Fillain stood looking stupidly at the door to the inner chamber.
"Belleron?" he asked.
The naked man chained to the door by manacles that fastened both
wrists directly against the door itself to either side of his head,
regarded him warily. "Yeah, Fillain, it's me. Don't worry, the magician's
not here right now. It's safe, for now."
"How did... How did you...."
"How did I end up chained here?" Belleron was standing on a small
platform at the bottom of the door which let the entire thing swing open
and closed without moving him. The manacles at his hands were his only
bonds and only clothing. For being in such a predicament, the sturdy young
thief looked in good health, his body was washed and clean, his hair neatly
arranged, his cheeks fresh-shaven. He seemed more a sexual plaything here
than a captured thief.
The handsome young man was well-muscled, his body formed more by dint
of careful exercises meant to make his body appealing to the women (and
some men) he could entice into entry into inner rooms where he could scope
out his burglaries, and in this position, his arms and chest were enhanced
by the ways the muscles had to bend to fit into the posture he had been
forced into.
His pale brown skin almost shone in the eldritch lights that
functioned as torches in the hallway up to the door, orbs of light that had
no holders, no containers, and no defined edges, that lit up the
black-marbled floor, the walls of white-marble decorated with items of
gold, silver and precious gems, tapestries that showed scenes of
extraordinary erotic delights in an intelligent animation, their
inhabitants actually reached out for Fillain and coaxed him inwards with
arms that were almost real, he didn't doubt that had he dared, he could
have joined those delightfully winsome nymphs in their glade and enjoyed
magnificently ecstatic sex unending...perhaps later, he had promised the
growing bulge in his pants, he could risk a few hours in those delicately
ultra-feminine arms.
Now he faced Belleron, as another decoration on these walls, upon the
door, the embodiment of male beauty it seemed. Facing him, Fillain
His blade had been stained again and again with the green ichor that
was ogre's blood. So, too, was his clothing, where it was not covered by
the light armor he wore, blotted with ogre gore and blood. He had killed
only when necessary, but nobody can pass through ogre camps without
bloodshed, he was only relieved that none of them had lived long enough to
raise an alarum. Under the helmet that warded only his scalp, he showed the
face of a grizzled fighter with an unkempt beard and a smear of blood on
one shoulder that was where an ogre's blade had creased him lightly. He was
grimy, tired and frustrated in more ways than one. He'd fought all this way
to find this thief ahead of him! A defeated thief, he reminded himself and
rose more erect.
"Yes, how did you end up here?"
Belleron smiled slightly and said, "Much the same as you, I fought my
way inside and faced the wizard Menzkin and...he won." Much as he could,
Belleron shrugged.
"And he let you live?"
"If you call this living." Belleron "shrugged" again. "I'm alive
because he decided to do something else with me."
"So what are you doing here?"
"I'm the lock on this door."
"The lock?"
"Yes, the lock." Belleron told the dumbfounded Fillain. "Until you
have unlocked me, you can't open the door."
"And how do I do that?"
"I'd like to tell you."
"So tell me?"
"I can't."
"You can't or you won't?"
"I mean I can't!" Belleron snapped. "It'd be a poor kind of lock that
would tell everyone who came by how to open it. The best I can do is tell
you that I'm a combination lock of sorts, you have to do the right things
in the right order and the right amount. The only other thing I can tell
you is...."
"Is what?"
"You won't like it."
"I won't like what?"
"What the things you have to do to open me are."
"So tell me and I'll decide if I like it or not."
"You have to do sexual things to me."
"Sexual things?"
"Yes." Belleron had gained courage once he'd gotten the word
out. "Touch me, kiss me, play with my cock, suck it, fuck yourself on it,
fuck my ass...."
"I'm supposed to suck your cock!" Fillain's outburst was loud and
reverberated from the marble walls and floor. "I'm no cocksucker!"
"You think I like it?" Belleron returned. "I'm not into men either,
you may remember!"
"Damn it to hell!"
"I kept hoping a female warrior could come in here." Belleron went
on. "I could have pointed her to a safe hiding place in the castle, we
could have kept at it until we found the right combination."
"Damn it, damn it, damn it!"
"But now that you're here...I don't know what to say."
"What if I were to kill you?" Fillain raised his green-slimed sword.
Belleron blanched but said, "It wouldn't do any good. Kill me and the
door is sealed shut."
"So all I can do is turn around and leave."
Belleron managed a smile of sympathy. "Won't work either. The reason
he used me as a lock is that I can raise an alarm."
"You'd do that?"
"I wouldn't want to! I'd have no choice!" Belleron exclaimed. "The
alarm triggers a spell that will capture you before you take a dozen
"So I'm stuck here." Fillain was appalled.
"That's why I mentioned that I could point a lady to a hiding place
until he figured out the combination. I can do that. Barely."
"Curses and condemnations! So show the hiding place."
"I can do it if you try to unlock me." Belleron explained. "The act of
unlocking gives me a bit of freedom to say things I couldn't say
"The act of...unlocking. You mean sucking your cock!"
"Am I applauding here?" Belleron retorted, an obvious physical
impossibility in any event.
"If you try to unlock me, I can keep quiet. Otherwise, I have to
raise the alarm." He gave again a half-smile of apology.
"Curses and condemnations of angels and demons!" Fillain swore. "I'm
trapped here, you mean?"
"Trapped as much as me." Belleron agreed. "The wizard explained all of
this to me when I awoke from his spell. The magician has an odd sense of
humor, it turns out."
Fillain subsided into mumbling curses. When he had tempered down,
Belleron went on. "If it helps you any, I can tell you what I think will
work as we go."
"Tell me?" Fillain raised his head hopefully.
"I mean, I know some things are more...available than others. I can
tell you that and what to try as we go. It ought to let you unlock me after
a while."
"After a while."
"A few hours will do it, I think."
"Hours!" Fillain exploded. "Serpents and scorpions! I can't play with
your cock for hours!"
"You have to!" Belleron interrupted his renewed streams of
cursing. "The wizard will be back by sundown."
That stopped the stalwart warrior. "He will?"
"Yes. So we have that long to either unlock me or me tell you the
hiding place. Either way, I'm afraid you're going to have to go through
with it."
"Dogs and dolmens!" Fillain murmured, a mild curse for him indeed. He
sheathed his sword and knelt on one knee. "What must I do to you first,
then, and be damned to you and all your ancestors and descendants!"
"I said it was a combination, you must remember." Belleron took a
breath and said, "First, you need to make me erect. I think your hand will
suffice for that."
With a convulsive motion, Fillain reached up and gripped the clean
dong in one grimy paw. He worked the shaft with an angry motion that was
rough as his face grimaced fiercely with disgust. The shriveled prick
quickly grew to its full length, revealing itself as a respectably large
and long male organ with a globular head that wept a clear rope of slime
down that touched Fillain's hand.
"Agh!" Fillain said as the warm fluid touched his skin but he
persevered. "How about it, Belleron. Is this doing it?"
"For now, yes, you should continue it a while, I think." Belleron
sighed. "Mmmh, I must admit your battle-roughened hand is much more
pleasurable than I though it would be. Uhhhh!"
"Let me know when to stop." Fillain reminded him and, a grimace
adorning his face, continued to pump the man's prick. The glans wept
copiously, pouring more and more precome over the warrior's roughened
hand. Belleron was moaning so much that Fillain wondered if this alone
would do it, unseal the door and release him from this predicament.
Then Belleron groaned, "Now, stop, stop now! Now!"
Fillain did, gladly, wiping his hand on the side of his thigh (Gods,
the fluid leaked all the way through to his leg's flesh!), and stood. "Will
the door open now?"
"Now, uh, uhhh, uhhhh!" No, not yet, now you must do more."
"More? What do you mean?" Fillain did not wait for an answer. "No, you
cannot ask that of me!"
"It is the only way to free yourself."
"I cannot!" Fillain made a face of raw disgust. "I am a man, not a
cheap backstreet harlot that will take any man's tool into herself at any
"You've used your hand already, is your mouth so much more than that?"
"The hand is one thing, boys often play with each other thus,
sometimes well into their years of early manhood. But the mouth, that
degrades a man utterly!"
"I said that Menzkin had a wicked sense of humor." Belleron said. "He
wishes your degradation, and in it to bar you from his sanctum
completely. If you refuse, he has won, despite your brave entrance through
the ogres without the castle."
When Fillain did nothing still, Belleron continued, "If you delay
overmuch, you and I must begin again from the beginning."
"Gahhh!" Fillain hastily stuffed the cock into his mouth and nearly
down his throat before he gagged on it. Choked, released most of it and
looked up with a gaze of raw hatred at Belleron.
"Yes, this is the next step in the combination, I feel certain, now if
you will but move your mouth upon my manhood in a method that is pleasant,
well-lubricated and reasonably rapid, I think we can proceed
Fillain's look didn't change, but he began to move his mouth back and
forth as required. He choked again a little later and nearly vomited, but
held himself still a moment, recovered his composure and resumed his work.
"You are performing admirably for a man who has never done this
before." Belleron assured him. "Perhaps there is an element of delight in
your actions."
Fillain growled menacingly and Belleron hastily revised his
position. "Or perhaps any man can do this upon the need, for he only needs
to imagine what would most pleasure himself if another did it for him. If I
may ask you to generate some more moisture in your mouth to further ease
the movements, your mouth is a bit dry."
Fillain worked his hairy jowls and raised the requested saliva.
"Thank you." Belleron said as the warrior began to again work on his
pud. "The pleasure is building up nicely in my organ, I do think that my
orgasm will work the lock for you. Perhaps that will spur you to speed up a
bit more for me...ahhhh, yes, like that!"
Belleron didn't speak any further, except for moans and groans of
pleasure as Fillain continued to suckle his prong. The heavy breathing made
it clear that Belleron was close to climax, and Fillain listened in hopes
that he would be asked to lift off as the man reached his orgasm. If only
he could be spared this final ignominy, a single mercy from the Sixty-Seven
Gods of Silleria, don't ask him to swallow another man's sperm, please, oh,
"Ah-ah-ah, AHH-AHH-GAHH-UH-HAH-AGGGHH-AHHHHH!" Belleron's spunk
flooded Fillain's mouth of a sudden and the warrior felt tears dim his
sight, something that had not happened to him since the death of his
sainted mother some six years before. He did not dare to release this
damnable, damnable dong, even as it spewed his vile salty seed into his
mouth, he could only hold on, brace himself, and swallow! The taste of
Belleron's spunk was pungently strong, heavy with male musk and saltier
than preserved meats from a poorly provisioned caravan's casks. As he did
with those, he forced his body to accept it, even as more flowed in to
replace the amount he had drunk, and so he had to swallow again and yet
again, before the vile liquid ceased to invade his mouth, and he was able
to work the last dregs of it from his tongue and swallow it as well. Done,
he had done it and now he would be free!
He raised up to stand once again, his arm went across his mouth to
erase the last taste of human sperm from his lips and regarded Belleron,
who hung still upon the door, to his left was the latch, Fillain reached
for it with a sense of rising glory and triumph and pulled.
And nothing happened. "Serpents and scorpions!" he bellowed in
frustration. "It is still locked! I have been betrayed!"
Panting heavily, Belleron raised a sweat-dappled brow and looked at
the warrior furious before him. "Nay, it is not I who have betrayed
you. The spell is working, I am certain. You have worked a part of the
combination, surely if we persevere the lock will open...."
Fillain felt a firm resolve grasp him. "Persevere? I will persevere
but now we will do it my way! You say you are now a lock, do you? Well, any
thief can tell you that how to open a lock!" He tugged the small tie below
his weapons belt that bore his sword and scabbard, and this released his
trousers. Beneath this was a wrap of loose cloth that he wore as an
undergarment, he had carefully arranged it to be able to free his penis
when he needed to void his bladder, well, now that freedom would serve
another purpose.
Belleron watched as Fillain pulled out his cock and pumped it in a red
fury. "What are you planning to do next? I am not certain now what the next
step should be, but...."
Fillain caught hold of Belleron's legs and pulled the man upwards by
the ankles, the warrior's greater height permitted him to stand on the
floor and still wrap the legs around his waist and that would let him guide
his own prod up into Belleron's bowels.
"What are you doing?"
"To open a lock is simple. You take the key and!"
"Ahh-ahh, AHH-GAHH-HAHHH!" Belleron yelled again, this time in pain
not in passion. "Oh, oh, please, take it out, take it out!"
"You shove in the key and you turn the lock!" Fillain growled and he
began to ram his cock into Belleron's ass, pulling out only to thrust it
back inside. "You turn it until it opens, that's how you open a lock!
"Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!" Belleron moaned as Fillain thrust-fucked him. "Oh,
Goddess, Fillain, you're, so, big, I, can't, keep, taking, it!"
"We'll find out!" Fillain snarled. "Now while I'm fucking you, you
tell me where that hiding place is, because if this doesn't work, I'm going
to have to keep coming back night after night and do this until it does
"Oh, oh, oh!" Belleron gasped. "The....uh, uh,! Back,
uh-huh-uh, of the pantry, uh-huh-uh! There is, a secret, room! Oh, oh,
Goddess, what are you doing to me!" This last sentence was a long wailing
wrung from the man's very heart!
"How is it hidden, damn it!"
"Back wall, uh! Left corner! Uh! Boxes partly block it! Uh-uh!"
Belleron's voice had grown ragged and husky. "Climb over them, uh, and the
A second orgasm wrested itself from Belleron's hapless throat in
syllables of agonizing ecstasy. As he did, his bowels pulsed around
Fillain's thrusting cock and he growled, a feral snarl of frustrated
warrior and he rammed his dong in to the very base, threw back his head and
howled out his orgasm as if he were a werewolf in
change. "OW-OW-OW-OWW-OHHHHH!"
He blasted a heavy load into Belleron's bowels, courtesy of the last
few days when he'd scarcely dared breathe for fear of revealing his
presence as he'd wended his way through the ogre's lines. He could look at
very stain and smear on his body and account it to a separate deadly
encounter, and now here he was, trying to break a wizard's perverse,
powerful spell. Well, let this wizard Menzkin find out how powerful a
warrior's seed was when he rammed it into the magician's tool of a man
acting as a lock! "AH-UH, AH-UH, AH-UH, AH-UH! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!" he
panted as his climax finally released him. "Now how that's for a key to
this lock?" he gasped out as his now-flaccid dong fell out of Belleron's
violated buttocks.
"I don't know." Belleron moaned in his own sexual exhaustion. "Try the
latch again and see."
Panting, his wet cock still flapping about outside his clothing,
Fillain caught hold of the latch and pulled. "Curses and condemnations!
Still closed!"
"Yes, I fear so." Belleron panted. "And the hour of the wizard's
return draws nigh. You will need time to find the kitchen and secrete
yourself in place. Take with you enough drink and food to last you until
the night falls again, you'll not want to fumble about in darkness. Return
and you and I shall try again."
"Maybe I turned the key the wrong way." Fillain smirked.
"I know not." Belleron admitted. "We must try other ways, but I will
not deny you your return for your services as we experiment. I rather
enjoyed it, I must admit."
"You would." Fillain smirked. "I've always thought that a man who
prefers to take by stealth has something of the female in them. Only a real
man faces danger head on and prevails by his own power or not at all."
"Perhaps you have the key after all." Belleron said. "And a key is
what is needed. We must find out. Until tonight, then. I'll still be here."
And I'll come back and use my lockpick on you again." Fillain said and
started off.
"Be careful!" Belleron warned. "The wizard has a perverse humor and he
is very intelligent. Do not fall into one of his many traps."
"Not I." Fillain bragged. "For I carry the key." And he chuckled as he
moved on down the hall and out the door at the other end.
When the door was closed, Belleron smiled and closed his eyes, chanted
a small set of sounds.
The manacles on his wrists dissolved entirely and Belleron stepped off
the dais he'd been standing on. As he did, his body changed, clothing
reappeared, as did a beard, with hair and eyes of different colors, and his
very complexion changed to something not dark in tone, but dark in a
sinister way just the same. Menzkin laughed as he opened the now-unlocked
door and went into his sanctum once more, to sleep and to plan what fun he
would have next with this latest prisoner.
Yes, a perverse sense of humor indeed! This latest gambit promised to
last for many weeks before that muscle-brained warrior discovered just how
thoroughly he had been defeated after all!

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