Great sex at the health club

Intro: This is a true story, so don’t expect any exaggerations like foot long cocks or a gallon of cum!! It details how I met Ron and we progressed our “everything goes” sexual relationship. Enjoy!!

I first met Ron at the health club I go to regularly. He was apparently a new member as I had never seen him before. Turns out we live not far apart in the same town. This would prove convenient in the future!! We’re both fairly lean and fit. He’s a few years older than I am.

The locker room at the club has a counter at one end with a large mirror and hair dryers. Though most of the guys I see there seem embarrassed or timid about being naked around each other, I’ve always been comfortable with my nudity. After I leave the shower and towel off, I stand naked at the counter as I dry my hair AND my cock, balls and bottom. My cock and balls are shaved. My wife and I have both decided being shaved is a good idea; much better viewing as we have sex and a lot easier to clean up when we’re done. On occasion, someone at the gym will complain about my behavior, but most guys don’t say anything.

The first time I saw Ron, he had on jeans but was naked to the waist as he came over to use the hair dryer. I saw his nipples were quite large for a man. As he used the dryer, I noticed him sneaking looks at my cock. This seemed to excite him as his nipples and the dark circles around them became erect and wrinkled.

As he didn’t say anything, when he finished using his dryer, I turned mine off and turned to face him. I introduced myself, told him where I lived and asked if he was new. He blushed a bit and seemed to have trouble keeping his eyes on my face. “Yes, this is my first day here” he said as he turned to go. “I’m here Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings” I told him. “I hope to see you again.”

To my pleasant surprise, two days later when I made my next visit to the gym, Ron was there as well. I saw him leave the shower, towel around his waist, but as he began to dry off, I got a good look at his cock. It was about 5-6” when soft, a bit thin compared to mine but with a really nice big purplish head, like a mushroom on it’s stalk. The surprising but exciting thing I noticed was, that unlike most of the guys I had seen naked at this gym, his balls were shaved and he had just a small inverted triangle of brown curly hair pointing at the base of his cock!

As I stood at the mirror, using the dryer, Ron came over to do the same, but today instead of jeans he was wearing a very small pair of pale yellow bikini underpants that exposed a good portion of his round firm ass and barely contained his cock and balls. As we chatted, the bulge in his underpants increased. When soft, my cock is slightly longer than Ron’s, but considerably thicker. I’m uncut with a nice long foreskin but when I slide the skin back, the dusky head of my cock is at least as big as Ron’s, and matches the diameter of my shaft. We were both trying to be matter of fact as we used the dryers, but I could feel some stirring in my cock and was sure my cock head was beginning to protrude a bit. I noted that a drop of pre-cum was forming at the tip as I used the dyer on my cock and balls. I made sure that Ron saw me spread my ass cheeks to dry my anus then we both got dressed. As we walked to the parking lot I said, “loved your choice of underwear.” He said “Thanks. I’ve got a sapphire blue pair that are a bit smaller. I’ll try to wear them next time.”

Sure enough, two days later, we were back at the dryer counter after showering and he had on what was essentially a neon blue thong!! His fully exposed ass looked so hot!! Fortunately there was no one else in the locker room at that moment because he took his nipples between thumbs and forefingers and began pulling and rolling them as he stared at my face in the mirror to see my reaction. Both our cocks quickly became swollen, mine being loose was more obvious than his, with the full head in plain view as I was still naked. We quickly got dressed before anyone else could arrive and I said “I think we better talk about what’s going on here.” He said, “I was thinking the same thing.”

We sat in my car in the parking lot and he put his hand on my crotch, which made me get a full erection for the first time in our short relationship. He was wearing a fairly tight T-shirt and his nipples were very obvious as was the considerable bulge in his jeans. “I said, I’m obviously attracted to and turned on by you and you seem to feel the same about me.” We talked openly about our sex histories. We were both in monogamous relationships with strictly heterosexual women. We both had thought of having sex with men without our partner’s knowledge and we each confided that we’d had one previous male partner.

My previous partner, Alan, was a business man who traveled often. I live close to an airport and whenever he was leaving for or returning from a trip, we’d meet in a nearby hotel if I could make a good excuse to my wife for going out alone. Our sex was very exciting for both of us as neither of us had previous gay experience. It was mostly oral with the occasional anal fucking which we both came to love. My favorite position was to have Alan lie on his back as I straddled his cock, facing him. Once my ass was well lubed and relaxed, I’d lower myself onto Alan’s big dick and let it slip deep into my bottom hole. Then I’d rise up until just before his cock head would slip out of me. As I did this faster and faster, my swollen cock would slap up and down. Alan loved watching my dick “dancing” and the look of joy on my face.

Ron’s experience was years earlier. He had an old friend, Michael, who lived in Hawaii. He used to stay with the Michael for a few weeks of vacation.They were both single a the time. After a few visits, Michael began going about the house naked and suggested Ron do so as well. One day, as they sat out on the deck, he asked Ron if he would like to have his cock sucked. This led to some mutual oral sex and eventually ass fucking as well. That relationship ended, and Ron had not had gay sex since though he admitted to thinking about it often, even when fucking his wife. She didn’t like to suck his cock very frequently and he was afraid to ask her to fuck him with a strap on.

We decided we’d like to have sex together, but agreed we would have to be very discreet so our partners, friends and gym acquaintances wouldn’t find out.

The showers at our gym are all in one long room with curtained shower stalls along both sides. Ron and I chose the two showers farthest from the shower room entrance and left the shower curtains open. Once we had the water running, we turned to face each other. We each began touching and pulling on our nipples. After years of self stimulation, mine are quite good sized for a guy, but not nearly as impressive as what Ron comes by naturally. Each of his pink nipples is as big as he tip of my little finger and is surrounded by a dark brown circle about the size of a fifty-cent piece. When he circled his finger tip around his nipples they got even bigger and harder and the areola became thicker and wrinkled, joining the nipples in a very erotic mound! We looked at each other’s faces, and saw the lust we both were feeling.

It wasn’t long before our cocks were quite hard. Large, blue, tortuous veins bulged out along the shafts. Over the years, because of the thickness and weight of my cock, I’ve developed a slight downward angle when erect. Ron on the other hand, at least in part because his dick is a bit thinner, and in spite of the big cock head, has a mild upward curve and slant to his hard on.

My foreskin is long and loose, at least in part due to the fact that my wife often plays with it. I stroked the skin on the shaft of my cock firmly enough that the head of my cock appeared and disappeared from the foreskin, looking a lovely shade of dusky purple. Ron grasped the shaft of his cock just below the mushroom head, which was now so engorged it was almost black. He squeezed and stoked and threads of thick clear pre-cum dripped from the tip and hung down almost to his knees!

Before going into the showers, we had decided that one of us would join the other in a single shower with the curtain well closed. One of us stood well back in the corner of the shower so that others using the showers wouldn’t see two pairs of feet under the lower edge of the curtain. We agreed to be silent, though it was somewhat thrilling to realize that if we were moaning and panting with pleasure, someone we didn’t know might be able to guess what we were doing!!

Once together, we ran our hands over each other’s bodies. I sucked on Ron’s nipples as he pulled my foreskin back and caressed the head of my dick. Then I put his stiff cock on top of mine and began to stroke them together. My fingers didn’t reach anywhere near all the way around those two pulsating dicks! I’d been dying to suck Ron’s cock and couldn’t wait any longer. I have good control of my gag reflex and was able to take him in slowly until his balls were against my chin, my nose against his belly and the big mushroom head was deep in my throat just below the back of my tongue. He began to slowly pump in and out of my mouth, gently fucking my face. With the help of some soap I slipped a finger into his ass. He was quite tight at first but then relaxed enough so that I could get a second finger in. I began to gently massage his smooth firm prostate and this quickened the pace of his thrusting. I looked up at his face and he was obviously in ecstasy! I was dying to swallow his cum and soon I felt his cock head swell and he stopped thrusting as a big load of sweet hot cum hit the back may throat and went straight to my stomach without much swallowing needed.

When he had recovered, he dropped to his knees and began sucking my dick. He used his tongue and lips to suck and slide the foreskin back and forth over my tightly swollen cock head. I gently pushed forward hoping he would be able to deep throat me despite the thickness of my cock. Taking it slowly, he was able to get almost all of my dick into his mouth. Following my example, he soaped up his fingers to pleasure my bottom hole. Though my wife doesn’t know it, I’ve been stretching my ass periodically with a big butt plug ever since Alan and I were partners. This made it quite easy for Ron to insert one, then two, and finally three fingers into my hungry ass hole. He massaged my prostate as I tightened my sphincter muscle around his fingers. Soon, I was ready to cum. Earlier, I had told Ron I’d like to cum in his open mouth so I could watch my ejaculation. He agreed. When his sucking had me almost at climax, I slowly slid my dick from his hungry mouth and began stroking as he looked up at me hungrily. When I came, it was one of the strongest orgasms I could ever remember. I spurted 8-10 times onto his tongue and into his mouth. The first 3-4 were big thick ropey spurts of hot white cum, then the spurts gradually became smaller and less forceful. Eventually he sucked the last few drops of cum from my cock and quickly swallowed it, all with a very satisfied look on his face..

I left the shower alone making sure no one was looking and went to the locker room to dry off and dress. Ron came out a bit later, his cock and nipples still a bit swollen. We left together and couldn’t say enough to each other about how great the experience had been. It was amazing how fast things had progressed since we first met. We agreed to try to arrange a repeat of this activity on a weekly basis if possible. Sometimes one of us would arrive after having had sex with our partner. We would avoid washing afterward, so that we could enjoy the taste of our wive’s pussies to spice up our cock sucking. We also got into urinating on each other. At first, it was just onto our bodies. It was exciting to feel the hot golden liquid run down my chest and onto my cock and balls. Then we progressed and soon we would piss on each other’s faces and into our open mouths.

After enjoying each other in the shower for a few months, we began to discuss other places we could have sex. There are two tanning rooms at our gym. They’re located on the lower level, just across the running track from the entrances to the racquetball courts. Quite secluded. As warm weather was approaching, Ron and his wife decided they would both do some tanning. He was soon a beautiful bronze color everywhere except deep in the split in his bottom. When on his stomach on the tanning bed, he even positioned his cock and balls so the the underside of his dick and his scrotum were also well tanned. We decided that he would go into a tanning room and leave the door unlocked. I would then slip in unnoticed to join him.

Once together, we quickly slipped out of our work out clothes and began running our hands all over each other. It was even more erotic to feel his dry skin than when wet in the shower. We hoped that the fans in the tanning room would cover up any sounds we made and felt no need to suppress the moans that each of us were making. I ran my tongue around the base of his nipples and they quickly became swollen and quite hard. The areolas also swelled, got firm and wrinkled and became erect as well blending into the base of each nipple making each huge like my wife’s when she was breast feeding! As I tongued his nipples, he squeezed and pulled mine til they were quite hard, red and protruding, then ran his palms gently across each one almost making me drop to my knees with delight. We rubbed our nipples together as we reached around and caressed our ass cheeks.

Then we turned our attention to our urgently swollen cocks. We stroked each other slowly then placed our cocks together lengthwise. Next, we both wrapped a hand around the throbbing package and began stroking in unison. At this point, I suggested we take advantage of my generous foreskin and do some docking. I pulled my foreskin back all the way to the dusky rim of the big head. Ron then put the tip of his beautiful mushroom against the tip of my cock and I pulled the foreskin back out. It covered the head of my dick as always AND the head and almost a third of his shaft as well. I wrapped my hand around the point where I could feel the two heads touching under the thin, now taut foreskin and began stroking. Ron took a turn doing the same and it wasn’t long until we each felt the inevitable onset of orgasm. I asked if he could wait until I was ready to cum and he agreed to try. In moments we came at once, moaning and clutching at our cocks as they spasmed with what felt like huge ejaculations. When our cocks stopped throbbing and began to get less swollen, I slipped my foreskin off Ron’s cock and pinched off the end, knowing there was a huge load of our mixed cum inside, bathing the head of my dick. Ron suspected what I was trying to do and was quickly on his knees, waiting for me to feed my cock into his hungry mouth. I released my foreskin as his lips closed over my dick and he gulped in surprise at the volume of co-mingled cum which flooded into his mouth. He tipped his head back and opened his mouth so I could admire how much thick sticky cum we had generated together. He swallowed and licked his lips with a big smile on his face. I then sucked his cock savoring the thin coating of our mixed juices which remained there. This first docking episode went so well, that it soon became one of our favorite ways of pleasuring each other.

Things were going very well between us. Ron bought us matching black silk thongs which we would often wear to the gym together, dropping our shorts when there was no one looking to show each other what we were wearing and send a little thrill through us because of the risk of being detected. I bought Ron a fairly sizable cone shaped butt plug so he could gradually begin to stretch his sexy puckered butt hole to make our anal play more comfortable for him and easier for me. I began to secretly use my own butt plug more frequently at home, now that I had reason to do so, and could soon quickly slide the whole thing into my pulsating rectum which would grip it tightly. Then I would pull it out so the base would pop past my sphincter sending it into a spasm of joy and causing me to shudder with desire while my cock produced strings of thick clear pre-cum mixed with fluids from my prostate.

There is a part time Physical Therapy office in an out of the way part of our health club. I found that there was no one in the office until 1:00 on Wednesdays. Though they locked the door when they left in the afternoon, the sliding glass window of the reception window was not locked. i could slide it open and easily reach the door to unlock it. Ron and I decide this would be a great place for some more “athletic” sex. We’d let ourselves in and re-lock the door. We left the lights off, but the treatment rooms in back were light enough we could enjoy gazing at each other as we played out our fantasies. As secluded as this space is, there was no need to suppress our moaning, heavy breathing and gasps of ecstasy.

The PT treatment area was perfectly equipped for sex! There was plenty of lube in a warmer. We found that the ultra-sonic probe produce a low frequency vibration and gentle heat. It felt great when held against the head of a cock, very nice “foreplay.” Most importantly, there was a large soft mat on the floor we could use. We would get naked and after a bit of co-fondling, we’d lay down on the mat. I might suck and fondle Ron’s balls and swelling dick as he lay on his back or he might do the same for me.

Best of all was when we’d get into a “69” position, taking turns on who was on top. This was a perfect position for deep throating our raging hard ons, savoring the slippery pre-cum. At the same time, using some of the warm lube, we’d finger each other’s anus and massage our prostates, which never failed to add to the volume of pre-cum we each produced. Sweet stuff!!.

After the first few sessions in the PT office, I brought in my butt plug to help us pleasure each other. Ron eagerly got up on all fours, doggy style, and I applied a generous amount of warm lube to his winking pink ass hole. Then I slowly pressed the tip of the butt plug against that hungry little hole, applying a little more pressure with each stroke, enjoying how more and more of the plug disappeared into Ron’s bottom. This produced a lot of satisfied moans and panting from Ron. Eventually, he said he didn’t think his ass could “swallow” any more of the plug (mine plug is bigger than his at the base) so I just gently moved it back and forth at that depth until I could feel he was so relaxed that his anus was no longer gripping the plug. As I slowly withdrew the plug, Ron’s anus remained open and I thrilled to the sight of his 1” gaping pink hole. Without thinking, I was licking at his anus and sticking my tongue into the smooth red inside of his rectum.

I was anxious to replace Ron and he was happy to return the attention I had just lavished on his bottom hole. After some lube he began working to insert the butt plug into my ass. As I had been fucking my own ass at home, and I was really horny by now, he was soon able to get the plug all the way in to it’s base, which is about 3-4” across. At that point , I was so excited and well lubed that the plug slipped into my anxious rectum leaving just the handle on the outside for Ron to manipulate. He pulled the base in and out of my rectum, each time giving me a shiver of delight as the big thing popped across my sphincter. When he slowly removed the plug from my bottom, I felt weak from all the pleasure. I was quite relaxed and he said my anus gaped almost 2” across. He hungrily put his tongue into my rectum, caressing the numerous little red folds that he could see and feel. After this exciting anal play, we stood facing each other, enjoying the looks of ecstasy on our faces as we stroked our neglected cocks to huge orgasm’s splashing hot sticky cum over ourselves and getting plenty on the exercise mat as well. We cleaned up well, but wondered if any of the patients later in the day would be able to detect what had been going on here.

Sometimes while one of us was on all fours, the other would reach between his legs and grasp his balls and cock at the base of the scrotum and gently milk downward, while simultaneously popping a finger or two into the anus for some firm prostate massage. Initially, this produced threads of viscous clear pre-cum, followed soon thereafter by gobs of sweet yet salty white cum. Ron generally produces a few, large volume squirts whereas I’m more likely to have 8-10 individual squirts of diminishing volume as my balls try to pull up and empty out as my cock spasms and throbs in Ron’s hand.

After enjoying each other for a few months, Ron and I began talking about fucking each other. We discussed whether we should use condoms or go bare back. The fact that we each currently had only one other partner (our wives) and had never had any STD’s encouraged us to go bare back. The excitement of having the opportunity to give and receive cream pies certainly influenced our decision as well!!

*** If you have enjoyed reading about my relationship with Ron and would like me to continue to describe our sexual activity, please offer some encouragement and I will consider doing so. We have had quite a bit of fun together since the conclusion of the activity described today!!! ***

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