Aphrodites Reward xxx

Sessenerg, the Great Lizard of the Grove, was now dead. His heart
pounding heavily in his broad chest, Pelanion lowered his sword wearily. It
had been an epic battle, for the Great Lizard had been able to heal its
wounds as quickly as Pelanion had cut him. How do you kill something that
heals in an instant? His only choice had been to dive in and stab the beast
completely through both the brain and the heart in one massive stroke, and
while that left him unarmed (his sword struck in the beast all the way to
the hilt) and dangerously close to its poisonous teeth and claws, the beast
thrashed about and Pelanion darted back, waiting for it to lie still before
he retrieved his sword, raised high toward the gods, and stood in triumph
over his kill.
"Well done, noble-born son of Greece." came the soft voice from near
Pelanion turned his head, startled. His chlamys had been slashed by
the Great Lizard's claws, and now was but rags that hung over both
shoulders but covered nothing, and the fact that a beautiful young woman
stood before him wearing only a light, translucent gown that concealed
nothing but obscured everything, made him feel abashed. "I thank you, my
Lady." he said.
"Know you not who I am?" the woman asked him and the light about her
increased, and it wasn't the sunlight that was broken into golden pools
about the glade.
Pelanion knew her, then, and he went down onto one knee, his hands
resting on his sword hilt that he drove point-first into the ground before
himself. Bowing his head, he said, "My humblest pardons, Goddess. I knew
this was one of your groves before the lizard took it from you. I am
pleased to restore it to you." It wasn't why he'd killed the Great Lizard,
for it had been pillaging the farms and villages about for some distance,
but pleasing the goddess Aphrodite was not the worst side-benefit of a
great and noble deed.
"You have pleased me greatly." the goddess told him. "And rise, most
noble warrior, and receive my gift of gratitude."
Pelanion could not conceal his grin of delight at this news. Would she
give him a sword of great power? A shield that would make him invincible? A
helmet that would make him invisible as one of the goddesses had given
Perseus in the legends, that would be wonderful, he could become one of the
legends himself....
And the goddess handed him a small vial made of delicate glass. "Here
you are." she said to him. "My finest perfume. Wear it and none will be
able to resist your charms. But tell none of this gift, and use it
sparingly, a few drops only at a time, or you will regret my gift."
"I shall remember this." Pelanion said, but privately his heart
sunk. Perfume? For a warrior? What manner of gift was this, for a man and a
hero? He took it and forced a smile, and the goddess smiled herself and
vanished in a light that grew and then shattered itself into an infinite
number of small rays of light that flew in all directions. He was alone.
He cut off the head of the Great Lizard and wrapping it in the rags of
his chlamys, though that left him completely bare, and with the vial of
Aphrodite's perfume tucked in beside the sword loop in his belt, he set out
for the throne of King Apatos, the tyrant of Mecellas, who ruled over this
region. The King would be sure to give him a magnificent gift for ridding
his kingdom of this monster.
The welcome he got as he arrived at Mecellas was that of a conquering
hero. The citizens threw flowers and pressed gifts on him as he walked
through the gates, then the city Guard formed a clear path for him to walk
and at the end of their formation was the King himself, with his son
Telephus at his side, a fine-looking young man with beautiful alabaster
skin and a chin just barely touched by fine white hairs that would one day
become his beard, one as fine and majestic as his father's. This face,
seeing his nakedness and his manly glory that waggled as he walked, smiled
broadly at him and Pelanion smiled back, perhaps a bit too broadly on his
own part, for the prince's father's smile slipped and he moved between the
two as Pelanion reached them.
"Welcome, Savior of Mecellas." he said. "If you have truly slain
Sessenerg, then we are truly blessed to have you among us."
Pelanion responded by dropping the gifts of the citizens to the
ground, then unslung the impromptu bag, and opening it, rolled the gigantic
ugly head toward King Apatos' feet. A tremendous cheer went up and the
King, not ungraciously, ushered the hero into his house where the slaves
were busily composing a feast.
There was drink aplenty and entertainment in the form of jugglers and
acrobats and then, when Pelanion had eaten and drunk his fill, King Apatos
pressed Pelanion for the tale of his exploits. Pelanion was more than happy
to tell the story and he did, all but the gift of the goddess for he heeded
well Aphrodite's warning.
"And so I drove my sword down into the head and all the way to its
heart, so!" He gestured as he drove his sword into the wooden floors of the
hall. "And so Sessenerg was dead!"
"That was a powerful strike!" King Apatos agreed. "I think none in my
kingdom could have done the like, nor any hero of renown save perhaps
"Faugh, the blow was great but not heroic." spoke out Telephus with a
voice far too loud and brassy.
"And you think you could do the like?" Pelanion replied, not too
unkindly, for no king's son can bear not to be the center of
attention. "Then come out here and show me your strength if you can." And
he dropped into a wrestler's stance to show the sort of challenge he was
From the prompt response he got, it was obvious that Telephus had been
playing for just such a challenge. But King Apatos again showed his
displeasure in the only way a host could, by rising and leaving his guest
in the charge of others. "I must see to my duties, but pray feel free to
wrestle every young warrior in my household now, if you choose."
He left and with him went most of the elders of the kingdom, for when
a king is unhappy, they must be unhappy with him. That suited Pelanion, for
he wanted to enjoy himself in games with the younger men more than to sit
about and tell stories, anyhow.
The other men, some wearing tunics (they were the slaves), some
wearing the rectangular cloak-garment of the chlamys (visitors to the
king's feast hall), some as bare as Pelanion, for in these halls at this
hour only men were allowed, and why were clothes needed among men? Telephus
was wearing a chlamys, but as he readied for the bout, he flung this
garment aside and Pelanion was so taken by his manly beauty as he crouched
that when the naked Telephus charged at him, he was somewhat taken by
Telephus pressed his advantage, and pressed Pelanion's body backwards,
and Pelanion was not worried because he was much, much stronger than the
young prince. He even enjoyed the prince's energy and the wide grin as he
pressed against Pelanion's naked body with his own. Well, Pelanion wasn't
entirely naked, he still had his belt about his waist, and within it the
gift of Aphrodite's special perfume...
As if the thought brought the deed, the prince moved jerkily, trying
to get one of his legs up higher on Pelanion's body in hopes of bearing him
down, the leg pressed against the leather belt, right where the small
delicate vial was located and there was a sound of breaking glass and then
an aroma as the contents soaked into Pelanion's body. He felt it and he
groaned. Such a feminine fragrance it was, it smelled of flowers and
butterflies and delicate spring days! And it was all over his body!
Mortified, Pelanion pushed back against Telephus and restored his
equilibrium, now he was bearing over Telephus, winning the battle as he
always had known he could. Then he felt it.
Telephus had an erection. Such was not an uncommon thing among young
men wrestling in this land where manly love was considered both normal and
laudable. He'd hoped to have this contest be the spur that may let him join
the prince in his bed later on.
But Telephus' breathing was speeding up and when he again came at
Pelanion, his attack was not one of aggression. It was one of ardor! He was
kissing Pelanion's neck and gripping him ardently, and Pelanion was
surprised. Men could love men in this land...but there were limits just the
same and this was not the right time and place!
"Young Telephus, we have not finished our wrestling match." he chided
the prince quietly.
"I care not!" breathed Telephus. "I smell you and I am driven with
desire for you. I must have you and have you now and let who wants to watch
me watch me!"
Pelanion couldn't deny his own desire for this handsome young man, and
if he had tried, his own organ would have declared him the liar, for it was
growing and reaching up toward that beautiful body, the glans reached up
and kissed the white flesh and let its slimy lips trace a trail over his
thigh and Telephus felt the warmth and moaned and reached down and grasped
the large organ. His hand played upon the large prong and Pelanion for his
own part released his wrestler's stance and let the young man pleasure him.
Telephus called to the servants. "Bring me that oil at once!" he
ordered and the servant with the oil jug (intended to anoint the combatants
when they were done to ease their muscles) came at the jump and Telephus
had him pour the oil over Pelanion's prick and Telephus rubbed the oil
vigorously over the hero's dong and then breathed, "Now take me, and take
me at once, I beg you." and turned about and crouched, bent over,
displaying the small tight buttocks and the crevice between. And in the
middle of that divide was the entrance Pelanion sought.
He stepped forward and his hand guided his cock toward Telephus' anus
and when the prince felt the glans touch his sphincter, he groaned and
thrust his buttocks back and drove the organ home inside him.
Other men dared approach the couple, but none of them sought out the
prince, rather, their hands and lips reached to touch and taste Pelanion's
body, still sweaty with the battle he had fought and the heat of the day,
and in the midst of that passion, Pelanion and Telephus sank down onto the
floor, first to their knees and then down even further, still together with
Pelanion's cock buried in Telephus' tight, young ass.
With Telephus flat on the floor below him, Pelanion was able to plow
the youthful butt with vigorous abandon. Telephus was crying out with joy
as he was rammed by the hard, strong man with his hard, strong prong.
Pelanion for his own part was in an agony of his own, for the men all
about him were not letting go of him. All of them sought to get closer to
the hero and were rubbing him as he moved in and out of the prince's ass.
"Ahh, ahh, oh, oh, Gods and Goddesses, I join you now, I join you!"
Telephus cried out in rapture as he reached his climax and thrashed about
within Pelanion's grip. For himself, Pelanion was still in his pleasure's
grip as the prince finished his orgasm and lay quiet once more.
But the prince's conclusion gave these men permission to disengage
him, Pelanion was manhandled up and off of the prince's body and laid on
his back, still panting heavily, and another man, of an age with Telephus
but with darker hair and slightly coarser features (less beautiful but more
manly), climbed onto Pelanion's stomach and lowered himself onto Pelanion's
dong and again Pelanion felt the heat of a man's ass upon his organ and now
all he had to do was lie there and let the young man pleasure himself upon
the source of his glory.
The other men were still kissing and loving on him, owner and slave
side by side, and they were kissing Pelanion's face, neck, shoulders, arms,
chest, legs and feet, he had two men sucking on his toes and four men
sucking on his fingers and thumb and in the center of this maelstrom was
himself, lying on the floor, being ridden by a young man that was
determined to wring every ounce of pleasure from Pelanion's pud that he
And the man did reach his own fruition, and Pelanion was pelted with
the jizz that didn't land upon the other men clustered about him.
And another man rapidly mounted Pelanion's body and shoved his dong
into his butt, and Pelanion groaned. He was so close, and what would these
men do when he had finished and could no longer please them?
The man now on top of him (heads blocked Pelanion's view entirely, he
could not see who it was at all) milked at his cock with his athletic ass
muscles and Pelanion reached climax and groaned, sprayed his seed upwards
with all the energy of a man who had spent the previous four days in
pursuit of a monster.
The third man managed to let Pelanion's spunk drive him to his own
climax, for he jetted onto Pelanion and the others same as the second man
had, and then he pulled away.
But the men left were quick to send their mouths and tongues after
Pelanion's receding manhood, and as they plied their moist softness over
his virility, he found himself arising anew and when he was hard, another
man got on top of him. This one had fair hair, a light brown, he must be a
visitor from some other land, but he was there, and ready to ride
Pelanion's man-muscle like any eager Greek.
Perhaps the perfume of Aphrodite had some restorative powers to it,
for Pelanion found himself able to give out with orgasm after orgasm,
perhaps a half hour of time between the explosions, and the seed was less,
but he remained erect and able to let these men all ride him. He varied it
after their numbers diminished, so that when he had finished with the
hall's guests and the slaves were ready for their turns, he had them kneel
down on the floor and he rammed them each in turn, and the power of his
body drove those slave men into ecstasy with only a few minutes' attention
He had almost finished with these and was thinking that his ordeal was
at an end when he felt a hand on his arm reach to bring him up to his
feet. He rose and turned and saw himself facing the prince, Telephus, once
again. "I am ready for you again." the young man said.
Pelanion moaned, and said, "I would deny Your Highness nothing he
desires, but I must needs rest!"
"Then come with me and I will find you rest." And Telephus took
Pelanion to his chamber and in the large, comfortable, soft bed, Telephus
placed Pelanion in the bed and then moved to suckle at the hero's manhood
until he was again erect and ready for more.
"Ah, ah, dear Telephus, I do desire you but not this moment, I beg of
you, please!" Pelanion moaned as the young man plied his lips over his body
But Telephus was not listening and Pelanion had resigned himself to
another round of lovemaking with the young prince when he heard the deeper
voice called out, "Telephus! What are you doing?"
"Father, I was... I was...." Telephus stuttered, for while he was the
king's son, when the king is angry, even the prince must quake in fear.
"I see what you were doing. Leave me with this man, at once." King
Apatos declared, and he was older than his son, and larger, and stronger,
with a body that had seen battle on three occasions that Pelanion knew of
alone, and probably more.
The young man moved out of the room, though with a look of unbearable
longing toward Pelanion and departed, leaving Pelanion alone with the King.
"Your Majesty, I did not seek out your son's attentions...." he began.
"I don't care." said the King as he reached for his gown's
fastening. Unclasped it and let it fall, showing his naked body to the
exhausted hero. "I don't care. Make love to me, dear Pelanion, and I shall
forgive all you have done."
Pelanion groaned as the King straddled him and sank down onto his body
in one smooth motion. Then reached up and grabbed the royal body, pulled
him down and rolled him over and began to give King Apatos the hardest
fucking he could. King Apatos clung to Pelanion tightly and soon after was
writhing and moaning in his ecstasy.
Pelanion again got hot spunk on his stomach and crotch, then the King
was done, panting. Pelanion rolled off of the King and further over onto
his stomach, and the movements of the bed told him that the King had
departed. He sank into blessed slumber.
A short time of this, he awoke, feeling a tongue digging at his ass
and he moaned. Some servant or other had come in, he guessed. But when the
tongue left him and the man climbed up higher to join him fully in the bed,
he saw that it was Telephus once again. "Now that my father and the guests
have gone to their rooms, we may hope to spend the rest of the night
Pelanion spent the rest of the night with the prince, and was awakened
time and again by them as they again wanted to renew their lovemaking. He
fucked the young royal stud over and over, even after dawn and well up
until the noontime hour.
That time, Pelanion awoke again, this time to an empty bed. He was
exhausted and beyond, far more than the battle with the monster had done to
him. He'd lost all track of how often he had attained climax in the last
eighteen hours, but it was well over more than the number of hours. And now
what would happen? Had the perfume worn out enough to let the men of this
city leave him be?
He rose in bed to behold again the beautiful form of the
Goddess. "Dear Pelanion." she said.
"My Lady." He replied.
"You did not heed my warnings, I see."
"It was not that I did not heed it, but that the vial broke anyhow."
"I must replace the gift in that case." the Goddess told him.
"You are gracious."
"There must be a man who you most desire in this world. That man will
become your constant companion henceforth. His heart will be bound to you
for all of his life and yours."
"I would be grateful for that." Pelanion readily agreed.
"You will know him easily, for he shall be the next man who comes to
you." The Goddess turned her head to one side. "He approaches now, in fact,
so I shall leave you."
"Thank you, my Lady!" Pelanion called out as she vanished away in a
spray of light.
And to Pelanion's relief, for the gods were capricious at time, it was
indeed Prince Telephus entered the room. "You have rested?" he asked.
"As much as I could, under the circumstances."
"We have laid out the feast for you." Telephus told him. "The true
feast, one prepared for you in proper. Won't you come and join us?"
"I'd like that. And after that, perhaps another wrestling match
between you and me?" Pelanion ventured.
"Anything your heart desires." Telephus assured him. "That is to be my
father's gift to you, you only need to ask and you shall receive it."
Pelanion reached out his arm and took Telephus underneath it. "That I
have already." he said.
Telephus' arm went around Pelanion's back and his hand rested on
Pelanion's shoulder in its turn, and bound thus together, Pelanion and his
new companion went out to collect his reward.

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