Naked Yoga 2.

The week seemed interminable until he returned to the yoga studio. He
seemed to have a permanent hardon thinking about his first cocksucking
experience. He was about half undressed when a very pretty woman walked
into the changing room. One of the men there said, "Hi Jean." And she
proceeded to get undressed. Nate was more than a little surprised ~ he
figured this was an all male group. Her breasts were on the small side,
looking somewhat adolescent for what looked like a thirty year old female.
She had a head of gorgeous deep red hair and a lithe slim shape. What
the...when her panties came off she also had a lovely cock! He managed to
sit next to her on the yoga mat and they had a few minutes to chat. She was
new in town having been brought in as the Vice President of a national ad
agency with head offices here. She too found this was a welcome from the
tension involved in a high pressure job.

When it came time for the massage he was not lucky enough to have her as a
partner but he couldn't take his eyes off that gorgeous body. Her penis
looked to be about six inches which fit her 5'6" frame but the cockhead was
unusually large, flaring well out from the shaft. She and her partner were
doing mutual masturbation and he missed her orgasm but her partner spewed a
healthy load. His partner, Fred, wanted to be jacked off and Nate enjoyed
the sensation of having a lubricated cock in his hand other than his own
for the first time but as Fred's climax approached, he wanted to switch to
having his boner sucked. Nate let him cum in his mouth this time and it was
something of a disappointment: he couldn't watch the jizz squirt and the
taste of cum was strictly second best compared to precum. Nate opted to be
masturbated, again for the first time by a man. The guy did know how to
pound the pud: he was delicate, teasing slow and Nate became desperate to
cum. Finally he had the feeling of an inevitable orgasm and Fred sensing
this slowed his stroking and primarily worked on the underside of Nate's
glans. Fred had a very good hand and kept Nate teetering on the brink for
what seemed like forever. Nate glanced over and saw Jane watching intently
and then he popped. More like exploded from having been so close for so

He made sure he and Jane went into the changing room together. "Hey,
that's hot, hard work, no pun intended. A cold beer would taste mighty
good. Would you join me?" She agreed and they went to a pub a couple of
blocks away. It turned out they went to Ivy League schools; she to
Mt. Holyoke and he to Harvard. She was bright, quick and very easy to talk
to. Out of the blue she asked if he had been gay from birth. "It may sound
crazy, but my first gay experience was a week ago. Thinking about it, tho,
as I have a lot this week, the gay side has been there quite
awhile. Gradually over the last maybe fifteen years the heterosexual porn
interests have been changing. It used to be I'd search out naked women,
then I was more interested in the cum shots and now I play them over and
over and pussies have no interest. In the last week having sex with a hard
penis has been more exciting and pleasurable than sex with my wife, rest
her soul, ever was. How about you?"

"From as early as I can remember, I felt I was a girl with a boy's
genitals. My parents, school counsellor, doctor and a psychologist have all
been very supportive, I changed my name from Eugene Hartford to Jean
Hartford and I have been very comfortable in my transgendered life."

Nate: "Are you considering sex reassignment surgery?"

"Not for a minute. I enjoy my oversized clitoris and the wonderful orgasms
I have with it."

They talked through another beer and she asked him to come to her
apartment for a home cooked dinner on Friday so he only had two days to

She kissed him at the door. It was a long, deep, wet one, as though they
had been separated for years. The lasagna cooking smelled great, he had
brought along a bottle of good pinot noir and they sat on the couch
drinking, waiting for dinner to be done and talking. "Jean," he said, "I
know this is going to sound like a line to get into your panties, but I am
smitten. I mean, SMITTEN. You are gorgeous, bright, articulate and for the
first time in my life I feel like I'm with someone who really fulfills my
needs. You have the femininity to appeal to my straight side and the
plumbing as you call it, to appeal to my gay side. What are you looking for
in a partner?"

"This may sound like a line just to get into your Levi's, but as a woman,
I want a man to be with. One who is understanding, sensitive, bright,
articulate and who accepts me for what I am. But my clitoris gets to vote
on the matter, and you will note, my clitty approves of you." And she
lifted his hand and placed it on her very erect "clitty".

The dinner was delicious and while they were doing the dishes she said, "I
picked up a DVD yesterday starring my favorite gurl. Christy McNicoll. It
is a takeoff on an old TV series 'I Remember Genie.' Would you like to
watch it?" He agreed and unlike most porn stories, this one was well
made. Twenty minutes into the show she reached over to feel his boner. "I
think you like blondes." She said.

Nate: "Actually I hardly like them at all compared to redheads. But my pal
down there is feeling awfully uncomfortable and I'd feel better with no
pants on." Inside of two minutes they were both naked, and she was sporting
a very engorged organ.

She looked down at his cock and said, "You do have a perfect
penis. It's long, but not wide and with a pointy head. I don't know what's
come over me. I don't usually act like a slut, but I've been waiting for
the ideal tool for a very long time. I have never had intercourse, if you
don't count Henry, and excuse my unladylike behavior, but I would like you
to take my virginity."

"I am honored, I have never had, uh, rectal sex, but I would love
to oblige. But who is Henry?"

She took his hand and led him to the bedroom, opened the drawer
of the bedside table and laughing, withdrew a pink dildo. It was a cock and
balls perhaps 2/3 the size of his. She handed it to him and said, "Meet
Henry. If you squeeze his left testicle he vibrates a little, but if you
squeeze the right one he vibrates a lot. He has spent more than a few hours
in my pussy but now that I have found the ideal replacement I suspect I
won't be buying as many batteries anymore. Would you like to see what he
feels like?"

"I would, but right now I'm more interested in what you feel

She turned down the bed and said, "If you lie on your back, I
can climb on and control how much of that gorgeous penis my pussy can
handle." He did and she reached in the bedside table again, found a pack of
condoms, rolled one on Nate's cock, lubed him up and climbed aboard. He
loved the position because he could watch her little tits wiggle and her
cock, now leaking precum, wiggle as well. She went slowly, taking a little
more of his organ with each stroke until he was in up to his balls. She
paused then and said, "Ahhh, you feel much better than Henry. Talk about
feeling fulfilled..." She lowered her head and gave him a long, sweet
kiss. "I know I'll remember this moment for the rest of my life." She rose
and fell on his dick, eyes closed and with a look of intense concentration
on her face. In only about two minutes she said, "Oh, shit. Shit! SHIT!"
Nate felt her rectum convulsing on his organ and realized she was having
her orgasm even before her "clitoris" began squirting cum onto his chest
and belly. And there was a lot of cum for such a modest sized tranny.

The squeezing on his penis, the sight, smell and feel of her
climax sent him over the edge. "I'm gonna pop pretty quick.", he said as
his cock became ever more sensitive and the spring in his pelvis wound up
to the breaking point. Then he felt, as did she, the first throb of his
penis and the hot cum zzzzziiippppping through his urethra. His hips
lurched upward and she held on as his cock spurted and jerked in her
ass. His orgasm spent, he relaxed and she lay on top of him,her head buried
in his neck. "I just hope that was as good for you as it was for me." He

"You dream about something and so often reality doesn't
measure up to fantasy, but this time it was better than I hoped. I'm glad I
waited for just the right man. The feeling of your thingy pumping semen
into my pussy was beautiful."

"Uh, huh. Just as I thought, you don't care about me, it's
just my penis." He said.

"You may have a point there. I don't know you that well yet,
but I'm damn sure I'm hopelessly in love with your love tool." Let's take a
shower, and I hope you'll keep me warm and cozy tonight."

A bright shaft of sunlight woke him. She was lying on her
side facing him, that beautiful head of deep red hair spread out on the
pillow. He did a 180 degree turn and her "clitty" was lying flaccid on her
leg. Gently, oh so gently he began to lick it and in less than a minute it
was fully erect. He took her in his mouth and again gently began to suck
it. Then the sheet was thrown back and she was staring at him.

"Oh!" She said, "I thought I was having a wonderful
dream. Oooo, that feels so good! And your thingy is all hard and I'll bet
it would like a kiss." She didn't need an answer, she just began to give
his cock a lovely tongue bath. In only a couple of minutes he noticed her
toes were curling and the her belly muscles began to twitch and he knew she
was about to unload. Her cock throbbed and the first gush of gurl goo
tickled across his tongue. He managed to swallow the whole load.

She stopped sucking to pick up the bottle of lube and coat
her index finger, then took him again into her mouth and slipped her finger
up his ass. She began to lightly massage his prostate and that was enough
to send him into that most exciting feeling known to man; the sense of
inevitable impending orgasm. "Oh, Honey, I'm gonna cum......" And
KKKKZZZZAAAAAK,! His prostate unloaded and the first wad of cum zipped
through his straining dick. She took the first squirt into her mouth and
then pulled back to watch his cock jerk and spurt all over her neck and
chest. The first squirt was always the best, mostly precum, and he tasted

Last month they celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary
with their adorable almost three year old daughter. They are still as much
in love as on that first night together.

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