My first gay bbc experience

Oh hell no!

There is no way that monster could fit into my virgin ass. That thing would rip me in half. LOL.

I know someone experienced could handle that thing but I have never done nothing like this before.

Of course, if I'm really goin to do this and want to be dominated, then might as well go all the way.

If you have a less endowed buddy that could help you break me in, then there might be a chance of you feeling my tight ass wrapped around that monster.

I could get on the bed on my hands and knees and your buddy could start working on getting my ass loosened up a little. He could start with a finger, then two, then start slowly pushing his cock head into my virgin ass.

While he is doing this. you would be standing in front of me and letting me play with my first cock. I would wrap my hand around that monster and slowly start stroking it. I would squeeze some precum out of the head, stick my tongue out and lick the precum off of it so I can have my first taste of someone's precum. (I have tried tasting my own precum before, not bad. Have never tried tasting my cum though).

Now it is time to give my first bj. I would squeeze out some more precum, put my lips up against that cock head, then spread my lips around that head. I will keep going, engulfing a little more of that cock while twirling my tongue around that monster, spreading your precum and my saliva all around it, trying to get it well lubed up for when it is your turn at my ass.

Your buddy has half his cock inside me now. He is taking his time on getting my ass to relax and he wants to prolong himself from cumming too soon. My ass is so tight, if he goes too fast, he won't last.

I'm working on trying to get more of that cock of yours into my mouth. I'm probably getting about 4 - 5 inches into my mouth but then start gagging.

You get me in sync with your buddy by holding my head. Everytime he thrusts his cock into my ass a little bit more, that pushes me forward which makes me engulf more of your cock. You are holding my head so I can't back off.

When your buddy finally get his cock all the way inside me, he starts slowly fucking me. He only pulls back about an inch then plunges back in. This makes me go faster on your cock. You let go of my head so I can go with the flow. I've probably getting close to 6 inches of your cock in my mouth before having to back off. I am drooling saliva and precum out the corners of my mouth.

Your buddy starts pulling out more now and thrusting all of his cock back in. When he gets to where he is pulling all but his cock head out of my ass, he really starts ramming it back in. This really plunges me forward. You grab my head again so that when your buddy slams his cock into my ass, I take more of that monster cock of yours into my mouth. With each of your buddy's thrusts, your cock goes deeper and deeper into my mouth. I can feel your cock entering my throat. I really start to gag. I don't know if it is the gagging sensation around your cock, but I can hear you grunting and moaning.

I don't know if it is because you are about ready to explode inside my throat, which you don't want to do because you want your turn at my ass, or if you just didn't want me to pass out from lack of air, but you let go of my head and pull halfway out of my mouth. I am gasping for air and drooling like crazy. I have so much of your precum in my mouth. With your cock halfway out, I start sucking and twirling my tongue around that massive cock head coating it with your precum.

We hear your buddy starting to grunt and moan. He grabs my hips and thrusts as deep as he can inside me and does short, quick thrusts as fast as he can. When he finally starts exploding inside me, he pulls almost out and then slowly fully reenters me. Its like he is trying to fully coat my insides with his cum. He knows I'm going to need all the lube I can get to take that monster of yours.

He continues to fuck me until his cock is too soft. I squeeze my ass as tight as I can while he is doing this. Trying to squeeze out every last drop of his cum.

When he finally pulls out, I feel some of his cum running down my perineum and onto my balls.

He rolls over onto his back beside me, exhausted and fullfilled. Wait, I was the one that was fullfilled. He is exhausted and satisfied. Of course, I don't know what fullfillment really is yet, but you are about ready to show me.

You jump up on the bed behind me and start rubbing your cock head all over going from my ass down to my balls and back up. My stomach is just in knots anticipating you pressing your cock head up against my ass. I sure hope you take your time and go slow like your buddy did.

You finally press your cock up against my ass and start applying a little pressure. You grab my hips and before I know it, you flip me over onto my back. You lift my legs up and over my head. I am now looking straight up at my cock and your cock pointing at me. I have precum and your buddy's cum dripping onto my face and some of it going into my mouth. It kind of grossed me out. First I've never had cum in my mouth, not even mine. And second, that cum was in my ass first before dripping out of it. But what was I to do. I'm sure you wasn't going to let me up to clean up before you had your way with me.

You lower yourself down enough where you cock is now pressing at my entrance. I can feel my ass to start opening and spreading and engulfing that cock head. My ass closes around your cock head. It actually feels good. But I know this is only the beggining. That monster cock of yours gets thicker and thicker and it is so damn long.

Your cock compared to your buddy's cock is like your buddy's cock compared to my finger. His cock felt good inside me. A whole lot better than just my finger. I've tried giving myself a prostate massage with my finger but I didn't really get much out of it. Plus I could only insert so much of my own finger into my ass. Probably just a couple inches.

Even though my ass is filled with lube and your buddy's cum, and your cock is coated with your precum and my saliva, your buddy gets up and applies a lot more lube all over your cock, my ass, my balls, and my cock. He starts massaging my balls and stroking my cock. He squeezes precum out of my cock so it falls on my face.

You slowly start pushing more of your cock into me. It feels great. Your buddy did a good job getting me prepped for you. Of course, you only have about two inches in me at this time. You keep slowly going deeper and deeper into me. When I feel my ass really start stretching, I open my eyes, look up, and seen that you are only about half way in. The way I'm stretched, I figured you was probably close to being all the way inside me.

I'm now getting worried. You still have close to 4 more inches to push into me. You notice my breathing is labored and you stop pushing into me and just stay whre you are at. I calm down some and start relaxing some.

I didn't notice your buddy left the room during this. When you flipped me over onto my back, my head is basically hanging over the edge of the bed. Your buddy comes back into the room and straddles my head. His limp cock and balls are resting on my face. I can tell he went and cleaned up.

He starts applying more lube all over you and me again. He starts massaging my balls and puts my limp dick into his mouth. Even though I'm limp, I'm dripping precum like crazy. I open my mouth and start running my tongue all over his balls and cock. I open my mouth as wide as I can and suck in one of his balls. Deep down, I'm anxious to taste his precum and for him to start face fucking me.

Meanwhile, you pull out just a bit, maybe half inch or so, and then push in about an inch. You wait a bit and repeat the process. If I would have been paying attention, I could have kept track of how much of that cock was in me. But between your buddy massaging my balls and sucking my cock, and me playing with his balls (his cock is now at attention, I'm patiently waiting for him to move back just a bit so he can put that dick into my mouth), I have no clue how much more of your cock still remains.

I'm assuming you must be done because you quit your process and your buddy gets off my face and moves away from my cock. I look up expecting not to see any of your cock, but there it is. You still have about an inch to go. I'm not sure if my unexperienced ass can stretch that much more.

You start the process again, you pull out a little bit then push more in. After a couple more times of this, that monster cock of yours is all in me. Because you were hovering over me, you put a lot more weight on me and I think you got another inch inside me.

Damn, now that is being fullfilled.

You lift yourself up a bit and pull out a couple inches and then push back in an inch or so. You are basically reversing the process. I get to watch your cock come out and go back into me. It is amazing.

Once you got about four inches out of me, instead of just inserting a couple of inches, you pushed all four inches back into me. OMG!!

You start pulling more out each time and inserting that cock all the way back in.

I would have never imagined that I would have such a monster cock inside my ass. Escpecially since I've always considered myself straight but only bi-curious.

I watch as now you are pulling completely out except the head and slowly sliding all the way back into me. I can feel my ass stretch and wrap around that massive cock of yours.

Your buddy reaches over and strokes my cock some more. You start speeding up fucking me, stretching my ass, and your buddy starts stroking me faster. Your buddy can tell by your breathing, grunting, and moaning that you are about ready to explode. I'm looking up, my cock pointing straight at my face, and watching that massive cock of yours appear and then dissappear back into my ass.

My breathing is labored, my mouth open trying to catch my breath, you pounding my ass, your buddy jerking me off.

You give a load moan, pull completely out of me, (talk about an empty feeling), point your cock at my face, and start spurting your hot cum onto my face. Because my mouth was wide open, a lot of your hot cum went right into my mouth. Your buddy went to town on my cock and I exploded about two seconds after you started. I was spurting cum all over my face at the same time you were. Both of our cum got into my mouth. Considering I've never tried cum before (except that drop or two of your buddy's that dripped into my mouth) this was really breaking me in good.

Never having done anything like this before, I sure hope I won't be walking funny tomorrow. I might have to call in sick.

WOW! I didn't expect to write a story. I hope you enjoyed it.

And it is true about never playing with another man before.

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