Red high heels

He made me wear a sexy pantyless red corset and
matching red heels. The heels were strappy sandals,
six inches high and made my feet arch, my ample butt
thrust out and my mind tantalize me with the notion
that I was a whore dishing out a free treat for her
favorite john's birthday.

Stepping out of the bathroom into a dimly lit bedroom,
I leaned against the wall and raised a leg to give him
a bird-eye view of my freshly-shaved cunt. His cock
rose in appreciation and his adam's apple bobbed up
and down.

Slowly I sauntered towards him, one step at a time,
one foot before the other and asked him what he
wanted. He sat up, a naked god with perfect pecs and a
hard abdomen which sloped down to a glorious shaft
nestled in a bed of dark curls.

Taking a condom out of the drawer, I put it in my
mouth and slid it over his gorgeous length in a smooth
motion. He sighed and pulled my head closer. His musky
scent made my senses reel and I sucked his cock like
it was my favorite candy-stick. Sighs became moans and
in raw passion he freed my breasts from the corset and
began to play with my brown nipples.

Sitting at the edge of the bed his buttocks began to
undulate and he flung his head back feeling his
engorged penis drive all sane thoughts out of his
mind. All he could think of was of my supplication to
his pleasure.

He was about to come - I could feel it. I sucked the
juice out of him and felt him spurt into the condom.
Groans of climax filled the air and made my clit swell
in anticipation. I released his cock with a pop and
smiled in satisfaction - it was still hard as a rock.
Viagra in exchange for high heels.

He would be randy for a long time to come. Smiling at
me he lay back on bed and I pulled the old used condom
off and with a caressing motion put another one on. He
swatted my bare bottom hard and made me sheathe him

His hard shaft penetrated the softest regions of my
pussy and acquainted itself with the hungry G-Spot
that was sending cataclysmic shivers of delight up my
spine. I plunged down hard and shuddered as his cock
began to silently service me. Up and down I bounced on
him and sucked my breath in as he held me still and
began to play with my clit.

Clever fingers stroked my swollen clit and made my
body quiver with pleasure that rushed through my body
and cloud my mind with searing flames of passion. I
gasped, grabbed his hands and held them back as I
began to dance on him again, hard and fast.

It had been so long since we had fucked with such
abandon. The three year old toddler had been rampaging
till late past few weeks and when he would be asleep
David hadn't been able to tear away from work. But now
we finally had the house to ourselves, we were finally
having sex with wild abandon assured in the fact that
there wont be any distractions for the night.

As I neared climax, my breathing became shallow and
eyes fluttered closed but just then he pulled me into
a tight hug and rolled me under him and drove his cock
in harder still making my labia suck him in deeper
wanting the pleasure to go. I wrapped my legs around
his waist and saw my red heels crossed like red claws.
The site of it was so erotic that I felt myself cum
hard and fast. A flood of pleasure deluged my body and
I drowned in the climax.

But that wasn't it he was still hard in me courtesy
Viagra. Smiling at me devilishly he pulled away a bit
and grabbed my left thigh and put it over his
shoulder. Still in me, he ran a hand over my lifted
leg from the calf till the thigh and then touched the
place we were joined. He touched his condom covered
cock and then the sensitive lips of my pussy that were
kissing his sheath.

Slowly he moved in me with his hand still there,
caressing and teasing my nether lips which began to
quiver all over again. He was the master now and I was
his whore and he wanted burn the raw passion of the
night so deep in my mind that I would remember it
whenever our eyes happened to meet.

Heaving and panting in deep breaths he labored in me
in slow powerful thrusts. Strong as an ox his hands
covered my bare bottom and pulled my grinding hips
closer still. I watched his face contort with
unleashed control and his eyes burn into mine.

Wanting to tease him in the midst of the act I ran my
hands over the red corset and slowly grabbed my
breasts that were bouncing and dancing to the rhythm
of the fuck dance. He watched me rub the already
peaked nipples and a hiss escaped from his lips.

Pushing my leg back down he flipped me over and
entered me from the back. Grabbing my clit he began to
play with me as my ass opened its tender hole to his
brutal invasion. Pain and pleasure drove me to cry out
and my senses felt fried and I came again and again.

And just as suddenly he pulled out and squirted his
white cum all over the corset on the back. The Sneak!
He had taken off the condom! But I was too content to
pull him up over it. He rolled away from me, swatted
my butt and lay back on his pillow with his arms
behind his head.

I sat up and stared at him for a minute. He tipped his
head towards the bathroom, indicating that I could
take a shower but I had something else to do. I had to
clean his cum from that delicate corset.

Taking it off I walked into the sterile light of the
bathroom and cleaned the delicate lacy lingerie in the
sink. It's deep red beauty shimmered in the light and
his white cum slowly went down the drain with the

Sighing I gently wringed the water out and then put
the corset in the dryer. My t-shirt and jeans were
lying on the floor where I had thrown them off before
I wore the corset and became a sex goddess. I wore my
clothes and became a regular woman again.

Stepping out of the bathroom I found him to be asleep.
Tip toeing out of the room I walked into the nursery
and found the little one still asleep. He looked like
an angel and my heart went out to him.

Walking down the stairs towards the main door I
grabbed my car keys and headed out. As I got into the
car I watched the sun coming up and knew I had few
minutes to make myself scarce, his wife was going to
be back soon from her shift in the hospital.

Driving away from their perfect little beach house I
realized that his wife's corset was still in the dryer
and I was wearing her red shoes. A devilish smile
crossed my lips as I realized that he would have a
hard time explaining the corset being in the dryer and
the missing shoes. What's more, that was the price he
had to finally pay for fucking the baby sitter
whenever his wife went out for her late night shifts.

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