was wrong, touching was
OK, eating was... I don't know, I wasn't sure, but I love eating
pussy, and it wouldn't count as taking her virginity).

Maggie got up, then lay down on the bed, between my legs. I thought
she might hop on top and fuck me more, but instead, she put her head
down there and licked.

Then sucked.

She said, "We need to be quick. I'm sure that you can make some nice
cream for me, right?"

"OK. We have to hurry."

"I said that. Now, just lay back. Think of something sexy, like how
much fun you'll have spanking that naked girl. She is just too much,
how she gets so excited when you touch her."

I didn't answer. I was very turned on, but that wasn't the reason.
Maggie knew, didn't she, that I was attracted to doing that. With
Wilma. It wasn't like cheating, to think of the girl, not if Maggie
knew about it and approved.

It wasn't sex anyway. But it was very exciting.

Maggie sucking on my dick was sex. Big time. One thing I was sure,
Wilma couldn't compare for doing that. I didn't want a comparison,
but that was the triggering thought - to see that girl down there,
looking in her pretty eyes, like I was doing with Maggie, while her
lips moved up and down.

Tongue swirling, fingers tingling each sensitive spot.

Sucking my orgasm right up. I'd be happy if this was all Maggie and I
ever did, with sex. It was that good.

Sweetly licking me clean, taking her time to kiss and caress me after
my orgasm, I let Maggie do that because she loved me. Letting me get
a bit turned on, and a bit calmed down, rather than just laying back
and stopping after I came.

Maggie slid up and cuddled by me. "We need to get up, I know. But I
need this just a little."

"Me too," I said. Then, I explained the idea of the night time wait
for spankings. Maggie agreed, quietly, then just held me, silently.

We didn't do that long though. Maggie slipped off to check on the

I got the kitchen set up. Pancakes for breakfast. I could handle
doing that.

"I talked with Wilma. Told her not to come out naked, not until night
time. Pretty much, I'm sure, let her know without saying, that it
would be a sex spanking, not discipline. Oh, I asked too."

"Asked what?"

"If it was just like her mom's spankings. `Nope,' she said. I didn't
think that it was so far, the same -- not her own mom doing what we
did. Just that she gets off on the spanking, on her behind. Bare, it
doesn't take much to get your clit rubbing on something. If we have a
chance, alone in the house, I'd like to try that out, letting you
spank me in the living room - letting my puss rub on your jeans."

"Yeah, that would be nice," I mused. "So, she has to be good all

"Yep. I think she will be. I sure would do it."

"She's too young."

"Too late to think of that. Anyway, she isn't, or she wouldn't have
done it. Remember, she was the one to drop her drawers first. She
didn't fight naked spanking - your sis does that with her, by the

I thought about that. I couldn't think of any good reason to make her
get naked, except to play sexually with it. "Why does she do that? I
don't know..."

"Because Wilma, horny girl, sleeps naked. So some of the spankings
happen when she is off in bed, or getting ready. It isn't a big deal,
and I guess that maybe Wilma didn't think it was that different even
though you're a guy."

I thought about it. I was out of things to say, so I got dressed and
we did the breakfast thing.

"Did you sleep OK?" I asked Wilma, while serving her pancakes.

"Oh, yeah. It was the nicest night ever. I had the best dreams,
Uncle Bill," Wilma said.

"Uncle Bill?" I asked. She almost never put Uncle in front of my

"Yeah, thanks for last night. I needed it. Don't feel bad, I just
sometimes don't know what to do."

"OK. Remember, though, we did it to help you be good. It wasn't to
hurt you."

Maggie said, "Don't forget our deal. If you're good all day long, you
know what will happen. If you're bad, tough luck."

"I'm smart. I can be good, really," Wilma said.

And she was. A little testy at times, but she curbed her anger,
played nice. By evening, she was being a perfect angel. Cuddling
with Brandon as we watched movies, while Maggie and I cuddled close
too. The nice close, arms over Maggie's lap, just gently rubbing her
there. Not sex, nor could the kids see us, but it was so easy to do
that, anticipating our bedroom fun.

I kept looking at Wilma. She was being so good, she was like a
different person. Still, she'd skipped her bra, and the way her top
wrapped around her made her shape very clear - and her hard nipple
visible in the dim light from the TV.

Maybe I was imaging more than I was seeing. But the thought of seeing
her naked again, and spanking her, was turning me on terribly.

"Bedtime," I said, when the movie was over.

The kids cooperated, surprising me. Wilma was usually resistant, and
I wouldn't have exactly pushed her to go to bed so early. But she
just went off with Brandon, and into her room.

"I guess, well, she is being so good. I could ask her when she wants
to be spanked?"
Maggie said.

"No. She'll come back naked, right?"

But she didn't. Not right away anyway. We kept on watching TV.
Maggie and I cuddled on the couch, waiting for her. It was like being
a teenager, waiting for our parents to interrupt. I reached under her
clothes, as we made out. Kissing, holding, it was a lot of fun.

Maggie reached behind and undid her bra.

"This is a lot like dating again," I said.

"It's fun. Except that I'm sure I'm going to get laid."

"Girls say that?"

"You know that, right?" Maggie said, giggling. I did, she said it
often enough.

Maggie pulled her top up, and I leaned in to kiss her hard nipples.
Just nipples, light licks and sucks, not all over her breasts. They
were so hard and plump, I knew that Maggie was very turned on.

She reached to me, unbuttoned my shirt. Rubbed her hand over my
chest, my nipples.

"What if Wilma comes in?"

"She knows about sex, you know that," Maggie said. "Anyway, I figure
it is only fair, after she let you do that with her. Bare puss
spanking, really!"

"I guess."

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about either, my love," she said,
smiling as she undid my pants.

I was very hard. Maggie had jeans on, so I couldn't test her arousal
there easily, but I did rub my hand over her pussy, outside.

We did this for a while, with my dick bare, but pants on, and Maggie
almost topless. We could still cover up quick, because nothing was
all the way off but her bra.

Wilma didn't appear. Neither did Brandon. But I worried, because it
could be Brandon popping through the doorway, not Wilma.

And it was too much to take, just touching and fooling around like
this. We'd kissed each others's chest, but nothing lower. I was
hard, and Maggie wasn't letting me get soft, but her touches weren't
anything near enough to get me off.

Nor had I any wish to get just a hand job, and come all over the
couch. We were grown ups. We had a nice bedroom, and it would be
entirely all right for us to go and fuck there.

"I don't think Wilma is coming out to play," I said, laughing.

"I guess not. I was sure that she would."

"Maybe she's just too embarrassed, now that we've let on that we know
her game. I mean, could you see yourself going to your Uncle to get
spanked to orgasm?"

"Nope. Well, uh, nope. I'd think about it if I knew it would work.
Not sure about doing it."

"We should do it," I said.

"Well, I'm warmed up enough to `do it'."

"Maggie, I was thinking about, well, not just spanking. I've been
wanting to do it again to Wilma. Just like last night. It turns me

"Oh," Maggie said. She leaned over, put her mouth on my dick and
sucked it inside.

Then, she let go, back up to kiss me.

"I think, OK. Yeah, I'm ready for that. I wasn't sure. I mean, on
my pussy? We've never done it like that. But I saw what Wilma was
like, she was begging you to touch her there. I thought, well, if you
spanked her it would be too much and she'd give up. Instead..."

"Instead, she `came' up. Got off on it. I was surprised too. I did
try, though, once I saw how she liked it. I did it slowly, with
touches and rubs between. I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist."

"Who was resisting? I was playing with her boobies, and even let
Brandon join in. We both got carried away. Don't worry about it. It
didn't hurt her any, and Brandon is young -- I've explained it to him,
and he thinks we were just punishing her, like her mom does."

"Not quite like mom should do it. Maggie, I think its time for you
to get carried away," I said, pulling her up with me as I got to my

My pants slid down. I had to bend and grab them up, then close them.
Then, I picked up Maggie, my lovely wife, and carried her to our
bedroom. Her tits were hanging out, nipples hard. My shirt was wide
open. I was very hard, making a nice bump against her bottom.

We stripped off so fast, I didn't even notice anything until were
naked and making out, her on top of me.

"Wait," Maggie said. "Let me lay down, do the spanking thing."

On her stomach. I'd thought she was going to jump in with the front
spanking, let me maul her tits and bruise her pussy. Well, smack it
around some.

I was thinking rougher thoughts. I didn't want to hurt her. I wanted
to play hard. Not too hard. So far, she hadn't brought up a turn for
me to get spanked. We'd done that before, though, and how could I
deny her the right to spank me back, just like I did her?

I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing Maggie naked. But you
know, you get used to seeing your wife naked. It isn't the same as
the first time.

Laid out naked, legs spread, ass exposed, pussy in sight. Her breasts
- I was back to thinking of them in that loving term - were pressed
flat against the blankets. A bit scratchy, the warm blanket was wool
and if I spanked her, it would rub her front too. I wanted her so

But I wasn't going to do it. My dick was just not free to slip inside

From behind. My dick jumped at the thought. We hadn't done that, the
back door that, in a long while either. Strange, all the exotic
things we'd tried, but settled down to just having sex. Not ordinary,
but we'd ignored those fun things we'd played around with. That was
something I hoped we wouldn't forget again.

She wouldn't stop me. Probably couldn't stop me, not with me on top
of her. That was a fun game we'd done too - just doing it, no asking
permission for whatever we did. Because we belonged together, to each

Instead, I knelt aside her, and whapped her behind hard. Really hard.
I mean, making red splotches and fingerprints hard. One cheek, then
the other. A long time. I had my other hand on her thighs, and it
slid - almost out of my control - upward between her legs as I spanked

On her pussy. Wet pussy. Inside it, I felt her vagina squeeze my
finger each time I slapped her ass.

A perfect feedback system, needing no words. She got wetter, squeezed
harder, and I slapped faster. Nice fast strokes, hard, firm, back and
forth. Each time, it pushed her bottom into the blanket, and she
squirmed under each stroke.

No crying at all. It was pure turn on for both of us.

I heard a knock on the door. I'd been lost in our play. I didn't
want Brandon to catch us. Having sex, yes, that had happened a few
times before. This was different.

Before I could get up and cover myself, the door pushed open. I
looked, and there was Wilma.

Stark naked.

Looking at me, also just as naked. Hard. And with Maggie laying on
the bed, naked, wet. My hand was still between her legs.

I'd been spanking Maggie, and knew that Wilma had heard. The marks
were still there, her butt still bright red. I was hard and horny,
too, and I'd turned enough to make that entirely too clear to the

"Look at me," Wilma said as she stepped through the door. Then, she
stood there, having said her line, not knowing what to say about what
she saw. Eyes wide, she walked in slowly, staring at us.

Frozen. Both of us, Maggie and I, didn't move. I don't know why, but
we just didn't know what to do. It was too late to hide, and Wilma
wasn't hiding a damned thing.

It was bad enough looking at her naked while we were dressed, but with
all three of us bare everywhere and horny - Wilma was too, her pubes
were glistening, her pussy darkened with lust - there was no way to
hide our reactions.

My dick twitched, Maggie's vagina grabbed at my fingers - our bodies
reacted with desire to this strange situation. I couldn't be afraid,
and I knew I should have been. Or at least, embarrassed.

I was, but it was like that was nothing compared to the lust I felt.

Maggie said, "Well, what do you think we should do?"

I wasn't sure who she was asking.

Wilma answered, "I guess, you know, I came here for what..." she
trailed off. Rubbed her pussy, right in front of us. "I've been bad.
I deserve it."

I said, or started to say, "Wilma, maybe you should go..."

But I couldn't continue. Her actions and words, said as I talked,
blotted out the idea of sending her away. I knew that I should, to be
safe. But Maggie was with me, and somehow, I was sure that I could
cope with a sexy spanking done to a mere teen girl, no matter how hot
and bothered we all got from it.

There was no point in pretending anymore. My niece was going to have
a sexual encounter with us, and while spanking wasn't really sex, it
was too close to it for comfort. But I couldn't stop it.

I didn't want to. Maggie could have helped, but I didn't think she
did either. Wilma wasn't going to get hurt. Well, not more than the
spanking itself, and frankly that was just playing. I had no desire
at all to leave my wife for her. Strictly speaking, little desire to
actually have sex with her.

Looking at her nice naked body, and touching it, especially in the
rough manner she liked, was an amazing aphrodisiac. I guess I'd be no
more upset if Maggie's nephew wanted similar treatment from her.

We'd stayed almost frozen, lost in thought, I guess. I was for sure,
looking at the girl stroke her pussy lightly, standing there, and not
saying a thing.

Maggie broke the silence, "I guess, I suppose, we should do it. After
all, we did promise. I didn't think you'd wait until we were naked,
and uh, getting busy. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah," Wilma answered. "But I don't mind. I mean, it is kind of fair
for me to see you guys like this. You were doing it too, weren't

I said, "Not quite doing it yet, my dear."

"The spanking. I heard you, you know. Even last night."

"Oh. I'm sorry..."

"Don't be, Bill. I suppose, er, Uncle Bill. If we're going to be
naked, is it OK if I don't call you Uncle anymore?"

Maggie said, "I think that makes sense. This isn't like family
relationship things. You do know what the spanking is really all
about, don't you?"

"Yeah. They've always made me turned on. When you asked me to do it
naked, that made it even hotter. I just didn't think you would know
about that."

I said, "We're not that old and foolish."

Wilma looked at us, and smiled. "I don't think you look at all old.
You look fine, both of you."

She didn't sound like she was just being polite. If I'd thought I'd
been turned on before, I was totally wrong. Maybe it was just that I
was sure she was OK with all of this. I wasn't sure where the line
was, but we hadn't crossed it yet. It was for fun. Doing a nice
thing for a girl who needed something nice. A Christmas present.

"Thanks," I said. "You know, I was thinking, what to give you for

"What? I don't want any clothes."

"Are you sure? That wasn't what I was thinking anyway," I said.

"Wait! I do like clothes. Lots of stuff. But I don't know, I don't
really want to talk about that stuff right now," Wilma answered.

She walked over by us. I sat on the bed, and Maggie rolled over to
sit by me too. It was distracting, trying to talk while we were all
naked, and I was still hard and horny. I was hoping that maybe that
would subside, but the whole situation was intensely erotic.

I said, "I was talking about what's going on now. Like a birthday
spanking. But instead, we can give you a Christmas spanking. Like
you like it. Er, as you like it. You know what I mean."

Maggie said, making sure that we were on the same track, "You do know
that we mean not just a spanking? This is a sexy spanking, it isn't
about punishment at all?"

"Uh, yeah, I knew that. I..."

I reached over to her, pulled her too me and hugged her. It didn't
calm my arousal down at all, but I needed to do something to show that
this was about love. More than just sex. Maggie and I were doing the
having sex thing just fine without her.

"Thanks, Bill. So you know it too?"

"Yeah. So, what I mean, exactly, is that we'll spank and touch you to
make you feel good. It isn't like we're having sex with you. But
since we did that already - the spanking, not sex - I think it is OK
if we do it again."

"I keep thinking about really having sex," Wilma said. Not an answer

"Why not just get your boyfriend to do it with you?" I asked.

"Silly Billy," Wilma answered, laughing. "I told you that already. I
have to find a boy who'll do it with me."

"How hard can that be?" I asked. "Any boy would love to do it with

"Huh!" Wilma said. "It isn't as easy as it sounds. I want a boy to
do it right with me. That is harder than just getting some jerk to
stick his dick into me."

Maggie said, "That's right, girl. You want a good time, especially
for your first time."

"Yeah, that's the ticket!" Wilma yelled. "No trash talking about me
after, either. It's bad enough without doing it with a boy, how they
talk about us around school."

She slid between us, sitting on the bed. She didn't pull all the way
away from me, but let my hands rub her breasts and side as she sat
between Maggie and I. All three of us, all naked, on a bed.

`Think pure thoughts' I thought to myself. It was pointless, as
useless as it had ever been when I was trying to keep my lust under
control. Oh, I could stop myself from acting, but nothing could stop
my dick from reacting.

Wilma put her arm behind me on my back. And did the same to Maggie.
We both hugged the girl, a nice naked family loving hug on the bed.

"So, I suppose," Wilma said, "I ought to lay on the bed and let you
get started on me?"

"Yeah, I think that is what we need to do," Maggie said.

I got up, Maggie did too. Wilma lay on her back, like Maggie had
been. Legs spread out wide, hot wet pussy in plain sight.

I whispered to Maggie, "I'm really hard and horny, I don't know if I
can take this."

"We can take a break," Maggie whispered back. "I mean, either we kick
the girl out, or just do it while she is laying there. I mean, I
can't let you get your balls busted while you play with her, can I?"

I kissed her - the best answer I could think of. I felt we'd have to
let Wilma go to her room soon, before I busted something inside. It
was bad enough before, but we'd been fooling around for so long, and
neither of us had even got off once doing it.

It wasn't Wilma's fault. But I was willing to do it to her hard and
fast, to try to push her quickly to her own orgasm. That way, she'd
be happy and leave. And then, Maggie and I could get happy too,
satisfying our desires.

I wasn't mad, really. Just that it was hard to know how I should
react, with this teenage naked girl, my niece, waiting for me to spank
her to orgasm. It wasn't even just a playful teasing spanking, this
time. I knew I could make her come, and I was going to do it.

Maggie would help too. That made it a bit better. Two of us touching
her would bring her climax on faster than just one.

I knelt on the bed, the same position I used with Maggie. Wilma
kicked her leg out, pushing it against my hard on. I think she did it
on purpose. I reacted.

Whap! Whap!

Hard spanks. I held nothing at all back. On her butt, but each time,
I let my fingers run close to the middle, down her crack, until I was
striking her thighs. And between them.

Then, just like with Maggie. One hand spanking, hard and fast, while
the other poked at the girl's pussy. I wasn't stroking her there, no
teasing - I mean poking, pushing my digits into her tender flesh. Into
her clit, as if punching it lightly.

Maggie watched me do this. Then she moved beside me, letting her
hands roam softly over Wilma's back and behind. Petting, where I was
smacking her ass. I'd work one cheek, and she the other. Then we'd
switch back.

Maggie said, "I think it is time. Flip over, Wilma, and we'll take
care of your front."

Wilma did that. Her leg caught me dick hard, and I grunted.

"I'm sorry, Bill. I could kiss it better," she said, teasing me.

I was sure that she didn't mean that it sounded like. But looking at
her, laying back on the bed, legs spread, pussy open, waiting for me
to spank her sexually, I wasn't - not so sure of anything.

As long as it was just spanking, it wasn't exactly sex. I could deal
with that. The thought of her blowing me wasn't a turn-off, but I
couldn't hold it for long before I couldn't help myself - she was my
niece! No way that I should be thinking even a little of doing that
with her.

And that was a turn-off. Which was OK, I guess, but it wouldn't last.
I wanted to cool myself down, but there was nothing I could think of
which defeated the vision of a sweet sexy teen girl, naked and legs
spread in front of me.

I didn't answer her tease. So she added to it, and said, "Get between
my legs. I like seeing your dick up there. Like someday, with a boy,
you know? Anyway, I want to watch you do it to me. I'm so kinky,
ain't I?"

"Yeah," I answered. "But that isn't a bad thing. So am I."

"Me too," Maggie said.

My wife now could reach Wilma's middle, down to her bare pussy, and
her big breasts. I figured that we'd do it much like last time - only
this time, it was going to be to please the girl from the start.
Enough spanking to make it still like punishment, but we knew better.

I started off with spanks, though. No warning, I just lay my palm
flat and struck her pubes right on. Mashing her whole pussy, clit,
lips, and pubic mound. Over and over. Wilma cried out, squealing and
even screaming a little bit.

Maggie lightly rubbed her middle, almost tickling, way softer than my
hard attacking hits. She slowly moved up to Wilma's breasts. There,
she squeezed her nipples hard, as I continued to work on her pussy.

"You're being awfully noisy," Maggie warned Wilma.

Just then, we heard a voice in the hall outside, "Momma?"

It was Brandon, our boy. He was still far enough away, maybe he
hadn't heard exactly what this sounded like. But Maggie got up right
away, grabbed her robe, and said, "You guys be quiet. I'll take care
of Brandon. If you can do it quietly, go on without me, OK?"

She rushed out, no chance to say anything more.

There I was, kneeling between my naked niece's legs. Hard on still
poking up, touching her thighs now - both of us had jumped and moved
when we heard the kid calling.

Wilma wiggled her legs, stroking my dick.

"Stop that," I said.

"Quietly. Do it to me quietly."

There was no way to spank her quietly. But I had to do something.

I didn't mind the warm touch of her thighs. They were damp with
sweat, and that reminded me of another dampness.

I couldn't go there, not with my dick. Nor hard with my fingers, not
inside a virgin vagina.

Virgin! Later, we'd talk about that more. I was sure that she'd come
close to losing it, and had done enough to count as experienced. With
girls, and probably boys too.

With girls?

I knew that modern teens thought differently about that sort of thing.

But it was still hard to imagine her doing that. Life wasn't a porn
movie, most girls didn't really have sex with other girls..

My hand was still on her pussy, so I started stroking it.

All wet. I'd done that, with the spankings?

It was damp before, though. Anyway, I kept right on, wiggling her
clit back and forth hard and fast, using my fingers.

I knew I could do that fine, though of late, Maggie and I quickly
switched to oral contact. But I still kept my hand in, having not
lost the manual skills I'd picked up handling girls in high school.

Wilma pushed back against me, squeezing her legs against my body. My
dick. I was breathing hard, and so was she. I had no wish to let her
make me come, not shooting onto her thighs. Or worse, given how it
was angled, right onto her pussy.

But unless I got her going faster than me, it was going to happen.
There was no chance now that I could stop. I was committed. She was
going to get it from me, and that was that.

She was smiling. Eyes open, wide, watching me. Staring at me, at my
dick, and my hand on her own soft, wet, sweet pussy.

The smell of sex filled the room. It was there before, but this time,
it was the deep magic aroma of a girl in heat. I loved doing this
with Maggie, pushing her - and me - into a endless flow of lust and

I was lost in the wonderful pleasure of touching and pleasing a girl.
It no longer mattered who she was. Her age, not important - her pussy
was old enough and ready for my touch. Our relationship, forgotten -
it was like I was doing it with someone else, Maggie, anyone I'd ever
known. And I did love Wilma, and this was a fine present. As good as
any I'd ever received.

Part of me realized that a short move on my part, and Wilma could get
her wish for a boy to fuck her. She was trying to get me off,
seriously - her moves were nicely timed, stroking me. I was sure that
it would work out well. She'd enjoy it, and so would I.

But there was no way, no chance at all, that I was going to let her
first time be with her Uncle.

That too, was like we were different people. This was like
masturbating, in so many ways. Not like sex. Not at all like making
love, even when Maggie and I fucked we were more involved.

I wished I could just make her orgasm, get her off faster - but I knew
that even when turned on, sometimes girls - or women like my Maggie -
just didn't work that way. Not like most guys - not like me, for
example. I was doing my best not to come, and it wasn't easy to hold

I could have moved, done something else. But I liked the sensations,
enjoyed the rhythm of our strokes. I held her pussy, rubbing it hard,
pleasuring her. She was less controlled, her legs not nearly as agile
as my fingers. If they had been, she'd have my semen all over her
twice by now. Her touch, even just her smooth thighs rubbing the side
of my dick, was very good, but still resistible.

The door opened, and Maggie's entry surprised me. I jumped, and
almost came as my dick brushed upwards, into the girl's wet pubes.

Just shy of hitting the middle, and she pushed up to make that exact
event happen. There we were, my dick and fingers pressing against her
pussy slit - her clit, her lips, all the good spots in close contact.

"It isn't what it looks like," I said, breathlessly.

"You're obviously trying to give her a present," Maggie said,
giggling. I was surprised. No, not really. She knew the risk, I
guess, of leaving Wilma alone with me. What if the girl had
deliberately asked to fuck me, or just moved until it really happened?
We'd had time, I thought, to do that if we'd wanted it.

"OK, maybe it is. But I wasn't trying to, uh, do it with her like
that. Just rubbing, spanking, like before."

I slipped back, letting my dick move out of contact. Then, I slapped
her pussy again, this time, just letting my fingertips tap her clit.

"Remember to stay quiet, OK?" I asked her. "I know it will be

I didn't hit her that hard, and I used my other hand to rub her pussy
all over.

Maggie came over, and this time, stroked the girl's breasts softly.
Then, she nuzzled them, not kissing, not with her tongue, but she let
her lips touch all over. Up to the girl's nipples.

"Did your friend, your girl friend, do this with you?" Maggie asked,
as she put her lips around the girl's nipple.

"Oh, yes! I love it, I love you guys," Wilma cried out. Then she
sighed, over and over, as I petted her pussy, tapped on her clittie,
while my wife gently nuzzled on her nipple, making the girl come in an
intense, long orgasm.

My desire to please her was satisfied. My need for release was not.
Maggie had to know that, but instead of doing something about it, she
lay next to Wilma and hugged her, kissing her cheek.

I moved up to join her on the other side. We both loved to cuddle
after coming, and since we'd given the girl the orgasm, she deserved
the wonderful feeling of being held afterwards.

Was kissing on the nipple more like sex than squeezing it? Maggie had
done both, and I'd never seen her do it - suck a girl's tit. I knew
she'd done it, long ago when she was young. Before she was with me.
Maybe we were both reliving our teen years, playing with our niece
like this?

My hard on rubbed against Wilma's leg. For a while, we just cuddled,
and I could sort of ignore that sensation.

Wilma's hair smelled nice. Different from Maggie's. It was fun to
kiss her cheek.

Maggie grabbed my hand, put it over Wilma's breast. She had hers over
the other, and we both gently massaged the girl's tits. I liked doing
it, but I knew that there was little chance to get Wilma out of here
fast, not doing this stuff.

And I needed to do something really soon. Maggie and I sometimes
teased, dragging out our sex and holding off our orgasms - denying
them, delaying them. But this was past that point.

"Oh, you are the best!" Wilma said, when she was finally ready to talk
again. We were still cuddling her, rubbing her breasts.

She rolled over, facing me.

That put her pussy, her pubes, right in line with my dick. She pushed
her hips forward, making it entirely clear that she knew what would

"Don't do it like that, please?" I asked. My voice rose, almost in

"Sorry, Bill. But you know, you've looked at me lot tonight. Would
it be OK, I mean, I've never looked at grown ups before. Naked. Would
you mind?"

Wilma squiggled between us, trying to slip down between us. Maggie was
facing toward her too, and the girl took her opportunity to brush my
wife's breasts and pubic hair, and she even let her fingers run across
my hard on as she passed us.

Maggie said, after Wilma was past our pubes -- and thus not
threatening direct action yet, "I guess that would be fair. I don't
mind if you want to look at me, and I don't think Bill will worry.
Will you dear?"

"No," I said. I hoped it would be quick, but I couldn't say that. I
had no wish to let Wilma realize just how turned on I was by this.

Wilma took her time, looking at both of us. "Lay back, spread your
legs some, OK?"

"I can do that, I think," I said. Laying on my back made it more
comfortable than on my side. The girl wasn't looking at our bodies as
much as getting a close up look at our most intimate areas.

I didn't think about the situation, otherwise, I'd have noticed that I
was very wet myself. There was no point in trying to conceal my
response, and it was all too clear that it was due to Wilma. Not just
Maggie, even if she'd started it - it was Wilma's touch which had me
so close to orgasm.

"I like your dick, Uncle Bill," Wilma said.

The way she said that terrified me. Such an odd tone, a lustful
desire there. She grabbed it, and then, without giving me a chance to
say or do anything, put her lips on it.

Licking it. Lapping up my wetness, and stimulating me marvelously. If
I let her go on, even a second more, I'd come. Right in my niece's
waiting mouth. She pushed my dick up, inside her lips, into her mouth

"Stop!" I yelled, reaching down to pull my dick free of the girl's
lovely mouth.

Saved, just barely. "Maggie, please help me, I need it really bad.
You know how it is, please?"

I needed to come, and I just couldn't do it myself. It would be
embarrassing, I just couldn't reach down and touch myself. Not more
than I was, wet warm saliva under my fingers, making even the softest
touch delightful.

Maggie said, "Go on, Wilma. I think that your Uncle would rather I do
it. You can watch, I don't mind. It was what you wanted, to see it
shoot, right?"

Maggie gave me little time. Wilma didn't move away, she just moved
her head up. I could still feel her breath there, while Maggie took
the girl's place. Her practiced tongue made me come, in very short

Usually, a come after a long build up feels great. But I knew, I'd
pushed things far. It hurt, inside, as I let it come out. It felt
nice, and I needed it for sure, but just letting it out wasn't enough.

"Maggie, my love, I need it hard. Suck it hard and deep, really hard.
I waited too long, and it isn't feeling so good down there."

Maggie knew about this - we'd sometimes come close to this point - and
she did it. Mouth down, lips very tight, using her fingers to lead
the way with hard pressure. Sucking on me, like a vampire, sucking my
come hard out of my dick. Like trying to get the last drops of a
drink from a straw, her lips and tongue drew my come - and orgasm -
out for a long time.

"Ah, I really needed that. Maggie, thanks. And you, young lady..."

"I'm sorry, Bill. But you know, I've done that with a boy before. I
knew that you needed it, silly."

"I can guess that part already. But I'm your Uncle, and so please,
just don't try that again. Nothing, nothing! No sex, no sex between
us, OK? I love you, but you're my niece and I just don't think we can
go off and start having sex. Even if you're OK with it, I'm not.

"Bill, nobody says `dig' anymore."

"I know that too. But you understand, right?"

"Yes, Bill. I mean, Uncle Bill. But I did like watching it. And it
was worth it. I wanted to see what you tasted like."

Wilma reached over, got a little drop of my come - or maybe precum -
which was on my leg. Dripped from Maggie's mouth, and she put it
right into hers. "Another nice taste. I want to like the taste of
come, you know? Because I just know that any boy who will like to
make love to me nice - doing me and pleasing me - is going to want a
real blow job. Maggie just must love you so much to do it like that,
sucking you so nice."

"I do, I love your Uncle a lot," Maggie said.

"I love doing that to her too," I said, trying to explain a bit more.

"I wouldn't mind having someone do that now," Wilma said. "But, I
suppose, maybe, you wouldn't do that, right?"

She sounded like she was asking for it. I knew that she'd like it,
and part of me wanted to just do it. No questions, just pleasure.
Maybe Maggie felt the same?

But I couldn't. She was my niece, and if she couldn't blow me, I
couldn't do it to her either. I liked the warmth of the `playing with
fire' - spanking a naked girl to orgasm - but that wasn't really sex.
And as long as I didn't have sex with her, it was OK. I mean, really
having sex would get us all `burned' - serious trouble.

We'd want to do it again and again. I knew what it was like as a
teen, having a first taste of deep sex, and wanting it more. Nor
would Maggie and I have an easy time resisting a sexy teen girl, if we
did it - she was delightful to look at and touch.

Nope, I had to resist temptation. The fact that she was my niece
helped too. I could remember her being too young to think of as sexy,
just a kid. If she still looked like that...

Well, we wouldn't be doing any of this. The hot problem was that she
looked too much like a woman. Her body was grown up enough, even if
she wasn't quite old enough, really, for us to be involved with.

Then there was putting Maggie into all of this. Nope, I couldn't
blame her for what I did. She was OK with this so far, but real
incest was just not cool.

Funny, I watched her, thinking but saying nothing, and she looked at
me. Well, at my naked wet, but now soft and satisfied, dick. And
balls. Probably, all of me. Maggie was still down there, looking at
the girl who was looking at me.

Maggie knew, I think. She was fascinated by my `package' too. In the
right mood, she'd play with it for hours, stare at it. Once upon a
time, she pretended she wasn't doing that, and would look away -
especially when I got a hard-on on our dates.

The look of desire on her face, that turned me on. Then, I saw the
same look on Wilma's face.

A guy likes being desired, but having two women - one his young niece
- both eyeing his dick and hungry with lust is scary. I was
outnumbered. What if Maggie offered it to my niece?

She could do it.

But she wouldn't, would she? I'd made it pretty clear that I didn't
want that.

Maggie said something, breaking our eyelocked silence. She said, "You
look like you might need another spanking, Wilma."

"Oh, I think it would be nice. I guess, I knew, well, you're... OK,
I'm not going to say it. But you know, I'm horny."

I said, "I know about that. We get that way too. I think everyone
does. But I'm your Uncle, and some things just aren't OK for me to do
with you. OK?"

"OK, Uncle Bill," Maggie said.

She flipped over on her face, putting her butt up for us to spank.

"Let's both tan her behind, darling," Maggie said.

"OK. I suppose I might need to play with her top later too?"

"When you're ready. Or she is, flipped over and puss out for me to

I asked Wilma, "Are you OK with this idea? I mean, for Maggie to
spank your bottom?"

"Yeah, I'd like that. Kind of like Mom doing it, only you know what
it is really about. I suppose, no, I couldn't let Mom know how this
works. Oh, you won't tell her, right?"

I said, "No. I don't think I can tell your mom about any of this
stuff. I'll just say that we spanked, you, and she was right, it did
make you behave nicer."

"That's cool," Maggie said. "OK, now do it. I've been a bad, bad
girl, spank me, beat me..."

We did, each taking our turns. A sort of drum beat, a rhythm of slaps
on the girl's soft bottom. I put my fingers on her thigh, sliding
them up and down. I'd have reached her pussy, but Maggie's hand kept
coming close to that.

Then on it - Wilma's legs were spread so wide, Maggie could get her
fingers in between her thighs, smashing the girl's pussy.

Down low, making Wilma buck, legs up, making her even more exposed.

We kept doing this, with Maggie moving back up the girl's butt, then
down again.

Finally, our hands met - ouch!

"I think you should turn over, now. That way, your Uncle can take
care of your titties, like I did," Maggie said.

"And it will be safer for me too," I said, rubbing my fingers. There
was probably a good reason that most spankings weren't a team effort.

I was turned on again, and hard. I could smell Maggie's sweetness
too. I reached down to stroke my wife's pussy. There was no point in
pretending, this turned us both on.

But then, it was time for Wilma.

I stroked the girl's breasts. I thought about kissing them, even the
light lips-only kiss that Maggie used. But that was too close to sex,
and I just couldn't do it.

They felt very nice. I massaged them gently, feeling her nipples
stiffen, and enjoyed making her wiggle when I rubbed over them.

Maggie was only petting the girl too. I thought she'd go for the hard
spankings, but somehow, she knew that the girl needed something closer
to real, nice sex. Just because we could spank her for pleasure,
didn't mean that we couldn't admit that the touches were about
pleasing her, not punishing.

Later, maybe, we'd spank her just for fun, teasing her. But for a
present, a thing of joy, I was OK with this plan. Like a massage, a
gentle rubdown. OK, we were doing it to do more than just her
muscles, but I could cope with that. It still wasn't quite sex.

Maggie was doing a nice finger dance around the girl's clit. I liked
to watch her do herself, but this was different. I knew, someone else
touching me was never like doing it to myself. Watching Wilma
masturbate wasn't nearly as exciting as seeing Maggie please the girl.

Both of us were doing it. Wilma closed her eyes, and just relaxed as
we made her feel wonderful.

Baby soft tits. I loved Maggie's, but nothing is quite like a teen
girl's breasts. They might get bigger - Wilma's looked very grown up
to me - but they'd never be so fresh, so tight, so bouncy. I pushed
them around, making them move back and forth on her chest. Kind of
like tit spanking, but I wasn't doing it that hard.

"Faster, please," Wilma said. So polite, it wasn't like her at all.
At least, not for a long time.

We both worked faster, but Maggie was pushing and rubbing on the
girl's clit like it was a guitar, strumming to bring out cries of joy.
And finally, and it seemed like a long time because my arms were
getting tired, Wilma was rewarded with another orgasm.

No real pretense at spanking, and I thought maybe we needed to keep
that part it. This was just hard masturbating, manual pleasure, no
real pain at all.

But then, I grabbed her and cuddled her, as Maggie gently stroked the
girl's wet pussy. I could see the moisture on my wife's fingers - and
wanted to taste it.

Maggie joined me, pulling up on the other side of the girl. I took my
chance, and grabbed her hand, putting her fingers into my mouth one by
one. "Finger licking good," I said, teasing.

"That's funny," Wilma said. "Is pussy like chicken?"

"You've tasted some, right?" I asked. Teasing her. Then embarrassed,
because she knew that I was tasting her. Indirectly, sure. But I
liked the flavor, and wasn't sure that I wanted to say no if she asked
me to sample it directly.

But I was sure that would be going too far.

We just cuddled, holding each other. I could have fallen asleep like
that. Well, if I wasn't so horny anyway. Maggie got me off, which
helped. I figured that maybe, we could send the girl to bed, and both
of us could take care of this very grown up situation - man to woman,
with no girl around to distract us.

Maggie had to be feeling frustrated too. I suppose I could just eat
her pussy. Wilma might not mind seeing that.

But if I got started again, we might get carried away. My resistance
to the charming sexiness of the teen girl between us was dropping. It
mattered less and less that she was my niece, and thus barred strongly
from any sexual thoughts of mine, than that she was a horny girl naked
in my arms.

I'd feel so much better after a good night's sleep. With a good
night's fuck before that, to make it a good sleep!

Wilma had other ideas. She ran her hand down my chest, between my
legs. Her other hand was down there too, but it was on my wife's
body. She grabbed my dick, and I knew that she was rubbing Maggie's
pussy too.

"You should stick these things together, I think," Wilma said. "I
know you want to."

Maggie said, "I know that we do. But are you sure, you want to stick
around when we do that?"

"Of course. I mean, this is way better than any sex ed class. Or
even movies."

"I said, "If you're talking about porn movies, those aren't real.
People don't always do all the stuff in them."

"I guess, some of it is really stupid. But still, it is really nice
of you to do this stuff for me."

I said, "I'm glad to give you a nice Christmas holiday. But, uh, I
don't know about doing it all in front of you."

"You didn't mind having Maggie suck your dick with me around," Wilma

"She has you there," Maggie said.

The way she said that, I was sure that she was frustratingly turned
on. Wanting it, and turned on by the idea of doing it in front of
this girl.

But I had a solution.

"We can kind of do it like before. I mean, just sucking, nice licking

"OK," Maggie said.

Wilma sat up and said, "Wow! You are the greatest. I mean that.
Watching you two go at it is even better than being `spanked'. Almost
better - well, I'll have to watch and see, won't I? But the last
time, that was the best ever."

I got up, or tried to. Wilma grabbed my hard dick, holding it,
squeezing a little. Funny, how I took that as being no big deal, not
after she tried to blow me. I kept moving, and she let go.

I got on the bed between my wife's open legs, and gently stroked her
wet pussy.

"Oh, that is very nice. But maybe, just a little bit like you did
with the girl?" Maggie said.

So I did, rubbing her hard, even tapping and slapping a little. A
minute, maybe. I knew that Maggie was very turned on. So was I, but
at least I'd got off this evening.

I looked at Wilma, who was still laying by Maggie's side. She was
watching me, but I saw her gaze go up and down, paying attention to my
wife's face and middle, especially her breasts, as well as what I was
doing to her pussy.

Wilma had her own legs spread, and one hand between them rubbing
slowly. I guess she wasn't embarrassed about doing that, not when we
were going to actually have sex right in front of her.

Again. Because Maggie had already done this to me.

"You're pussy looks so delicious, like usual Maggie," I said, as I
dove in.

As I licked her, on her clit to start, since she was already very
warmed up, I looked to the side, and saw Wilma's clit sticking out
too. What would it be like to lick her, to taste her pussy, to bring
her off that way? After all, I'd done it with my fingers, would using
my tongue be any worse?

But inside, I knew that it would. Fingers were like spanking, which
was like discipline, not sex. I couldn't help what my body wanted - a
sexy naked girl next to me, legs open, clit hard, pussy wet, rubbing
herself, was a natural and almost irresistible invitation. But she
wasn't available, and I knew that too.

Maybe that was part of the turn on? She knew it, I mean, she wasn't a
stupid girl. If she wanted to have sex outright with us, she could
have tried harder. But she knew that I'd say no. Maggie and I had
been faithful, not surprising because we hadn't been married for ages
yet - I hoped we'd still adore each other no matter how long we stayed
married, but I knew that straying was a risk. Wilma was a dangerous
temptation, but because she wasn't available, I guess she felt free to
tease us in very provocative ways.

If I'd pushed her away, told her no, would she stop? Maybe. But this
method of `discipline' was effective so far, if unorthodox.
Instructing a girl about sex, when she was old enough to do it and was
doing it - and would do more someday soon enough - wasn't a bad thing.

Maggie tasted hot. I lapped up and down, not pushing her right to
orgasm by keeping her clit in my mouth. It wouldn't take long with
her in this condition anyway, and I wanted to let the girl see how
nice a man could make a woman feel when he tried.

.I got lost in the pleasure of pleasing my dearest lover, and didn't
notice what Wilma was up to. She'd moved down by me, her head close
by mine, watching what I was doing. Very up close and personal, and
that bugged me when I noticed it.

`Well, at least she didn't slip behind me and try again to do
something to me," I thought. It was OK to have an audience, just a
surprise. That is, I was astonished that I'd almost forgotten the
girl's presence because I was doing something very familiar and

Maggie was getting into this too. Not saying anything, but she rarely
did when I made love to her like this. A few hints, when she wanted
me to do something, otherwise, it was all soft sighs and squeals of
pleasure, not words.

I looked up, and her eyes were open. Watching me and Wilma. Maybe
the girl more than me, because Wilma's expression - intense
concentration - was exciting in itself. Our eyes met, and I knew.

She wanted it, hard and fast. Something that didn't need
conversation, just that look of wanting, needing it. I caught her
love button in my mouth and rapped it with my tongue, back and forth,
swirling, a steady stream of taste and touch. I used my fingers,
pushing all around her pussy and inside. She pushed up, wanting
more, as she came.

Hard. A long, hard, intense orgasm. A wonderful display, I thought,
though honestly, I felt that much of the result was due to Maggie
herself. And to Wilma's presence, which was an amazing turn-on to
both of us.

I don't know if Wilma knew the effect she was having on us. But with
my wife's orgasm, my own desire hit me very hard. I wanted my own

I took my time kissing Maggie's wet pussy, knowing that she always
liked soft touches there after her own climax. If Wilma wasn't beside
me, maybe I'd have started a nice slow fuck, another nice thing to do
after giving Maggie a wonderful come of her own.

I wanted to do that. But the girl's presence inhibited me. Funny, I
didn't know why that was, because the oral sex thing wasn't bothering
me much at all. At least, not once I got into it.

Nobody was saying anything. For me, I wasn't talking because I wasn't
sure what to say about this situation. I really didn't want to reveal
the obvious - that a naked teenager in our room, with us naked too,
was a powerful aphrodisiac. I tried not to look, but I kept glancing
at Wilma, seeing her naked body by my side.

To take my mind off that scene, I put my head down against Maggie's
middle, and kissed her pussy again. Just lightly, then I made a trail
of tickling kisses up the middle of her body.

"That tickles!" Maggie said, stating the obvious. I was teasing her,
and being away from the center of her sexuality didn't reduce my
arousal at all. But again, I lost myself in the pleasure of kissing,
teasing Maggie with light licks up her breasts, suckling each nipple.

I hoped we'd be going all night, the way I was feeling. My own desire
was intense, closing in on painful again. I wished that Maggie would
fix this, telling Wilma to go. I couldn't do that. I wasn't sure
why, except that we'd reached the girl and I didn't want to mess that
up by being selfish. I figured that Maggie, as another female, could
explain why we - us adults - had to be alone in order to do...

Wilma's hand touched my bottom, behind me. She was between my legs,
and I was surprised - and excited - by this touch from her there. Her
hand was moving down, closer to my balls and very hard, excited dick.

Part of me really wanted to let her do that. That bothered me too,
because I was sure it was just my lust kicking in. Like anyone
touching me there now would be any different. But she was my niece,

Wilma did it! Her fingers gently stroked my balls, exciting me. I
let her hold them, gently. I was afraid to move, but I had to do
something. It wouldn't take much, again, to make me come, and like
her last attempt on my dick - sucking it - I didn't want to experience
incestuous sex.

I was nuzzling Maggie's neck, and was about to kiss her lips - a
wonderful loving kiss - when Wilma moved her hand up to my
ready-for-sex dick.

"Wilma, stop that!" I yelled.

Too loudly, because Maggie said, "Ouch! What is the girl doing,

"Touching me like she shouldn't be doing."

Wilma let go. She said, "I didn't think you'd mind. It wasn't like I
was trying to blow you again."

"That isn't the point!" I yelled, but quieter than before. Then, more
calmly, "Listen, you need to understand this. I think you know, but
I'll explain. You and I can't have real sex, nothing like actual sex
- no blow jobs, definitely no going all the way action. That would be
incest. You know, sex between relatives, because I'm your uncle and
you're my niece."

"OK, I guess. I get that, but... I'm sorry, Bill. You look nice,
and I wanted to touch it. So big, so hard, I couldn't resist. Can
you forgive me?"

"Yeah, I didn't think that I'd be letting you this close to me naked,
either. So it is like neither of us know what we're supposed to be
doing. But I was trying to kiss my wife, and I'd like to do that for
a little while, if you don't mind."

"No," Wilma said. "I love how you guys do that a lot. It is so sweet.
Go right ahead, and I promise, Bill, I won't touch you."

I kissed Maggie, a nice long sweet wet deep intense kiss. It almost
was enough to make me come, without even going inside her. We were
close to being in that position, but I still wanted to wait for that
action until Wilma left.

Maggie said, in between kisses, "I think you need some attention. Like
Wilma said, to put them togther."

I whispered in her ear, "I don't want to do that with Wilma around.
Too embarrassing."

I didn't explain, but that was because I wasn't sure why. I just knew
that I couldn't do it, even though my body wanted to, with my teenage
niece watching us.

If she just caught us - like if we were doing it out in the living
room - I might not mind. But doing it on purpose, that I couldn't

"You need some attention, you know what I mean," Maggie whispered

Wilma said, "What are you two thinking about?"

I said, "Nothing." I didn't want to explain. I've been in odd
embarrassing situations before, and it is always strange how what
should be embarrassing - like having my mouth on my wife's pussy with
my niece watching - somehow is OK, while talking about fucking
wouldn't be right. Maybe it was because Wilma was a virgin, and I
just couldn't think about her first time.

Because just maybe, if I did things wrong, it might be with me. I
couldn't forgive myself if I let that happen. Her body was ready, and
my dick was certainly OK with the concept. But there were other
things, and I knew that if I lost control, I'd hate myself for letting
it happen.

Maggie said, "Wilma, your uncle needs me to help him out. And since
he showed you how a nice man eats pussy, I think I'll show you how I
give a blow job. He really likes that, you know what I mean?"

"Sure," Wilma said. "All boys like those."

Maggie said, "Roll over bill, and let me do it. You know you want it.
Then maybe, us two can get some sleep."

I did as she asked, and she moved down to do her `job'. Wilma said,
"Are you sure you guys are just going to sleep? I'm too excited to
even think about sleep now."

Maggie licked my dick, then said, "Well, maybe we won't go right to
sleep. But we need privacy, and time to relax a bit. I know, maybe
tomorrow we can do more with you. But I think, young lady, that
you've got much more than just a teasing Christmas spanking in the
nude. Right?"

"Oh, yeah, a whole lot more than that!" Wilma said.

I looked at Wilma, and watched as she sat next to me. Legs spread,
finger on her pussy, stroking it. Watching Maggie as she played with
my dick, kissing and touching it.

Maggie wasn't going to give me a quick, instant erection-wilting
orgasm. Nope, she was trying to show how to excite a boy, using me as
a model. Different kisses, touches, all over the area, hard and soft,
as Wilma watched.

It was too much to take, but I had no other option. I was loving it,
of course. It wasn't hurting me, no, the pleasure was just very
intense, and I wasn't getting an orgasm from it. We did that
sometimes, taking our time. With Wilma here, I figured that the girl
was going to get a wild show and be very turned on.

I didn't expect her to get into it so much though. She was seriously
masturbating, rubbing her own pussy. Wilma stretched out some,
turning to put her bare bottom towards me - pussy side up. The visual
treat of watching a teenage girl rub herself while my wife gave me a
marvelously intense slow blow job was simply astounding.

Soon, I couldn't watch. I closed my eyes, relaxing as much as I
could, and gave myself over to pure pleasure. Wilma's pussy was
looking very sweet, very hot, and all too desirable. My wife was
sucking on my dick, and I didn't want to think about Wilma doing
anything at all like that - and looking at her made that impossible to

Maggie switched to sucking me deep, nice tongue action with her mouth
surrounding my flesh. I knew, this was the main event - I wouldn't
last long.

Then, she jumped, pushing hard against me and biting me. Not too
hard, but it was enough to take me out the blissful cloud of sex, with
nothing but my dick and her mouth in my mind.

She did it again, and I heard a slapping sound.

I opened my eyes. Wilma had moved down the bed, and her hand was
slapping my wife's bare ass.


As Maggie sucked on me. She got better control, and managed not to
bite me with each spank.

I'd lost my orgasm. As exciting as seeing a horny teen girl spank
Maggie was, and she still had one hand between her own legs, the shock
distracted me.

I watched the new show, and soon was back into the space of pure
pleasure. Maggie and Wilma got into a kind of slow rhythm - the
girl's spanks slowed down, but she still hit my wife hard - and I was
able to lose myself in the delights of a warm, sweet, experienced
mouth consuming my dick.

This went on a bit, and my long-delayed orgasm built up again. I
needed it - I loved the sensation but no longer could take having it
put off longer.

I was getting closer, and knowing that Wilma was helping this -
spanking Maggie, and I was sure that was turning my wife on too -
enhanced the experience.

Yet again, I was denied. Maggie suddenly slowed down, just licking me
a little. Wilma's spanking seemed to have stopped. I didn't hear
anything, not much of anything anyway. I felt the bed shift a bit,
and maybe Wilma was switching positions?

Maggie resumed sucking me hard and fast. I was closing on orgasm,
when I heard a wet sound. A sexy, sucking sound.

I opened my eyes, and to my surprise and horror, Wilma wasn't in clear
sight. Her body was, partly, but her head was underneath Maggie.

Under her bottom, her hard-spanked ass.

Facing up. I couldn't see what she was doing, but the position was
entirely obvious. And after I told her about incest!

Maggie hadn't said anything, yet. She was sucking on me hard, maybe
trying to get me off so that we'd stop this. Then maybe, she thought
that I wouldn't notice, which I wouldn't have if I'd reached orgasm
without opening my eyes?

I said, "What are you doing?"

Neither of them said anything for a moment. Maggie spoke first, "I'm
giving you a blow job."

"I mean," I said, "Wilma. Well, I think I know what she's doing.
Didn't I just explain about incest? You can't do that!"

Wilma said, "But Uncle Bill, Maggie isn't really related to me. You
married her, but it isn't like she's a blood relation. Isn't that
what incest is supposed to be about?"

Maggie said, "I think she's right, Bill. But you know, both of us
need it. So how about we just finish this up, and we talk about it

My wife resuming her dick sucking, and my resistance faded. If Maggie
was OK with having the girl eat her pussy, I guess I could live with
it. For now anyway. I needed to just do it, to let myself come, and
I gathered that Maggie was terribly turned on as well.

I imagined Wilma sucking on me, doing it longer than the few seconds
I'd allowed. The vision was very exciting.

Then, I knew that I dared not let it happen. I had to imagine seeing
Wilma suck on Maggie's pussy, and that was just as well. The sounds,
the thought of her doing it, were intense enough. To have that visual
burned into my memory might tempt me to do more with her.

In any case, I was too lost in lust to consider anything else at the

But it was the thought of my Maggie's sweet pussy, her tender clit
being sucked on a girl - a little girl, just a teenager - which
triggered my own orgasm. I let my come shoot into her mouth, over and
over. It seemed to last forever, and however long it was, it was much
more intense than any orgasm I remembered.

OK, maybe it was a tie for first. I've had a lot of good ones,
especially with Maggie. But this, it was a special one.

Wilma hadn't yet got Maggie to come, and I had to let myself relax,
Maggie licking and kissing my wetted, sensitive places lightly, while
she got her own orgasm.

I couldn't help looking, watching her face, her ass pushing up and
down, legs stretching, as she came.

I've never seen her come from anyone other than me. The main reason
was the obvious - we hadn't got into a threesome since we married.
Plus I never expected or intended for one with my niece. I knew that
Maggie had done things with women, but not once in front of me.

Maybe that was part of the reason for it too? That the opportunity to
let a girl eat her pussy again was too hard to resist?

She hadn't had the girl grow up around her. To her, she was always a
big kid, never a baby.

Wilma was enjoying herself, I gathered, because she hadn't stopped
licking and kissing Maggie even after she induced an orgasm in her. A
long, intense orgasm.

In fact, she seemed to do it to make another orgasm. Another thing
which I'd rarely seen. Maggie often came hard, but that usually meant
that I had to work a while to get her to come again. And with the
kid, well, we didn't have the time to make love for hours so often.

So this was another present from Wilma. She hadn't intended it, I was
sure. I mean, she could have just had us please her, spank her, do
things to her for her pleasure. Instead, she'd made my wife come, a
wonderful bit of delight, and tried to do the same thing to me.

"You look so sweet like that," I told Maggie, when it was obvious that
she was down from her sexual high.

"I needed it. I hope you don't mind?"

"Nope. Come up here and cuddle, I need that too."

So she did. Wilma followed, running her hands over Maggie's bare
body, then on my sides.

The girl lay by us, as Maggie lay on top of me and kissed me.

Then, Maggie got up, and slid her body over the girl's. A brief kiss
- I saw her lips and tongue flash down to Wilma's mouth, pressing on
and inside for a moment - and she rolled off the other side.

Pressing Wilma's lovely naked, horny, excited body between us.

Wilma's nipples were stiff and plump. Her pussy was wet - my hand
brushed against it as she rolled, and I couldn't resist following it
as she rolled on her back.

Maggie's hand joined mine there. She said, "Well, Wilma, I think
you'll need to get to your own bed soon. But if you like, we can
cuddle you again. Or if you want, we can spank you. Whichever you
want, but I'm going to grab a cuddle first."

We both pushed our bodies against Wilma's, and I let my fingers stroke
the girl's pussy lightly. Maggie's did the same, and it was like we
each took a side, pressing the girl's sensitive flesh between our
hands. I stroked the girl's clit, and Maggie rubbed it too, so we got
into a sort of competition to touch and tease and please her. She
was so wet, so wiggly there, it was a joy to touch and make her feel

Not long after, she said, "I guess I won't get another spanking
tonight," as her climax arrived. She pushed against our hands, our
fingers still entwined around her soft pussy.

I kissed her neck, and really did it, a licking wet kiss, not just a
cheek peck. I just couldn't resist that little bit of extra
intimacy, not when I'd helped make her come. Yet again, I'd done it
to her again.

I guess that I can deal with that. It isn't quite across the line to
real incest, and whatever anyone else thinks, I was sure that I was
doing a good thing. Being a good uncle, giving the girl a nice
Christmas holiday. If letting her have a little dose of sexuality
would help her behave better, who could call it a bad thing?

We cuddled for a long while. Part of me wished to kick her out, so
Maggie and I could make love more, in privacy. But this was part of
making love, and something which didn't bother my conscience. So we
were naked, and our hands were touching her most special sexual spot.
It wasn't the same as trying to fuck her.

I wasn't trying to get off doing it. This was all about what the girl

Maggie too. I guess, well, it was easy for her to empathize with a
horny, frustrated teenager.

She wasn't jealous at all. I didn't think I'd given her a solid
reason, but a lot of women would have been, at least a little, if a
naked teenage girl came on to her husband. Let alone put his dick in
his mouth!

But I wasn't either. I'd let Wilma suck her pussy, and barely
complained. I wasn't jealous, but part of me wished that I could have
tried that. At least, to let Wilma go on a little longer on me.

The rest, though, had to cope with the future. I loved Wilma as my
niece, and crossing into sex with her was just... wrong. It was OK
to notice that she was sexy, and help her out with that. Not to
actually have sex with her. Nope. I wasn't going to do that.

It was nice cuddling with her between us. I was falling asleep, and
figured that the two women - Wilma was acting a bit too grown up to
call her just a girl now - were going to do that too. Other than a
small worry that Wilma might push for sex tomorrow morning, sleeping
with her - even with us all naked - didn't bother me. I'd stopped her
from sucking on my dick, after all, and I'd told her how I felt about
her doing that. So I should be safe enough. She was an honest girl,
even if she had been disobedient.

Wilma said, in a quiet sleepy voice, "This was a wonderful Christmas
present. I'm so glad that you understand me."

"We were glad to have you here," Maggie said.

I added, "I love you, and I think you know that. I know your mom is
having problems, but you still have to try harder to be good."

"Is being naked with you good?"

"Yes," I said.

"Well, it isn't a bad thing. Nobody hurt, right?" Maggie said.

"Except, and I don't want you to misunderstand me Wilma," I said, "we
are too old for you. I mean, for actually having sex with. Even
pussy licking. It was OK to do it the one time, but that's all, OK?"

"OK, Uncle Bill," Wilma said. "But I didn't start out trying to do
that. I was just spanking - is spanking OK?"

Maggie answered before I could, "If you ask first. I liked it, I bet
you guessed that too."

"Yeah, it is, I guess. It isn't exactly sex, you know?" I said.

"Anyway," Wilma went on, "I wanted to see if I could do it like you.
Also, to see if a grown up was different than a girl for that. You
know, you've fucked and sucked her a lot, so she's more used to it. I
haven't tried that sort of stuff enough. Spankings and playing with
myself isn't the same thing."

"You've done it with another girl, right?" I asked. I thought she
said something about that, and the way she did it with Maggie made it
seem like a casual thing.

"OK, I know, but that was just playing around. I like boys, you know
what I mean?"

Maggie said, "Don't worry about that part. I've done it with girls
before too. It's no big deal."

"Thanks a lot. I mean it," Wilma said. "But I was thinking, you guys
want to be alone, right?"

"I wouldn't mind it. You could sleep here if you like," I said. The
offer was polite, but I did mean it. I wanted to fuck Maggie, or do
something more, but sleeping would be OK. I'd got off twice, after
all, so it wasn't like I was deprived sexually.

"No, I mean, it would be nice. But I think, you've been so nice, but
I interrupted you and you looked like you were having fun. So, I
guess. Goodnight!"

Wilma got up, out of the bed, and slowly walked to the door. Maggie
and I were holding hands, because our hands were on our niece's body
before she left, and we just put them back together.

"You look so cute like that," the girl said. Then she walked out the
door, closing it.

"I love you," I said to Maggie.

"It was very interesting having her here. I haven't done anything
like that in, oh, a very long time."

"Not me either. Even before we got together."

"Well, you're thinking that we went a little too far, right?" Maggie

"Not exactly. But maybe, just a little. We are too old, and she is
my niece. I guess I'll live with spanking, touching, and seeing her

"She can see us too. I noticed how having her naked here affected
you. I want you to know, it did that for me too."

"Ah, to be young and in lust. I suspect that she isn't going to stay
a virgin very long."

"Is that why you didn't want to fuck me? I mean, in front of her?"

"I honestly don't know. I just didn't want to do it, you know what I
mean? It was OK to do the oral thing."

"Well, speaking of fucking..." Maggie said, as she rolled herself over
me, sliding up into position to do just that.

"I was thinking of doing just this."

"Merry Christmas!" Maggie said.

We heard an answer from outside our door, "Merry Christmas!" Wilma
hadn't gone off to her room yet. I'd have complained, but she wasn't
watching us, and if I couldn't see her, I guess it didn't bother me.
If she wanted to, I guess that it was just another part of her
`Christmas present' from us.

If she was out there, she made no other sound, even though we weren't
so quiet. Well, it wasn't Christmas night yet, so it was ok if
someone was stirring.

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