Jenny Awakening

I am lying face down on the ground. A dog is nuzzling my neck.
It feels good, but seems rather strange. Why would a dog be
licking my neck? I don't own a dog. I then awaken to feel you
kissing me on the back of my neck.

The kissing stops and your fingers start massaging my neck under
my hair. Gently your fingers glide up and down. Then lifting my
hair you let it slowly fall back on to my neck.

Through half open eyes I can see the clock. Good! Over an hour
before we have to get ready for church. I don't say a word. I
merely make a purring sound from deep within my throat that I
know you will interpret as permission to continue.

Your hand goes from my neck down my back to the hem of my
nightgown. Sliding under the hem it then slowly retraces its
path. This time your hand lightly touches my skin. Your fingers
follow the curve of my buttocks and up the small of my back.
Following the curve of my spine you eventually return to my neck.
I lift myself slightly so you can raise the grown up over my
hips to bunch up around my neck.

I feel the bed shift and know what you are doing. As you
straddle my legs your stiffened penis settles in the cleft
between my cheeks. Your hands start kneading my shoulders,
sending warmth from your hands into my muscles and skin. Slowly
you work your way down from my shoulders to the small of my back
to my butt; pulling and kneading, pressing and drawing. My
purring increases in intensity.

It must have affected you, too. You lay your penis in my crack
and pull my cheeks toward the center and beside your shaft as you
slowly shift forward then backward. Your penis slides between
the cheeks of my ass. I am getting moist.

The fingers are once again on my back, lightly tracing circles
and lines on my tingling skin. With no sense of direction or
rhythm they draw hieroglyphics of love. Sometimes light,
sometimes firm, they dip down to brush the sides of my breasts.
The purring turns into moans of pleasure.

Then the hands disappear. Only to be replaced by soft kisses.
From my ears, down my neck, all over my back to my ass,
wonderfully light kisses. As your mouth and kisses return upward
your body joins them to cover me in a blanket of love and warmth.
As you move your body to cover mine I feel your penis dragging
up my thighs. I part them and it comes to rest at my entrance.
The feeling of your body on top of me and the tip of your penis
probing me below send more warmth through my body. I moan in

Again the hands and the kneading of my shoulders are followed by
light feather touches. My skin is glowing. I feel a rush of
wetness as your hands follow the curve of my hip and lightly
touch me, in that spot, between my legs. They then trace a path
down the insides of my thighs over my calves to my feet. The
kisses start again, this time starting at my feet, up my calves
and thighs. They are joined by licks of your tongue. You spread
my legs as you nuzzled down in between my legs and kiss and lick
my vulva. I know what is coming. I am ready.

From my vulva your lips and tongue travel upward, over my back
and up my neck. As you kiss my neck, tingles travel throughout
my body. Again, I feel your penis moving slowly upward. This
time I know, to complete its intended quest. Seeking its target
it first hits too low. It backs up and aims too high. It's time
for some female guidance.

I reach under me and repositioned you to the right spot. The tip
of your penis spreads my lips and seeks the inner recesses. You
drive forward! Ohhhh, I feel so connected to you when you first
enter me. I love the feeling of you forcing me open, slowly
penetrating and filling me. We intertwine our fingers and I lift
my head and look backwards so we can kiss. Our tongues follow
the example of our fingers and intertwine.

Still lying on top of me you started to slowly work your penis in
and out. The feeling of you entering me that way is different
from when I am on my back. It is not as intense but soothing and
rich, like thick hot chocolate on a cold morning. Starting as a
glowing ember it then radiates outward. As I lubricate more you
start pumping me faster. I bend my legs at the knees so my
calves are pushing on you back. It allows you to penetrate
deeper. Releasing my hands you lock your arms to support
yourself and again increase your pace. My pleasure levels out
and continues on the same plane. I feel you reaching the edge.
I squeeze your penis. I feel the tightening of your muscles and
change in position that tells me you are there.

It happens! I feel you cumming. With your cumming a sense of
happiness and pleasure fills me. No, it is not an orgasm. It is
different, but just as satisfying. Spent, you collapse on top of
me, still inside.

You roll off and I can hear your heavy breathing as you try and
catch you breath. I also become aware of another sensation.
What you give, gravity takes. You are starting to leak out of
me. Oh well, what a nice way to wake up on a Sunday morning.
Besides, I planned on washing the sheets today, anyway!

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