Submissive Lover

Being a submissive does not happen over night.... I was mildly submissive as
a boy, then went into the military and became the opposite.. I was
aggressive, macho and except for short forays into passive homosexual sex
acts, I was the perfect military version of male warrior... I sometimes I
wonder just how many of us have secretly had the urge, then the chance, to
feel dominant over another male in a sexual situation...

My chance came shortly after I was in the Army and on a field exercise,
broke my arm... I was taken to the base hospital, had my left arm completely
immobillized, then taken to a simi-private room that was empty except for
me.... During the night a male nurse, a slender black soldier, checked in
frequently to make sure I was doing OK.. Most times when he looked in I was
awake and soon looking forward to talking to him as he made the rounds...
Sometime just before daylight he told me I would be released that day and
would need to report daily to the clinic for a checkup on the condition of
my arm..

Three of four days later, I met the same black soldier, the nurse, while I
was having a soda, killing time at the PX.... He smiled when he saw me and I
invited him to sit with me... This was well before the current policy
regarding gays and I had no idea that gays were even in the Army.. He was
friendly, sorta soft and made me think of nurse/woman... Not being
sophisticated at all I mentioned that he was really well suited for his job
and that I felt like I was in the company of a real (woman) nurse when I was
with him... He appeared shy and smiled and nodded, telling me that he got
that reaction often... After a while he asked if I had been in for my
checkup that day and when I told him I still had it to do, he suggested he
walk with me to the clinic and get it over with...

The base where I was stationed was a very old, WWII station and the hospital
was spread out over quite a big area... Most of the wings empty, or used as

After checking in, getting examined by the doctor and being given a further
ten day light duty excuse, I started out the door when Paul, my friend the
nurse, caught up to me and asked where I was headed... I told him I was just
goofing off, and after telling me he had the day off he suggested we explore
the old barracks style emply hospital wings and see what they contained... I
had come to like Paul and that seemed a fun way to spend a couple of my free
hours so I told him to lead on.... Twenty minutes later I was inside an
abandoned wing, with Paul, naked as the day I was born... It happened
simply... We found a door unlocked, went inside and before I turned I heard
the door being locked... Paul looked at me and told me he was queer... liked
guys and loved to suck cock... Though surprised, I was prefectly willing to
have my cock sucked and told him to go for it...

He asked me to get undressed and let him enjoy what he did best ... I was
not in the least embarrassed to be unclothed in front of him and with his
help got my uniform off and folded neatly on a shelf, then he led me to a
pile of mattresses in a corner and pulled me down... Paul had undressed and
he was the first close up naked man I had ever seen.... He wanted to kiss me
but I told him I would not want that and if he want to suck then get to
it.... He smiled at me and began the journey from my neck down to my tiny
tits... Licking, sucking, biting the nipples, he soon had me harder than I
had ever been before.. Understand, I had only been with a woman once, that a
whore in San Francisco, and except for the jacking off I did, I hadn't a
clue what a really talented mouth could do for a man...

He really took his time, savoring my sounds and taste, licking my underarm
pit, then continuing down my body, very slowly, not missing a spot.... I
can't really explain the feeling I began to have... Here was another man
licking and sucking me like I was a King or something. In addition to the
sexual pleasure, I was feeling very much like a man feels with a woman... I
put my right hand behind his head and urged him lower toward my cock, which
by now was leaking like a pump. He looked up at me and I watched his big
soft lips kiss the head of my cock... My hips bucked up toward him, and then
I was inside a furnace... His mouth was hot, soft, wet and without a doubt
the nicest place I'd ever been.... I stroked his head and face with my hand,
gentling him further down, sinking further into that hot mouth... He never
took his eyes off my face... His mouth was full of cock so he couldn't smile
but he looked happy...

I was still very young then and I don't think I had my full growth in the
cock department so he was probably only sucking on six inches or so.... I
wasn't very thick... He slowly eased off till just the head was in his
mouth, his tongue gently nursing..... He took me from his mouth, then took
my balls one at a time into the hot, wet heaven.... I was in awe of what was
happening to me... I stuttered that I was about to cum and he quickly
dropped my balls and recovered my cock, and not a second too soon.... I
erupted, no other word would suffice... I could feel my cock leaping,
shooting gouts of my boy cum... He nursed steadily, taking me deep into his
mouth, washing my cock with his tongue... He kept it there, sucking gently,
resting his head on my belly...

I had been rocked... I was limp as a dish rag, exhausted... The gentle
sucking was not hurting and I liked the naked pleasure of being pleasured...
It was my first time being completely satisfied... The session with the
whore had taken maybe ten minutes, this was looking like he was in no hurry
to finish and get dressed so I continued to lay there and he continued
nursing my cock....

He began to softly rub my thighs as he sucked, pulling my legs apart,
lightly touching me, and suddenly I was hard as a rock again.... His hands
were soft, gentle... Leaving my cock, he kissed down to the crease between
my thigh and the body trunk... Licking there, he continued down the leg to
my knee, then asking me to turn over so he could lick the back of my leg....
I had lost all concern for modesty or anything else for what was happening
and so far he had not led me astray, so I turned for him, giving him access
to my back.... He reversed his course and kneeling between my legs, began
kissing his way up.... He licked everywhere... When he reached my ass cheeks
he kissed both cheeks, then ran his tongue up the tight crack... I was not
about to stop what he was doing to me... He moved up kissing my back and
neck, easing his body against mine, I could feel his hard cock sliding along
my ass crack.... That felt good, I knew I wasn't going to let him fuck me
but if he got off on sliding around my ass then I couldn't very well

He continued to rub his body against mine, stroking me with his cock, his
pre-cum making me slick back there... Then he was kneeling between my legs
again... His soft hands pried my cheeks apart and I felt hot breath on my
ass crack... Pulling gently, he separated the halves, and his tongue was on
my tight little hole... He jabbed his tongue at the opening, finally getting
the tip inside me.... I pushed my hips up, trying to open up to that hot
tongue.... Everything he was doing was new to me, nothing hurt, no pain,
just the most exqusite pleasure.. Emboldend, he thrust most of that slender
slick rod into me... He pumped into me for what seemed a long time, then
pulled my hips up till I was kneeling.... I listened to his spitting into
his hand... I felt him drop hot wet stuff onto my hole... he entered my ass
with a slender finger... It still didn't hurt, no pain and I let him
continue... Soon he had two fingers inside... fucking me with tender wet
finger strokes.... I was about to cum.... the urge was undenaible... I
called out to Paul that I was cumming, turning over on my back and grabbing
for his head.... I didn't need to guide him... He had me to the balls in
that hot furnace of a mouth.... Again I was exploding... Erupting like a
stud, grasping his head in my hand as I hunched his face.... I couldn't seem
to get myself under control... He had pushed a finger into my ass as I
turned and continued fucking me as he sucked and I exploded... The feeling
was not to be believed.....

He nursed me gently till I settled down.... I told him I had to be getting
back to my barracks but would see him the next day if he wanted.... He told
me he worked from 3 to 11 so his day would again be free and we could hook
up at the clinic... He was slowly jacking his cock as he talked to me... His
cock was not big but thick.. Maybe five inches but big around... He was
leaking a lot as he slid the skin back and forth accross the pink head.... I
was interested but much too tired to think of helping him out... So with
Paul's help I got dressed and left for my barracks....

As I walked back to my barracks I thought of what had happened... I was
excited by it... I had a cocksucker that loved his work... I wished he was a
woman so I could brag to my buddies about what happened....

The next day was a repeat of the first.... He continued to worship my
body... every part of it... He even sucked my toes, fingers and any part of
my body he could reach... He was gentle, womanly, and completely
submissive.... This affair went on for the remainder of my light duty time
and until I had the cast removed... Then a few more days while I was in
phisycal theropy... I knew Paul wanted to fuck me... He told me as much... I
couldn't though... My image of myself wouldn't allow it.... He never
complained, and I only saw him reach orgasm one time... I was in a hurry one
day and he just unzipped my trousers and took out my cock to suck a
quickie... As he sucked he jacked his own cock and as I hunched strongly
into his mouth, I felt his mouth slacken and looking to find the reason, I
say him cumming... He recovered quickly and finished me... It was the most
unselfish act I had ever experienced.... But... I know I felt very manly and
dominate, and though I didn't know it at time, He had taken his pleasure
with me and really didn't care if I felt dominate or not...

One of the truisms I have learned... If eveyone gets what they want from a
relationship, then no harm no foul... I had two more homosexual
relationships while I was in the Army, both were true to the first.... They
got what they wanted and so did I... I had no expectations other than
getting my rocks off... Neither did they....

Lets go forward to a time when I had been released from the army, married
and had children... My sex life with my wife was OK, not great but I really
liked her so I got by with what she offered and chose to sample other wares
on the side... I didn't like the idea of cheating so I took to going out at
night for business meetings, then traveling to another close by City and
finding a porno book store or movie house to jack off in.... Harmless to my
relationship with my wife, and I wasn't cheating her out of anything. Two
years into this practice and my wife and children were killed in an
automobile accident... I received a rather large settlement, and rather than
retire completely, I took a job representing a bookseller, in a large west
coast city.... My arrangement with them was a good one and I kept fairly
busy without strain, and could visit anywhere I chose in the evening...

I know I thought often about the first sex experiment with Paul a lot... One
of the reasons was that I often let other men suck me off in movies or
bookstores... I had always looked at the Paul affair as a benchmark for
other men to shoot at....

Then, as I guess I knew would some time happen, I met another "Paul"... I
was in an Adult Movie house in the City... I was amazed the first time I
went there and a young lady asked if it was my first time there... Answering
in the affirmative, she informed me that consentual sex was OK anywhere in
the Theater, but I would be asked to leave if I continued to bother someone
after they had declined my attentions.... Smiling, I agreed, then went off
into the dark recesses of this amazing building... On the Left is a strictly
homosexual theater, and straight ahead a larger part of the building that
has two sections... The larger open area and a smaller area that with a sign
that said "couples only"...

I settled into a seat in the Larger section and began to enjoy one of three
straight movies that would be shown... Glancing behind me I saw two couples
in the couples only section... Truly courious, I moved to a seat that would
allow me to watch them as well as see the movie.... At one of my passing
glances toward them, a gentleman and his lady both nodded to me.... I was
unsure as to the meaning of that and simply sat and continued to watch the
movie... Shortly the gentleman from the other section arrived in the seat
next to me, then leaning closer to me asked if I would like to join he and
his wife in the couples only section... Seeing an attractive man of about my
own age, and having liked the looks of his wife, through my glancing look
back... I agreed to join them... They simply could not have been nicer...
They were Janic,( please call me Jan) and Sarah, and I told them my name was
Tom and please don't call me Tommy... The both laughed and agreed, then with
Sarah doing the questioning, proceeded to find out as much about me as I
willing to share.. They were a retired couple, he taking early retirement
from a major auto firm, she from the nursing profession... They were both
slim and obviously kept in good shape.. This was their first time asking
another to join them, and they were doing so because they had fanasized for
so long about a threesome with another man, that they were really ready
when a clean cut older man happened into their once a week Adult Movie
trip... I was facinated by the two of them and when they asked if I was
interested in joining them at their Condo, a short three blocks away, I was
all too pleased to accept....

We left together, walking one on either side of Sarah.... They chatted about
this and that, obviously wanting to get comfortable with who and what I
was... Finally Sarah asked for my sexual orientation... I quietly answered
that I was generally a hetrosexual, however I had had two or three passive
homosexual experiences.... Sarah laughed and asked just how passive I had
been, did I just stand or lie there??? Did I fuck or get fucked... blow
job??? By now I was laughing as well and confessed to being on the receiving
end of blow jobs.... Jan said he thought I must have enjoyed it since I
came back for more... I assured them that I had indeed injoyed the
experience, and in fact it had occured to me that I might even get lucky
this evening... Both exploded with laughter and allowed as how I just might
be right...

We arrived at their Condo shortly after and inside I was impressed with the
decor and the obvious comfort level for these two retirees... Telling me to
get comfortable, Sarah left to find something more comfortable to wear and
Jan got drinks for us.... Jan pulled the drapes on the large picture window
in the living room where we were seated and I about drooled at the beautiful
view.... The entire City was literally at our feet... Panoramic view of
rivers and city canals, City center, and of course a cloudless sky that gave
perfect viewing for the stars...

Sarah entered, taking a glass on white wine from Jan and immediately parked
at my feet.. She was wearing, or I should say not wearing, clothing... A see
through cloak of some sort and apparently nothing else... She looked up into
my face and asked if I was OK with this...I answered that as yet I didn't
really know what "this" is.... With a lovely smile she pulled the cloak from
her shoulders and, standing completely undressed, announced that if both Jan
and I would remove our clothes we could begin what we all hoped would be an
interesting adventure... She motioned Jan forward and the two of them began
to remove my clothes... Seeing that this was also a part of their pleasure,
I stood quietly while they removed everything except my wedding ring... A
ring I would never remove..

Sarah is, in a word, lovely... Small breasts, cone shapped, with light
colored nipples, remarkably, drooping hardly at all... A small belly, though
she is slender, over light blonde pubic hair... The hair looked to be very
fine, which I discovered to be true when I sunk to me knees and placed my
face directly to the perfect Vee of her spread legs... I breathed the
erotic "woman" smell, just placing the tip of my tongue to the rather large
protrusion at the apex of the tender valley... I heard her catch her breath,
then stepping back, she invited me to help her with Jan's clothing... I
readily turned on my knees to Jan, removing his trousers and undershorts...
His shoes had apparently been slipped off when we came inside... Sarah
quickly removed his shirt and undershirt....

Sarah surprised me by asking if I was OK with man/man sex... Not Knowing and
to honestly not caring where this was headed, I answered by taking Jan's
rather generous sized cock in my nand and milking it... I was still
kneeling, while the two of them stood... Now I was going to do something
that I really should have done many years ago with Paul.. I was going to
place a cock in my mouth... Quickly before I could change my mind, I
englufed the rigid seven inches of man meat that I had denided myself for so
long.... I loved it instantly... The soft, hardened steel shaft was made
for sucking and starting at the large helmet shaped head, I began to swallow
and tongue.. I heard Jan sigh, then Sarah knealt beside me and took her
place at his ball sack... Jan hunched my face, putting his hands behind my
head and, surprising me again, began to shoot cum into my throat...
swallowing quickly, I was able to take all his cum, leaving nothing... It
was sweet.. and sour with a hint of salt... I loved the taste.. I heard
Sarah laughing quietly, and then saying she should have warned me about
Jan's quick trigger... She told me he and she had been close to orgasm in
the theater before I arrived and the quick trigger would only make the rest
of the evening last longer... Turning to me, she grasped my face in both her
tiny hands and began licking my lips... I had swallowed all his considerable
load but traces of the succulent brew remained on my tongue and teeth and I
was more than pleased to share it with Sarah...

Sarah whispered to me that she really needed my cock inside her, and opening
herself to me, took my cock and rubbed it along the moist, humid cleft of
what could only be described as heaven... I was inside her in an instant,
she was tight and ready but she was also very wet... wrapping her legs
aroung my middle, she hunched that lovely little bottom, banging herself
against my pubic bone... I was fucking the tightest fifty something year old
pussy in the world.... She locked her arms around my neck, hanging from me
as she fucked herself to her first climax... Yes, she was quick too... Jan
was kneeling beside us, then pushing his head between us to lick down her
belly to where we were joined...Sarah slid back and my cock popped out...
before I could get it back inside Jan captured me in his mouth... He took
all of me in one swallow... Not the first time he had sucked cock, I was
sure... He used his tongue, nursing, suckling like a baby... Sarah pushed
him off my cock and recaptured me itside her drenched cunt.... Jan then made
another "Paul" move.... getting behind me, he began to lick my back down to
my cheeks... Not slowing at all he spread me and buried his face between my
cheeks... I really likedthe feel of the beard stubble, I felt his breath,
then his tongue licking, slurping, lovely noisy love making to my ass....
Sarah and I rocked slowly together, she asking me if Jan was pleasing my
ass... I answered by sticking my tongue deep inside her mouth, finding her
tongue and sucking... I told her that Jan was doing to my ass what I was
doing to her mouth.... I raised my head slightly and told Sarah I could not
hold out much longer... She replyed by sliding out from under me and
catching Jan's face in her hands, brought his mouth to my cock... I felt him
go all the way, swallowing my entire cock... His throat milked me, He had
pushed my legs up and Sarah buried her face in my ass as Jan sucked
deeply... I didn't last... The combination of mouths on me was much to much,
and I began shooting... I bent almost double as the spasms racked me... It
had to be the hardest cum of my life....

The cold wine was good.... They offered grass and I enjoyed that as well...
We were lieing unclothed in their spacious den... Sarah had spread pillows
and sheets around on the floor and we were about as relaxed as we three
strangers could be... Jan confessed that he had always liked sucking
cock..Even as a very young boy.. He entertained us will some of his early
efforts... If they were indeed real, and I have no reason to doubt him,
then there were a lot of pedophiles in his life, at a very early age.. He
said he never thought of himself as homosexual, or even bi-sexual for that
matter... He simply did what felt good... In his early years, he claims to
have started to actively sucking cocks at about four or five, he had no idea
of right and wrong with regard to sex.. His teachers were older boys and men
and he wanted to please them but he liked girls and women as well... He
remembered insisting on trading some of the men in his life, blowjobs for
penthouse magazine... He loved the pictures of women.. He was very courious
about sex with girls, and at the age of eleven he consumated his desire and
need with one of his adult male friend's wife.. That story is worth

Jan had been servicing a neighbor man for several years... He had sucked the
man's cock after the man had caught Jan and the man's son sucking each
other... He scolded his son, made him go into the house, then took Jan into
the Garage and began quizzing him about how much of the sex thing went on
with the neighborhood's youth.. Jan was too clever to confess to a lot of
cocksucking but did tell the man how much he enjoyed giving and receiving
blowjobs..... He also told him that he never told others what he did with
his friends.... As Jan was talking to the man, his name was Jeffrey, he
could see him stroking his cock thru his trousers... When Jan confessed to
loving the taste of cum, and even how he enjoyed rimming some of his clean
pals, the man unzipped and removed his trousers and underwear... "Am I your
friend?", he asked.... Dropping to his knees Jan stroked the man's balls,
then grasped his rather ordinary cock and swallowed it whole... The man's
knees buckled, then he grasped Jan's head in his hands and thrust forward...
Jam was too experienced to let the cock choke him, putting his hand at the
base of the cock he commenced to suck... suckling really, using his tongue
to stimulate the underside of the helmet shapped head... Jan dropped his
hand from the cock and ran it up between the cheeks of the man's spread
ass... fingering the anus... He pulled the man's hips to turn him facing
away, then pulling the ceeks apart he licked the length of the man's ass
crack... stalling just a while at the brown spot... The man was moaning his
joy at the feelings he was experiencing, and from an eleven year old at
that... It was too much for the man and he whipped back around and taking
Jan's head in his two hands, stuck his cock to the balls in the boy's hot
mouth... He didn't last long either... blowing his load down Jan's hot young
throat.. Jan kept him in his mouth, trying to get him hard again, but it
just wouldn't work.. He held Jan to him and asked if he could suck Jan's
cock... Jan immediately lay back and indicated he was ready... The man, it
turned out, was not a bad cocksucker... Jan didn't know why he was so
advanced in puberty, but he could cum a pretty good load at age ten....
Holding the man's face, Jan fucked his face, then asked the man if he could
fuck his ass... The man, surprised, agreed and even had lube out there in
the garage.... Jan grabbed the tube, put a little on his cock, then forced a
goodly amount into the man's ass and pulling on his hips, sunk his cock all
the way inside the hot body... His didn't last long either, but before he
came he pulled out, wiped his cock on his shirt tail, and asked the man to
drink his cum... Stunned for the moment, the man quickly agreed and jan
didn't disappoint him... There were many such instances in Jan's future with
the man... Finally, as a bargin struck between them, the man agreed to let
Jan fuck his wife.... if Jan could convince her to do so with telling her
about their relationship... Jan, being Jan, excepted the challenge...

Several days later Jan found himself alone with Mary, Jeffrey's wife, in
their house... Jeffrey and his son had gone to a ball game and Jan seeing
them leaving decided to have a go at the Missus... She welcomed the sturdy
Jan and offered him hot chocolate, explaining that the two men in her life
had left her alone for a boring old ball game... Joking of course but Jan
took the opportunity to tell her that he would never leave such a lovely
lady alone... Mary, surprised and pleased at the compliment from the very
well developed young man, blushed a little... She was sitting at the
kitchen table and seemed to have just gotten out of the shower, wearing a
short housecoat and apparently nothing else... Jan couldn't stop his eyes
from following the shadowdy curve of breast just inside the open lapel of
the coat.. Of course Mary caught the burning look but somehow didn't seem to
care... Jan, deciding that he had nothing to lose and everything to gain,
reached over and placed his hand on her knee, stroking her as he told her
how beautiful she was... She giggled girlishly, caught his hand in hers and
asked if he had ever been with a girl before... Jan was honest and said he
had fondled his sisters breast but had not gone anywhere with it... It was
his sister after all...

He confessed that he had wanted to experience his first time with a real
woman, not some girl and certainly not his sister... Mary took his face in
her hands and gently kissed him, slowly and sexilly, entering his mouth with
her tongue, teasing his lips and then finding his tongue, she pulled him to
her, letting her housecoat fall open to confirm his first impression that
she wore nothing beneath...

Things went well from there and they were soon in the guest room, both eager
to consumate what was unquestionably illegal sex acts... Mary was excited to
fondle and play with someone almost the same age as her son... She had
fantasized about that many times... Jan was eager to taste a real woman's
body, eager to taste the sweetness between her legs.. they slipped into a 69
body mode very quickly... Jan, being experienced with cocks, found the taste
and smell of pussy much to his liking... Mary guided his mouth, exclaimed
over his active tongue, found his head with her hand and pulled his face
well into her hot center, all the time keeping a nursing action on his well
developed cock... Jan didn't last long, Mary began swallowing his creamy
offering and almost at the same time pulled harder on his head, spending
generously into his willing mouth... Jan's hands had been gripping the
lovely orbs of her bottom while he sucked and continued after their mutual
explosion... slipping his hand into the sweaty crease, he found the little
rosebud with his middle finger... meeting no resistance, he plunged inside
and earned another shattering climax from his hostess.... Pulling away, Mary
asked what he would like most to do... Moving up from her steaming crotch
Jan answered that he really would like to put his cock inside her... With
little lost movement, Mary pulled him forward, grasping his still hard
member and found her opening with Jan's rigid appendage... Sinking slowly
inside her, he was surprised and completely overcome with this newest sex
experience... Feeling him lurching and hunching in an effort to get more of
himself inside her, Mary called for him to stop.... "Easy," she cautioned,
"We've plenty of time and I want to come with you... Remember, I can come
more often than you but I want to enjoy every single second of this... let
me teach you the ways of a woman, dearest... We have plenty of time and
since I am your first love experience, I want it to be one to remember..."
And so it was, both memorable and physically draining... She knew all the
tricks of the experienced woman, working his cock softly with her hot tube,
massaging his cock, becoming much hotter and more wet with each of her
continuing orgasms... He found he could keep up with her only if he held
back his orgasm, and let her run with her's... She wallowed in the illicit
boy sex, asking him a dozen questions, while consuming his young essense
with mature pleasure... He somehow left her with the knowledge that he was
experienced with male sex, she was sure it probably with her son, though he
never admitted to that. She told him she would love to see him with one of
his friends, sucking each other, maybe enjoying all kinds of boy sex... He
didn't promise, but did say he could maybe get something together for her..

Jan met Sarah while they were both teenagers... It wasn't instant, but they
somehow recognized it as something special and managed to stay in touch
through college... Sarah had taken a government job in Eugene Oregon and Jan
followed, also landing a government job.. The lived together for years, then
decided to marry, for all the right reasons, including the tax advantages..
Jan had talked to Sarah about his boyhood adventures and Sarah loved every
story... It seemed their sex just got better as she discovered his
bi-sexuality... Her own bi-sexuality would be a pleasant surprise for both
of them at a later time...

This evening had been wonderful... I had sucked and fucked both husband and
wife, they had both enjoyed me, in any way they chose... We would become
close friends...

I came to love living in Oregon... There is a lot of sexual adventure
here... I'll try and describe more of those adventures if I find it is

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