PantyBoy Gets A Reaming

I love to get really in touch with my feminine side. I get so turned on when I watch a man look my body up and down while I'm wearing some really sexy lingerie. I feel so naughty and slutty, knowing that I am going to let him do anything and everything he wants to me!! I was on a hookup site when an IM from a guy in my area came across my screen. He wasted no time telling me how he liked my pictures that I had posted and how horny they had made him. I told him that flattery would get him everything, and he immediately invited me to his place. I don't usually meet in a private place, but I was really hot and needed some dick. He gave me his digits and I told him I would call him to get his address after I got ready.

I hit the shower and took a little time shaving (yes, everything) and getting clean and ready for some hot action. I slid a pair of white thigh high stockings on my legs, a red garter belt and thong, matching bra and put my boy clothes on over the top just in case I got pulled over. I grabbed a bottle of lube and a couple of condoms, and carrying my heels I got in the car. I called him on my cell and was so thrilled when a deep black voice answered. He told me what apartment complex he lived in and his apartment number and gave me the code to unlock the gate. I told him to unlock the door to his apartment and to be waiting in the bedroom when I got there.

When I got to his place I slowly opened the door and took a quick look inside before entering. The living room was empty as I had asked him, and I could hear music playing in the bedroom. I removed my jeans and tshirt and stuck my 4" heels on my feet. I knocked on the bedroom door and that deep voice answered and told me to come in. My jaw dropped when I saw him laying on his bed. He was big! At least 6'5" and a good 275lbs. He was wearing a silk robe, and looked so incredibly sexy. I walked over to the bed and set the lube and condoms on the nightstand, and spun around and slowly walked away, letting my ass sway back and forth as sexy as I could with each step. I looked back at him on the bed and he was starting to rub his cock through the silk of the robe.

I walked to the foot of the bed and slowly crawled up to where he was laying. I let my chest drag over his body and cock as I made my up his huge frame. I started to kiss him, but he said he wasn’t into that, so I untied his robe and let it fall open as I licked my way down his chest, past his stomach toward his cock. I'm sure my eyes got really big when I got my first look at what had been hiding under the robe. I was face to face with the biggest cock I had ever seen in person. It was getting hard, but I knew it wasn’t as big as it would be and it was already over 8" long and thicker than I could get my hand all the way around. I was a bit scared of how I would ever be able to handle him, and as big a man as he is, I knew I was gonna have to.

My hand stroked up and down his shaft and I marveled at how beautiful his cock was, not too veiny, smooth texture and deep deep black skin contrasting with my pale white skin. I licked it all over, getting it nice and wet so I could stroke it even better. He took my head in his hands and guided my mouth to the tip of his cock and inserted it between my lips. My mouth opened willingly and the huge head of his cock filled my mouth completely. I sucked on the head of his cock and jacked up and down his shaft as he pushed my mouth further and further down his cock. I knew there was no way I could possibly deep throat it, as it had grown to at least 9 1/2" long and was now as big around as my wrist. I took as much of him as I could, and started to gag every time he tried to push more of it into my throat. He grabbed my hips and spun me around into a 69 and I felt him pull the strap of my thong out of my ass and he began to finger and lick my ass pussy. He slowly worked one of his big fingers inside of me, rotating and stretching me to prepare me for his huge cock. I kept working on his cock with my mouth, getting a big mouthful of his salty precum as I continued to stroke up and down the massive shaft. I reached behind me and got a condom and the bottle of lube off the nightstand as he slid a second finger into me. I yelped with a little pain as his large fingers continued to open me wider than ever before.

I couldn’t stand it any longer, and I knew he was dying to fuck my tight little ass, so I rolled a condom down the huge cock that had been in my mouth and coated it with gobs of lube. I slid down his body until I was straddling his enormous rock hard cock in reverse cowgirl, raised my ass up and felt him place the tip of that beautiful cock at my entrance. I slowly allowed my weight to sink back onto him as his huge thick head penetrated my tight but willing ass pussy. It felt like I was impaling myself on baseball bat. It hurt like crazy, but I knew I had to take him all, and I wanted it so bad. I began to rock back and forth, letting a tiny fraction of an inch more into me each time until I felt his massive head pass though my tight entrance and slide deeply into me. OMG, it hurt!!! But it felt amazing! I was so full and I continued to take a little more and a little more with each bounce. He was holding my ass cheeks in his huge hands, urging me to slide father and father down his shaft until I was finally resting with my ass cheeks on his stomach. It was all the way in me and it was touching parts of me that no one had ever touched before. I slowly raised a few inches and sank back down, feeling that heavenly fullness invade me. My bounces got higher and faster as I began to adjust to the immense size and I could hear him beginning to moan with each stoke. He placed his hands on my back and pushed me forward onto my knees with my ass sticking way up in the air. He knelt behind me and with one huge thrust buried all 10" of his porn star sized cock back inside of me even deeper than it had been before. He started fucking me like I was his little slut, and took me over and over again. His thrust got harder and faster and deeper and I could tell he was close to cumming. I slid forward off of his cock, rolled over onto my back and placed my high heels on his shoulders so he could fuck my wide open asspussy. He picked my ass up off the bed and slammed that monster cock deep inside me. I could feel his balls slapping my ass with every deep powerful stroke as he had his way with me. I was in heaven!!!!! Sweat was pouring off of us as his thrusts became even more uncontrollable and I felt that huge cock stiffen and begin to pulse his hot thick cum into the condom deep inside me. He collapsed on top of me, and after a few minutes I felt his softening cock slip out of me. I slid the condom off and licked his beautiful cock clean. As we laid there, I heard him begin to snore, so I slipped back out to the living room, put my boy clothes back on and walked back out to my car, tired sore, and very very satisfied!!!!

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