Punk Rock Girl

Three agonizing days passed and I was beginning to wonder if I'd
ever hear from Anne again. After our encounter in the photo
booth, I was worried that she'd never call. I was kicking myself
for not having call display so I could at least try calling her.

It had just gotten home from work on Wednesday when my phone
rang. I picked it up and offered a hopeful, "Hello?"

There was a long pause, then "Hi J.P., it's umm... me... Anne."

My heart lept up into my chest and my cock immediately got hard
at the sound of her voice.

"Anne! I'm so glad you called," I exclaimed.

"I'm really sorry about the other day, J.P." she said. "I don't
know what came over me."

I could hear her start to sob.

"Anne, Anne, it's ok... it's really ok," I said, desperately
trying to calm her down.

"It's just that, I know that what I did was totally gross, and
not ladylike..."

I cut her off.

"Anne, listen. What you did was totally natural. Not to mention
incredibly sexy," I offered.

"Really?" she asked. "You thought it was sexy?"

I thought back to her tiny body pressed up against mine and
remembered how sexy she sounded when she came on my lap.

"God yea," I responded. "You are amazing."

She paused.

"Can we meet again for coffee?" she asked.

"Sure," I said, "When?"

"Now?" she asked, and I agreed.

Thirty minutes later we had settled into a corner table at the
mall's best coffee shop. Anne was wearing a knee-length denim
skirt and a tightly-stretched thrift-store t-shirt. Her
beautiful blonde hair was once again pulled into two mini
pig-tails, and I could see a hint of black bra beneath the worn
material of her shirt. Her sparkling blue eyes stared distantly
into her hot-chocolate, and I could tell she was trying to decide
what to say to me.

She sighed and said, "O.K., my parents are totally psycho about
sex and all that, and they told me that if they ever caught me
doing... well, what I guess I did on you in the photobooth...
that they'd ground me forever, and they told me it was a horrible
sin, and they said that it was dirty, and that I was dirty,

She broke down and started to cry. I quickly reached across and
grasped her delicate hand.

"Anne," I said. "It's ok., listen, your parents are wrong."

She looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes.

"I know..." she said. "That's why I wanted to meet you. I want
you to... well... show me how to enjoy sex and stuff."

I was totally floored. My eyes scanned her beautiful petite
body, looking for any indication that she was about to change her
mind and run, or call the cops as part of some vicious prank.
Instead, all I saw were two pleading eyes looking back at me.
For a minute, I envisioned myself on the receiving end of a
jail-house "get together," but all possible reason or doubt was
thrown out by what she said next.

"I really want you to be my first."

I hesitated for only a second before pulling her away from the
table, ready to lead her back to my place.

"J.P.," she said with a nervous laugh. "I didn't really mean
right this second."

It was my turn to turn red as I stammered through an apology.
She laughed and asked if she could come to my place that weekend.
Of course I said yes and wrote my address on a napkin for her.

"Cool, see you then," she said as she kissed me on the cheek and
left, blushing down to her neckline.

I watched as her perfectly formed ass swayed in her skirt, and I
fought the urge to rush right into the nearest public washroom.

That night I laid in bed and let my mind drift to what was about
to transpire.


In my thoughts she arrived at my door wearing a plaid skirt and
white, nearly transparent blouse. Her beautiful hair was pulled
back into those sexy pigtails and her cheeks were slightly
flushed with anticipation. She stepped into my arms and our lips
joined in a passionate kiss.

I led her to my room and laid her on the bed. I kneeled next to
her and began to kiss her neck, tentatively undoing her blouse
one button by agonizing button. Finally, I undid the last button
and slid her blouse open, revealing a silky black bra covering
her small, delicate mounds.

My kisses slid lower as I traced her body gently with my
fingertips. She gasped as I slid a finger along her bra-covered
nipple and moaned as I replaced the finger with my mouth. She
pulled herself up onto her elbows as my hands slid around her
back and found the clasp of her satiny bra strap.

The soft material fell away and revealed her succulent breasts -
barely starting to emerge from her chest with just a hint of the
womanhood that would soon blossom. I immediately took a nipple
into my mouth while the other breast fell beneath my touch. A
long, low moan escaped her lips as her eyes rolled back into her

Her hands got busy then too, tracing a line down my shirt front
and starting to pull up from the bottom. I allowed her to slip
the garment over my head then returned my attention to her soft
breasts. Her hands, meanwhile, rubbed along my back as she
pulled me close, her nails digging into my spine as I nibbled
ever so gently on her hardening nipple.

My mouth kept switching from nipple to nipple as I let my hands
explore further down her petite frame. I began to caress her
inner thigh, and her legs fell apart naturally, allowing my
fingers to start heading north. I felt her skin getting warmer
until I brushed along the silky fringes of her panties. She drew
in her breath with a sharp gasp.

"Yesss," she moaned.

I slid my fingers underneath the elastic near her sweet hole and
started to work my way through her sparse hair...


Suddenly my cock erupted in my hand and I was brought screeching
back to reality. I laid in my bed, staring at the ceiling,
wondering if Friday would ever come...

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