His cock jerked as his cum burst out splashing the face

King Nithen ruler of the land of Malzador was considered
by many to be the greatest leader during the warring kings period,
some even argued that in the entire sleeping gods era the king was
unsurpassed. One of the many things he is famous for introducing
bathing as a pastime.

The king's grand bathroom was decorated in opulent and depraved
style of the Ancients. Indeed it mimicked the bathhouses of there
ruined cities.

The central bath was fed hot water cautiously from
the mouths of four dragon shaped fountains. From this bath a column
of scented steam rose and then condensed on the white marble roof. The
water would then drip down over the carefully carved reliefs, each
depicting a different act of perversity.

Waiting for the king where his two favorite slaves, the elf
Kitana and the goblin Orgian. When they heard the king's foot fall
on the mosaiced floor they knelt and bowed deeply there forheads
touching the tiles.

Kitana of Oaks was a wood elf, tall with golden blond hair
which she tied into a tight plait long enough reach the cleft of her
rear. Her skin was soft, fair and flawless. Her breasts where small
but perfectly formed with tiny jewel like nipples. Her crotch was as
smooth and hairless as a new born.

Even as she prostrated herself to her King and owner,
Kitana's posture still held in it elegance and perhaps a little
pride. Despite being a slave, despite being naked and despite the
collar sitting tight against her neck she was still an elf. And being
an elf meant that she must act with grace and dignity no matter the
situation. Kitana had resolved to be the best possible slave, her
honor would permit her nothing less.

In contrast Princess Orgian of the Swamp-Tooth clan was short,
plumb, and had breasts like a heathen fertility goddess. The goblin's
skin was a mottled green and had the texture of well oiled leather.
Her head was topped with a mop of short untameable black hair. Unlike
Kitan's display of stoic dignity, Orgian make her displeasure quite
visible though her body language.

The king indicated silently to his slaves and they started to
undress him. The layers of rare furs and fine silks where removed,
leaving the mighty king standing naked.

"When I was a sapling I would strip my own blood soaked armor
from my body but now that I'm a tree I have attractive slaves to
remove fine robes."

Kitana smiled a little at this comment, he said something like
that almost every time she undressed him, but a slave should at
least act amused her owners utterances. She stole a look across to
her "sister" Orgian, the goblin had rolled her eyes a grimaced a
little. The undignified responce didn't surprise the elf at all.

"Sometimes I regret having to wear such finery. Simple
clothing has aways suited me, but standards are expected of royalty."

"Sire your chair." said Kitana as she indicated a low stool.

King Nithen took his seat and Princess Orgian filled a bucket
from the main bath. He relaxed as the warm water was poured over his body.
Next the slaves lathered his body, his arms and legs where rubbed
with the soap, then his back and belly. The king smiled, his kingdom
was now attracting merchants from far off lands, and with the
merchants came perfumed oils, spices, and bathing soap.

"Slave" he said addressing Kitana "you may have the privilege
of washing my member"

"Thankyou" replied the elf in a neutral voice "This slave is
most grateful for this privilege."

She knelt before Nithen and lathered her hands. She stroked
his penis slowly firmly putting her hands around his cock. The King
threw back his bearded head and moaned slightly as her delicate, soft
elvish hands stroked the royal penis until it was as hard as the
marble statues.

He sighed and felt a powerful orgasm sweep over his body.
His cock jerked as his cum burst out splashing the face of the elvish
slave. His body soaped the mighty king walked across to the main
bath, and slowly eased himself down into it.

He relaxed in his bath then looked across to the pair

"While I unwind, I would like to watch a performance, Kitana
stand with your back against that column and your legs spread, Orgian
lick her until she comes"

Orgian made the 'ick' face expression even before the her
goblinoid tongue touched the delicately formed lips of Kitana's elvin
sex. Kitana and Orgian both felt deep and fundamental revulsion at
this forbidden contact. But despite the deep racial loathing between
the two slaves the Elf was feeling an irresistible and growing
pleasure. Kitana squirmed and pressed herself back against the column
away feeling deeply ashamed that she was starting to enjoy the
disgusting tongue of the goblin.

From the southern entrance a cat girl efficiently walks in.
Dressed in a simple tunic she pauses briefly to whip her glasses as
they fog up in the vapor saturated environment. She was Amilia, the
kings personal scribe and his beloved pet.

"My lord the Elves from Tianna have arrived"

Kitana came, her body overflowing with orgasmic pleasure her
legs weakening, her back sliding down the smooth marble as she fell to
her knees, tears flowing from her eyes. Soon she realized those of
her own tribe would see the depths of depravity to which she has sunk.

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